Celebrating 100,000 Hits with the PUMA Dames at InsightAnalytical! (Featuring Dog Testimonials and Recipes for Disaster/Democracy)

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Well, amazingly, we are approaching 100,000 hits here at InsightAnalytical!  Thanks to all who have visited this site!

Many thanks to kenosha Marge, Grail Guardian, our contributors, as well as guest poster American Lassie. And, of course, to all the folks who have left great comments!

Back during the primary season, my 3 dogs, Toro, Tico, and Slicker, decided to put their paws up for Hillary Clinton, but now are hoping for an Obama-free future.  No matter what happens, they intend to stay involved in politics, lobbying for more no-kill shelters and a real plan for pet healthcare!  Although they are not too fond of cats, they have made an exception and are PUMAs to the core!

Looking Forward to the Future

Looking Forward to the Future

Meanwhile, Grail Guardian has offered this duo of recipes–choose which one you like better!

Recipe for Disaster

Take 1 unknown entity of indeterminate origin suffering from aggressive NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

Stir in 1 publicly humiliated former Governor and his brother, 2 unrepentant domestic terrorists, 2 lunatic clergymen promoting Marxism, 1 ultra-liberal Past President who negotiates with terrorists, the weakest Congress in history, add Communists and Socialist influences to taste.

Use mixture to beat qualified female candidates and women everywhere.

Spoon into a faux Democratic pan and half-bake at 250 degrees for 35 years. Do not let the finished product cool, as it will lose its flavor quickly. Sprinkle liberally with Muslim extremism. Serves 17 million initially, but most will walk away hungry for something else.

Recipe for Democracy

Take 18 million American voters and beat them about the head and ears for several months. Stir constantly with race-baiting, sexism, misogyny, and elitism. Let the mixture sit until it turns bitter.

Add the strength and policies of a known bastion of Democracy, the heroism and leadership of a maverick war hero, and a fresh Alaskan Governor for a totally unexpected flavor.

Let the new mixture rise slowly until it becomes an undeterrable force. Exposure to the recipe above will make this mixture harden quickly.

Shape the final product into a puma and remove from pan. It will slowly spread without assistance from traditional methods and overtake all opposing recipies. Serves the entire world.

kenosha Marge writes that she has been busy primping for the event…out for a hairstyling and a shopping spree.  She’ll probably show up later for the party, but in the meantime, we’re wondering what will be on her mind in the future! Marge was one of the first two people to find this site who “knew” me from the old Buzzflash days (the other posts as “Leslie” on a regular basis).  It’s been a happy reunion and we look for many more enjoyable days blabbing together!

So, once again, a big THANK YOU for all the support we’ve received! We hope we can keep delivering posts that will keep visitors interested and informed!


kenosha Marge has arrivedwith her escort!!!!



25 Responses

  1. Yup–and after November 4, YOU WILL EAT IT AND LIKE IT.

  2. Gee, what a nice thought…troll

  3. Isn’t it just like an Obamacrat to go to someone’s party uninvited, vomit on the carpet and leave? Tacky little Obamatrolls are so tedious and so bored with themselves that they can find nothing better to do. If they had to face people instead of hiding behind a keyboard they be in a constant state of pants-pissing fear.

    Don’t let this little piss-ant diminish a great accomplishment Grl. If they had any talent, class or anything worthwhile to say they’d have their own blog instead of infesting places that think they are among the lowest forms of human life.

    Could this nitwit do no better than this claptrap he dropped in to crap out like a moldy turd?

    If Obama does manage to sneak into the White House we will survive it and we will move on as best we can. If we survived George W. Bush, we can survive an Obama Bush-like Administration.

    We won’t “eat” it and we won’t “love” it, pinhead. But we will survive it.

  4. First of all: Congratulations!!!!

    What a great site this is. I enjoy visiting on a regular basis. The insight you provide is essential to my sanity.

    The Recipe for Disaster cracked me up. Especially the “half-bake” comment. So very true.

    Today is my mother’s birthday. I just might try that Recipe for Democracy for her birthday cake. And yes, my mom is a PUMA.

  5. Thank you, Pagan Power! You know we feel the same way about your site! Just wonderful to read all you thoughts!

  6. Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, this troll JMarra left some VERY inappropriate comments on my blog. I invite you and all your loyal readers to stop by and give it a piece of your mind, PUMA style.

  7. Happy anniversary and many more! I certainly do enjoy – and quote many of your essays!

  8. 100K hits – very, very impressive~keep up the good work!

  9. i refuse to pay income tax if Bark0 wins.
    let his scum payoff the debt.
    get off your PC & go wash your stinking cheese infested gonads before they fall off.
    my dog Sam has put a curse on them.
    you thought you could pick on women because we’re too “polite”. guess again.

  10. Damn straight raGing!

    If they want submissive women they need to go to an Obamacrat blog. The women there wait patiently for the patriarchal pat on the head for gushing over Obama, who whatever else he is, is just another damn politician.

  11. Congratulations GRL, and many more hits to come. I thoroughly enjoy your site. I sent a post last week that must have been lost in the shuffle, but I’ll repeat a touch of it here now.

    Time is running out and we have to make a decision. I’m aware that most everybody who visits this site (except for a few trolls) has already made the right decision. For those who haven’t time’s a wastin.

    Get on the horn, type your fingers raw, and tell everybody you come into contact with that this election is too important to sit on the sidelines and hope that someone else carries the ball.

    This is our country and our future that we’re fighting for and we can’t depend on anyone else to fight for us, we have to do it ourselves.

    McCain/Palin is our only hope this year and if they pull it off we can begin working on Nov. 5th to build a new political party for the future.

    Good luck and God Bless. Thank you again, GRL for giving me a place to call home after being kicked out of the party I had served for over half my life.

  12. LOL, I can’t tell if the authoritarianism slips out accidentally or if they actually revel in it.

    Anyway, congrats to everyone involved with this blog, well done!

  13. Woo Hoo !!
    Nearly 100,000 !!!

    Congratulations and thank you for being here, being wise, being smart, and being right.

    I am so happy to have found you so early on. This is one of my havens where I find brilliance, truth, respect and even humor. GRL, Marge, Grail and all the commenters just inspire me and keep me going in these tough times.

    . . . Don’t you just looove when the party gets crashed? It’s usually by those folks who have nothing good to say and nowhere else to go. I just have to feel sorry for him/them.

  14. OMG, I am hit number 100,017!!

    For my prize, I’d like Nader for president.
    or McKinney, or Barr, or McCain, or
    Anybody But Obama.

  15. 100k hits from real ‘mericans. You should be proud.

    I love how you appropriate the language of the left/anarchists in using the term, authoritarians. Maybe you and yours are ex-lefties? what happened? Fell in love, moved to the suburbs and started listening to Toby Keith? Or was it the feeling that you and those who look like you are always the ‘harder workers’ and smartest people in room? After all, you didn’t get to where you are now off of government handouts or quotas like some candidates/people you know.

    Since you guys like to use the term, authoritarian so much, I’d liike to know what’s anti-authoritarian about you. Tell me the kinds of past presidents and foreign policies that you get behind that are so democratitc, free, and anti-authoritarian. I’d really like to know.

    – A non-supporter of Obama – (but at least i know why) who lives in fake ” America”.


  16. Brava, GRL! Kudos to you. And I believe I was the first one kicked off Buzzflash. It might’ve been because I’ve corresponded with Mark since the beginning and was none too shy reaming him in private when he began helping Axelrove bash Hillary.

    Obama paid him off, no doubt. Or maybe hypnotized him when they met at that damned barber shop. I read that interesting article on mass hypnosis, and whether it works or not, for sure Obama is utilizing the tactics.

    Anyhow, *cheers* to you, from me and my adopted doxie!

  17. Zee—Mark never told me he met Obama in the barbershop….
    I, frankly, think he was part of the group of 400 bloggers who got on the bandwagon, bigtime…and probably some of the got paid. Being based in Chicago, I suspected a payoff with Buzzflash, since there were doing an awful lot of begging for money and had some big plans about expanding,etc.
    I haven’t been to the site …or KOS…or any of them…in MONTHS!!!

    And thanks for being here and love to your doxie!!

  18. GRL,
    check your email. I sent you something recent from Buzzflash.

    I didn’t know Mark personally, but I, too corresponded with him about the bashing of Hillary. He said BF was staying “neutral”. lol

  19. Congratulations on hitting 100,000! I don’t often comment, but drop by your site every day for your very welcome news and views. Incidentally, my retriever Katie has also become a Puma.

  20. brotherkomrade,

    Most of us here at IA are current “lefties”, just not the “New Left”. Interesting to me that you think “lefties” can only live in the city, though. I disagree with that. All of us are anti-Obama, for some very strong reasons that we are extremely clear on (for a taste of them, check out my previous post on the Associates of Barack Obama), although I don’t know if your reasons are similar.

    Just an FYI – the comment by Gov. Palin you’re referring to was (as usual) taken out of context. She was not referring to an area, but an attitude. See the second video here:


    This is not a pro-McCain site. There are many of us here, however, that believe that McCain is the only viable option to Obama at this time, and defeating Obama is indeed our goal.

    I can understand your feeling about being from “fake America”; sometimes I feel that way, too. I’ve been harrassed, threatened, and called a racist for months because I don’t believe Barack Obama is qualified to be POTUS and that often makes me wonder what’s happened to this country in 2008. While I knew that race and gender relations were still not perfect, I have to admit that I thought both were significantly better than they proved to be. While I cannot claim to understand your perspective completely (I am Anglo-Saxon), I can understand from the aspect of being female and seeing what a sham supposed gender-equality was when push came to shove.

    I feel I can speak for GRL and kenoshamarge in saying we here at IA feel that America has been set back in race and gender relations to a totally unacceptable level. This will never be the “land of the free” while any of us are unequal, and Barack Obama has no intentions of making that happen. He has used race-baiting and misogyny to advance his own political career, and did not care who is hurt in the process. These are not the actions of a leader, especially one of the free. There are many minority Americans from every race and both genders that are completely qualified to be POTUS, and we are mad as hell that the is the sorry choice we have been left with!

    BTW – You got me on naming a non-authoritarian POTUS. I guess it’s just a matter of degrees at best. We have to stop settling for the lesser of two evils!

  21. Yes, you can speak for me… well said…

  22. Grail,
    You can speak for me anytime.

    Thank you.

  23. Absolutely speaking for me too Grail!

  24. Congratulaitons on such an accomplishment! More power to you. Your posts are well, quite insightful and filled with keen analysis. That’s what happens when really smart ppl put their sharp minds out for everyone else to learn from. Thx!!!
    P.S. – your site and comments are to be distinguished for your efforts as sharp folks devoted to putting out something good. Unlike trolls who get paid for trying and can’t complete, .

  25. Thank you for your kind words!

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