How To Communicate with an Obot: The **OFFICIAL** English to Obamese Dictionary

~~By Grail Guardian

I was over at Not Your Sweetie recently, reading about the latest semantics gymnastics from the Obama camp, and it started me thinking that there have been an awful lot of changes to the English language in the last year. We’ve now got the WORM (What Obama Really Meant) and numerous other examples. So many, in fact, that I decided it’s probably time to give the confused reader a bit of guidance. So in the spirit of clear communication, I present the first edition of the…

InsightAnalytical **Official** English to Obamese Dictionary





Stimulus package

Economic Recovery package

Massive Voter Fraud

Community organizing





Assault & battery





Just a guy in my neighborhood

Radical Preacher

A guy at church I never listened to


Threat to National Security

Violent gang of sanctioned thugs

Civilian Police Force

Violent gang of sanctioned thugs in Chicago

Obama for President Committee

Flip Flop

Smart adjustment to political reality

Preponderance of lies

A Speech

Union endorsements for opponents

Special interest endorsements

Union endorsements for Obama

Support from worker representatives

Spreading the wealth

Tax cuts for the working class


Anyone earning over ??

Washington insiders


Bill Clinton

Racist/My staunch supporter

Hillary Clinton

Likable enough/Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton’s mailing list

Cash cow

Bill Clinton’s advisors

Old Style Gov’t./My New Cabinet


Old ideas, no longer important

U.S. Constitution

Floormat (See also Joke)


Internet campaign workers

Oil barons

Millions of small donors

Ruthless genocide

Odinga’s post-election change





Truth Seeking




Upholding the Constitution


Of course, this is just a start. Please feel free to suggest any additions you might have!

27 Responses

  1. Expats who didn’t vote for Obama are being called r@cists. Now how can that be expressed in a Dictionary format??

    Racist = Didn’t vote for Obama

    When the cra* starts hitting the fan because 0-zero just isn’t ready and his former fans realize that 0-zero is NOT ready for anything except nap time — nope they won’t apologize for harassing sane Americans.

    Good list — perhaps this list should be sent to comedians since they can’t find any humor in the impending Obama disaster. How about the National Weather Service start calling every hurricane and tropical storm — Obama in honor of Obama. Hurricane Obama 1, Hurricane Obama 2, Tropical storm Obama 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . .

    If Antigua is going to name one of their ant hills after Obama — seems like the whole Caribbean region would be pleased to have major storms named after Obama.


  2. How can anyone not look at what is about to take over our government? I remember when I thought Rove was unbelieveable. He was a pussycat.

  3. English: unite; Obamese: divide
    English: share; Obamese: take

    There are so many more in the scoundrel’s lexicon.

  4. Betty,

    Rove isn’t gone – he brought us teh One!


    Thanks for the contributions (good to see you here!) Hope you continue to add your unique perspective to our little world!


    Just about anything = racist, but it would be a ridiculously long list if we kept going with that one, non?

  5. Eeewww, communicate with an Obot? Not if I can possibly help it. Plus it is difficult to communicate with someone that has their head up their….Never mind.

  6. how about:

    you are being conned—change you can believe in

  7. Hi,

    insightanalytical left a comment on my Blog (

    In answer to the question posted I would like to inform him/her that this Blog has been on my Blog Roll for some time now.

    Thank you for visiting mine!

  8. kc,

    Can’t believe I missed one that obvious!


    We’ll try to keep you from getting O-cooties!

  9. experience = racism

  10. or

    penis = experience

  11. Amarissa…I am OBVIOUSLY BLIND….LOL!!! Well, it WAS early and I didn’t have my glasses on…

    I’ve added you to the roll….

    BTW, if I click on your name it doesn’t get to your site….I think the URL is incomplete or whatever…


  12. How about US Constitution == but wipe

    Jesus = Obama
    God =Obama
    Messiah =Obama

    facial tic of right eye =frickin scared out of my mind that I’m gonna screw up this country because I’m so unqualified and not used to working on anything that doesn’t directly benefit me

    Islamic fundamentalist face lift = throwing acid on my wife/sis/daughter’s or any women’s face because they assert some sort of independence

    double snark, and crude too but…
    I’m in a crude state of mind what with those Taliban boys spraying school girl’s with acid. First time we would ever be thankful for the burka which was some form of protection.

  13. FFO,

    Since you mentioned it, I’d like to ask our readers to share the link below with any female over the age of 12 to give them a serious dose of reality about what is in store for us (women) if we don’t band together and demand our God given rights!

    Warning: strong content!

  14. hype = hope

  15. That’s a good start for anyone who wants to beother listening to an Obot. Talking to one is just about impossible. I can think of some others

    Racism is now Renewed Pride in your country

    Sexism is now Reasoned investigation into an opponent’s career, finances, family’s private lives, digging up old pictures, insinuations of incest and implied superiority due to the lack of a menstrual cycle.

    Thanks for pointing me here, GG

  16. Good list.
    I’d say,
    Racism=opposition (added to “didn’t vote for O)
    Historical = STFU

    That being said, I intend to go through life without listening to B0bots even if it means shutting all sources of news.

  17. How about,

    Corruption = what actions are when a Republican does them

    Politics = what the same actions are called when a Democrat does them

  18. 1539days,

    No problem – always glad to have you here!

    BTW to anyone that hasn’t checked out her excellent blog, take a moment to go to Days of Change – well worth the trip!

  19. […] reports Sen. Joe Lieberman is now praising Obama. Obamese: Grail Guardian at Insight Analytical provides a public service post in “How To Communicate with an Obot: The **OFFICIAL** English to Obamese […]

  20. This list is a great idea! Let’s grow it and put out a pamphlet/booklet just in time for the inauguration and sell them for 50 cents as a commemorative item! (in Chicago, right near the *barf green* event!)

    All profits go to:

    Here are mine:

    english first;; obamese follows

    transparency = stone brick wall

    clarity = slight of hand trick

    wealth redistribution = I take your contributions, taxes & shirt off your back and Michelle gets a $30,000 ring (incl. slave labor diamonds no less!)

    baby = punishment

    criticism = racism

    Can anyone think of one for accountability??

    transparency, clarity, accountability: 3 magic words in my vid:

  21. Excellent suggestions everyone! Keep them coming and we can publish an updated version!

  22. critics = infidels shut out at press conferences; infidels booted off the plane

  23. accountability = using the blame game, everyone’s accountable but not me, Barack Obama

  24. President = King for Life

    Constitution = Divine Right of Kings

    Bill of Rights = Indulgences

    Rappers = Court Musicians

    Sexism = Passe

    Press Questions = High Treason

    Israel = Palestine

    Terrorists = Misunderstood Bros

    Woman = Rock of the House

    2012 Election = Cancelled-As-Unnecessary Event

    Empty Suit = Preferred Dress in Oval Office

    Kenya = New Bethlehem

    Secretary of State = Chick office

    Vice President = Laid Off

    Democratic Party = Obamacrat Party

    Sarah Palin = Enemy

    Chicago Thugocracy = Civilian National Security Force

    Republicans = New denizens of Camp Gitmo

    Hope & Change = National Cola for the People

    First Amendment = Passe

  25. Woo hoo, NES! You’re on a roll, girl!

    Looks like we’re going to have to publish an updated list, GRL… Something to look forward to!

  26. Thanks GG. Just for your enjoyment. I don’t flatter myself to think any of them will make the updated list. (OK, I am proud of this one: “Kenya = New Bethlehem”)

  27. P.S. to GG: Please let the regular Uppity commenters know when you have further entries. Who knows, you could publish and become a millionaire.

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