The Past Week, November 2-8: Recaps & Random Thoughts (Chicago Trib’s “RedEye” Pic of “Royalty”; Frightening Treatment of McCain Supporter in Philly on Election Night; The Price Paid Due to Non-Voters (Deals with Ministers); Help “Free Us Now Mavericks” Hosted by Betty Jean Kling; Stray Dog Update

Well, it was such a disappointing week, but on Friday, Obama’s Nancy Reagan faux pas brightened my day. Keep it up, Obama!  Now, onto the roundup:


From regular reader Leslie in Chicago…this GEM. She writes:

This is the photo on the front page of the Tribune’s “RedEye” free daily newspaper.
Beneath the photo in HUGE type reads:


PS: Saturday’s web edition is more simple: just has a pic labeled just “Royalty.”

Camelot already??  Well, about the Royal Couple’s subjects …What happens when Obama doesn’t deliver whatever it is they expect to be delivered?


This benign title masks a VERY disturbing video which might answer the question just asked. I haven’t been to Philly in a long time…I’m glad I didn’t show up in the middle of this…see Minute 3:15

Man Arrested for Wearing McCain Shirt at Obama Victory Rally


Over the past week, we’ve had some excellent analyses of the election.  Texas Hill Country (note the new address) sent out a letter to mailing list members which think I speaks for many of us:

The American public rejected the hard right swing that was part and parcel with the Bush Administration and, blinded by rhetoric, swung far to the left…  but not the traditional Democratic left.  This is a new Democratic Party.
In the wake of this election cycle, people should remember that:

  • It was Democrats that voted against GLBT rights in 4 states
  • It was Democrats that voted against two very strong and capable women
  • It was Democrats that attacked two very strong women with vicious sexism
  • It was Democrats that found the attacks on freedom of speech acceptable (truth squads)
  • It was Democrats that applauded unfair and unethical election practices (primaries)
  • It was Democrats that abandoned campaign finance reform
  • It was Democrats that conducted a questionable war on the sanctity of the vote (acorn, ohio)

And also that

  • It was evangelicals that failed to come out for the Republican Party
  • It was the evangelicals that turned out in higher numbers for the Democrats

No matter what the rhetoric, no matter what the politicians say, the Democratic Party has abandoned two of its’ key constituencies…  women and gays.  I shudder to thing what will happen when little bites begin to be taken out of Roe v Wade.  I no longer have any confidence that the Democratic Party will protect women’s right to choose.
It is time for the Republican party to abandon the Neo-Conservatives.  It is time for the Republicans to recapture the center and to become the party of Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Barry Goldwater once again.
It is time to remake the face of the Republican Party as the party of small government, both in business and in our daily lives.
It is time for the Republican Party to become the party of equal rights and freedoms for all.
It is time for the Republican Party to become the party that it once was.  The party that fought to give African Americans the right to vote.  The party that fought to give women the right to vote.  The party that helped the first woman get elected to Congress.  The party that fought for the individual against the crushing weight of the society and the government.
It is time for the Republican Party to abandon the path set forth by John Sears and Karl Rove and get back to its’ roots.
I am calling on the Republican Party to abandon the “Religious Right” that abandoned you.
I am calling on the Republican Party to abandon its attack on a woman’s right to choose.
I am calling on the Republican Party to abandon the attacks on the division between church and state.
I am calling on the Republican Party to abandon the injection of religion into social policy
I am calling on the Republican Party to allow people of any race, creed, color or sexual preference to associate in any way they deem appropriate…  including marriage.
I am calling on the Republican Party to defend my rights as a citizen to live my life without interference from the government as long as my actions are not harming others.
I am calling on the Republican Party to stop being a RINO and start being Republican once again.

Over at Not Your Sweetie, Edge wrote a piece with some hard numbers that summarizes what happened on Election Day succinctly, with a focus on who stayed home and the price we’re all going to pay for it. Edge points out that evangelicals ministers kept their flocks home on the promise of Obama’s support for money and “their ability to hire and fire based on faith. For more background on what Obama was up to during the campaign, see these pieces:

6/11: So, What’s Obama Going to Give Away to Conservative Religious Leaders and Constitutional Law Profs Who Work with Ken Starr??(Just Say No Deal)

6/26: Part 1: Obama’s Conservative Meeting Guests–Non-Pastors (UPDATED 1x)

6/28: Part 2: Obama’s Conservative Meeting Guests–The Pastors


Ministers weren’t the only problem. I heard Rush Limbaugh way just days before the election that “”we don’t want any moderate Republicans…social moderates”…in the Republican Party.”  According to him, it has to be a purely “Conservative” party.  What effect did THAT have on his listeners?


I can’t let go of the “racial” crap…

How come when Rice and Powell were elevated to very powerful positions I didn’t see endless blather about how they were “post-racial”?…I didn’t see the GOP making it a big selling point, either.  The editor of the “Pulse” section of the local paper (entertainment section) is a young woman who wrote that “Pulse” never got political..BUT she was so happy to see what she didn’t think she’d ever see in her lifetime…a BLACK president…Well, I zipped off GG’s post and challenged her to think about why that image was more important than seeing a woman in the presidency and why she seemed so oblivious/willing to accept as the norm the misogyny of this campaign??

Young women, wake up!!


And this should help them…FROM BETTY JEAN KLING, THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE. She needs some people to give her radio show site some hits. SEE BELOW. I listened and she’s GREAT and she needs our support! Play the archived 11/3 show for a few minutes…the guest is Dr. Lynette Long at about the 15:00 Minute mark…Betty Jean is great and will keep your fighting spirit up! From her Friday email:

Please do me a very big favor- go to this link and download 11/3 show – don’t have to listen but I need 50 downloads – I changed from 6PM to 8 PM and NO One and I mean not one person showed up and I could lose my show so please I need 50 downloads to save my show. Every download helps please help.

Join BettyJean at the new Prime Time Slot 8 pm est.
Tune in Monday Night 8 PM EST- FreeUsNow Mavericks
As promised launching FreeUsNow Mavericks

Just in case you think we do not need a new woman’s movement
Think Again!
We cannot let what happened during this year’s election cycle—rampant sexism and misogyny—continue or ever happen again. I fear women might stop running for the highest offices. Why wouldn’t they stop trying? It’s dangerous and devastating for our daughters to see. Join us as we go straight at all that is wrong with the way women were treated by our party, our media, our opponents, and other women.
Obama was talking dogs at his press conference and I have my own UPDATE on the stray that I talked about in my Election Day post on my miracle rescue dog, Slick. (See below.)  I had just put out food and water in the hope of attracting him/her.  A couple of days went by without any indication that he had passed by…then, on Thursday morning, I noticed that all the food had been eaten, but a treat I also set out had been left behind. On my dog walk in the afternoon, the treat was gone!  Friday, night, I moved the dishes and once again the food was gone as well as the little treats I had left!  Saturday morning I moved the dishes again to a sunnier spot on the opposite side of the driveway because the water had frozen in the other location.  So, let’s see if the food is gone Sunday!  This is the pattern I saw with Slick…probably an early morning visit. So far, the wanderer hasn’t returned in the afternoon like Slick did, but we’ll see. If the the dog finds the food in the new place overnight/in the morning, then I’ll start moving it further up the driveway.  Stay tuned!

And in the garden: It turned very cold at night a couple of nights ago, reaching the freezing point so I’ve started covering up the plants with the sunshade material.  I set up the mini-greenhouse and I’ll be transferring the geraniums into that any day now.  Tonight I had a sweet potato pizza crust topped with swiss chard picked from the garden and drizzled with olive oil.  Scrumptious!


*By Kenosha Marge

**By Grail Guardian

***With American Lassie

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***The SCANNER-Politics 11/7/08: Newsweek Editors on Charlie Rose in the SCARIEST Description of Obama So Far…(Video/Partially Transcripted); Sharia Hits the Treasury Department/HARVARD Alert!; Hill the Shill (UPDATE 1X)

*The Incredible Shrinking Democratic Party

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The Past Week, October 26-November 1: Recaps and Random Thoughts (A Mindblower of a Piece at Logistics Monster on “Obama’s American Socialism”; The Illegal Aunt/Donation Problem; 1995 Video of Obama Praising Rev. Wright; Zogby Polling Race; “A Face in the Crowd”–How Timely!; Fall Harvesting)

15 Responses

  1. […] The Past Week, November 2-8: Recaps & Random Thoughts (Chicago … It is time for the Republican party to abandon the Neo-Conservatives. It is time for the Republicans to recapture the center and to become the party of Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Barry Goldwater once again. … […]

  2. […] The Past Week, November 2-8: Recaps & Random Thoughts (Chicago … The American public rejected the hard right swing that was part and parcel with the Bush Administration and, blinded by rhetoric, swung far to the left… but not the traditional Democratic left. This is a new Democratic Party. … […]

  3. well I’m glad to see that sombody else thinks we need a new women’s movement. Last nite I was discussing this very thing with a friend, how moribund the women’s movement has become. Consider-

    ERA (anybody still know what that is?) is stalled
    women still make $ less than men, soooo…

    women & children comprise the majority of thw working poor, & therefore….

    are less likely to have healthcare since women are more likely to be working crappy jobs- & simultaneouslly too

    Violence against women (that effigy thing) is becoming more commoplace

    1 out of every 4 women is likely to be raped in her lifetime

    rape, btw, is the only crime where the victim, not the perp is on trial

    women aren’t even safe in their own homes as domestic violence is up

    where is NOW? If they spoke out against the rampant sexism against their candidate, Hillary, it wasn’t very loud or clear, & they certainly didn’t put a halt to it. Then when Sarah joined the fray, they even participated in the sexism & broke their own non-endorsement policy to endose a chauvinist crud over a strong, capable woman. Those bitches are jacked.

    Yet, B & I, we are just 2 women- how can we doublehandly revive the moribund women’s movement? So it’s heartening to see that other women agree, & in TX no less! Hopefully, this way of thinking is going on in all 50 states, & via the internet we can all connect, & form a strong- & real- women’s movement! Thanx for posting this- it has given me hope.

    re: Rice & Powell- is this true? A pair of bushits in the new regime? Refresh my memory- exactly who was running for dubya’s 3rd term?

    and, um, didn’t we do away with royalty in 1776? Maybe it’s high time we revive that movement as well…….

  4. ps, I got the radio on (all music station) & the dj just said, “Now here’s the band that’s all about Mobama…” & played Devo’s Whip It. I’d say that pretty much sums it up. Ladies, we’re in fr a rough 4 years….

  5. Thank you for the link to Betty Jean Kings online radio show.

    Her guest Dr. Long — made the same observations as I did — about Obama the brand (illusion) and Obama the man. Axel-snot was selling a produce — an illusion that your life will be perfect if you buy the product.

    Good news about your little visitor finding the food.

    When are the young women going to take up the battle fighting sexism? The gentleman friend of a good friend was born before women could vote — and he clearly remembers when his mother won the right to vote. He does not understand why young women were so vicious toward Hillary Clinton.

    And these young women who wore the C*** t-shirts — and the fool who hung Palin’s effigy — these were NOT off limits. We know full well what would happen if the N*** word was used on t-shirts with Obama’s name. But t-shirts saying Bro before Ho.

    Sad state of affairs when the word “experience” is a code word for penis — as is Palin doesn’t have enough “experience” — but O-zero has “experience”.

  6. GRL,

    Love the new pic on the left! Perfect caption.

    I just downloaded Betty Jean’s 11/3 show – it was pretty fast and easy to do guys, so let’s all show a PUMA some love…

    Texas Hill Country piece is right on the mark! We need to especially remember the top list. Not certain I agree with bothering with the Republican party. Maybe we should just let Rush have that spoiled brand! I know Pagan Power and others are working on developing something more suited to PUMAs, and I’m hoping all the displaced centrists from both parties. I think I’ll wait for that before I put the energy into reclaiming the evil that either major party has become.

  7. sonrisa–some local NOW chapters actually broke with national and endorsed McCain-Palin because of the creepiness of the Obama crowd…I think in LA and maybe in Washington State, as well (not entirely sure about the latter)…

    NW–that is good observation..that “experience” is code of penis…

  8. I’ll drink to that Grail! Both parties are the enemy of the people. And they work with the even worse media to divide, misinform, and keep the peasantry at their beck and call.

    What makes it easy for them is both partisanship and what seems to be an inherent inability to make deciscions for oneself.

    What else would explain 56% of women voting for a misogynist? Or gays voting for this homophobe?

    Still looking for the messiah to save us all from ourselves? What hooey!

  9. Sonrisa,

    Actually, the Founders did offer Charles Edward Stewart (Bonnie Prince Charlie, the pretender to the English and Scottish thrones) the chance to become the King of America in 1776. Stewart refused the offer because he had no male offspring and didn’t want another power struggle after his death. There being no other available “legitimate” royalty available, the founders went for the Republic.

    As far as the female potentials for the Obama cabinet:

    Three women are being considered for the same post (EPA Administrator). Others under consideration:

    1) Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano. (ATTORNEY GENERAL)
    3) Jane Garvey, former head of Federal Aviation Administration (TRANSPORTATION SECRETARY)
    4) Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif., chairwoman of Homeland Security intelligence subcommittee (HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY)
    5) Inez Tenenbaum, former South Carolina schools superintendent (EDUCATION SECRETARY)
    6) Susan Rice (National Security Advisor)
    7) *Valerie Jarrett (HUD)

    for a maximun of 8 out of a total of 16 slots; women are currently at 52% of the US population. Math ain’t my strong suit, but even I can figure out the odds of this happening!

    * Political choice (not gender related); Jarrett is an old friend and longtime advisor who has been called “the other side of Barack’s brain”
    ** Another political appointment – Sebelius actively campaigned for Obama

    Finally – I don’t think rape will long hold the dostinction of being the only crime where the victim is on trial. I think any crime committed by an Obot or African American will fall into the same category in very short order. If you watched the video, openly supporting McCain/Palin is already considered the crime and allows anyone to attack you.

  10. This past week, one of my colleagues came into my office to crow about the “post -racial” state of our country. She then began talking about Gov. Palin and her lack of experience, her dishonesty, her stupidity, her poor mothering, etc, etc, etc. I said that if she had to speak about anything “post racial”, then we weren’t post racial at all. That if anything, race played a HUGE role in this election. I asked her if she could name any of our AA colleagues, who voted for McCain or anyone other than Obama. She was astonished that I could ask that question.
    “Of course, there wasn’t anyone. Why would there be.”
    I replied that was the point of my question. Why wouldn’t there be a Black person who voted for McCain? If people voted to see a black person as president, then there was nothing post racial about their votes.
    Then I asked her why she would come to my office and say those things about Sarah Palin? How could she speak about someone who worked her way from the PTA to the Governorship of a US state, as stupid? A heated discussion ensued. I then asked her why she was promoting misogyny. She was astonished again that I, a “loyal Democrat” who supported Kerry, Edwards, Bill Clinton, would consider that talking against Gov. Palin was misogyny. When I pointed out that the same things she was saying about Palin could easily be said about Obama. She was stunned. I then said that every time she talks about Sarah Palin in the way she was doing, she was giving permission to attack women everywhere. That her own daughters could as easily be attacked as Sarah Palin was. I asked her to stop talking about Sarah Palin in such disrespectful and dishonest ways, or to leave my office. I also said that if she wanted to talk about equality, she should look at herself and see how her behavior, her “hate” speech said it is okay to be black, but not a female in this nation.
    I guess I lost it.
    Later that day, I was talking about this w/another doc, (male), who said, “you’ve really changed”. I replied that I hadn’t changed. I said the Democratic party had changed and I wasn’t about to take it sitting down. I said that I have just begun to fight – again for equality — for everyone. I don’t know where to start, though. or, Maybe I already have.

    My head is exploding when I see the “royalty” label applied. When I mentioned this to my sister, she said, “Look at the way they carry themselves. They look regal”. I can’t talk to her anymore.

  11. leslie,

    Thank you for having the courage to speak truth to stupidity!

    As far as the royalty thing goes, I find myself wondering if this is how half the nation felt when JFK was elected. His administration was called Camelot, and the Kennedys were thereafter dubbed “American Royalty”.

    History remembers our love and adoration of JFK after his assassination. No one wants to own up to how they may have felt about him before that, but in reality he won a squeeker of an election that was far from a people’s mandate. Yet it was treated like one. He was celebrated like a king, but millions seethed after his election and cringed during his trials (like the Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis). We’ll never know if JFK would have been re-elected. We’ll never know if RFK’s popularity was in part due to the death of his brother and Martin Luther King.

    One thing is certain, and I would like to say this for the record: I hope the similarity between JFK and BHO end there. As disappointed as I am in the election results, there could be no bigger shame for this country than to have Barack Obama assassinated. I know there are nut jobs and wingnuts out there thinking about it – I hear whispered references and innuendo about it all the time. But let’s be serious – it would do no good (those behind his meteoric rise would redouble their efforts) and would leave a stain in the eyes of the world and a divide in the soul of this nation that might possibly never disappear. I would much rather see the death of the American Socialist movement than the death of the man.

  12. As disappointed as I am in the election results, there could be no bigger shame for this country than to have Barack Obama assassinated. I know there are nut jobs and wingnuts out there thinking about it – I hear whispered references and innuendo about it all the time. But let’s be serious – it would do no good (those behind his meteoric rise would redouble their efforts) and would leave a stain in the eyes of the world and a divide in the soul of this nation that might possibly never disappear. I would much rather see the death of the American Socialist movement than the death of the man.

    Hear! Hear!

  13. IA & Grail, thanx for the info. You learn something everyday. Hopefully those LA & Washington State chapters will help revive the women’s movement as well.

    I sell ceramicware & jewelry at crafts shows & just now came back from one. When I got there this morning I thought, oh sweet, they put me next to a Nobamaton. She was selling these trashy, ugly rubber Barky earrings. I swear, the Dead have nada on this clown when it comes to merchandise. Except Dead stuff is cool. This garbage otoh…. & they call Sarah Palin trailor trash. I’m thinking we haven’t yet begun to see trailor trash. Why any woman with even just a little bit of self respect would dangle the ugly face of some chauvinist jerk from her earlobes is a complete & utter mystery to me. Then I saw who was buying the things- they looked & dressed either frumpy or trashy (low/no self esteem) except for 2 women who bought then as gag Xmas gifts. One lady had on one of those holiday sweatshirts- I got a feeling she would of bought rubber McCain earrings if they had them too. The other woman fires at the same kiln I do. I said, those things are trashy. She said, I’m not gonna wear them, they’re a joke for my sister. I hope the joke don’t backfire.

    Anyhow, when things get slow at these shows, the crafters talk back & among with each other, but I kept my distance until she came over & chatted me up. Turns out she’s not a Nobamaton at all but a Hillary supporter. She said the thought Hillary would of made a better Prez, & how cool it would be to have a woman Prez, & how badly Hillary was treated, yada yada. At this point I turned & admired the stuff on her table- the decent stuff, not those nasty earrings. This whole effigy thing is still too raw for me & I did not want to go on a rant at the craft show about all the sexism & misogyny that went on during this campaign. Besides, I couldn’t decide whether to be disgusted with her for possibly selling out, or admire her for figuring out a way to use the old turd to make a quick buck, like he uses women to get what he wants. At any rate, I’m thinking I is right, he’s not gonna wear well (no pun intended) & I’m wondering if she’ll still be able to sell those things at next year’s shows.

  14. Sonrisa,

    I’d be surprised if they have much of a shelf life. The earrings or Obama.

    But I guess you have to make whatever good is going to come out of this whole mess, so I say more power to her. Maybe we should all sell Obama memorabilia to fund our blogs.

  15. rofl! that would be soooo not classy!!

    & that was IA’s observation that Nobama will not wear well, not mine, but I do agree with it.

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