The Intrusion of Obama: Propagandized at the Mall and Trapped on the Treadmill

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Yesterday, after a doctor’s appointment, I headed over to the Mesilla Valley Mall to get my new eyeglass prescription filled. On the way I out, I passed a clothing store called “ZUMA.”   Apparently, it is not part of chain, because I did a search and came up with a computer game, a shower tile collection and a few bead shops and other operations with the name.  But, there was no chain in sight with that name…

And I’m glad there isn’t. The shop seemed to be one of those dark “caverns” appealing to “youth.”  There were shirts and other things hanging all over the place.  I was nearly past it when I something hit me–

One of those clothing racks which has “arms” and  holds several items on each bar was sitting nearly outside the store and hanging from it were a number of white tee-shirts.  I squinted a bit and guess what I saw?  A stenciled portrait of Obama, probably lifted from one of those “1930’s German Reich” posters his campaign seems to favor, filling the whole front of the shirt, outlined in bold black strokes.  At the top, across the collarbone area, was one word:  OBAMA, in capital letters.

I was taken aback, but it wasn’t over yet.  I glanced around and saw more Obama shirts hanging to my right, also practically in the path of passerby; more up higher on the wall, more dead center…

They were all over the place.  I sure didn’t see any of John McCain as I quickly moved past. It was if “The Messiah” had his own private apparel store…

Nothing like feeling like you are being propagandized as you stroll through a shopping mall…

And the same feeing hit me at the gym I just quit.  For weeks, I was on a treadmill staring at huge TV screens across the wall in front of me, being force-fed MSNBC and CNN.  On the “Wave” machine, the TV station selection was MSNBC.  One Sunday I suggested that if they HAD to have newschannels on, they should have them ALL on, including FOX.  (I can’t believe I’m saying that these days!)  I was told in a snotty way that I shouldn’t watch the TV, I should be watching my “form.”  To which I replied, “Well, if we’re all supposed to be watching our “form,” then why are those huge, distracting screens up there??? And, I added, I come to the gym to forget myself, not to be pummeled by politics.    I was told by an “assistant manager” that everybody had to considered (?) and that the channels couldn’t be changed (nonesense, they had changed them before).

By the next week, they had added FOX, but, frankly, I was just fed up with the news saturation.  Ironically, the day I quit the gym, I received a newsletter from it, with a little piece on how members should “leave their problems behind and enjoy a workout and relax.”   Yeah, right, with propaganda being shoved at you as you’re trapped on the treadmill…(Note: my new gym has NO TV’s except on some of the machines, with 80 channels to choose from– and a gorgeous mountain view, which I prefer anyway…)

I’ve never felt so “intruded on” in all my life.  Simple things have become sources of aggravation because of the political scene.  And a big part of the blame lies squarely on the media’s infatuation over all things Obama and the conscious effort to protect him and keep the viewing public uninformed. The brainwashing is starting to make me feel apprehensive and have forebodings of doom.

I can’t even bear to think of Obama in the Oval Office.  I’ve turned off Bush for eight years and I will have to turn off Obama. It’s all become too insufferable for words…


PS–I finally escaped yesterday afternoon by catching a matinee of “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”–no kidding. It was much better than I expected because it had an “adventure plot.” The shots of Montezuma and the chihuahua homeland were great….TINY BUT MIGHTY!! NO MAS!! Not just a lapdog anymore! Went home and loved me some of my dogs (I have 3; 2 are chihuahuas)!  It put me in a much better mood!

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  2. DIng, ding, ding, ding! Shades of Chairman Mao, anyone?

    If you’re an Obama supporter, I hope you’ve learned your Islamic morning and evening prayers. You’ll need to sing them out loudly to cover the sounds of sobbing and wailing of those of us in the re-education camps.

    I cannot believe that people still don’t get it.


  3. Obama can’t win. He is unelectable
    Can we have Hillary back now.

  4. You should have to wear headphones to listen to the tv. I can’t stand it when they make you listen to it.

  5. I’m not surprising to hear of the “Obama” store. After all, he has his own line of clothing. Why shouldn’t he have his own stores?

    In fact, why shouldn’t he have his own country? Isn’t that what it’s all about….getting as much as you can?

    Our lives are saturated with promotions of Barack Obama. It’s a never-ending drumbeat whose only parallel seems to have occurred seventy years ago. As then, the Chosen One does not ask you to vote for him. He tells you to.

    Barack Obama is so arrogant, so egotistical as to place him outside the bounds of what has, to this point, always been considered “normal” behavior by a politician. That narcissism has now become accepted conduct. Even if he loses this campaign he has coarsened the conduct of political discourse for all time.

    These are not the actions of an honorable man.

  6. This saturation is intended to brainwash us. If all we see and hear is Obama this and Obama that, they think we will eventually give in and drink their kool-aid.
    Not I. I didn’t even like kool-aid when I was a kid.

    Speaking of kool-aid, Obama’s demeanor at the debate was very erratic. Was it just me or did anyone else notice how jittery he seemed to be, Jumping up and attempting to interfere? The moderator aided and abetted him by letting him run over time and evade the questions.

    OT – John McCain and Sarah Palin were interviewed by Sean Hannity last night and McCain was wearing an ORANGE necktie. Puma, anyone?

  7. I meant to add that I used to respect Tom Brokaw, but now he is just one of “that bunch”.

  8. You know, I noticed the change of channel at the local hospital – Beth Israel in NYC. I had occasion to stay with relatives in the emergency room several times recently. i was upset to see Fox in 2007, and more upset to see MSNBC in 2008. How strange is it that hospitals and gyms all over the country made the same switch?

  9. I just read your link “messages left in tv ads” and I am sick to my stomach. Sorry for taking up all your comments space but I am so infuriated I could scream. Apparently Hillary’s campaign was infiltrated by more than Patti Solis Doyle. I hope Bill gets on this and gets to the bottom of it. I hate turncoats, although this was probably not a turncoat but someone who was working for Obama all along. Shades of the “fifth column”.

  10. Glad I am outside the U.S.A. and glad I don’t have a TV. Though, I will have to return to the States in about a week, I may leave the TV in its box.

  11. I have been bombarded constantly for months with OBama. It is a problem with people I work with, and even with places I volunteer. I have women telling me how Palin should be home with her kids. Professional women. I had a woman, professional woman, yesterday, tell me that Palin is a fool who believes she has foreign policy experiece because she can see Russia from her house. I pointed out that that was Tina Fey, not Gov. Palin, went on to mention her breifing status as head of the only 24/7 missile battery in the US. Finished by tellling her that I would bet on Palin’s intellect before most other people, and told her she should take a little time and find out a little more. Then we discussed the economy, and I pointed out that this latest mess came from my beloved Dems. No, she couldn’t beleive that. I mentioned Franklin Raines, had she heard of him? Took ninety million over the last eight years? Yes, he had heard the name. I asked if she knew where he had been for the past couple of years? She looked up at me with a tired expression, and said,” I don’t want to know, do I?”

    Here is the point. They don’t want to know. They do know he is a problem, they just don’t want to be told about it. They are doing something special with the dapper, sauve looking guy in the nice suit, and they don’t want to be told that the blueberry muffin they just took a big bite out of, is full of ants.

    I don’t know what the solution to this problem is, but it isn’t hard to find the problem, put on a bumper sticker, or a pin and just walk around. The problem will come up and address you fast enough.

  12. creeper ~ Does he really have his own clothing line? I didn’t know that.

    I had an unusual experience recently. It was a Sunday; my son and I were driving to my mother-in-law’s. We suddenly passed a fence, about 15 feet long that was covered end to end with Obama t-shirts! It was a church, no less. And it turned out to be Rev Jeremiah Wright Jr’s church (and this was after the guy was thrown under the bus!).

    All I can do is shake my head in total disbelief. This is worse than I have ever seen. Worse than with “W” and it seems there is no end.
    After the World Series I’m canceling cable and maybe even give up on tv altogether until 2012. I too, cannot tolerate the thought that I might have to listen to bo after all this.

    Just like warrior princess, I’m in a similar work environ and I cannot stand it any more.

  13. Obama has his own cTV hannel, number 73, on DISH Network as well. Barky 24/7/365. If he is elected, it may become the only channel available, and turning it off could buy you a one-way ticket to Gitmo.

  14. sorry, make that his own TV channel

  15. leslie, on October 9th, 2008 at 9:20 am Said:

    “creeper ~ Does he really have his own clothing line?”


    He does. Everything from the common t-shirt to leather bracelets (they seem to be really big on bracelets) to scarves and cufflinks…all designed by the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce.

    Won’t put a link up. If it caused even one sale I’d be mortified. But it’s there on his website.

  16. I’m getting sick of seeing the ads on the TVs on the city bus. It’s getting frickin ridiculous.

    IA — I’m glad I’m working out at home these days! You are surrounded by Obama Hell.

    Everyone see the Change pumpkins we’re gonna have to endure until Halloween?

    just brainwash them kids some more

  17. Wow….all of you took the words right out of my mouth.
    And I cannot believe all the BS we are constantly being force fed today about Gumby.
    “Isn’t he sexy and handsome?” Yuck, no he isn’t. ….and even though this is a small one compared to everything else creepy about him it still really makes me think. There is NOTHING and I mean absolutely nothing that is good looking or “sexy” *gag* about him.Unless you are into really effeminate men. But it made me think….this is exactly like all the propaganda that is told about Kim Jong [I’m gonna be] IL….and you just know how sexy he is….
    This is how crazy his drooling supporters are.
    Expect to be told next that the sky is really purple….if Gumby says it, it has to be true….

    “Change pumpkins “…please, please tell me you are kidding….you are right??

  18. My question is “what prize is MSM and Hollywood expecting for their horrendous miscarriage of journalism and justice?” We all know that people like Madonna are certainly not role models of citizenship or propriety. Many female “stars” were acquainted with the casting couch. Who owns the networks? I would bet there are foreign influences behind NBC,CBS,ABC, and CNN.

  19. I really think that a lot of the kool-aid is just that these people, including Hollywood types, think that they are doing something special with the sauve man in the dapper suit. They can’t be wrong,it is too important for them to be liberal. He can’t be what they are seeing and hearing about.

    So, they just won’t hear it or see it. Remember a few years back when the Dixie Chicks were blackballed because of the anti-Bush comments? Please remember that these people didn’t stand up for them. And whether we like him today or not, Bill Maher was hounded out of his show for a comment that Bush felt was anti-American. None of the Hollywood types stood up for him then, either. They have to be part of the crowd. Being a Dem. for McCain requires standing on our own , and that isn’t always comfortable.

  20. Ironic about Tom Brokaw. He seems to have a short memory about Ayers.

    Watch this and see how Brokaw talks about Ayers in the 1970’s.

    Then notice how Brokaw called him a school reformer on Meet The Press this past Sunday.

    The fact MSM continues to minimize the horrendous character of BHO’s friends/associates he chooses, is a travesty to the ideal of jounalism.

    BHO selecting Ayers’s as a friend/colleague, raises the character question. Does not seem Ayers has changed much from youth.

    Another example. Painful.

  21. Great comment, and info, towncrier!!


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