McCain Fires 1st Torpedo at the Obama Garbage Scow Known as the "The Hope-y Smile-y Good Ship Lollipop"

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The admiral’s son finally began to take command of his ship yesterday in what many are saying is the  best speech of his lifetime.

The fact that he did it in Albuquerque, within earshot of the Santa Fe, home of  Bill Richardson’s little cesspool and the Obama elite crowd, warms my heart as I watch from southern NM.

Texas Hill Country has the entire text of the speech up and it’s available at C-Span.

Let’s just say that McCain has probably set up the message for the last month of his campaign.  Some are worrying that he’s tipped his hand, but I think that’s being too worried.  After all, the Obama crowd knows full well what’s down in the hold of the HSGSL and has been working diligently along with the media to hide it all along. I’m sure they have all their excuses all set up…unless Axelrod and Obama begin to commit more of what many see as a big faux pas (adding more fuel to the fire about the Ayers connection) as the pressure mounts.

During the debate, McCain needs to needle Obama with some of the points he made in his speech.  The object, of course, will be to get Obama stuttering and off his memorized script.  I fervently hope we can witness enough hemming and hawing coming from Obama to begin to destroy his much-vaunted “rhetorical skills.”

And I must give a huge amount of praise to Sarah Palin, who readied the first torpedo tube a few days ago when she dared to bring up Ayers.

The last couple of days prompted me to walk into McCain campaign headquarters yesterday (perish the thought!) where I met a group of very nice older women who knew all about PUMA. The office was in a crummier part of town in a dilapidated office center, much different from the free-standing building on the main drag that the Obama campaign is using.  (The regular Democratic Party has a permanent office in another neglected part of town)

One of the women indicated that she was an “independent” like me and I was able to pick up 3 stickers all related to Palin alone ( for example, “Palin Power, ” “Sarah! Girl Power” and “Read My Lipstick-Vote McCain-Palin”).

At the time, I was unaware of what McCain was saying in ABQ, but something must have been in the air…

From here on in, I’m hoping that the torpedoes come thick and fast and that all the rats below deck on the Obama Hopey-Smiley Good Ship Lollipop are sent overboard…all along with the captain and the crew…

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  1. That was one helluva speech. Wonder where I can get one of those hot pink McCain*Palin signs?

  2. Best McCain speech ever.

    And someone was talking about a “Palin Power” sign with the “i” in Palin being replaced by a lipstick. Has anyone seen one of those? Or know where to get one?

  3. Insight:

    2 things…
    1.Zogby poll today: Obama 48%, McCain 45% closer than most think.

    2. Read you email! 🙂

  4. It did this old ex-Democratic heart good to hear McCain’s speech in NM. The old fighting pilot still has plenty of his fire-power left and I hope he comes out swinging again in the debate tonight. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Being nice gets you nowhere with these thugs. There comes a time when you have to play their game. The only difference is, McCain is firing the truth and the other side is clutching at straws and making up their ammunition.

    Remember the WW2 song – “Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition” ? One line goes “The fire pilot said it, you gotta give him credit, for a son of a gun of a gunner was he”, Keep flying McCain, and use all that ammunition that I know you have in your stockpile.

  5. diamontiger…will do, re: email…just got back from mornign errands and on the way to eat my lunch…

  6. Kerry was ahead of Bush by 12 points at this time, 4 years ago.


    71% 44,127
    26% 16,038
    3% 1,951

    Total Votes: 62,116

  8. I noticed that Luntz’s focus group was in Alexandria, VA…just outside of D.C.

    Obama “won” but I read that McCain was judged better on the economy….MMM

  9. ia, did you know your top story on the Obama/Ayers relationship will not allow comments? The comment window is missing.

  10. Yes, I tried to comment and couldn’t.

  11. me, too (re:comment on the top story)

    Check your email

  12. Sorry, WP puilled a dirty trick on me…it’s happened before…..set it for comments and then later, they don’t work…..

    I went in an corrected it again…


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