Saturday Smatterings…(10/25/08)

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A few items that are too small to do a full post on, but of interest…

1) I stopped by Greta on Thursday night and bumped into Karl Rove.  He was pushing his site, of course, and his electoral map, but Greta asked him about what effect Obama’s half-hour October 29th TV message to the masses might have.  Rove said that if he bombed, it could hurt him…but, if he did a good job, then it could very well give him a bump late in the game.

Here at IA, there were a lot of comments in response to a section of last Sunday’s roundup:

I watched The History Channel program called “Secrets of Body Language.” The commentators “swooned” over Obama’s voice…a commentor saying he’s so “powerful” a speaker that “the words become irrelevant.” They followed Obama with a segment on McCain, who, they said, speaks in a manner “exactly opposite” — more like a “technician” and with sincerity.  Remember just before the NH primary when Hillary showed emotion? Well, guess what? The experts were split on whether it was real or coached…

And here’s something else to ponder…Obama’s use of hypnosis techniques. I became certified in hypnosis and what’s in this piece sounds entirely plausible to me…

I don’t think I can stomach watching Obama’s half-hour verbal orgy, but I am curious about whether he’ll be using some of the various techniques that were discussed in the link above, as well as in the comment section of the post.  Grail Guardian and I have both had some experience with Tony Robbins (GG), hypnosis and NLP (me) and we think Obama HAS to be doing SOMETHING that is reeling in easily-suggestible people. Emotion and suggestibility…the combo that is at work.

NOTE: Grail Guardian will be posting a piece on this topic early next week!


2) Regular visitor Leslie sent me the following via email:

The following quote is my response to the buzzflash current “wing of justice award”.

I haven’t gone to B—f—h in a long time and thought, I’d take a look today.


They said:

Colin Powell Receives The BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award for October 22. “Normally, a political endorsement, even if it is a post-partisan nod for the most powerful elected position in the country, does not merit a Wings of Justice Award. But in his endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama for president, former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell went beyond just telling us who he’ll be voting for.”

Leslie had the same reaction I did….the guy who LIED to us all at the U.N. is now beloved by the Obama crowd?? He now “merits” the Wings of Justice Award? Frankly, with Obama lapping up the Powell endorsement and possible advice from him in the future…that sort of negates the entire Iraq war “superior judgment” claim, doesn’t it?? McCain should pick up on that angle!!

And you wonder why I had to leave Buzzflash after 7 years?

3)Today, McCain and Clinton hit southern NM.  I’ll be in Mesilla at a square-foot gardening workshop while McCain is a few blocks away at the rally.  I’ll observe what I can observe and check out the local news reports and try to get them into The Past Week post for this Sunday.