The Incredible Shrinking Democratic Party

~~By kenosha Marge

Celebrate Democrats! Celebrate Liberals! Celebrate that after 8 years of George W. Bush there is now a Democrat in the White House. Not a good Democrat. Not an honest Democrat. Not a person of judgment, tolerance or character. He calls himself a Democrat and hooray, he’s an African-American. Actually he is not but that’s just one more lie. He’s a Kenyan American and has no history in the struggle for rights and dignity of actual African-Americans.

The Democratic Party has given you the wonder of Obama, the lying scum bucket. If didn’t know that you just ain’t been paying attention. Or if you are an Obamacrat you are incapable of paying attention with your partisan head so far up your partisan ass.

In order to win the Democratic Party had to cheat, lie, steal votes, disenfranchise voters and otherwise engage in the thuggish Chicago style politics that birthed Obama’s campaign. But celebrate; we will have a Democrat in the White House. And celebrate that many of those people that were treated so abominably punished the party by voting for their candidate. Good thinking Michigan and Florida, that’ll keep them from ever messing with you again!

We will have a Democrat in the White House that stands for very little of which the Democratic Party has always claimed to stand. Hooray, we will have an African-American Democrat in the White House. A misogynistic, homophobic Democrat in the White House is not something to celebrate. Unless you think that the only bigotry that matters is racism. Then you must be very happy in your narrow little world. Who gives a damn about the LGBT community that was totally disenfranchised by the so-called liberal voters of California?

In my little world homophobes aren’t liberal and liberals are not homophobes. Sorry folks, but in my little world misogynists aren’t liberal and liberals are not misogynists. Liberal/homophobe and liberal/misogynist should each be considered an oxymoron. And only morons would think like that, at least in my little corner of the world.

So,  no, after being a liberal all my life I am not celebrating. Celebrate because an African-American will be in the White House? I do not care to celebrate the color of a person’s skin. It is now and has always been immaterial to me. I cannot celebrate that a person of any race or religion will sit in the White House if they do not believe in equal rights for every citizen of this country. And Obama does not. Many of his supporters do not. Certainly the 2/3 of the African Americans in California that voted against the rights of Gay citizens in that state only believe in civil rights for themselves. Hypocrisy knows few bounds and no color.

I will not celebrate. I will instead commiserate with my brothers and sisters who still do not have equal rights in this country. I will bow my head in shame that I belonged to the Democratic Party for so many years thinking that they were the party that believed in equal rights for every man, woman and child in this country.

You celebrate, if you must, that a ½ Kenyan man has been elevated to the highest office in this land by a corrupt media, a corrupt political process and an apathetic and uninformed citizenry. I will not celebrate the color of a person’s skin because that does not matter. The color of a person’s character is what concerns me. And I have seen the color of Obama’s character. I don’t celebrate the elevation of liars and cheats.

The Democratic Party is dancing for joy and congratulating itself for having elected a man of color to the White House. In order to do so they had to abandon the rights of women and the gay community. In order to do so they had to abandon many of the things that liberals, real liberals hold dear. Things like honesty and integrity.

The Incredible Shrinking Democratic Party has lost many of its staunchest supporters. Some may come back. Most will not. I will not.

I judge a person by the color of their character. Obama is a hollow man. And the Democratic Party has become a hollow party. Celebrate? I think not.

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  1. WOW — you are right on target.

    Generally I shock people when I tell them that O-zero is NOT an African American — he is bi-racial and grew up in Hawaii where he had an advantage because he was of color.

    O-blahblah used African American — he managed to make them believe that he is Santa Claus — a black santa for blacks only.

    Individual Blacks can be as racist as any other person — Blacks in Miami hate the Cubans, and in places where Latinos are growing in numbers (like Chicago) the blacks actively resent the Latinos.

    We are going to go through a very rough patch when the kool-aid wears off and blacks realize that they were bamboozled and their messiah owes a lot of favors to his rich backers.

    The biggest story will be when bloggers start pulling on the threads from the ball of yarn — somewhere in that ball of yarn are the clues to just who O-blahblah owes — or who owns him.

  2. Let them celebrate for all we care!!! But reality is beginning to set in, Ms KM. They will in the mirror in a few months -they’ll be asking “What have I done?”

    Ms KM – take heart, you’re not alone. There’s GRL, GG, AL and the real PUMAs who feel the same way you do. Tho’ I am not eligible to vote in your country, there are asian PUMAs, world PUMAs who shared your disappointment in the outcome of this election.

    Up and down the roads – I’m beginning to see Obama’s supporters already,disheartening and there’ll be more of them regretting by electing this “bogus” AA – Prez elect Obama. Let this be a lesson to voters in 2012, 2012. Most of his supporters still believe that he can walk on waters once he gets into WH. But you and I know, he lying and pandering Ms KM, we saw right thru’ his thick skin – who the real BHO is.

    And take heart Ms KM, for oneday, you might be able to tell those who voted for this fake butt to WH – “I told you so”. We have done our homeworks, we tried to informed the masses and we had screamed “foul play”. Some listened – 57* million voters (that’s half splitting mandates, yunno) did and some thought we were just trying to stay negative about BHO, and some thought we were just insanes! Well, wait till BHO doesn’t deliver the next 4 years, maybe then 65% of american voters will remember PUMAs.

    Sometimes, to achieve 2 steps forward, you need to take 1 step behind.

    Republican voters are human too, I saw that painted all over american blogs this election cycle. They learned to reach out to PUMAs, despite their different views from yours. GWB let them down last 8 years. Most of them admitted it now. Obamacrats will admit that they are wrong, 6-8 months from now.

    Remember BHO will take over WH when your economy is tanking into recession, or is depression already setting in? He promised good times ahead, his supporters fell for it – and they will pay for drinking kool aid. And the rest of 58+ million people will pay too. It’s not fair. Maybe if the leaders could improve educational standard in your country – like “rational thinking”, maybe, just maybe America can become a great country that the world can respect again. Sorry if I offended you by saying that.

    IMHO, something good will come out of this – it may teach AA voters never to vote skin colour. They’re in for real deep disappointments.

    And what’s with Kenya declaring Public Holiday on BHO’s win last Nov 5? Something’s fishy there.

    But still Ms KM, you’re not alone in the land of “disappointment” I am with you and millions are too. Remember Dec 1 = COLB and Dec 15 = electoral thingy. We will find out, of BHO is eligible to be POTUS. Unless he buys SCOTUS???

  3. arrrrrrgh…typos

  4. Marge,

    Very true and honest thoughts for a Friday morning. I too was galled to hear that the anti-Gay movement in CA used a recording of Obama stating he was against Gay marriage on their robo-calls. I remember just last week when Hillary screamed bloody murder at the McCain campaign for using her words in their robo-calls, yet Obama said nothing. Crickets.

    But then I thought of the irony that it was a Gay couple that hung Sarah Palin in effigy for Halloween and said that it was much worse to put a noose on a black man than a woman.

    It’s become a strange world, one I barely recognize. That’s why I don’t think you were correct in 1 statement. You said:

    The Incredible Shrinking Democratic Party has lost many of its staunchest supporters. Some may come back. Most will not.

    A few weeks ago I would have agreed with that. But now we live in Obama-World. People go back for more punishment. (Thank you Sir, may I have another? comes to mind.) People forget their intense hurt and anger when someone dangles something shiny in front of them. People turn the other cheek not out of forgiveness but because they truly believe they will not get slapped again.

    No, I fear the Democrats will not suffer a huge migration from their party. We have been replaced by apathetic, thought free sheep. And that’s just the way they like it.

    It’s time to move on. There’s nothing left here to see, folks. The wreckage has been cleared and it’s time to tend to our own wounds and regroup to form something better.

  5. My words exactly. This is a democratic party few of us knew. At this moment I still do not know where I belong. We need someone strong to step foward and take us to another level.

  6. Oh, Marge, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been accused by my lesbian sisters of being a racist homophobe because I voted for McCain. It was getting to the point where I was beginning to wonder if they were right.

    They weren’t.

    How could any gay person vote for Barack Obama? How?

  7. Found this on America’s Right. I’m afraid you may be wrong about that “shrinking” thing, Marge. These kids will be voting in 2016. Here is what they’re being taught in school now. (bear with the first few seconds…the rest is in English)

  8. I saw that video too creeper. If we believe that decent Americans approve of what this foul woman did then all is truly lost.

    These kids will perhaps have grown and learned in the years to come. Some learn as they get older, some just age.

    I would not like to confront the callow person I was many, many years ago. But even then we were raised that lies and dishonesty were wrong. This bunch? I don’t know.

    I do know that we are more than a few. The “Obama” phenomena will not come again. And sooner or later enough Americans will decide that they are sick and damn tired of the media making their choices for them.

    So I worry and I am sad and I am angry, but I do not despair. The damage that has been done to our country by the Democratic Party and The Republican Party and the media will, I fear be deep and wide. But in time, good people will decide that BOTH parties are unworthy.

    Then instead of demonizing each other, we will demonize the real evil in our midst, the Triumvirate of Evil, Republican Leadership, Democratic Leadership and the media. Only then will we get out country back.

  9. So glad that you are able to sum up what I so strongly feel at this moment. To declare this a reason for “celebration” is overreaching. No celebration is worth it when it has been won on the exact issues you have illustrated.

    How far has the black community advanced? Only in electing someone who “looks like them” without any other reason since he lacks the fundamentals so necessary in order to lead. But they have turned their collective backs on the rest of their fellow man by denying gays the rights this same community has demanded for years.

    To celebrate this, and then calling out those who heartily disagree as unenlightened, is exacerbating. What this election has shown is that critical thinking has escaped the electorate in favor of “historical achievements”. This is so much bullshit. We are still the same narrow minded, bigoted, self congratulating assholes we have always been. Wrapping it up in a neat package of “celebration” only deepens the wound.

    Thanks for speaking out. I need a break from the Hillary excuses, the Palin love, the “wait until 2012” theme that is currently running through other like minded blogs.

    Until we assert that politicians will only act in their own best interests while ignoring ours we will be forever stuck in an endless cycle of excuses and reasons why things never change.

  10. Thanks Marge,

    As usual you have been able to articulate what so many of us are thinking.

    This is no time for celebration. Instead, it is a time to grieve – for our Constitution, for truth, for integrity, for the future of our country. As the days go on and we see more and more of what he has planned for us the sorrow will deepen.

    I wonder what Ellen Degeneres thought of the robo-calls of Obama’s voice announcing that he was against Gay Marriage? Perhaps she will perform another dance for him. I am not gay, but I feel that anyone who is has just as much right to be in a legal union with the person they love, as do I. Had he come out against those ads, I feel it would have made a big difference in the outcome. One whole section of our society is being punished by not allowing them the same benefits as the rest of us. Benefits they have earned by contributing to the everyday life of this country, its laws, its taxes, and as the neighbor down the street, to our communitys. I could go on and on, but what’s the use. As long as Obama is in charge we can expect more of this.

    This is not the only segment of our society that is going to suffer under his administration. All women are on notice. We matter little in his scheme of things. It is all aboout HIM. You noticed, I’m sure, that once his wife and daughters were introduced, the were banished to the shadows so that the almighty “ONE” would be alone on the stage to absorb all the applause and adoration from his brainwashed public.

    Keep a wary eye out, because we are in for a more tumultous time than a lot of people realize. It won’t only be his street crews who will be crying to be paid, but all the big money people to whom he is indebted.

    I will not be going back to the Democratic Party, to which I belonged and worked for for over 30 years, nor will I be going to the Republican Party. For the time being I will stay in limbo unless something else comes along that embraces the beliefs of the “Old Democratic Party” that I used to love.

  11. Lee, Pagan Power is working on that.

    I wonder about all those kids he used. No need to stuuf ballot boxes or cage voters. Just manipulate novice first time voters into voting for him by promising them pie in the sky. I wonder if they’ll vote in 4 years after he didn’t forgive/pay off their student loans & get them nice cushy jobs as soon as they graduate. It’s great to encourage kids to vote, but after this fraud will they ever vote again?

  12. Lee, Pagan Power is working on that.

    I wonder about all those kids he used. No need to stuuf ballot boxes or cage voters. Just manipulate novice first time voters into voting for him by promising them pie in the sky. I wonder if they’ll vote in 4 years after he didn’t forgive/pay off their student loans & get them nice cushy jobs as soon as they graduate. It’s great to encourage kids to vote, but after this fraud will they ever vote again?

    I’m disappointed in Ellen DeGeneris & other progressive celeb Hillary supporters. After the Dems screwed Hillary I was hoping they would take up for Cynthia McKinney, who was also screwed by the Dems & who ran for Prez as a Green. Had they taken up for Cynthia, & formed a progressivemovement behind her, she would of broken the 5% threshhold, elevating the Greens to Major Party Status on equal footing with the Dems & Repugs. And perhaps McCain would of won the election. Instead they just rolled. Pathetic.

  13. Sonrisa,

    Sorry, but McKinney slit her own throat when she came out with her bizarre statement claiming the CIA shot 5,000 prisoners in the head then dumped the bodies in New Orleans in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. I personally was suggesting Dems that refused to cross party lines vote for her, but after that I’m sure they went back to Obama.

    As far as the “kids” he used, don’t get all romantic about them. They want to be where they are. Obama never told anyone (or even suggested) to wave a communist flag in celebrations in front of the White House! These young people are convinced that the only solution to our problems is to overthrow the government (thanks Bush and Rove), and Obama is their Che Gueverra. They don’t care what he stands for, and Obama defeating McCain at the polls would only have convinced them that a revolution was all the more necessary.

    Watch some of the videos of the “celebrations” and see if you still think these “kids” are confused. They will celebrate William Ayers and friends, and drink to their health (with their parents money, of course). No, I think this one needs to run it’s course to get it out of their systems. Let’s just hope the rest of us survive the ordeal; those “kids” don’t care if we do.

  14. Sorry – meant to say McCain defeating Obama at the polls…

  15. Grail, I wasn’t getting romantic about the kids, certainly didn’t mean to come off that way. I’m just wondering what will happen when the scales fall off their eyes as they start to realize they didn’t vote God in for Prez & the disillusionment sets in, that’s all. Nobody likes a fraud, not even kids. I would hope, but, ok ICBW. And yeah, we have to let this thing run its course. Not much choice really

  16. ps one more thing- please don’t elevate that flake up to Che’s level. Che was the real deal, this turd is as phoney as they come

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