Reality Check from Our Chicago Correspondent: University of Chicago & Its Hospital “Terminating” Jobs Like Crazy (Michelle O., Guess Shuffling All Those Indigent Patients Elswhere Didn’t Help the Bottom Line That Much? Your “Plum” Job is Going, Too!)

~~By Chicago Correspondent Leslie

“Addressing the worst economic crisis the nation has seen since the Great Depression, President-Elect Obama, during his December 6th radio address, outlined a plan that will create or save at least three million jobs in 2 years by making sound long-term investments in energy conservation, renewable energy technologies, schools, healthcare and transportation, including the single largest investment in U.S. national infrastructure since the creation of the federal highway system in the 1950s.” ~~Typical news report  from MSM

So a few days ago, the news radio station here said that upon further study, the Obama plan suggests there could be as many as 4 million jobs created or saved.

WTF: Even I can “suggest”  that if someone lives a good life and invests in my brother’s business, s/he could earn a million dollars.

Are we now supposed to fall onto our knees when The One takes a breath? Are we expected to “believe” what The Messiah says or suggests ? My hands now automatically ball into fists when I hear the MSM say anything about this fraud. And when I hear His voice, I tremble – but not in awe – in rage.

Here’s what I KNOW:

…The university hospital where I work is terminating 200 positions this year. The university is terminating 5,000 positions this year. Right now, we have psychiatric social workers filling in for medical social workers in addition to filling their own spots. Is The One going to simply wave his magic hands and “save” us? The University of Chicago hospital where Michelle Obama worked so hard to send the indigent to other hospitals for treatment, is terminating hundreds of jobs. (I guess she didn’t close the door tightly enough.) And this is just one city in this amazing but faltering country of ours.

(See story below for details, including how Michelle Obama’s plum spot is part of the downsizing! And how one of Obama’s friends will take over the duties…)

…Boeing (the headquarters is in Chicago) just announced they will be cutting another 4500 jobs (in the Seattle area).

But here’s a bright spot – the census bureau is hiring thousands for census-taking. It is announced the jobs could last hours, days, weeks or possibly months!

Glory-osky! The One is already saving all the Boeing, and hospital, and coal, and university displaced workers (DWs).


I know I cannot blame Obama for the economy. But I also know that he is a fraud and is willing to pull the rug out from under us all just to hear his name worshipfully whispered.

When I hear the people I know who are so excited about going to D.C. to “see” this historic event, and I know that they haven’t lived long enough to understand the man they adore is a poser, it is almost more than I can bear.

I only wish I had answers to the many complaints I have. Because I feel like a real nag. And I don’t like it.

As an aside: As you probably already know, the vote to impeach Gov. Blagojevich in the Illinois House was 114 – 1. There was one representative who voted… “Present”.

There is yet another Messiah coming down the pike!


Additional information from IA Editor:

Sketchy combined news services report (via Newsday, source LA Times):  Obama outlines plans for economic recovery

From the “official” President-elect site: President-elect Barack Obama lays out key parts of Economic Recovery Plan


University of Chicago hospital to trim 7% of budget

15 senior executive jobs cut; outreach, expansion said to be continuing

The University of Chicago Medical Center late Friday confirmed a massive restructuring that will trim $100 million in expenses, or nearly 7 percent of its annual budget, amid the economic downturn and unpaid bills owed the hospital from the state Medicaid program for the poor.

Initially, the hospital is eliminating 15 senior executive jobs, including vice president for community and external affairs, a position that had been [held] by incoming First Lady Michelle Obama. Her duties will be taken over by Dr. Eric Whitaker, a friend of her husband, President-elect Barack Obama, and a long-time executive vice president for strategic affiliations and external affairs.


9 Responses

  1. Evil thought for a Monday morning:

    Wouldn’t it be delicious if the SCOTUS grew a spine and tossed Obama out on his Indonesian butt, and neither one of them had jobs to go back to? I know it won’t happen, but I’d love to see them have to scramble to make those payments on dance classes and private schools. Of course they still have the tens of millions they bilked out of donors (even since the election – lol) and all that illegal foreign money, but it was a thought…

  2. GG ~
    You just helped to start my day with a GRIN…


  3. Does anyone remember anything about the interview, and with whom it was, that started the discussion of paying Michele Obama a salary as first lady?

    It was being discussed on CNN on a segment of “Student News” on December 15th. It has also appeared at Politico and The New York Times, according to Yahoo News, but I can’t remember where I originally heard it.

    At George Mason University’s History News Network {HNN) , on Jan 4, 2009, there is an article about this by Jonathon Zimmerman, but it doesn’t say who is pushing this.

    Wouldn’t that be a real kick in the teeth if while the rest of us are “giving some skin” the government would give Michele a salary.

    Would someone who is better at research than I am try to find out who, besides CNN, is pushing this?

  4. Will try, Lee…but it won’t be right away….GRL

  5. Lee,

    My parents read about it in the local paper about a week ago (or so), so I’d suspect it was an AP or Reuters piece.

  6. “But here’s a bright spot – the census bureau is hiring thousands for census-taking. It is announced the jobs could last hous, days, weeks or possibly months!”

    ROFL. they could always deliver phone books.

    isn’t Michele on paid leave of absence?

  7. raGing,

    NO! They eliminated her position (evil laughing)!

    On a sad note, our friend Diamond Tiger is hangin up her typewriter over at Logistics Monster. Go pay her a visit and wish her well! Link is on the Blogroll…

  8. Leslie – I feel like there is something wrong with me because I soooo cannot stand BO. or MO.

    Now that he has gotten himself elected, he is finding out that he doesn’t have a clue.

    The BO campaign sent out an email today, from Michelle, giving us our ‘call to service’, about how we must provide volunteer service to our community. I told M that I was glad that she had discovered the concept. Some people have been doing their whole lives already.

    Funny how her high paid job was so easily dispensed with.

    Being First Lady should be her ‘volunteer service’. It always has been before for First Ladies.

  9. Fran~
    I find it paradoxical seeing MO and “volunteer service” in the same paragraph – not to mention the same sentence.

    “Funny how her high paid job was so easily dispensed with.”

    You got that right.

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