New Video of Obama’s Trip to Kenya; Obama Appearing with Odinga

Texas Darlin’ has posted new video of Obama’s trip to Kenya which apparently shows him campaigning for his cousin (?)/fellow Luo clan member Raila Odinga.  This trip was made with taxpayer money back in August 2006.  For a profile of Odinga, see the BBC report “Odinga: Kenya’s King-maker.”

See the video, Obama and Odinga: New Video

Here’s a report from the New York Times on one phase of the trip. The headline is sort of ironic, isn’t it?

Obama Urges Kenyans to Get Tough on Corruption

Published: August 29, 2006

NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug. 28 — Barack Obama strode into a packed auditorium in Nairobi on Monday and attacked an issue that notoriously bedevils Kenyan society: corruption.

He urged people to reject “the insulting idea that corruption is somehow part of Kenyan culture” and “to stand up and speak out against injustices.”

This was Day 5 of his Kenya tour, and at each stop, each speech that he gives, the crowds only grow.

It is an unusual reception for an unusual trip for a Democratic freshman senator from Illinois to be making, but it seems that Mr. Obama, whose father was Kenyan, is using all the rapturous attention to spotlight serious issues that are too often ignored in Africa.

The Kenyans are loving it.

On Friday, thousands of students at the University of Nairobi in halter tops, Che Guevara T-shirts, blue jeans and three-piece suits, pressed up against barricades to watch Mr. Obama and his entourage walk through the door.

During a nationally televised speech at the campus, students and faculty clapped in all the right places and laughed at most of Mr. Obama’s jokes. For a second, it seemed as if Mr. Obama were back at the Democratic National Convention in Boston in 2004, when he gave such a rousing pep talk that people started mentioning the p-word with his name.


He ended by telling the crowd, “I want you all to know that as your ally, your friend and your brother, I will be there in every way I can.”

Many in the audience left in high spirits.

“He’s inspiring,” said Miriam Musonye, a literature professor. “He really seems to believe what he says.”

The Che Guevara t-shirts reminds me of the Che poster in the Obama campaign office that we’ve seen…

In my April 9 post, Obama-Odinga:50-50 Split Demands Sound SOOOO FAMILIAR…(10/7/08 UPDATE  1X–Author of “The Obama Nation” Detained in Kenya) I quote a certain Kenyan immigrant named Edwin Okong’o at the PBS FrontlineWorld blog in a piece entitled Obama: the Kenya Connection who disputes the authenticity of pictures taken of Oding and Obama together (shown in the post).

Ordinary Kenyans are not the only ones who see Obama as a messiah. Kenyan politicians have been using his popularity as political capital. In 2006, opposition leader Raila Odinga tried to portray Obama’s trip to Kenya as a personal endorsement. Odinga’s supporters created T-shirts and posters with cleverly computer-altered images that showed Obama and Odinga standing side by side, arms around each other.

I posted one disputed photo in my April post. Watching the video, one can see that the picture in this post post seems to be taken directly from the video. See Minute 1:48 to 2:00 of the video which shows the source of the “photo-shopped” still picture.

The picture in question

The picture in question

So, to my eyes, the disputed picture seems to be legitimate…Look at the video, and see what you think…

For more on Odinga and Obama, see these earlier posts:

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  1. For your consideration……

    Thursday, October 9th, 2008
    Don’t Believe The Obama Hype

    In the weeks leading up to the first primary of 2008 the Dimocratic leadership and the Obama campaign tried to force Hillary out of the race. The people of New Hampshire however gave the first in the nation primary victory to Hillary.

    The Obama campaign kept up the drumbeat about “the Math” and how the race was over very early on. But the race was not over. In the end the Dimocratic “Rules” Committee had to drag Obama across the finish line. The Dimocratic leadership intervened and awarded Obama delegates in an election in which he was not even on the ballot – going so far as to strip Hillary of some of her duly elected delegates and bailing out Obama. The Obama Bailout by Party leaders was applauded by Big Media in the same way we have seen Big Media applaud the Wall Street Bailout Bill.

    As we wrote, the Wall Street Bailout Bill was a lot of razzle-dazzle that would not solve the nation’s economic crisis nor even come close to addressing the problem. In the same way, we opposed the razzle-dazzle Obama Bailout by the Rules Committee and the Dimocratic leadership.

    The Obama campaign and the Chicago thugs did succeed in grabbing the nomination with bluster and aid from Big Media. Now the Obama campaign is trying the old razzle-dazzle again. This time it is to convince the American people that this election is over and those opposed to Obama should just stay home on election day in NOvember. ….

    Forget the anecdotes and the Obama Chicago hype, let’s look at the ACTUIAL numbers:

    This year, Ohio allowed any citizen not registered to vote to show up, register, and vote on the same day in Sept. 30 to Oct. 6 window. The AP was writing back in August, “If Obama’s campaign were able to tap into college campuses with one-stop voting, it would add thousands of votes to his tally in a state where, in 2004, John Kerry lost to President Bush by only about 118,000 votes, putting Bush over the top in the electoral count.”

    Those who were already registered were also permitted to use the early voting window. The expectation was that lots of Ohioans would partake of the opportunity. The Washington Post reported, “The Ohio secretary of state’s office estimates that a quarter of all voters will cast their ballots as absentees or at an early voting location before Election Day, more than twice as many as did so four years ago.” (Obviously, absentee would make up a large chunk of that, but one would figure the early voting window would attact its fair share.)

    And the anecdotal evidence was that the Obama campaign was readying the Mother of All Turnout Operations in this state. The Washington Post poll of Ohioans, 40 percent said they had been contacted by the Obama campaign either in person or by phone, an astonishingly high percentage. Bruce Springsteen was doing a concert at Ohio State University to get people out for early voting. Cuba Gooding Jr. was deployed to events in Dayton, Hamilton, Lima and Toledo.

    The Obama hype was that before the end of the day on October 6 there would be a groundswell of incense burners overpowering the election sites. The actual result? The actual result with Bruce and Cuba holding events while buses waited to transport the Obama armies to vote immediately? 28, 466 votes. 28,466 votes out of 8.2 million registered voters and any new voters that could be shanghaied into registering and then voting.

    The actual number of people, we presume citizens, who registered and voted on the same day (with Bruce and Cuba bussed in for that sole purpose) in the entire state of Ohio was 5,223.

    Don’t believe the Obama hype – Obama can’t be trusted by friend nor foe.

    Another aspect of this year’s voting which was almost entirely consistent was that Hillary Clinton received the votes of voters who decided on election day and Hillary Clinton received most of the votes of voters who said they were “undecided”. Frankly we think that “undecided” is really a NObama vote – these are people who do not want to be tagged as “racists” so they are keeping their mouths shut.

  2. […]   Here’s a breakdown of the coverup at Insight Analytical Blog: […]

  3. Great post , keep up the good work. Much appreciated. 🙂

  4. The picture you say is disputed does not appear in the Frontline article. In fact, the Frontline article describes the pictures as “images that showed Obama and Odinga standing side by side, arms around each other.” So, the picture you say is disputed doesn’t even match the description of the disputed images. What makes you think the Frontline journalist wrote that the picture above was “computer-altered”?

  5. I did NOT say the picture came from the Frontline article/post…
    I noted that it was “one disputed photo.”

    Please read carefully….

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