It’s Time to Decide, Folks

~~A Guest Post by American Lassie

It’s time to decide, folks.

The debates are over and we’re coming down to the wire. For those who have been on the fence, it’s decision time. With just under two weeks to go we are facing the most important election of our lifetime. (Mine, anyway.) We will be deciding, by our votes, which way this country will go in the future. Will we remain true to the wishes of our Founding Fathers or will we take a decided turn to the far left that could take us to socialism, Marxism, or worse?

Many of us are still mourning the loss of our favorite candidate who had the nomination stolen from her. We’ve got to put that aside now and go on. For some it will be a tough decision to make but we must do it.

We have two candidates:

Candidate #1 is a man we know nothing about, who refuses to produce a legal birth certificate, hospital records, etc. to prove where he was born. He would rather tie us up in a law suit hoping to be elected before the documentation can be demanded by the court. A man who numbers among his mentors a known terrorist (Bill Ayers), a known communist (Frank Davis) and who is part of a group (although he denies it) that is now being investigated for voter fraud (ACORN). A case that has now been appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, because the Ohio Secretary of State (Jennifer Brunner) is so determined to let the fraudulent registrations by ACORN stand. This candidate has a messianic hold on his followers that frightens me. In his follower’s eyes he can do no wrong. This in itself is scary, but when he vows to change our country and then the world it’s time to beware. What does his “change” mean? He campaigned in Kenya with his cousin Odinga under the banner of “change” and you know what happened there. Christians, men, women, and children alike were locked in a church where they had gone for sanctuary and then the church was burned to the ground with the people inside.

His background is so sketchy as to be almost invisible. He produces no college records, no past writings, no record of achievement in either the Illinois State Senate or the short time he has been in the U.S. Senate. Just voting “Present” does not tell us what he really stands for. He spent his formative years in another country (Indonesia). We do not know what demands of loyalty might be placed upon him from his relatives in Africa or his relatives in Indonesia. Our Founding Fathers tried to protect us in the Constitution from a situation such as this. Even back then, they realized that you can only have allegiance to one country if you desire to be our president. That country is the United States of America. As long as he refuses to produce a birth certificate I do not consider him a Natural Born Citizen, which is what the Constitution demands.

Candidate #2 is a man we know inside out. He is a war hero who has spent his entire adult life(since age 17) in the service of the United States. Besides his military service, which is an open book, he has an established record in the U.S. Senate that shows he is amenable to both sides of the aisle. His loyalty to America is unquestionable. His love of the Constitution is obvious and we know he will not try to change it. He has no ties to foreign countries that might sway his decisions.

For me, the choice was easy to make and I spend half my time relaying my opinion (whether it is wanted or not) to my family and friends – and to strangers when the opportunity arises.

This is a troubled time for the whole world, not just America. With the global economy in crisis, the war, and the need to keep an ongoing vigilance against terrorism, both domestic and foreign, our vote counts this year more than many people realize.

So folks, get out there and practice the three T’s – typing, telephoning, and talking.
And pray a lot.
God Bless.

11 Responses

  1. Today’s PUMA PAC action asks us to send emails to friends and others we know who might be persuaded by learning more about Sarah Palin’s feminist positions. I read the message. I then realized that I have 2 friends (possibly more) who could really benefit from reading the quotes and the rest of the email.

    I sent them the email, and when I get home from work, I plan on sending out even more.

    (and maybe I’ll pray. it couldn’t hurt. )

  2. We can reach more people by putting out fliers in your neighborhood. Local train & bus stations, any where you can legally leave fliers.

    A lot of people work many hours do not have email and only get their news from MSNBC and CNN.

    We can do this we have less than two weeks, we are Foot Soldiers time to take back our country.

    Say No to Socialism. WE ARE LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE. Let’s get ready to Ruuuuuuummmmmble!

  3. ladynite542,

    Excellent suggestion. In a past election a group of us from our local Democratic club canvassed the shopping malls with flyers. Most people were very receptive. One or two were resentful, and I’m afraid there would be more than one or two this time, but we’re going to try it. Be selective of the malls that you visit.

    In this same election we made what we called the “Paul Revere Ride”. At 11pm on November 3rd we started out putting flyers on the cars of residents of apartment buildings (with the permission of the managers). We finished at about 2am and met back at the home of one of the members for hot chocolate. It was a very enjoyable evening and served a patriotic purpose. Again you must be careful in selecting the areas you would cover, and always travel with company.

    Whether these two modes of disbursement would work this election year I’m not so certain, but if safety precautions are taken I’m going to try to get the same group that I had before.


    I’ve seen the enthusiasm mount the closer we get to the final day. Get the word out! See you at the polls.

  4. People have to understand that a vote for Obama is a vote against Hillary’s future. Should obama win, he, Dean and their minions will own the party. The money and power they have will seal the fate of the party for many years. Down the line they will target Hillary’s senate seat, mark my words. People need to understand Hillary’s future within the party is in danger, as is any other Dem who dares to be their own man or woman. This is serious so keep trying to make people understand the reality of this situation. It’s not a vote for potus this year, it’s a vote to ruin the Democratic party for years to come.

    two weeks and the change will begin, but what change will it be? That is down to those who claim to be Hillary supporters.

  5. Irish,

    You’re optimistic that it’s only the Democratic party and Hillary that are in jeopardy, but I agree it’s a great tool for those who will not put country before party.

  6. I’m with you all the way.

    The time for mourning was over along time ago. I attended the wake. It’s time to move on.

    What is at stake in this election is nothing less than the future of our country. And the lives of our children and grandchildren. In my case that would be nieces and nephews. But I digress.

    I have made my choice. And while it was not an easy choice it was a necessary one.

    The choices you outlined are perfect. We either choose a known proven factor or a factor that is unknown and untested. It doesn’t seem that hard to make a rational decision. In fact it is obvious.


    Country First!

  7. In my heart, my soul, and my brain…there is no doubt..but there is so much fear…fear that people will weaken and fall in line…
    And thats why, everyday, we must be reminded of who we are and why we have chosen the path we have taken. Do not be afraid to stand up and do the right thing. Do not forsake the path we took ..oh so long ago! And if we falter, come back to Riverdaughter and Heidi Li and re-ignite the flame that burns in all of us
    Let them be our beacon.

  8. Very nice post. We will all keep toiling away.

  9. How any feminist could vote for a ticket that wants to outlaw abortion under each and every condition is beyond me.

  10. There are greater things to fear with Obama at this point…and, I don’t trust him…his attitude toward women and his pandering to conservative religious bigwigs does not encourage me.

    The whole issue of abortion has been used for years by both sides to raise fear and money. I’m no longer buying into the the fear, since the Democratic Party has chosen to toss its core values with the lot of a a fraud and liar.

    There are bigger issues now that pertain to ALL our lives…your freedom will be at greater risk under Obama than under McCain, at this point…

    P.S–Gov. Palin has never tried to overturn any laws pertaining to choice when she had to deal with bills regarding women’s rights…and she actually acted correctly on a bill that enhanced gay rights. Meanwhile,Obama pals around with anti-gay ministers…

  11. elderwoman,

    Read Lisabona’s post from today (10/24/08) and maybe you’ll see why we will never support a ticket that wants to go against the US Constitution. No real American can possibly support Barack Obama after reading her words. If you can, I am questioning your Partiotism.

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