The Other Side of the Mountain

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

This past Sunday I decided it was time to go to the other side of the mountain.

Frankly, I was just worn out the entire onslaught of political/media games. Like many others, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been living through a time of lot more hurt and insults than we’ve have had to deal with in a long, long time.

Lately, we’ve had to endure the Hillary as Secretary of State epic.  Well, it’s official as of today (Monday as I write this).  Some bloggers are ecstatic, sure this is a VICTORY for women.  Well, we’ve had Albright and Rice already.  Clinton gives up her elected seat for the honor of serving at the pleasure of the most unqualified, media-assisted, creepy Democratic “president” in my lifetime. Whatever deal floats the Clintons’ and the Democratic poohbahs’ boat, it doesn’t do much but sink things for me. The misogyny continues and will continue (the ugly pictures of Clinton were already up tonight on FOX), and may be melded into a massive Clinton circus/misogyny orgy to help pound into our brains that women in general and Clinton in particular are suspect in the highest offices.  Meanwhile, Bill Richardson wields tremendous power over at Commerce. Real power to screw around with many things with nary a thought from the media…

Then there have been the hopes for the Supreme Court Fart to address Obama’s citizenship issues and boot him out of office before he even gets there.  Sigh.  The law, when it applies to members of “the club,” is conveniently circumvented.  It didn’t start with Gore in 2000, either. It started at a lower level of the courts with Dick Cheney. Remember the flap over whether he could actually be named as VP because of domicile questions (Wyoming vs. Texas)?  Well, how did that turn out?  Judah Benjamin’s scholarly examination of the Obama question over at Texas Darlin’ has come up with the same conclusion I did a long time ago and I’m not a lawyer–The Supreme Fart will let this one slide.  Not Your Sweetie’s recent post on “the club” and the intertwined relationships help explain, in part, why.

So, with all this stuff swirling around in my brain, I decided I had reached the point where it had to stop, at least for a short time.  It was time to go to the other side of the mountain. I hadn’t done it in a very long time. I don’t know why I waited this long, but Sunday was the day. I piled the dogs into the car and took off.

First, let me tell you that every day when I go into the backyard to feed the birds and tend to the vegetable garden I see the mountain.  Actually, the Organ Mountains.  This is what they look like from my backyard…the “Rabbit Ears” are just above the golden tree at the left (in the IA masthead, they are just to the left of the full moon):


A 10-minute drive got me through the St. Augustin pass (just hidden at the left by a roof) and the exhilarating sight of the entire Tularosa Basin spread out before me. Then, I got off the highway and began the trek up into heaven.




“Rabbit Ears” loomed in the distance.resized2008_1130organaquirreouting0039

An ancient volcanic core came into in view.resized2008_1130organaquirreouting0044

I drove slowly up into the foothills, navigating a series of hairpin turns. As I neared the trailheads, I looked out onto the basin (the thin line of white to the right in the shot below is part of the White Sands gypsum dunes which extends outside the White Sands National Monument area).



The air was crisp and a light wind blew through the silence…the absolute silence.  It was like being in a different time and a different world. Behind me were the “Rabbit Ears” that I see from my yard, but now I saw their other side, in all their craggy glory, at 8000+ feet.


The dogs and I sat for awhile, just being quiet and drinking in the purity of the moment.  Then, I slowly made my way back down to the basin.  Just before we reached the highway I glanced up to see a large hawk, with an amazing wingspan, gliding along with me, perhaps inviting me to return.

Coming back up over the pass, I stopped the car as the plains of the Mesilla Valley opened up below me.  It gave me a sense of freedom as I continued down to where I live, in what was the bed of an ancient sea.


What did I find on the other side of the mountain?  A sense of calm and awe.  A departure from ordinary time and a re-discovery of what’s real in the world…A chance to shed the insults of everyday life and feel new again.

I’ll be going back soon…


For a virtual panoramic view of the area, click here.

15 Responses

  1. The photos do help! Thanks for posting them. Your point about the difference between the media treatment of Richardson and Clinton is an important one.

  2. Oh, I”m so honored by your visit, Heidi!!!!

  3. Silence. What was that like? I’ve forgotten!

    Thanks for the vicarious vacation GRL!

  4. I do know how it feels. We aren’t the first ones to be on the back side of a “popular” movement. Just remember when it seems the ickiest, how things would be if none of us raised our voices. How much faster the landslide would be. How much further the damage to our country’s basic belief structure would have intruded. We have been and are still a force. Even though a lot of people gave up and went back to join in the party, not all of us did, and that will make a difference, at some time, at some point. thank you IA and Heidi Li and all the rest of you.

  5. Loved the photos Grl!

    And Richardson has the essential ingredient to be lionized by the media, a penis. Nuff said.

  6. Thanks for taking us on that very nice trip with you!

    But now I’m bringing you back…

  7. thanks for the photos of my country.

    glad you can get away for a while.

  8. just awesome GRL! You are so lucky to live there.

    There is nothing like communing with nature to remind you of what’s really important!

  9. The photos are beautiful. I couldn’t get the panoramic view of the area.
    Glad you got away for a while. Until Friday I am still hoping, but not expecting any clarification.
    His choices for the security panel leave me believing that he is hedging his bets, knowing something that we don’t know.
    As you know, the documents pertaining to one of the lawsuits (Cort W.) ended up in the anthrax investigation unit after it had been handled by various people. Wouldn’t you think the MSM would have picked up that little tid-bit? It is said that that particular case was even more substantial than the Donofrio case, and a mole at the SC wanted to be sure that the information didn’t reach the full court before the Donofrio conference.
    With so many co-horts in so many places determined to put the brakes on any investigation, it leads me to believe that the power behind Obama is even greater that I imagined.

  10. Thanks so much, Grl – what a lovely area in which you live! Getting away from all of this crapola is just what the doctor ordered…

    Quite often now I have seen a bald eagle that has taken up residence at the top of one of the polls in the river I cross over. It was already a spectacular site driving over the bridge, what with the salt marshes, big river, and large tributaries, but adding in the bald eagle is an incredible bonus…

  11. lee M.
    I couldn’t get the panorama the first time I tried, either. So I clicked on the “White Sands” or whatever the “next” panaorama was. I then went “back” and voila! the panorama.

    This really is a touch of heaven. Thanks so much. After today, I so needed to see heaven. the “today” of which I speak is a personal rather than political “today”.

    Speaking of “political” . . . Here in Chicago, we now have the “post-racial” Jesse Jackson Jr, insisting that the governor name (you guessed it) an African-American to fill the seat vacated by TehOne. Because “It’s only right”. So I suppose that the reason the people elected TehOne before he became Teh Messiah, is because he is AA —– NOT. He was elected as US Senator because he was the Democrat who was running (after he had everyone else pushed off the ballot).
    Now JJ,Jr and other AA elected persons are passing out petitions on street corners, if you will, and the PDA (Progressives for a Democratic America) are also behind a (nationwide) petition drive to have an AA named to fill (installed ) as the next Illinois State Senator.
    I am so relieved to know this is a “post-racial” time in America.


    kenoshamarge~ I’m moving in with you!!

  12. Good points Re: Hillary vs. Richardson treatment by MSM, and lovely photos! (found link over at Sugar & Spice sight). Will have to visit more often.

  13. Response to several posts…

    Gee, so if you have to have a black replace Obama, that means we get a woman to replace Clinton, right???

    Liberty Belle–thanks for visiting. I have some distant relatives in New Orleans with the same last name. I remember when I was a kid they came up to NJ with there own Coca Cola–different formula! I think some of them have been active in local politics there, too…

    Rev. Amy–honored to have you as a visitor!! Thanks for all your wonderful essays…

  14. Taking a drive is a great way to clear the brain of all the clutter. The US is a vast country — and there are fantastic panoramas — not overfilled with humans — where silence can be found.

    Wyoming, Montana are two states that are so vast with eye candy. I’m one who would rather drive across country rather than take the faster route via airplane. I have grown to hate flying — I guess it is the way we a now treated and considered prisoners when we PAY money to fly.

    Also the furkids really do love to get out and see the world.


    On a political note — I’m not at all pleased that Hillary Clinton has decided to take the SoS job — and work for the creep that lied, cheated and conned his way through life.

    Also I agree with so many of the wise folk who tell us that it depends on how and if the Supremes decide to uphold the Constitution — and if Oblaaa manages to pull of this con of con jobs — then we know that the fix has been in since the beginning. Our votes, our energy and our money and our work was for nothing. And the Constitution is in fact stone cold dead.

  15. Thanks for the photos. I am in the states, but working outside of New Mexico for a bit. I really would like to be home.

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