Only People With a Penis Need Apply

~~By kenosha Marge

Little boys growing up in the United States are told that they can grow up to be anything they want including President of the United States. Makes their little hearts swell with pride.

Little girls growing up in the United States told to sit down, shut up, act like a lady and get implants if your boobs aren’t big enough to attract the boob you want to attract. Now they will also be told to remember what happened to Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin when they tried to be all that they could be. Look at what happened to Martha Stewart when she got uppity! Take that little girls! Aspire high but not too high. Maybe Betty Crocker?

The American People have been clearly shown what the Democratic Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates think of average voters by their attacks on Joe the Plumber. That is a definite “tell”. Democrats may pretend to be the party of the average Joe and Josephine but they don’t really like them much.

The Republican Leadership and the Republican elite are not very pleased with Sarah Palin on their ticket. Not only is there a “she” on their ticket, she’s a card-carrying member of the middle-class. Not their cup of tea, don’t you know!

Most women are well aware that only people with a penis need apply for important positions. Now many of our male friends are finding out that it needs to be an “elite” penis; a penis that graduated from Harvard or Yale; an upper crust penis if you will.

Having money isn’t enough. After all Cindy McCain is has blessed John McCain not only with love, loyalty, children, and his own in-house pilot, she’s very, very rich. Money clearly isn’t enough to be part of the very exclusive inner circle. He may not be Maverick enough for the left, but he’s way too Maverick for the elite Republican inner circle.

Most ordinary people know that our Representatives don’t represent us. Most ordinary people are aware that the elites in both parties look down their moneyed, ex-foliated noses at we the peasantry. Women, peasants and other vermin are useful to them only to when it comes time to vote. Scurry off to vote little peasants and don’t hold your breath until the people you voted for do something for you in return for that vote.

Women, for the most part, still trot off to vote for the party that hasn’t done anything for them for decades. Many are under the impression that they’re voting for the party that supports women and their endeavors. They willfully ignore the fact that the Democratic Party draws a line in their support when women get uppity and dare to aspire to the highest offices in the land. Then women are made aware that for all the propaganda about Republicans believing in keeping women down, Democrats aren’t any better. Only people with a penis need apply.

Both parties heretofore were absolutely determined to keep the highest office in the land in the hands of people with a penis. However that penis had to be an elite penis that had gone to the best schools, knew the right people and had the right background.

Examples are abundantly clear. George W. Bush, doofus extraordinaire had the right equipment and the right connections so media not only gave the silly twit a free ride, they gave him a boost every chance they got. Thus Doofus and company led us into a financial crisis and two wars with our male dominated and self-hating female media cheerleading all the way.

Bill Clinton had the right private parts, the right education, but not the right connections and so was universally loathed by the elite leadership of both parties and the media. No shot was too cheap, no lie too big, no spin too dizzying to use against a Bubba penis.

In his day Harry Truman was disliked for the same reasons. Fortunately Harry S was smart enough to keep his penis in his pants and not give the elite media and leaderships something to club him with forever. Bill Clinton for all his political savvy, for all his brilliance will be remembered more for not keeping his pants zipped than anything else.

The unzipping pants syndrome seems to be a problem penis people in politics have with annoying frequency. Scarcely a week goes by that some male politician doesn’t have to go in front of the press and admit to a tawdry affair that diminishes him, his family and his career. Usually the poor cheated on little woman has to sit, or stand, at his side to show her loyalty to this dunce. Just in case she hasn’t been humiliated enough.

I have no problem with women deciding to stay with an errant spouse. That’s a private decision that is none of my/our business. However I do object, and object strongly, to women standing beside the man when he faces the media over his inability to keep his pants zipped. If he was a big enough boy to let his penis lead him astray, he’s a big enough boy to face the music for what he did all on his lonesome.

Someday perhaps we will see an end to politics by penis. Someday perhaps we will see people judged for their character, intelligence and competence not for their gender, race or whether or not they have the “right” connections or attended the “right” school. Someday maybe we won’t care what the gasbag media has to regurgitate about the candidates.

One day perhaps women will stand together and get equal rights here in the United States; the right to be all that they aspire to be. That cannot, will not happen until women stop pandering to penis people in order to get that patriarchal pat on the head or slap on the butt that signifies that that “master” is pleased with them. Men couldn’t hold women down if women didn’t allow it. After all ladies, we outlive and outnumber them. So that tells ya, some of us are fighting for the wrong side.

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  1. Marge, let me be the first to congratulate you on a fine post. How true it is. I, also, am sick and tired of women being made to take a back seat to men that are much less accomplished.

    Sarah Palin is being called a rogue by some of her handlers because they think she is using her own brain too much, instead of repeating word for word what they tell her to do. McCain should crack down on these back stabbers who are leaking to the media things that they hope will harm Palin. She does much better when she uses her own intuition. The interviewers that the handlers insisted on were a disaster. (Charles Gibson and Katie Couric). They were both so in the tank for Obama that they did everything they could to scuttle Palin.

    I think it’s great that you mentioned Harry Truman. He is a favorite of mine. He worshipped his “Bess” and wanted everyone to know it. When he was selected by Roosevelt he was called a mere small town “haberdasher”. He was a war veteran and a loyal family man who could relate to middle America as so many who have come after him can’t.

    During WW2 when they needed “Rosie the Riveter” to build those planes that helped save America and the rest of the world, they didn’t care if you had a penis or not. It was your brain and your energy and you patriotism that counted. What happened? Gender jealousy?

  2. Marge: You should be published in all major newspapers. Your columns and point of view are most welcome and always on target. Love the “sound” of your voice.

    Keep it up! There are many of us out here who look forward to your observations.

    Another great post!

  3. Thank you ladies!

    Pat, I think there’s a permanent /snark in my voice that will not go away even when I try, and I don’t try hard or often.

    Lee, just remember what happened after WWII when the “Rosie the Riveter” girls weren’t needed anymore.

    Women were herded back into the kitchen and bedrooms and every effort was made to keep them there for at least a generation. That women ever acheive anything is a testament to their tenacity and courage. Now if only other women didn’t work so hard with sexist men to keep them down.

  4. Great Post Marge!! 🙂

  5. There’s a line from a 1970’s movie Little Big Man, starring Dustin Hoffman which goes, “I’m not beat, I’m tarred and feathered that’s all.” This is where we are now. Steady everyone. One year from now, the Country will see the dramatic, negative results of a country which was so gripped by anger and fear that it chose race and gender over qualifications and record. When the country realizes the error, we will come back stronger than ever, and our voices will be heard. 2008 is not the change year; but 2012 will be. After all, we’re not beat; we’re tarred and feathered, that’s all.

  6. Marge,

    Brava! Couldn’t agree with you more. Especially when you said:

    Someday perhaps we will see an end to politics by penis.

    Ladies (and Gentlemen), this will only happen when we cease to care about them.

    Nature intended the penis to be nothing more than a functional body part, and that’s all they should be. They serve a necessary purpose, but let’s face it – this species learned years ago how to reproduce without having a penis directly involved (artificial insemination), but no one yet has figured out a way to procreate without a uterus and ovaries.

    Until women learn that we are much more important to each other for life growth then men are to us, we are doomed to repeat this crap! Men are raised to understand how teamwork truly functions (usually through sports), and we need to absorb that lesson. If an NFL player is traded to a different team, he doesn’t throw the game when the new team plays against the old team because he’s loyal to them! He might not like the trade, he might not like the team, but he understands that his job is the same as it always was – to win!

    It’s time to demolish the old team! We have been traded to the PUMAs, and this is a must win game and we’re in sudden-death overtime!


  8. I got halfway through this post before I realized I hadn’t noticed the name of the author. No matter. “This HAS to be Marge,” I said out loud.

    Another bullseye from Kenosha. Thanks, Marge.

  9. Brilliant post, Marge. Us lesbians are well aware that penises aren’t that relevant! (/snark)

  10. Bravo!

    1. I am so glad you mentioned Martha Stewart who was the poster girl for Enron and WorldCom’s criminality. The misogynists had a field day with Martha who not only dared to compete with the penises–and their ladies in hating–but surpassed most of them with her huge business success. Martha’s case was a preview of what Senator Clinton and Governor Palin could expect. The anti-Stewart faction was dismayed then that Stewart’s supporters stayed with her the way Hillary’s supporters have.

    2. My mother worked in a shipyard during World War II and, as you say, was “fired” as soon as the war was over. It didn’t matter in the least that she had six children to support.

    3. Today I voted and protested the superior presidential candidate not being on the ballot, and no write-in provided for, by not marking the ballot for the prez and VP while proudly wearing my Hillary 2008 pin to the poll and daring someone to challenge me.

    4. This election will go down as one of the bigget mistakes our country has made because the person we desperately need at this time did not have the requisiite penis, although superbly qualified in every other respect.

  11. Good one!

    Sex role stereotyping — is what we called it back in the 1970s. And not much has changed in all those years since I wrote my MA thesis on the subject.

    A major problem women have is OTHER women who are determined that no woman will move into the top. Many men this year really wanted Hillary Clinton as President and voted for her over the penis. But there was this huge group of women who hate other women and were determined that Hillary not be the dem prez candidate.

    The women haters are very often the younger women who have benefited from battles for equality waged in the 60s and 70s. They have no concept of what it was like — and these little twits loudly proclaim that they “aren’t feminists” — with no comprehension of what feminist really means. They are working at jobs they would NEVER had held had it not been for the hard work of feminists who they now throw mud at.

    Hillary has been at work for women — being the ice breaker in the frozen waste land of rigid sex role for women. I don’t believe I will ever be able to forgive these selfish women for their misogynistic behavior.

  12. Marge excellent as usual! I completely agree that until we stop putting up with this crap it will continue to hold us back!

    yes we are victims of a sexist, misogynistic society but we can only remain victims if we let it go on. We must stand and fight a battle that we thought was won long ago. unfortunately they only let us “win” as much as they thought would keep us calm and complacent. They figured give ’em a little and then hold ’em down all the while claiming to be “liberators”!

    My first husband was an abusive, junkie asshat who treated me like dirt, beat me and verbaly put me “in my place” for 3 years. Yes, I was a victim but one day i realized that unless I wanted to stay that way I had to put a stop to it.

    Yes he was wrong to treat me that way but I was ALSo wrong to tolerate it. Until we stop tolerating this abuse from the “elite” and the puke fest that the democratic party has become we will continue to be victims, held down and back from our true potential.

    Not only does this hurt women in general but it hurts the country as a whole because women have so much to contribute that is being left by the side of the road with the garbage. Only good ideas from those with penises are worthy. Or so they would have us believe.

    I will not be a victim and I will not tolerate the bad behaviour and outright abuse that is being used as atool for all those penis wearers! Especially if that penis wearer is Obama! I’m DONE!


  13. Bravo Marge!

    There is nothing to say that hasn’t already been said by you, and all the commenters today.

    You’ve said it all, and said it wonderfully well.

  14. So much so well said by all the commenters.

    One of the many tragedies of misogyny is that it deprives the world of the contributions of 1/2 of humanity. Anytime, we hold anyone down because of race, gender or something as personal as sexual orientation we are showing ourselves that we have not evolved and grown. Bigotry holds ALL of us down. Bigotry and hatred of others simply for what they are will never lead to anything worthwhile or of benefit to the world we live in.

    Sorry folks, you see how easy it is to get me back up on my soapbox. 🙂

  15. We like you up there Marge! Stay on the soap box please!


  16. This is the best post –evah– that I’ve read. You have written what I have thought and heard from so many people. Bravo!

    I talk about this “penis” world all the time. There’s a one-finger salute I do anytime I encounter the “penis world” – it’s the first (number one) finger, take it and wiggle it high in the air.

    The men in my office now know what it means. Don’t have to say a word. And we women around here in Missoula have been spreading the salute around.

    Thank you Marge!

  17. This was most excellent, thank you very much.

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