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A few items that are too small to do a full post on, but of interest…

1) I stopped by Greta on Thursday night and bumped into Karl Rove.  He was pushing his site, of course, and his electoral map, but Greta asked him about what effect Obama’s half-hour October 29th TV message to the masses might have.  Rove said that if he bombed, it could hurt him…but, if he did a good job, then it could very well give him a bump late in the game.

Here at IA, there were a lot of comments in response to a section of last Sunday’s roundup:

I watched The History Channel program called “Secrets of Body Language.” The commentators “swooned” over Obama’s voice…a commentor saying he’s so “powerful” a speaker that “the words become irrelevant.” They followed Obama with a segment on McCain, who, they said, speaks in a manner “exactly opposite” — more like a “technician” and with sincerity.  Remember just before the NH primary when Hillary showed emotion? Well, guess what? The experts were split on whether it was real or coached…

And here’s something else to ponder…Obama’s use of hypnosis techniques. I became certified in hypnosis and what’s in this piece sounds entirely plausible to me…

I don’t think I can stomach watching Obama’s half-hour verbal orgy, but I am curious about whether he’ll be using some of the various techniques that were discussed in the link above, as well as in the comment section of the post.  Grail Guardian and I have both had some experience with Tony Robbins (GG), hypnosis and NLP (me) and we think Obama HAS to be doing SOMETHING that is reeling in easily-suggestible people. Emotion and suggestibility…the combo that is at work.

NOTE: Grail Guardian will be posting a piece on this topic early next week!


2) Regular visitor Leslie sent me the following via email:

The following quote is my response to the buzzflash current “wing of justice award”.

I haven’t gone to B—f—h in a long time and thought, I’d take a look today.


They said:

Colin Powell Receives The BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award for October 22. “Normally, a political endorsement, even if it is a post-partisan nod for the most powerful elected position in the country, does not merit a Wings of Justice Award. But in his endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama for president, former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell went beyond just telling us who he’ll be voting for.”

Leslie had the same reaction I did….the guy who LIED to us all at the U.N. is now beloved by the Obama crowd?? He now “merits” the Wings of Justice Award? Frankly, with Obama lapping up the Powell endorsement and possible advice from him in the future…that sort of negates the entire Iraq war “superior judgment” claim, doesn’t it?? McCain should pick up on that angle!!

And you wonder why I had to leave Buzzflash after 7 years?

3)Today, McCain and Clinton hit southern NM.  I’ll be in Mesilla at a square-foot gardening workshop while McCain is a few blocks away at the rally.  I’ll observe what I can observe and check out the local news reports and try to get them into The Past Week post for this Sunday.

20 Responses

  1. I hear he uses the darkside of the force and Hilpatine was his teacher. That Lucas lied to us! He made it seem that The Force was some made-up thing in the movies! But there is Obama, a real-life Sith Lord in black and white – a real Sith!!!!!!!

  2. Berg’s lawsuit in Philadelphia seeking Obama’s original birth certificate was thrown out late yesterday.

    Why do we keep resisting? Don’t we recognize the futility of it all?

  3. Sorry Dennis Miller wannabe – the Hilpatine reference is too obscure for me. I’ve skipped the last couple of Lucas flicks (yawn), but I would use the same word (Sith) with the letters slightly rearranged to describe “That One”.

    Creeper – Berg’s lawsuit had to get kicked so he can go to the SCOTUS. It’s a Constitutional issue, and they’re the only ones that can ultimately rule on it. Basically, it’s either that the Constitution can be interpreted and followed, or that it’s an empty document. And that’s exactly what this election is about.

    Stay tuned – the game’s not over, and Frank Reich has stepped in at QB! (Look that one up, bro!)

  4. You describe Obama’s effect on people as this: “Grail Guardian and I have both had some experience with Tony Robbins (GG), hypnosis and NLP (me) and we think Obama HAS to be doing SOMETHING that is reeling in easily-suggestible people.”

    I call it giving a really good speech. And having policy positions that the majority of voters support. And being generally likeable. It’s not that hard, when you think about it. Couldn’t it be that this is just a really good year for Democrats, and a really bad year for Republicans? Ascribing a loss to GG, NLP (whatever), hell ESP while we’re at it, isn’t really the most constructive or “reality-based” way to deal with unpleasant events.

  5. I think the SCOTUS will screw the pooch on this, like they did in 2000…I don’t trust them at all on ANYTHING!

    Will…learn what goes on with the various techniques that can be used easily to make the words “irrelevant”–that term from the body language people I cited in my original post…

  6. Whatever technique he is using that turn ordinarily reasonable people into Obamabots, is not good.

    And whatever made you think that we would care what you call it?

    Policy positions that a majority of people support? What a frakkin laugh. Who the hell knows what his positions are? He hasn’t held one long enough for anyone to judge. And some of the positions he’s taken he’s lied about. If you like liars, he’s your man.

    He’s a flim-flam man and some of us simply won’t be flim-flammed. That you have been is proved by the fact that you scurry over to a blog that quite obviously loathes your pathetic little poser of a candidate to annoy us.

    Did you think to change anyone’s mind about Obama? Did you think there was any Obama talking point that we haven’t been subjected to by the trolls that infest every damn blog that tries to get away from people like you?

    The only people I detest his supporters nearly as much as I detest Obama.

  7. It is really silly and stupid about negatives against
    Obama because everytime his name is brought up
    the haters start either lying or just want to be stupid.
    You haters need to let the leaves fall where they fall, and try hard to find you a life. It just goes to prove you
    haters think you are better than everyone else. since
    you do perhaps, thearpy would be a lost cause for you.
    This country has many people who are ashamed of
    people like you who do not represent our country. You
    are not only short minded, you are no better than what
    crawled out of a dark hole. People like you make it bad
    for a lot of people. You are very heartless and short
    minded. Your acncestry did not even have a birth cert.
    in the beginning so how do you rate. For the way some
    prople act, I had no idea there was more than one GOD. This country really need help and to hear the negatives only make it worst. Where is your love for our
    country? What are you doing to make it better for all
    children’ future?

  8. Kenosha Marge:

    “The only people I detest his supporters nearly as much as I detest Obama.”

    That’s a bit much, Kenosha. I didn’t come here to attack you or anyone else. This site was linked from No Quarter, and I wanted to check it out. My only point was that I don’t it’s very constructive to assign this loss to some sort of fringe mind-control techniques Obama has used on the masses. I think pushing that line just makes people look and sound silly, and keeps honest debate about the value (or lack thereof) of an Obama presidency from reaching the surface. If his critics’ main point is that he’s used mind-control techniques to win a majority of the votes in November, who do you think is really going to keep listening besides the already-persuaded minority? I mean, really…

  9. I think there are a lot of things – even basic things that are too obscure for you, Grail Fumbler. Like knowing what a real socialist is.

    What a real communist state is.

    Oh, and don’t insult me with Dennis Miller.

  10. Wow. Bots are worried. Swarming here like nasty little gnats. I guess things must be getting tough out in the Oborg. Is that flop sweat I smell?

  11. Hmmm….interesting comparison – the gnats thing.

    Anyway, I know you have reading comprehension issues, but I’m not an Obama supporter. I just hate the right-wing and those who are closeted right-wingers.
    I just hate hate red-baiters who have never read Marx or Lenin – because if they did, they would know that Obama is a good little centrist just your sainted Hilary. He’s just a little left to her on certain issues – like bombing Iraqis to keep a seat on the senate. Know some history and THEN analyze the world around you.

  12. To creeper:

    We keep resisting because as TRUE AMERICANS that is what we do. Our forefathers kept resisting no matter what King George threw at them. They persisted and persisted until in the end they won. We must do the same. I have times myself that I think what’s the use? And then I think, winners never quit and quitters never win – we can’t, at this stage of the game, be quitters. Take a deep breath and keep up the good work.

    For the obot who pooh-poohs the hypnosis theory – don’t you remember when we were all warned about subliminal messages being slipped into tv commercials. They were proven to be very effective which is why we were warned against them.

    Obama’s speeches are not his own words. They are programmed by much more intelligent and knowledgeable people. Obama is just a puppet for a group of devilish people who have their own nefarious plans for this country. He is nothing but a paper cut-out
    with the real puppet masters hiding behind the curtain.

    IA: I think you are 100% right about the SCOTUS. After their ruling in favor of Jennifer Brunner I don’t expect anything out of them but a rubber stamp. They are in the pockets of the real backers of Obama. But we still have to keep fighting.

  13. “The Wings of Justice Award” for Colin Powell.

    If anything summed up the fawning hypocrisy of the neo-progs, this is it. God, after everything that crowd did to crucify Hillary Clinton for her IWR vote (while embracing Kerry and Biden, and anyone else who conformed to their cult of personality, of course)…

    Shame. Shame on the whole hypocritical chorus.

    But fear, yeah. Lots and lots of fear.

  14. brotherkomrade,

    I know quite a bit of history. It’s a hobby of mine. That’s why Obama scares me so much. I can see from history where an Obama presidency would lead.

    I don’t believe I’ve ever said I think you support Obama (in fact, quite the contrary; I’ve acknowledged that we probably dislike him for different reasons).

    As far as understanding Socialism, Marx and Lenin I find it rather presumptuous (and Obama-like) to assume that because I don’t agree with them that I don’t understand them. I think in a perfect world, Marx’s theories would be wonderful. The problem is, this particular world is full of greedy, money-grubbing scum that will always feel they are entitled to a bigger piece of the pie. As long as they exist (which is basically as long as our species exists in it’s current incarnation), Marxism won’t work (IMHO) nor will Socialism or “Communism” (although true Communism has never really been tried in recorded history, unless you subscribe to Plato’s Atlantis). And all things being as they are, I personally find Democracy the best system for my personal needs. You are free to believe what you want (at least for now), but I am going to fight you if your goal is to turn the US into a Socialist state (or Marxist or Communist).

    There are plenty of nations in the world that are doing anything from dabbling to jumping in with both feet to these types of societies. You are free to go there and try them. If you like it, send us a note – I’ll be happy to hear about your adventures and wish you the most happiness possible, and I’m not being snarky. I just don’t care for it, and I happen to believe that the vast majority of the citizens of this Republic wouldn’t, either. Especially if it comes wrapped in a shiny Democratic wrapper with a big surprise inside.

    While Senator Obama may not be your ideal poster-Socialist, he has spent a rather significant amount of time with many of them, and I personally believe that he’s the shiny wrapper people like Frank Davis, Paul Robeson, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Khalid al Mansour, and many others have been looking for to be their front man.

    BTW, no insult intended with Dennis Miller. I happen to think he’s a very funny comedian (although he’s an awful political commentator). He’s a master of the arcane, and when he gets going on a non-political rant he can make me laugh till it hurts.

    And about your reading comprehension issues – we are not “closeted right-wingers” or “red-baiters” here. Nor do we consider Hillary a saint. The things we do revere here are the United States Constitution, and the concept of Country before party.

  15. I am simply amazed at the growing numbers of trolls and troll-like comments we ahve seen today. It gives me hope that the polls being bandied about are “just numbers” like the One’s speeches are “just word”.

    I believe you are right, GG, about the “shiny Democratic wrapper with a big surprise inside”. Obama is the “one” person Ayers, Wright , Robeson, Davis, al Mansour have been waiting for. I don’t think for a moment that the hedge fund managers or the Wall Street millionaires would be as supportive if they knew who who was really pulling BO’s strings.

    As far as repeating Republican talking points….I was accused of that once on a “liberal” site where I used to go for laughter and relief. Thing is ——- I don’t read Republican talking points. So I wouldn’t know what they are. I try to watch Fox once in a while, but my fingers begin to tremble when I take hold of the remote control. I am on the mailing list of some of the right wing orgnizations so I can debate their philosophies. But lately I haven’t had time to read my personal emails, so I delete the mass mailings just as soon as I see the sender’s name.
    Do we really sound like Republican parrots? I think we sound like people who think things through and who try to make sense out of the seemingly unbelievable.

  16. Alice,

    You ought to have seen the scathing letter I sent to Buzzflash following that “Wings of Justice Award”. I don’t know whether they published it but the word shame played a major role.

  17. I too left BullFlash after many years. I was heartsick that they became insane. I was verbally attacked and threatened with physical harm on more than one occasion because I supported Hillary. Oh my God! The blogger boyz became unhinged and did not even attempt to pretend to defend me when some one used physical violence threats to silence me. I guess Chicago boys will defend to the ends of the earth the corruption of the thugs from Chicago. Scary and sickening to the max. They are worse than the far right that I hated. facism is on the march from the left. We will have group to protect sanity or fairness anymore.

  18. Oops…We will NOT have a group to protect sanity or fairness anymore.

  19. Avid Reader,

    Yes we will. It’s called PUMA!

  20. Well, I see we’ve made it!! We’re getting “trolled.”


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