Make Your Plans for Inauguration Day NOW!! Important Info on Alternate Events to Help Get Through the Day!!

~~By Chicago Correspondent Leslie & InsightAnalytical-GRL)                                                     

(Alternate activities planned here at IA and follow Chicago Ball Information!)

GRL writes:

OK, gang! With the inspiring images of Democrats and Republicans joining together yesterday in the spirit of “bipartisanship” and the media’s glow about how this was SO MUCH better than Bill Clinton’s pre-election activities (what happened to “W”?), don’t you think it’s high time YOU started planning how you’ll be celebrating Inauguration Day on January 20th? If you check out the official Countdown Clock, you’ll note EXACTLY how long you’ve got to finish your preperations and get ready for the joyous celebrations possible riots in the streets of D.C. on this historic day!

Now, in case you couldn’t come up with the change for a ticket to the D.C. celebrations, here’s the latest on the big blow-out in Chicago! YES, YOU CAN ATTEND THE CHICAGO INAUGURAL BALL!!  

Here’s your OFFICIAL INVITATION courtesy…Chicago Correspondent Leslie! Leslie is in a real party mood (well, not really), BUT she’s offering her place to those who decide it’s an event they can’t miss!

CC Leslie writes:

Let’s all meet in Chicago – you can stay at my place and do the Inaugural Ball !!!

I do wish I could get excited about this inauguration. I know this is a historic
event – despite the person who is being “crowned”.
Alas, I cannot. I may not even tape it.
And I’m sure as shootin’ not paying $175 for a ticket to this party. — Leslie

—– Original Message —–

From: Chicago Inaugural Ball

To: undisclosed-recipients
Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 3:27 PM
Subject: Invitation to Inaugural Ball

In honor of
The President of the United States,
Barack Obama, and Mrs. Obama
The Vice President of the United States,
Joe Biden, and Mrs. Biden
the Chicago Inaugural Committee
requests the honor of your company
the Inaugural Ball
Tuesday evening the twentieth of January
two thousand and nine
in the President’s home city of Chicago

Formal attire          seven o’clock

Not everyone can be in Washington, DC to witness the historic
Inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama.  If you can’t be in the
nation’s capital, why not celebrate this event with other supporters and
friends right here in the President’s hometown?  We will be toasting
Barack Obama’s swearing-in on the evening of January 20th, 2009 at the
Skyline Ballroom in McCormick Place — and you are invited!

For more information and tickets:


Special Announcement from InsightAnalytical-GRL

Well, I have to say, that’s impressive.  But is Chicago REALLY his hometown??

Now, if you really can’t make it to THIS event, then here are some alternatives.

First of all, is planning to hold it’s own “PUMA BAWL.”  Here’s your special invitation !!!!!

Everyone is invited to the World Famous Partizane PUMA BAWL Open Chat

Tuesday January 20, 2009 10:30 ish AM until Whenever.

The only time management can gaurantee a presence is at night but the chat room will be open in the morning.  I will open the chat room in the morning so folks can chat throughout the barf barf Inauguration.

Dress Code:  Black tie for the boys, red for the girls.  No other clothing required but if you really want to wear a gown, please do.

Please join us.  BYOB BYOK (kleenex)

~~New Hampster


We here at IA, of course, have our own party planned…which ties in nicely with the PUMA Bawl!  If  you want to take a break from the festivities there, maybe to go to the ladies’ or gents’ room or to vomit in private, please stop by IA, where we will be an entirely OBAMA-FREE SAFE ZONE!!

We’ll be offering up a lovely selection of soothing pictures of sunny NM skies, mountains, and loving animals– as well as perhaps some other goodies–to help offer a place to work off all that partying !

And, if any other PUMAs who stop by care to announce their OWN plans, please DO provide a link and a brief description if possible in the comment section and we will gladly post them here at IA on Inauguration Day!!

SO, MARK YOUR CALENDARS and plan to drop by on the big day!!!

18 Responses

  1. You know me – I will be buried up to my eyeballs in some sort of research and drinking a pitcher of margaritas!

    I will try to stop by that night…am trying to forget that is going to happen.

  2. I will have a party for myself on January 20th. A day at the pool..relaxing in the sun…going out to dinner…and trying to forget that any of these clowns exist. TV will not be turned on unless I want to check the weather. I saw a brief shot of obama last evening where he is sitting on a chair across from pelosi…he honestly looks puny pathetic. The only “depression” I will have is the whatever years he is in office.

  3. I plan on cleaning the toilet during the “Ball”. I’ll have my own little Inauguration Bowl and thus will be close to a receptacle if I hear any more slobbering over this historic event and feel nauseous.

    I will be wearing an apron striped in beige and brown and carrying a blue toilet brush for this historic, gag, occasion.

    Oh did I mention this was a historic event?

  4. Marge–do remember to read about the Ty-D-Bowl man in one of my previous posts!!! Cute pic of him, too!!!

  5. Diamondtiger…I may be signing up for beginning CHESS, “aerobics for the mind.” It starts on Jan. 20, so if the class goes, I may be out for about 2 hours around dinner time seeing if my mind will even be operating at that point!!!!!~

    Betty…where’s that pool?Can I stop by after I embarrass myself at chess class? I may have to drop it if it appears to be too much for me to grasp….will need a nice relaxing place to go before hitting the blogs again!! LOL!!!!

  6. Leslie,

    Thanks for the invitation, but I wouldn’t even goe the 15 miles into D.C. to attend the brawl, much go all the way to Chicago. I hope you don’t plan venturing outside that night. You couldn’t pay me to go out into the world of the Obots. Maybe the SCOTUS will give us some good news by then. (I can dream, can’t I?)

    IA, I will be attending your festivities and possibly the ones at Partizane. I won’t need the bottle, but I’ll be sure to have plenty of Kleenex handy.

  7. Sorry, I meant to say much LESS go all the way to Chicago. And I added an e to the word go. I need a proof-reader. When will I learn?

  8. Marge,

    I’d be afraid to clean the toilet on that day. I’d be afraid that I’d be tempted to just stick my head in the bowl and forget it all.

  9. The pool is in St. Lucie, Florida. Nice!!!

  10. Screw gold and silver! Anyone know how to get stock in tequila and rum before the 20th? That might be one way to make up for what they’re doing to the economy!

    Marge, I’ll be waiting till the 21st to clean my toilet. Why waste the effort if I’m just going to have to do it all over again?

    Lee, I’m with you on saying the SCOTUS prayers. I know it’s just like believing in Hillary being able to pull out the nomination, but I’m keeping my hope until the 20th, then I guess it belongs to the Oborg.

  11. kenoshaMarge —


    lower that brush ,……
    slowly, now

    You don’t want anyone to get hurt.

    You will celebrate this historic moment or you will pay.

    (MO will wear something ugly just so the MSM can choke on their latest a$$ki$$ing fashion comments)

  12. leslie, who says I don’t want anyone to get hurt? Just kidding. But quite honestly that fashion faux pas MO wore election night hurt my eyes. Maybe did permanent damage. I thought at first she was a gunshot victim from CSI.

    If I have to pay for NOT celebrating, then that’s the price I’m willing to pay. For not celebrating. This Historic moment. In History.

    How about an excuse from my doctor? The one I would have if I could afford to go to a doctor. I am seriously and chronically allergic to slobbering presstitutes. Isn’t that a good enough excuse?

    And I’m hanging onto the brush. Never know when a good sturdy toilet brush will come in handy.

  13. My son will be arriving that day… so I am tied up. Airport pick-up and all….

    But when I get home I will be sure to toast the end of the Democratic party as I knew it.

  14. not going,,not watching…i have some good movies..

  15. Shouldn’t we have off that day as a national holiday? And maybe the next day as well since I’m sure I’ll be getting little sleep due to the partying and gun shots going off in my neighborhood.

    I’ll be sure to check in since I’ll be at work, and there will be nothing else to talk about.

    Also hoping for a SCOTUS save, but it won’t happen, they have to get their pay raises and all.

    Viva la revolucion

  16. Stray,

    More like the end of the Republic as we knew it 👿


    Right on! Vive la revolucion!!

  17. we should all get the day off,double time pay..
    now thats change i like..lo.lllll..

  18. I will be at work.

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