Obama Humor: Get Used to It! The Jerk Makes a “Careless and Offhanded” Joke About Nancy Reagan

~~By InsightAnaltytical-GRL

Well, NPR has an interview up with a professor from George Mason University who says Obama is patterning his transition after Ronald Reagan.

Obama Looks To Reagan For Transition Model

Listen Now [4 min 58 sec]

All Things Considered, November 7, 2008 · President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team is expected to take tips from Ronald Reagan’s carefully orchestrated transition. James P. Pfiffner, professor of public policy at George Mason University and author of The Strategic Presidency: Hitting The Ground Running, says that Obama, like Reagan, seems to have started planning early.

For a guy who is channeling Reagan, then where did the crass reference to Nancy Reagan in Friday’s press conference come from?

Now, I wasn’t a fan of Nancy Reagan, but she wasn’t much in my consciousness, either. I remember all the negative talk about her designer clothes…remember, this was the era when “Dynasty” and “Falcon Crest”  (the latter featuring Reagan’s ex-wife Jane Wyman) were big hits (“Dynasty” started airing in January 1981, “Falcon Crest” in December of that year), and J.R. Ewing ruled the airwaves on “Dallas.”  Glitz and fancy clothes and the mores of the rich…yes, it was the Reagan-era.

After Reagan was shot in March 1981, Nancy apparently consulted an astrologer.  She needed comfort and that’s one of the places she turned to, I guess.  As someone who was studying astrology (and was later published in some astrology magazines), I wasn’t affronted by the news when it came out, later in Reagan’s presidency–I was fascinated by it. Here we were in the era of the ascent of the Religious Right and Nancy Reagan was consulting an astrologer. As a contradiction, it was sort of cool.

Nancy Reagan didn’t attend the Republican Convention, but she endorsed John McCain, and also was “impressed” with Obama, according to her son Ron Reagan. She fell and broke her pelvis in October, but made it home.

But, although her last name is “REAGAN ” and she apparently spoke kindly about Obama, she’s not the correct kind of “REAGAN.” She’s a WOMAN-McCAIN sort of Reagan, not the real deal.  Oops.

So, Obama has been admiring Reagan at least in public since the early days of the primary season, lauding him profusely in that Reno-Gazette Journal (Nevada) interview…but at his VERY FIRST PRESS CONFERENCE as President-elect, he went out of his way to diss Nancy Reagan…

He was making a comment about how he had spoken to “every living President” (?!) and dragged her into the  moment as he apparently recovered, according to one of our readers who saw it live, mocking Mrs. Reagan for holding “seances” to cover his butt. As far as I (and the AP) recall, she didn’t hold seances, she just went to an astrologer.

Of course, this personal sniping directed at the 87-year-old former First Lady was explained away as being an attempt at humor and Obama issued an apology.

Obama apologizes to Nancy Reagan for seance remark

Nov 7th, 2008 | WASHINGTON — President-elect Obama called Nancy Reagan on Friday to apologize for joking that she held seances in the White House.

At a news conference in Chicago, Obama said he had spoken with all the living presidents as he prepares to take office in January. Then he smiled and said, “I didn’t want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about doing any seances.”

The 87-year-old former first lady had consulted with astrologers during her husband’s presidency. But she did not hold conversations with the dead.

Obama spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter said the president-elect later called Mrs. Reagan “to apologize for the careless and offhanded remark.” She said Obama “expressed his admiration and affection for Mrs. Reagan that so many Americans share, and they had a warm conversation.” (MORE)

Which only proves again that Obama is a humorless, self-involved, arrogant creepy JERK who has to hit on elderly women in an attempt to crack a joke.  My advice? Work on your mother issues. And get an earpiece so that EVERY word you utter off-script, (when not looking at the teleprompter like you leaned on today)…EVERY word you utter is piped directly to your brain. (And I don’t recall even George Bush using a teleprompter for a presser…at least not THIS early.) Oh, and use that earpiece if you ever talk to Putin…

And as an aside, I heard Morton Kondracke et al on FOX discussing the fact that Obama wants a “mixed breed dog” instead of a reportedly non-allergenic breed like a poodle. At least one of his daughters has asthma, from what I recall, and a poodle would fill the bill. But no, he wants a mixed breed (is that supposed to symbolize something about himself?) instead of a dog that won’t make his kid(s) sick!

Does this guy have ANY empathy at all, for old or young women???  Kids? Or anybody else, for that matter?

Early in George Bush’s first term, I said to my mother that “this guy isn’t going to wear well.”  Well, I’m making the same prediction for this arrogant fake who is about to become President.

More advice…keep it up!  The more hostility, ungraciousness, and nastiness you display, the sooner we’ll see you implode. (I hope.)

And for any dog who winds up in the Obama household…give your master a bite for me…

13 Responses

  1. Maybe Obama is trying to do a little “pay it forward” for all the nastiness knows Michelle will generate…

  2. re: wearing well– I gave Nobama the same blessing, if you will, that I gave dubya: may he get everything he so richly desreves, & no less, maybe even them some. And in less than half the time.Ok, well almost the same. But really, it took almost 7 years til everybody finally got wise to dubya. Within 4 years please, this time around. I’ve had more than enough of tasteless riff-raff in the White House representing our country.

    I’ve been worried about the (lack of) humor thing ever since his reaction to the New Yorker cover- not the one where he shrugged it off, but the first one, when he was threatening to sue the New Yorker. Hitler had no sense of humor either. This is one scary dude coming into the White House. May his reign be short, but it’s not gonna be sweet.

    All this comparing himself to Reagan doesn’t surprise me. I knew this jerk’s not a real Dem- certainly not a democrat early on. That’s why I didn’t vote for him. Why the DNC insisting on foisting this fraud upon us is a total mystery to me, unless of course, it becuz they didn’t want to run a woman for Prez. It the only answer I keep coming back to. He is gonna trash their party, just like dubya trashed his. High price to pay for not having the guts to go with a woman, it seems to me.

  3. well, they made him apologize. They are building us a new Reagan as I once posted

  4. Hey, you under the bus! Move over and make room for Nancy and Joe. No, no, don’t get excited. Not Pelosi and Biden. Reagan and Lieberman.

  5. Creeper,

    LOL. It’s getting pretty hard to breathe under here…

  6. I was watching the dimwit when he said that, and it appeared to me that he made the seance/Nancy Reagan comment to quickly cover for the fact that he had spoken to “all of the living Presidents”. It was a classic Obama moment – not knowing what the hell he is talking about w/o his teleprompter. A sorry attempt at humor to cover his slip up in answering a reporter’s question about whether he had talked to the other Presidents.

  7. Thanks for the complete report, daiseymae. I didn’t see it live but my mother gave me the quick info and then I had to rely on finding a news report. Your report tells how it really unfolded and I’ve updated to reflect it!!


  8. […] Obama Humor: Get Used to It! The Jerk Makes a “Careless and … (And I don’t recall even George Bush using a teleprompter for a presser…at least not THIS early.) Oh, and use that earpiece if you ever talk to Putin… And as an aside, I heard Morton Kondracke et al on FOX discussing the fact that Obama … […]

  9. I haven’t seen it yet. I’m not watching too much TV right now. But I guess we should at least be thankful that he didn’t give Mrs. Reagan the finger. That is his usual trademark.

  10. ROFL!

    Now that you mention it, that is pretty amazing!

  11. lee M.

    I was thinking the same thing (about the finger). I, too, have not watched much tv since Tuesday (except for 30Rock, that is) . Everytime I turn on the radio I hear “President-elect Barack Obama” as if there is another Obama we have to worry about. So I’ve had music on all day. I’m not gonna change to news until I think there is something worthwhile to hear.

    sonrisa @ 5:52 a.m. said, “. . . Hitler had no sense of humor either. This is one scary dude coming into the White House. . .”

    What d’ya wanna bet that just like Hitler, Obama makes Times mag’s person of the year, as well?


  12. I haven’t watched any news programs since Tuesday. And I don’t plan to for some time. The thought of having to hear “President Elect Obama” makes my ears bleed.

    That he would stick his slick foot in his mouth right out of the chutes is classic Obama. He talked only to “live” presidents? And then to turn and try to pin his gaffe on an 84 year old former first lady? That’s classic Obama. Nothing is ever his fault and his first instinct is to attack a woman. Sounds like the little prick has mommy problems to me.

  13. Amen to Creeper, also, again reiterating another post: I doubt Nancy told Mr. Obama that she hated Sean & Rush as much as he does. Contrary to popular belief conservatives don’t hate people that don’t think the way they do. Mr. Obama thought it funny to say to a crowd, not privately “caught” by an open microphone and there is a huge difference. Of course while Nancy did get in to the whole astrology thing it was Hillary that had the séance at the White House. What he is learning now is the job is a lot different than the stump. And finally, what decent man makes fun of an old lady?

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