The Past Week: December 28, 2008-January 3, 2009 (Court Dates; Barnicle on Bloggers; Burris-Delmarie Cobb Connection [Clinton Supporter]; Economic Collapse; The Feeding Machine)

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

As we regroup for the REAL onslaught of Obama et al in a couple of weeks, let’s catch up on a few items of unfinished business.

First of all, if you’ve lost track of the court cases involving Obama’s eligibility to be President, check out this section of the January 1 post  from Truth Is Gold entitled New Years Blessings:

On the political front, much history continues to be made, despite media’s refusal to report any of it. Rather than report that 54% of the American people now believe there is reason to be concerned about Barack Obama’s eligibility to occupy the Oval Office, or that Supreme Court of the United States has now scheduled two conferences on Philip Berg’s cases, Jan. 9th and 16th; [Mr. Berg has now entered an interpleader naming Barry Soetoro himself as a defendant, thus shifting the burden of proof to Soetoro/Obama, also naming a member of the military as a plaintiff, which satisfies the standing issue]; or that, although Congress is scheduled to count the electoral college votes which were due by December 15, 2008, [December 24th was the deadline for receipt of electoral votes at NARA], Public Law 110-430 changed the date of the electoral vote in Congress in 2009 from January 6 to January 8, [again for the first and only time in history], and that a presidential candidate has only 180 electoral votes, with 26 states not yet reporting despite the fact that the deadline for receiving votes was over two weeks ago. , Some of the states have not yet responded and some have refused to vote for Soetoro/Obama. In any event, he is still one hundred votes from the 270 required to get elected. [It has been touch and go from the beginning, so why should it be any different now? Don’t blame us, we tried to warn everyone that he was unelectable!] It is surely the first time in history that our country has been faced with a candidate about whom nothing is known except for the fact that he is most certainly not eligible to be president because he is not a natural born American citizen, and yet all we hear about is Barry’s fondness for wearing his hat backwards and playing with his Blackberry while complaining about his security detail as Middle East conflicts continue to escalate.

In short, we are facing a number of historical firsts, NONE of which main stream media has seen fit to report.

And what’s this about a Kenyan birth certificate?


Speaking of the “main stream media,” one of its stellar representatives, the delightful Mike Barnicle (the guy who told Joe Scarborough a few weeks ago that Obama wasn’t vetted by the media because we all “knew him” and that it was all about having a “feeling” about him) –THAT Mike Barnicle– paid homage to the blogosphere the other day by uttering this astute analysis:

“I’m sure, and I know, that there are some terrific bloggers, and some legitimatge bloggers. But I think by and large, a huge percentage of people who are blogging, are doing it for self-therapy.”

What this barnacle affixed to the bottom of the media garbage scow, of course, fails to mention that any such need for “self-therapy,” if it even exists, is there because of the pain caused by watching the media bend over to enable the creepiest candidate in my lifetime, Barack Obama.


Meanwhile, as the Blagojevich-Burris saga remains alive the folks at The Chicago Reader give Blago the win so far (Thanks to our Chicago Correspondent Leslie for this item)…

by Mick Dumke on December 30th 2008 – 7:48 p.m.


The governor has an obvious gift for helping other politicians look decisive, thoughtful, and bright, even some of those who are currently sitting in jail. But I’m afraid I’m with those who think he won this round of politics.

“I think it was a very smart decision on the part of Rod Blagojevich—it was ingenious,” political consultant Delmarie Cobb said in an interview this afternoon. “Who better than Roland could rise above what’s going on? His integrity is unassailable…. If there’s anybody you could put in who doesn’t draw lightning, it’s him. I think Roland can ride it out.”

To be sure, Burris has been involved with his own business and political dealings, and Cobb, who was one of his top advisers during his 1998 and 2002 runs for governor, clearly remains a fan. But after talking with several other elected officials, I think she’s right: Burris may just make it into the U.S. Senate.

The above piece fails to mention that Delmarie Cobb was a Clinton supporter. But, if you click on her name  in the above excerpt, you’ll come to a a story from April 2008 entitled “Race in the Race.”   Interestingly, Cobb had no problems with Jeremiah Wright. But she really was very strong on taking issue with the tactics of the Obama campaign.  She pretty much nailed him to the wall back then. Pity that Clinton “pulled her punches and that we didn’t see Cobb on TV at the time.  According to correspondent Leslie, she was a delegate for Clinton at the convention and was “threatened” because of it, which was not unusual. (When I hear the current blabbing about how “good” it was of Obama to appoint Clinton as SOS, it makes me want to gag all the more.)

Cobb has long and strong ties to Burris… you have to wonder if Clinton is enjoying Cobb’s praise of Burris!! This is an excerpt from a long interview which is well worth reading in it’s entirety, as it touches on so many of the issues that still bother us today. (Note: Italics are mine.)

by Mick Dumke on April 2nd 2008 – 7:08 p.m.

Democratic consultant Delmarie Cobb is a veteran–in 1996 she was the press secretary for the Democratic National Convention, and over the years she’s managed campaigns and dispensed advice to a long list of local and national politicians, including Jesse Jackson, former Illinois gubernatorial candidates Roland Burris and Dawn Clark Netsch, and congressmen Jesse Jackson Jr. and Bobby Rush.


What [the media has] decided is that [Obama] is a new black person who doesn’t make race an issue. This is someone we can accept. But this is a fight in the black community—it’s between the black people who’ve been fighting their whole lives for civil rights and the people who’ve been the beneficiaries of that fight.  (MORE)

In the full interview,  Cobb makes some very strong statements about the treatment of Hillary Clinton and other female candidates and use of the term “bitch” to describe strong women as well as other interesting comments about other aspects of the primary race.


OF SPECIAL NOTE: Watch for a piece on Monday by American Lassie on the Burris appointment!


Trot on over to Logistics Monster if you want to worry more about the economy:

America’s Economic Collapse: An Intricate Web Of Money, Power, and Political Agendas, Part I

America’s Economic Collapse: An Intricate Web of Money, Power and Political Agendas, Part 2


As I finish compiling this post, Chaplin’s Modern Times has just ended.  That “feeding machine” for the worker on the assembly line reminds me of how we’ve all been force-fed Obama for the last year…What AGITA!!



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14 Responses

  1. Cobb seems to echo what Shirley Chisholm always said – that it was harder for her to be a female Presidential candidate than a black Presidential candidate. The more things “change”, the more they stay the same.

    Hillary Clinton put 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling. Unfortunately, it ended up looking like the shattered safety glass in your car – broken into tiny bits, but still intact as a barrier. Sarah Palin tried to kick her way out, but was dragged away from the fight by her own side. Imagine that.

    Supposed “women’s organizations” like NOW and NARAL openly and defiantly supported the glass ceiling, trashing female candidates in the process. They defeated every single proponent women have in national politics and left us with immoral male-pandering fools like Nancy Pelosi, Claire McCaskill, Kathleen Sebelius and Donna Brazile. Now they want to shove Princess Caroline Kennedy Schlossberger up our butts as a worthy replacement of Hillary Clinton.

    We wonder out loud how so many women can support and enable misogynists (and in some cases be one themselves), but then we must look at how many Americans are willing to allow the Constitution to be trampled and America to be tossed to the Global Corporate Wolves, and the answer becomes clear. We are lazy. We don’t demand that our “leaders” do anything for us, just that they talk about it. We don’t bother to dig into the facts or do research, we vote for the candidate our party and/or the Male Stream Media tells us to vote for.

  2. O/T but it looks like Harry Reid is in for some rough waters. Seems he’s on tape talking to Blagojevich, ordering him not to appoint JJJ, Emil Jones, or Danny Davis and some folks aren’t too happy with the man that’s been pushing for no special election in IL having such a strong voice on their state…

  3. Grail, as fro NOW and NARAL…they are actually just like Pelosi, etc.
    Once they have entrance to some power, they forget where they come from and play the power game alongside the men the same way. Will have this basic comment in a post that’s coming up on Wednesday (been pushed back a few days!!)

    That info on Harry will be included as an update in AL’s post tomorow… THANKS!!!

  4. IA,

    Thanks for the above links. I find them all very interesting. I just scanned them, but intend to go back and read them thoroughly in a little bit. With a full moon due on Sat. Jan. 10th, maybe we’ll see some fireworks. It will definitely be interesting to see if Harry Reid has his armed guards at the door (as he has promised) to prevent Roland Burris from entering.

    Grail, you are absolutely correct about our laziness allowing the Constitution to be trampled. Little by little the Constitution – the backbone of this nation – has been disregarded by the people we elect to protect and preserve it. This past year or so it has become more and more blatant. I doubt if even half of the members of congress have read the Constitution lately (if ever). It is obvious that they haven’t studied it or care about its contents. We need to keep reminding them of it every day, and we need to fight against the push for a Constitutional Convention. The real purpose of this gambit is to gut the Constitution to further the aims of those who want to change our country completely.

  5. Grail Guardian says:
    “…We are lazy. We don’t demand that our “leaders” do anything for us, just that they talk about it. We don’t bother to dig into the facts or do research, we vote for the candidate our party and/or the Male Stream Media tells us to vote for.”

    How true. And when we do make our opposition
    known, when we write letters, make phone calls, march in protest, or stand alone in protest, we get placed on the “no fly list”, and we are suspect because of those efforts.

    I don’t think Teh One is going to change any of that either. He is a pretender, a King of the World wannabe.

    “Supposed “women’s organizations” like NOW and NARAL openly and defiantly supported the glass ceiling, trashing female candidates in the process. They defeated every single proponent women have in national politics and left us with immoral male-pandering fools…”

    It’s called “identification with the aggressor” and that occurs – like Stockholm syndrome – when the fear of retaliation by the powerful – the one in “control” is greater than the desire to break away from the situation and gain independence and freedom from abuse.

  6. OT; I saw “Milk” yesterday. And even if the movie was just a movie, It showed the incredible work it took to make a difference – and the life cost it extracted. In relationships with others as well as with self.

    BO never worked as hard or sacrificed as much as the late Harvey Milk (or any of his supporters) You don’t have to if you’re a whore. You just suck on the. **** of the most powerful around you and tell them how “great they are” and how you’d do anything to be just like them.

    I didn’t know about the full moon on the 10th. This will be an interesting week in our interesting times. I’ll be on the lookout for the bizarre. Here in Chicago, it won’t be difficult to find.

  7. GRL ~

    Thanks for the links!

    You are a wonder…………………… 🙂

  8. GRL ~

    Richardson withdrew name as Commerce Sec’y.

    That can give you a chance to smile.

  9. Delmarie Cobb is the Clinton delegate who was called an “Uncle Tom” by Emil “I’m going to make me a senator”

  10. Old Dem..Thanks for that extra info!
    Leslie–just back from the gym…Richardson out MAKES MY DAY!!!!

    But I guess that means he stays HERE!!!!!! BOOO!!!!
    As of Jan 1, we are paying his “Spaceport” tax….not the whole state, although it supposedly “helps” the whole state…just US and a couple of other southern counties… it’s 50 miles away and we pay more than the county it’s in…and then you see a story about how they “HOPE” to hire local people to build the thing…JOBS was the sales pitch, along with “CHILDREN”….Meanwhile, Richard Branson is the guy getting the welfare…..

  11. Sorry GRL – you’re stuck with him. At least till he gets indicted! If only we in NY could get that lucky and be stuck with Hillary instead of Princess Caroline…

  12. insight, spot on as always! Many thx also to Grail, lee and dem. It is only with folks like you that we continue to succeed, a link at a time!

  13. Sri America…you made the wrong choice in Obama…Aussies {like me} will bear the brunt of his presidency…never mind…you silly stupid people..Iran will Nuke Israel & the USA…Obama will let this happen!
    He is weak…and as for his first lady {with attitude} do you honestly think that the rest of the world will support him???…I think not!

    Really scared!

  14. 1. I agree the people of this country, as a whole, are lazy about the Constitution and their rights in general.

    2. Any news on Lt. Gov. Denish’s rsponse to the investigation of Richardson?

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