KING HARRY SAYS "HE’S NOT WELCOME" (UPDATE 1X) Burris Stopped by “Paperwork”

~~By American Lassie

It isn’t very often that I find anything amusing in the news anymore, but I find the situation in Chicago very entertaining and I am loving every minute of it.

Governor Blagojevich of Illinois has the bull by the horns and he is not letting go.

By appointing Roland Burris to the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama he has that opportunistic bunch of Illinois (and Washington) Democrats all reaching for their Immodium AD.  They all have their bowels in an uproar.

Especially Bobby Rush, Lt. Governor Quinn, and both Jacksons – Sr. and Jr.

Bobby Rush has started playing the race card, Lt. Governor Pat Quinn is salivating for the Governor’s job, and both Jacksons are in a frenzy over just what exactly is in those tapes that U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is holding.

A filing from Fitzgerald’s office requesting an extension of the time to prepare the case against the governor states “The government has been conducting a diligent and thorough investigation in this case, but the investigation includes multiple defendants and potential defendants.”

Patrick Fitzgerald says more time is needed because of the complexity of the corruption case against the Illinois governor who was arrested on a criminal complaint. Fitzgerald’s office said “multiple witnesses have come forward in recent weeks to discuss their knowledge of criminal activity.”

Everybody is getting nervous.  Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White,  says he will not sign the requisite papers to approve the appointment of Roland Burris, or of any other person Gov. Blagojevich might appoint.  Harry Reid says that any appointment by Gov. Blagojevich would be tainted by fraud and would not be seated by the Senate.  His words pertaining to Roland Burris appearing in the Senate – “HE IS NOT WELCOME.”
King Harry is forgetting that in America you are presumed innocent until found guilty.  Until there is a trial and he is found guilty Rod Blagojevich is still the legal governor and entitled to make appointments and sign legal papers.

A Constitutional fight could loom over Roland Burris’ appointment.  The fight may go to the Supreme Court as Burris intends to fight for his right to the seat he has been appointed to by Gov. Blagojevich.

Under the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, governors alone have the power to appoint a replacement to complete the term of senators who are expelled, resign, or die.


The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each state, elected by the people thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote. The electors in each state shall have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous branch of the state legislatures.

When vacancies happen in the representation of any state in the Senate, the executive authority of such state shall issue writs of election to fill such vacancies: Provided, that the legislature of any state may empower the executive thereof to make temporary appointments until the people fill the vacancies by election as the legislature may direct.

The governor’s power to fill vacancies is granted by Illinois election law.  If the legislature writes a new law and takes that power away from him, Blagojevich could VETO the legislation to remove his appointment power.  CATCH 22 !!!

“The governor has the Constitutional and statutorial authority to make the appointment,” Burris said.  “We are certainly going to make contact with the leadership of the Senate to let them know that the Governor of Illinois has made a legal appointment, and that I am currently the Junior Senator  from the state of Illinois”.

Harry Reid is twisting the Constitution to make it sound as though the Senate has the right to deny anyone they wish.  Not so:

Article 1, Section 5 of the Constitution gives Congress the  power to be “judge of the elections, returns and qualifications of its own members.”

Article 1, Section 3 says “no person shall be senator who shall not have been attained to the age of 30 years, and been nine years a citizen of the United States.”

Roland Burris meets all those qualifications and has been a life-long citizen of the State of Illinois.  He is 71 years old.

Harry Reid says it is not about Mr. Burris, but about Rod Blagojevich’s integrity.  Senate leadership spokesman Jim Manley said,  “This is like judging the integrity of an election, free from fraud and corruption.”  GIVE ME A BREAK !!!!!!  Free from fraud and corruption?  After this past election cycle, he has the nerve to say that?

Trying to thwart Mr. Burris from being seated in the senate because of their opinion of Gov. Blagojevich is like (in Mr. Burris’ words) comparing apples and oranges.

In 1967 the House of Representatives refused to seat Adam Clayton Powell, D-NY, during a corruption investigation.  The Supreme Court weighed in on the side of Mr.Powell stating  “The house is without power to exclude any member-elect who meets the Constitution’s requirements for membership.”

The Illinois State Supreme Court refused to grant Lisa Madigan’s (Illinois  Attorney General) attempt to stifle the governor’s authority.  As long as he hasn’t been tried and convicted it is his duty to perform the duties of an elected governor (which he is).  And the  duty now before the Governor of Illinois is to appoint a member to the seat vacated by Barack Obama (which he has).

In Chicago’s Oakwoods Cemetery Burris has erected a granite mausoleum listing his many accomplishments, including being the state’s first African-American Attorney General  and the state’s first African-American Comptroller.

The Illinois House has bumped up its schedule and will meet several days this week.  A spokesman for Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan (father of the Secretary of State Lisa Madigan) says the chamber may vote on a recommendation from the special committee studying whether Blagojevich should be impeached.

The Democrats (once the party I supported) are in a pickle; there’s Minnesota (decided but facing lawsuits), New York and Illinois, bringing their dream of a 60-seat majority into sight.  They thought they had their hand-picked members all line up and now they are hoisted by their own petard.  The rejected the idea of a special election to replace Obama in Illinois and now it seems the governor has more guts than they thought and their plans have gone astray.  He has outfoxed the foxes, and I am enjoying every minute of it.

I hold no sympathy for Blagojevich if he is guilty of the things they say he is guilty of, but I say let the courts play out their hand and let’s see the evidence.  In the meantime he is still the governor with all the powers of a governor and, as I said, if they pass a law in the Illinois Legislature, as governor he has the right to veto it.

I know nothing about Roland Burris other than what I have read and heard recently.  He seems to have a clean record of accomplishments by all accounts, except by the Chicago Tribune and I wouldn’t  put much stake in anything they have to say.

I think it is very suspicious that they pulled the rug out from under Fitzgerald before he was ready to take action.

What goes around comes around, and it’s about time some people got hit by the boomerang.



Burris Drama Plays out as Senate Set to Begin Work (January 4)

Reid said he expected to meet with Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky on Monday evening in hopes “we can solve this issue on a bipartisan basis.” Reid added, “I’m on old trial lawyer. There’s always room to negotiate.”

(Negotiating with the Republican Senate leader?  WHY???? Other than to screw a Democrat who isn’t in the Obama crowd??)

Cornyn rips Reid on Blago calls (January 3)

Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee get into the act…

document.write(cnnRenderTimeStamp(1231194131650,[‘January 5, 2009 — Updated 2222 GMT (0622 HKT)’,’updated 5:22 p.m. EST, Mon January 5, 2009′]));


Secretary of Senate rejects Burris, aide says

(CNN) — Secretary of the Senate Nancy Erickson has rejected Roland Burris’ appointment to the Senate, an aide to the secretary told CNN.

Erickson rejected Burris’ appointment because his certificate of appointment was missing the signature of Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, the aide said Monday.

Rule 2 of the Standing Rules of the Senate states that the secretary of state must sign the certificate of election along with the governor. (MORE)

13 Responses

  1. Great piece Lassie! Glad you wrote on this stunning bit of hypocrisy by the Democrats. I find it hard to believe that I once supported them so intensely.

    I too am simply stunned the any Democrat would have the audacity to mention the integrity of elections after the way they “gamed” this one.

    I “think” Blagojevich is a crook. And in the great scheme of things that means nothing. Nor does anyone else’s opinion except a jury when Governor Blagojevich has his day in court.

    Until then he is “presumed” innocent until “proven” guilty just like any other citizen. Trail by media doesn’t count. No matter how inconvenient it may be for the Democratic Party.

    The Blagojevich and now Richardson messes have rained on the Obama’s big party hearty plans on January 20th. Too damn bad.

  2. You are enjoying this saga along with several million other people. It happens to be the first highlight I have had in months. Blago has guts…and I thank him for fighting back with the group exactly like him. He is showing me a whole new side of politics…don’t like it ..but in this case with the democrats it’s the best thing that could happen. Now if he could just take barfy down with him I would visit him in jail.

  3. Enjoy it for the entertainment value. In the end, you know the Democrats have no compunction about breaking the law of trampling the Constitution to get what they want. They’ll get their man Jessie in there no matter who they’ve got to stomp on to do it.

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and this will turn into a good old fashioned Chicago Mob war! The MLK Day massacre, perhaps?

  4. Happy New Year! I thought one of your resolutions might be a more consistent interpretation of the Constitution. For example, I remember that you gave credence to those silly lawsuits about President-elect Obama’s citizenship and eligibility, and yet here you’re ignoring Article I, section 5. Like it or not, and Senate has broad discretion over the way it operates, especially as the ‘upper’ house. I know, I know. It’s a little elitist, but that’s the way it is and I expect we’ll find that it has the ability to refuse to accept Roland Burris’ appointment under the circumstances. Time will tell. Want to put $5.00 on it?

    The really interesting question in my eyes is why someone in his right mind would have accepted a nomination from Blagojevich under these circumstances? At least no one can legitimately play the race card against Harry Reid; he said from the beginning that they would reject any Blagojevich appointment.

  5. You’re BAAACK…but we’re not interested in what you deem “silly.” Not silly at all.

    Burris has his own reasons. Perhaps because he is from the old school of black leaders and has ties to Demarie Cobb…if you read yesterday’s post which contained info about her, you’d understand the possible political forces at work…beyond Blago, There is a real split within the black leadership on this, old and “new” and maybe you should be aware of THAT little saga going on…

    In short, your “UNITER” is nothing of the sort….

    As for Harry Reid…his love affair with Harriet Miers and do-nothingness in general as part of the “combine” has made him a no-go for me for a long while. He’ll “negotiate” with Mitch McConnell over Burris, though…he has to go outside his own party to fix his party’s mess? Or are they all just one party, a club there?? I’ll bet you $5.00 on that…

    Have a good day.

    This discussion with you is closed at this point, since you never seem to get off the “hamster wheel” in the Obama cage…We are independents here, and don’t have any interest in making apologies for the Democratic Party anymore…

  6. I wouldn’t take that bet, IA. The table is rigged in favor of the house…

    Pick and choose Constitution – that’s the O-ticket!

    Wait, Captain – you forgot to blame the Clintons!

  7. You tell him Grl! Kick the Kickstand the hell outa Dodge! Obots aren’t popular in these parts partner.

    As Independents we don’t buy the bull from either party.

    The “race card” being played against Reid is by an AA IL Congressman and by some others because of charges that Reid rejected the idea of 3 of the most prominent AA politicians in IL for the Senate seat.

    Evidently Reid did that in phone conversations with Blagojevich before Fitzgerald swooped in on the Governor. Reid says Blagojevich is lying and vice-versa.

    The tape should settle that. Trouble is Fitzgerald won’t release any tapes for Blagojevich to prove what he says is true but will release tapes to enable the legislature to impeach Blagojevich. Doesn’t seem evenhanded to me but what the hell evenhandedness in our justice system would be out of the ordinary.

  8. Marge,

    What is interesting is that Bobby Rush was just a short while ago siding with the bunch that was determined to keep Blagojevich from appointing the replacement for Obama, and after he saw who the Gov. was appointing he did an about face, and is now leading the charge to support the Gov. and his choice.
    Depends on whose ox is getting gored, doesn’t it?

    Many strange things are happening. What with Patrick Fitzgerald asking for a 90 day extension to prepare his case and Public Law 110-430 changing the date of the electoral vote from Jan.6th to Jan.8th, effective only for the 2008 presidential election. According to the office of the Federal Register U.S. Nat’l Archives and Records Administration, the reports from the electors were very slow coming in and over half of them were late. It makes you wonder.

    And stranger yet, today I got an email from a J.B. Poersch of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee thanking me for my amazing support in helping to win 8 new senate seats and asking for a donation. He went on to say the Al Franken is definitely our new senator from Minnesota, but help is needed to fight the challenge in the courts from the Republicans.

    Somebody dropped the ball somewhere. I changed my registration to Independent and let everybody know it, and also let them know why. I’m going to send him a rip-roaring reply this evening that will leave no doubt about where I stand.

    The full moon isn’t until Saturday Jan. 10th, and the wolves are already howling. The rest of the week should be verrrry interesting. Wonder if they’re really going to stop Roland Burris at the door to the senate chambers?

  9. Lee, there are so many shenanigans going on that you need a score card, or a deck of score cards just to keep track.

    Maybe that’s my path to weath and fame, the inventor of the Political Shenanigan Scorecard Deck. Complete with instructions and encased in it’s own embossed folder for only $19.95. Hurry and order today and I’ll enclude a second set for the same low price because you know the first set will be filled up very fast. 😉

  10. Hi All,

    Roland Burris has been denied entrance to the senate and the @#$%$ is getting ready to hit the fan.

    Place your bets — I”m betting on Burris, and Harry Reid will be eating crow for the rest of his term, after which he will be voted out.

    I think our Constitution will prevail. The courts will determine this, and the Democrats will look like the a##s that they really are. Unless the Illinois legislature pulls a fast one and is somehow to speedily get rid of the governor, then all bets are off. But maybe not – his was the governor at the time of the appointment.

    Marge, I’ll take about 50 of those score cards. One for each state.

  11. Hey Lee, did you see that Diane Feinstein is FOR seating Burris. And the Congressional Black Caucus is not happy about not seating him. I think you’re right, it’s about to hit the fan. Smart politicians pick their fights. This was not a smart fight.

  12. i,m stocking up on popcorn..
    here come the clowns

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