Obama “Media Advisory”: Groups Being Used to Build Public Pressure for “Recovery Plan”

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

Voters who are not included in Democratic party email sends may find the above MEDIA RELEASE of interest, as a follow up to W.A.M.’s attempt to call attention to the “house party” recruitment drives held during December by the Obama camp. (See below for link to the December post.)

Progress Ohio’s  MEDIA ADVISORY (shown below here) reveals ties to  ACORN, MoveOn and other groups in a coordinated effort to  promulgate public pressure on Congress to rush through Obama’s bail-out spree (aka Recovery Plan).

Media Advisory

Campaign for Jobs and Economic Recovery Now


‘Jobs and Economic Recovery Now!’ Campaign Calls on Congress to Support the Obama Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan

Columbus, OH – Amid a worsening economic crisis that has left nearly 2 million Americans without jobs and over 2.5 million more without homes this year, ACORN, Progress Ohio, MoveOn and other community groups will participate in a press conference on January 6th at 12 noon urging Ohio’s Congressional Delegation to stand up for struggling out-of-work Ohio families by supporting the jobs and economic recovery package being proposed by President-Elect Barack Obama and Congressional Leaders.

One week before the new 111th Congress is sworn into office, the Campaign for Jobs and Economic Recovery will discuss why Congress’ very first act should be passing the Obama jobs and economic recovery plan which will create millions of jobs through smart public investments that will also ensure a stronger American economy down the road.

Addressing the worst economic crisis the nation has seen since the Great Depression, President-Elect Obama, during his December 6th radio address, outlined a plan that will create or save at least three million jobs in 2 years by making sound long-term investments in energy conservation, renewable energy technologies, schools, healthcare and transportation, including the single largest investment in U.S. national infrastructure since the creation of the federal highway system in the 1950s.

The plan includes careful, targeted spending with strong “use it or lose it” accountability measures. Following 8 years of misguided economic policies that gave priority to tax breaks for multimillionaires and big corporations, the Obama plan will get America’s disappearing middle-class working again.

WHO: ACORN, Progress Ohio, MoveOn and other Community Organizations WHEN: Tuesday, January 6th, 12:00 noon

WHAT: Press Conference Call Urging Ohio’s Congressional Delegation to Support President-Elect Obama’s Economic Recovery Plan

WHERE: Ohio State House, High Street sidewalk in front of the McKinley monument, Columbus, OH, 43215

A W.A.M. spokesperson reports that she saw a report broadcast on FOX yesterday which showed Nancy Pelosi before Congress yesterday saying:

“Some 80% of the American people” support Obama’s Recovery Plan. “They may not know what the specific details are, but they like the brand!”

It’s now quite clear what December’s hype was about and what they are aiming for. The rest of her remarks addressed pushing Congress to rush this through – because of this (phony) public mandate.
This is one huge marketing blitz that will drown out any discourse or dissent unless people start spreading this counter argument around!  This is bigger than trying to sell the Brooklyn Bridge!!
Some things to consider about this effort:
*It follows, with precise timing, on the heels of Obama’s multi-pronged pre-holiday push for a show of ground level support, the New Year reveals just where this strategy is aimed.
*While not yet in office and publicly claiming there can only be “one President at a time” the ACORN and MOVE ON arms of the Obama octopus are clearly prepping to swiftly  move through Congress yet another bundle of fiat cash meant to engender public good will.

*It’s amazing what this crew can aim to do with ‘play money’ – even a Monopoly game has more rules than this!

Some important questions swept under the above rug:
*Where will all this  money come from? Who will be burdened with these costs?
*What exactly are these “smart jobs”?
*Other than Michelle Obama’s close ties to the industry (and the related union’s support of her husband’s candidacy) what exactly do “health care workers have to do with the “national infrastructure?”
*The biggest questions of all: Using Pelosi to lay the ground for this sweeping, costly “Recovery Plan” before Obama even takes office and using mass propaganda to tout its merits tells no one exactly what the contents are nor what the real consequences of this “Change” will be.
*We can only wonder, when they sign on for this package, will any in Congress either have – or be given – the time to do due diligence on this vast measure’s ‘fine print’? And will its specifics ever be revealed to the public who will foot the bill?
*Finally, what then, if these play money spending sprees don’t quite do the trick?***

Please visit W.A.M.’s site by clicking on the logo to the right of this post!

17 Responses

  1. Once again we are being asked to buy a “pig in a poke”.

    No thanks Mr. President Elect. I didn’t believe anything you had to say during the elections and I don’t believe anything you have to say now. Give me the details, please. I hope Congress has the guts to demand a few more specifics as to where all these billions are to go. The vast amount of money given to Henry Paulson still hasn’t trickled down to Main Street, and never will, because the banks have other plans for it.

    Now Mr. Freddie Mac himself, Barney Frank, tells us that the original TARP plan will undergo another transition. How many times does this make? The more this bunch talks, the more convinced I am that we are being bamboozled once again.

    With his favorite shill, (Nancy Pelosi) , as his advance person we are being told that time is of the essence and the sky will fall in if we don’t act immediately.

    Since our children and grandchildren, and probably our great grandchildren will be footing the bill for this unheard of spending of our tax dollars we have the right to demand a little more specificity.

    Is China ultimately going to holding the paper on this transaction? Or Saudi Arabia?

    TA, you have asked the right questions. Do you think we’ll ever get any truthful answers? Don’t hold your breath.

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    Thanks and God Bless.

  3. Insight – you rock for this great post. Be looking in your email soon…


  4. I clicked my heels and said..” there’s no place like home ” repeatedly…so am I in the U.S. now?

  5. “Addressing the worst economic crisis the nation has seen since the Great Depression, President-Elect Obama, during his December 6th radio address, outlined a plan that will create or save at least three million jobs in 2 years by making sound long-term investments in energy conservation, renewable energy technologies, schools, healthcare and transportation, including the single largest investment in U.S. national infrastructure since the creation of the federal highway system in the 1950s.”

    So this morning the news radio station here said that upon further study, the Obama plan suggests there could be as many as 4 million jobs created or saved.

    WTF: I can suggest that if someone lives a good life and invests in my brother’s business, s/he could earn a million dollars.

    Are we now supposed to fall onto our knees when TehOne takes a breath? Are we expected to “believe” what TehMessiah says or suggests ? My hands now automatically ball into fists when I hear the MSM say anything about this fraud. And when I hear His voice, I tremble – but not in awe – in rage.

    Here’s what I know…The university hospital where I work is terminating 200 positions this year. The university is terminating 5,000 positions this year. Right now, we have psychiatric social workers filling in for medical social workers in addition to filling their own spots. Is TehOne going to simply wave his magic hands and “save” us? The UofChicago hospital where MO worked so hard to send the indigent to other hospitals for treatment, is terminating hundreds of jobs. (I guess she didn’t close the door tightly enough.) And this is just one city in this amazing but faltering country of ours.

    Boeing (the headquarters is in Chicago) just announced they will be cutting another 4500 jobs (in the Seattle area).
    But here’s a bright spot – the census bureau is hiring thousands for census-taking. It is announced the jobs could last hous, days, weeks or possibly months!

    Glory-osky! TehOne is already saving all the Boeing, and hospital, and coal, and university displaced workers (DWs).

    I know I cannot blame obama for the economy. But I also know that he is a fraud and is willing to pull the rug out from under us all just to hear his name worshipfully whispered.
    When I hear the people I know who are so excited about going to DC to “see” this historical event, and I know that they haven’t lived long enough to understand the man they adore is a poser, it is almost more than I can bear.

    I only wish I had answers to the many complaints I have. Because I feel like a real nag. And I don’t like it.

    As an aside: the vote to impeach Gov. Blagojevich in the Illinois House, was 114 – 1. There was another vote not widely reported. There was one representative who voted…. “present”.
    There is yet another Messiah coming down the pike!

    Have a good weekend, all

  6. For a real treat – if you haven’t already read it – go to TC


    Just see what Ms(ogyny) Magazine has in store for us all!

  7. I am thinking one safe and secure job would be as a shovelmaker…..we are REALLY going to need them these next four years!! The b.s. just keeps a-comin’!!

  8. Funny, I have a few suggestions for Mr. Obama – but the media never talks about them

  9. GG ~
    Those are most likely the same suggestions I have for him. they don’t pay attention to my ideas either.

  10. Obama Will Eat Like Lincoln on Inauguration Day
    January 10, 2009 11:41 AM

    On Inauguration Day, not only will President-elect Obama be sworn in using the Bible that was used to swear in President Abraham Lincoln, he will dine like Lincoln as well.

    The luncheon that will be served in Congress’s Statuary Hall to the president-elect and vice president-elect and their families — as well as congressional leaders, justices of the Supreme Court and pending members of the Obama Cabinet — will be modeled after foods that Lincoln ate and enjoyed.

    The first course will even be served on replicas of the china picked out by then-first lady Mary Todd Lincoln at the beginning of her husband’s term in office.

    The luncheon is being put together by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, which has chosen as its theme “A New Birth of Freedom,” celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of President Abraham Lincoln on Feb. 12.

    Mr. Obama has often invoked Mr. Lincoln on the campaign trail, from his candidacy announcement in Springfield, Ill., where Lincoln once toiled as a state legislator, to the 16th president’s “team of rivals” in his Cabinet, which Mr. Obama has replicated by putting three former Democratic presidential primary opponents in his, to his pick of Bible for the swearing-in.

    On the Saturday before his inauguration, Mr. Obama will also travel by train to Washington, D.C., starting in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, where that other lanky Illinoisan spoke while traveling from Springfield, Ill., in 1861. On the Sunday before his swearing-in, Mr. Obama will hold a rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

    Lincoln-y enough for ya?

    The luncheon’s appetizer will be seafood stew in puff pastry — scallops, shrimp, lobster — served as a nod to the 16th president’s love of stewed and scalloped oysters.

    The main course — duck breast with sour-cherry chutney and herb-roasted pheasant served with molasses sweet potatoes and winter vegetables — is a nod to the root vegetables and wild game that Mr. Lincoln favored growing up on the frontier in Kentucky and Indiana.

    The apple cinnamon sponge cake dessert is a nod to Mr. Lincoln’s love of apples and apple cake.

    The full menu was released by the Inaugural Committee on Friday, which also released the recipes for the meals should one want to try them at home.

    Design Cuisine, is the Arlington, Va., caterer hired to create the meals for the Inaugural Luncheon.

  11. This article was from ABC news.

  12. Do you have a link? Don’t want to get in trouble with copyright laws!!!

    As for eating like Lincoln…what a CHEESY INSULT of the HIGHEST ORDER!!!

    Poor Lincoln, being used in a marketing campaign…

  13. And don’t forget the Lincoln Bible….

    Wonder if Michelle is going to be like Mary Todd, who was so stressed out by Lincoln’s presidency??

  14. Ironically, my recent research indicates that Abraham Lincoln was most likely removed from office by the ancestors of the same group of people that put Obama into the office.

    The only thing even more disturbing is that it’s likely another generation of the same group was responsible from removing John F. Kennedy from office, and now his daughter is getting into bed with them (at brain-impaired Uncle Teddy’s urging). I’m sure JFK and RFK have been rolling in their graves since February, but then again they probably started when Teddy went for his little swim in the Chappaquiddick and left the body behind to tell the tale. He never was too bright…

  15. Grail…have a link? I’m writing about LINCOLN for tomorrow!!!!!

  16. Thanks! I’ll delay the post til Tuesday so I can look at these!!!

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