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  1. Because I do not expect anything good from Obama, it won’t take much for reality to be better than my expectations. A direct inverse to Obamabots.

    Because I hate him so much it doesn’t really matter to me if he is better than what I expect. I won’t hate him or his dimwitted supporters any the less.

    The journey matters as much to me as the destination. And I am not one of those that believes in the end justifiying the means. Obama could find the cure for the common cold and I’d still hate his guts.

    That will never change for me.

  2. Marge,

    I second that.

  3. Ha! What a funny and appropriate cartoon. I’ve read at so many blogs articles written by Obamabots that we shouldn’t set our expectations of Obama too high, that we shouldn’t set unrealistic standards for his performance. I don’t know if any one of those Blogger Bots stopped for a moment to think that it was The One Himself who set the standards and expectations so high and that he shouldn’t have done so knowing that he couldn’t meet them once elected. Waaaah waaaah! You won’t catch me crying for him.

  4. My feelings exactly…kenoshaMarge. I have no intentions of ever listening to a speech he makes..or comments on Tv. obama is a fake…bigger puppet than bush. Aren’t we lucky?

  5. what Marge said.

  6. totally unnecessary since I don’t have any expectations to begin with. Except that maybe we’re stuck with a bigger dumb-f than dubya for tha next 4 years. That expectation I have no intention of changing. It’ll have to change on it’s own, but somehow, I doubt that’s gonna happen

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