W.A.M. Asks — Who Needs Christmas When You Can Worship “THE ONE”?

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

As we all know, the Obama Transition Team is hard at it, paving the way for the Ascension of “The One.”  It may be slightly steeper climb since the advent of Blago-gate, but the machine churns on.

Recently, we wrote about the House Parties being pushed by Team Obama and how the issue of healthcare was one of  the issues that would be at the top of the agenda during a night of House Parties on 12/15.  (See “Healthcare Reform” PR Blitz, Screw Job on the Way–And YOU Can Join In!” from 12/8).

Other bloggers have written in detail about the recent “viral net campaign” video that was issued by Obama’s campaign manager, David Pflouffe, for the “Change is Coming” House Parties which are scheduled for tonight (12/15).  But there have been other coordinated actions that all point to the way Obama plans to do business–basically, using his huge database of names to “rally the troops” on issues.   For example, in addition to the Plouffe email/video, we’ve seen a steady stream of  “synchronized” campaign messages which have been targeted to those on the email lists of the DNC, the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton.  I’m not on any of these lists anymore, but as a one-time donor to the Clinton Foundation years ago, I recently received a letter by mail from the Clinton Foundation which is “reaching out” to me “to share our plans for publishing the names of the Foundation’s donors.”  Interestingly, the letter asks for my support and if I have any questions, I should contact the Foundation’s office by phone by…today, 12/15.

Here are some of the other “campaign messages” that have gone out:

*A request from Joe Biden for donations to help pay off Hillary Clinton’s campaign debts. (Why now, more than a month after the
election?  Asking for $100.)

*Another, sent by a female singer, targeted exclusively to former Hillary supporters, urging participation in a new network.

*The DNC offering hats and 4-year Obama calendars for donations of $25 or $35 (order by the magic date of 12/15  for Christmas delivery!).

*A message from Donna Brazile on behalf of her “pals” at the DCCC, begging for “$20, $35, or more ” so that the donor can “be automatically entered into their Witness History Contest for a chance to win flight and hotel accommodations to be in Washington D.C. for this once-in-a-lifetime event” (includes a pass to a pre-Inauguration luncheon).

*An invitation to a “Hillary Live!” event in NYC on 12/15 to help retire her debt, attended by “Senator Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton, hosted by America Ferrara.”

* A message from “actor and activist”  Melissa Fitzgerald who states that “As an actor, co-founder of the organization Voices in Harmony and long-time supporter of all the great work Hillary Clinton has done over the years, I am proud to introduce you to an organization that has given me a platform to promote my ideas and helped me empower change. The American Democracy Institute (ADI) was founded in 2005 with the help of Hillary Clinton, who served as the chair of ADI’s youth initiative that engaged over 10,000 young activists around the country… Please take a look at the American Democracy Institute and all the great ways that you can empower change.”

Quite a barrage of activity, and all just before the holidays, many culminating on December 15!!  By the way, NONE of these solicitations offers any greetings for the season–these are all about business.

To many of us, it sure seems that Obama is organizing for the Inauguration and beyond and that the REAL Obama campaign has just begun! The object is to create the aura of a phony “mandate for change” that he’ll exploit after he’s sworn in.

You may have noticed the W.A.M logo in the right sidebar.  As a participant in the “Wake Up Amerca”  (W.A.M.) movement, this blogger agrees with most of W.A.M’s  ideas about why all this “campaigning” (“propaganda wave”)  is still going on, particularly at a time of year when most voters normally would expect a break from politicking.

If you stop and think for a minute and look beneath the surface to see what’s really going on, you might agree with some of  W.A.M.’s conclusions, too:

The Obama camp is currently mobilizing every available still  delusional follower, to propagate the illusion of a general public
mandate FOR WHAT?:

**To build sympathy amidst Clinton supporters, to seduce more  women supporters, re-activate netroots Obamatrons, expand    contact  lists via house parties on the same night – in order to  further extend their tentacles into local communities WHILE staging
an ‘historic’ inaugural event turn-out (multiplied and  magnified by the their bought off MSM collaborators) is probably for the following purposes:

** to build a ‘bandwagon’ illusion of public support for a forthcoming sweep of radical Executive Orders to be put in place
right after the inauguration PLUS

** to mislead and divert the public eye, providing Pelosi & Co.a  head start on radical legislation – as soon as the new Congress enters session. No doubt bills – initiated by the new” un-Dem” Congress will be filled with hidden pork and carry the added dangers of secretly negotiated- buried in fine print riders!

ALSO NOTICE – in their arrogance- all these email mass solicitations beg for $$$ – at a time when obama claims a ‘campaign surplus’ and spends our $ extravagantly for his ‘coronation’; and prepares to run federal reserve presses non-stop to bail out his favored interests and backers. Now, compounding all that, we should all now crimp our own Christmas shopping to send them EVEN MORE OF OUR MONEY?! (As for soliciting small donors to repay Hillary’s debt – her own online advocates tapped themselves dry
this summer-at the same time the obama camp ‘forgot’ to fulfill their promise to help take care of that matter. Now we should do that again while he flashes his misuse of taxpayers’ $ on his “historic’ Inauguration – just so MSM can put on a splashy TV show to persuade the whole planet that EVERYONE else worships him?

So now that we know what they are up to, why they are doing it and how they are going  about it, the question is: Will we be asleep – and taken by surprise – when all the big plans start happening in 2009?

As W.A.M. points out,  George Washington shrewdly attacked the British over the Christmas holidays – while they were sleeping. We know how that turned out –  he won!

What can we do? Well, besides staying awake, we have to work, as W.A.M. says,  to ” help spread Truth in Information and be prepared to take action to  preserve our democracy in the face of this corrupt, self serving new administration.”

This site has joined the growing number of sites from across the political spectrum to help start what will hopefully become a large network of blogs to help counter the spin and misinformation that is showering down on us.  Obama drew in about 400 bloggers to support his campaign…now, IT’S OUR TURN!  By creating such a network that spread the messages and action alerts that will be coming from W.A.M. in the future, we may have a shot of doing what the big boys in D.C., the Obama blogosphere and the media do…put out our own, unified and SYNCHRONIZED messages that gets repeated continuously to Americans, just like the media giants do (for example, the latest is the “Blagojevich is crazy, nothing there to see re: Obama).

If you haven’t yet done so, sign in to get involved in the non-partisan Wake Up America movement by clicking on the logo on this site or visit www.wam08.org. You don’t have to be a blogger to do, so, either!  There are lots of ideas about how individuals can work at this, too!

Let’s get organized and increase our clout!  W.A.M. offers us the means to do so!!

And stay tuned! This site will be bringing the latest W.A.M. announcements and action alerts in the New Year!

15 Responses

  1. Politics have to be wonderful…for what other reason would Hillary want to be involved in this circus?

  2. Ok GRL, you beat me to the punch! I was going to do an article about just this topic, but then, well, life got in the way. So thanks to you and WAM for doing the heavy lifting. But I do have another piece of the puzzle to add… Check out this e-mail I received a few days ago:

    Dear Grail Guardian

    I was able to connect you with two webinars/conference calls in last 2 weeks to obtain more information and insight to serve in the upcoming Obama-Biden Administration.

    Here are some valuable links:

    1) Transition Process


    2) Organizational Chart


    (Under “Organizational Chart” on the left)

    3) The Plum Book can be accessed at:



    I have two close friends who have encouraged me to pass the resumes of qualified candidates. I would appreciate if you could email me your resume by December 15th and I will be more than happy to review your resume and forward to my friends in the transition.

    If you like to volunteer your services to the transition team in the Washington area, please send me your interest and I will connect you to my friends/transition staff.
    Lastly, it is important to identify the position and have the resume written for each specific job. I am attaching a template resume for you to benefit.

    Down Load Sample Resume Template

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to assist

    Shukoor Ahmed

    Once again, note the December 15th deadline. Needless to say, I’ve done nothing to ask anyone connected to the Obama administration for a job, I asked to be removed from the DNC mailing list months ago, and haven’t made a contribution to Hillary Clinton for months (despite the constant begging from her, Bill, Dorothea Rodham, Chelsea, and the above-mentioned supporters).

    Also of note: The messages for help paying off Hillary’s debt no longer state that she doesn’t want to pay herself back (they started out saying she wanted to pay the small vendors that were owed money, but wanted nothing for herself). I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m getting pretty sick of being treated like nothing more than an ATM by these people, but more significantly the whole push scares the crap out of me. I have no intention of contributing cash to pay for my own interment.

  3. Wow, that’s so cool!

    Grail, you do that piece in your own way with this new info! Nothing better than a “refresher-follow-up” to keep this on the minds of people!!!!!! Comments get lost, remember…

    Also…a few years ago, I wrote a lot of comments about how the Democrats needed to run a “continuous campaign” instead of crawling into a hole after every election. Looks like this idea got into the wrong hands! LOL!~~~~~~

  4. I am seeing that one of the main drives of Camp Pamp (as Shtuey likes to call them) is that they are trying desperately to get the pertinent information for every single American. The resumes is just another way to do that.


  5. The more these folks “ask” for money Grail the inclined I am to give. It just never ends. I will make up my own mind about who I will support, when or if I will contribute to their campaign. Right now I’m not interested in contributing to any of them.

    They need to stop with the fundraising crap all ready. We are sick to death of it.

    And I personally lost all interest in contributing one plug nickel to Senator Clinton when she agreed to became a member of the Obama Administration. Since I loathe him I am not about to offer and monetary support to one of his “employees”.

  6. Dimwits that don’t re-read what they write deserve to have to rewrite what they have all ready written. That would be me.

    First sentence should read “The more these folks “ask” for money Grail, the LESS inclined I am to give”. Leaving the word less out was kinda important. Duh!

  7. I’ve been finding these additional pleas for money to be so tiresome. But did anyone else receive the emails to “Arrest Bush on Inauguration Day” from the impeachBush crowd? Also from Democrats.com they are imploring Obama to appoint Fitzgerald as special prosecutor to investigate Bush.

    What the hell is going on? I agree that something simply nefarious is going on IA and Grail. Will check out the WAM site.

  8. Sorry grammar issues

    What the hell is going on? I agree that something simply nefarious is going on too, IA and Grail. Will check out the WAM site.

  9. I agree with diamondtiger. (Dec 15, 10:53 am). I’ve been called paranoid but too many things have been happening since July for me to overlook. I’ve been sent e-mails that are weird and what I would call threatening, and my security informs me that I’ve received numerous attempts at intrusion in the last 6 months. The ip- id’s are being checked out for me by a family member. I am a complete novice at computer technology, so I coudn’t do it myself. I noticed the other day that everytime I clicked on a link at another site the Norton warning would pop up with an intrusion notice. This was apparantly a link someone was keeping tabs on. Needless to say, I don’t click on very many links anymore.

    I think someone (or more than someone) is trying to build a file on anyone who has been commenting about Obama in an unflattering way. It’s unfortunate that is so easy to get a person’s e-mail address, even if you’ve never sent them a message.

    I no longer open ANY e-mail unless I recognize the name. If I don’t know them, it is deleted unopened.

    As for snail mail, it hasn’t been coming to me for a few months. It goes straight from the post office to another family member and they throw away anything they think I might not want – and this includes all requests for donations or any other kind of information. This has been a crazy election cycle with a lot of crazy people out there and we haven’t seen the last of it yet. I know I offended a lot of local people with my telephone calls and e-mails for Hillary, and then for John McCain, but I’ve worked in politics for years and although I wasn’t always on the popular side, I’ve never seen anything like this. I agree that there is something going on, and now I’ll probably be called Cassandra again.

    Marge, Join the club. I don’t think I’ve ever sent anything out that doesn’t either have something left out, or a misspelled word or two (or three). Even when I read it over first I still manage to miss something. Good thing I didn’t have to make my living as an editor – I would have starved to death.

  10. IA,

    I, too, will check our the WAM site.

  11. Lee,

    You probably should sign up for a “blind” free e-mail account. Don’t use Google (g-mail) as they’re part of Obama’s data mining operation. Try mail.com – they have a ton of domains you can choose from and only a small amount of annoyances.

    Also, if you have Google desktop or Google Toolbar installed on your computer, uninstall them now as you are just feeding them your personal information, which will be given to Obama.

    I have no doubt that databases are being built. I presume for “re-education camps”, but who knows what evil lurks in the minds of these people? I fully expect that it is not for a good purpose.

    In any case, friends, it’s definitely time to start being careful. We have a small idea what these people are capable of, but I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet.

  12. Passports — need to get your passports.

    I’m sort of kidding — but perhaps not.

    The Obots are crazy — even more so then the Bushbots were 8 years ago. The Obots are like Bushbots but on steroids.

    Reminds me of the tombstone of the hypochondriac — “I told you I was sick.”

    Then the arson at Sarah Palin’s church.


    Oh — WOW — I wouldn’t have thought that a blanket request for resumes would be a way to collect data on people — but at this point — this could be one of the reasons for sending cold calls for resumes.

  13. Grail,

    Thanks for the info on Google. I was warned about them from another source, also. Thanks for the tip about mail.com. I am seriously considering signing up for a new e-mail account. Better safe than sorry.

    • Lee, that’s me that mentioned the search engines…I just want to add that, of course, we’re probably being tracked in other ways as Google buys up companies. Just learned that they bought the Feedburner I’m using at the top of the page! Jeesh!!!

  14. I’ll bet they (Google) go for WordPress soon.

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