~~By Grail Guardian

Something strange has been happening since the Vice Presidential Debate last Thursday. I first noticed it as I watched the debate with my Dad. He follows what’s going on (like most people his age) but gets most of his news from the MSM (thankfully, he watches Fox a lot, so he gets some reality). Not a dyed-in-the-wool political junkie at all, he’s learned most of what he knows about Obama from me. So I was a bit surprised as we watched and he began to call Biden out on his BS. In my head I was yelling “Way to go, Dad!” In real time, I agreed with him and began to call out a few things he missed. I left afterwards feeling pretty good about the debate since a non-political guy like my father had seen through the crap.

On Friday and Saturday, I began to notice that people I spoke with fell into 1 of 2 categories: they felt that Palin had won the debate and the media was wrong in deriding her victory OR they were repeating the MSM line about why Palin hadn’t really done that well. But there are 2 important things of note here. Just about everyone I spoke with had actually watched the debate in its entirety (including my 92 year old great aunt), and those that fell into category 2 (regurgitating the MSM bull) were very easily convinced that Palin really did well. It took almost no effort on my part to get them to agree that her performance was actually better than Biden’s; obviously they had felt that way when they watched it, but were simply spitting back what they’d heard afterwards so they wouldn’t appear uninformed. Once they knew someone agreed with them, they abandoned the groupthink stance practically at once and praised Palin’s performance.

Fast forward to this afternoon when, driving on a local expressway, I spotted something unusual. It was one of those hand-lettered sheet signs hanging from an overpass. I don’t normally see a lot of the homemade variety here (the City hangs their official festival announcements and reminders to change the batteries in your smoke alarms, but not many protest signs), and I was rather surprised to see that the sign was demanding that there be “No Bailout.” I noted it, and the fact that at least 1 person was riled up enough about the “Rescue” bill to create and hang a sign (there was some artwork on it that was rather well done) on a busy overpass. There must have been some serious anger involved, as this is not an easy task and the sign was well anchored and not fluttering in the wind.

This was all kind of rolling around aimlessly in my brain for a day or so before I spotted this piece at Not Your Sweetie about calling Obama on his bs on the new $ trillion bailout. In it, she quotes a post called Obama Betrays the Middle Class: Votes for “Bail out the Rich Act” from one of the folks over at Fire Dog Lake, one of the progressive blogs that drank the Kool Aid early on. I’ll let you check out the links for all the details, but here’s a quote from author Ian Welsh I couldn’t resist:

I assume he’s [Obama] willing to give up the 700 billion for the near dictatorial power over the US economy which is still embedded in the bill, power which he will wield through his Treasury Secretary. Or maybe, encouraged by his economic advisers, almost all of whom were amongst the architects and cheerleaders of the policies which made this crisis occur, he really believes that bailing out the rich with middle class money is how the country has to operate. After all, some people are important and some people aren’t, and since the middle class can vote for him or for a man who has made himself into a national joke with Sarah Palin as the punch line, what are they going to do?

As if that wasn’t juicy enough, the comments aren’t much more optimistic. For instance, poster MsAnnaNOLA said:

He will get what he deserves. If Paulson and gang are stealing this money, and all indications are that they are:

This could be the nail in the Dems coffin.

I am talking 3rd party all the way.

What will the Dems have to offer us after this? Seriously?

Answer: Nothing.

Read next this piece by Jake Tapper who seems to think that the October dogs are about to bite Obama’s backside with the story of his shady associates like Rezko and Ayers, then this one by Uppity Woman which supports that the MSM is starting to talk about Ayers. Add to these the plethora of links to ACORN problems on You Tube and across the Blogosphere (here and here and here and here and so on) and this excellent article Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer on Obama’s mental state and massive Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and pretty soon you can’t ignore it all.

So I started to ponder, and all these random events started to come together. If America is starting to see through the MSM’s crazy con job (all they need is a little encouragement and they’re practically PUMAs), and they are pissed off enough about this feeding frenzy known as the Wall Street bailout (even those that seem resigned to it being a necessary evil are still mad, and the adding of pork to get Republican votes was like poking a hornet’s nest), and they are blaming Obama for the bill (I think he’ll be regretting taking credit for someone else’s work this time – be sure you read the post from Fire Dog Lake about how Obama owns this bill) then you really need to wonder: Is it possible that Obama’s house of cards is starting to implode?

That’s when it hit me: We are about to break through. The brass ring (America) is ours for the taking (or keeping) if we’re just willing to do a few things:

1. Talk to anyone and everyone about the shoddy and unacceptable state of the media in this country. This seems to be something everyone is starting to agree on, and needs to be reinforced in peoples’ minds as frequently as possible. Talk about CNN and MSNBC being so over the top that you can’t believe anything they say anymore, even if it’s not about the election. After they lied about an election as important as this, who knows what else they lie about?

2. Express how you can’t understand why they’re saying Palin didn’t win the debate. If they watched (and I’ll bet they did) they know what happened. They saw it first-hand and unedited. Talk up how the Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric interviews were edited to make Palin look bad, but obviously when she had the eyes of the world upon her and every network rolling tape she stood up to the incredible scrutiny quite well and didn’t have to lie outright 14 times like Biden did.

3. Relate the moment you personally felt Palin won the debate. Many say it was when she asked Ifill if they could go back to talk about Afghanistan, but for me it was when she said to Biden that she wasn’t going to answer the way he wanted her to or the way the moderator wanted her to, but she was going to speak directly to the American people; game, set, match for me.

4. Redirect the attention back from Palin to Obama, especially on the experience issue. The Obama campaign has actually managed to divert America’s attention away from the fact that he hasn’t done anything prior to running for POTUS.

5. Focus on the bailout bill and how Obama owns it, but we’re going to be stuck paying for it. Point out that it’s been the Democrats that forced this mess down our throats after people like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and Jimmy Carter were responsible for creating it and ignoring it until it exploded. And be sure to let them know that it’s the Democrats that are supporting George W. Bush! Things aren’t right in Oz once the Wicked Witch becomes the heroine and the Wizard becomes the bad guy.

6. Remind people that we sent the Democrats to Congress with a majority and a mandate in 2006, and they haven’t done a damned thing! They refused to impeach Bush, haven’t done anything to end the war in Iraq, and pretended nothing was wrong on Wall Street so we’d all continue to invest our life savings into GSE’s like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while their former chairs walked away with tens of millions of dollars and left us with no savings and the 700 billion dollar check. Point out that when House Republicans voted against the bill, the Dems added plenty of pork in order to entice the naysayers to the taxpayer funded trough.

7. Point out that Obama is now using the Wall Street Crisis to back out of any campaign promises he may have made (or “put them on hold” as the campaign calls it). He’s using the massive feeding of the political pigs at the trough to say no to Universal Healthcare, Education reforms, Alternative Energy, and just about anything else he vowed to do. Where’s the change in that?

8. Discuss ACORN and all the instances of voter fraud being reported across the country. Be liberal with the You Tube videos, and point out that ACORN was included in Obama’s original bailout bill (earmarked to get 20% of any profits, even if the taxpayers were still paying). Bring up ACORN’s ties to Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven and how the far left wants America to become a Socialist state, and this bailout is just one more step in that direction.

9. Stress that a McCain presidency will last only 4 years. He will not be re-elected, and he does not wish to run for a second term. America can handle 4 years of a moderate McCain Administration with Congress as a counter-balance. No laws get passed without Congress, no Supreme Court judges get appointed without the Senate’s approval, and as Senator Obama is so fond of pointing out – no wars get started without Congress’ say so. We can all tread water for 4 years as long as Bush is out and the country is safe.

10. Discuss how many Centrist Democrats that may have been thinking about voting for Cynthia McKinney or Ralph Nader as a protest vote against both of the major parties are now saying they just cannot afford to waste their votes; this election is too important to America and the world.

If we can keep letting friends and neighbors know that there’s no shame in seeing the light now, as long as they’ve seen it before it’s too late, we can help them to accept that this election is no longer about Hope or Change or ending the Bush regime. It’s about saving America, and we must all put our country above politics and parties. It’s OK to be a Republican for a day (or even for 5 minutes inside the voting booth). Americans need to know that they are not alone; we’ve all been hoodwinked and bamboozled. By the media, by George W. Bush, by the Democratic and Republican Parties, by Wall Street, and by our own unwillingness to take a long hard look at ourselves and what we’ve allowed our political process to become.

This is a time for change, but not some empty slogan or political promise. Change must be what we the people deliver to the electoral system of the United States. That is our only Hope.

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  1. These two articles were written earlier this year about Obama. Their analysis are even more on target today.

    The first article provides a window into his psyche. The second piece could be a snapshot from last week. In January, Obama’s breakout in the polling for the primary season coincided with the first financial markets gyration in 2008. Cause and effect?

  2. Point number 9 is troubling. A little more analysis and insight would be appreciated on the best case and worse case scenarios of a single term of McCain-Palin, from your point of view. Your view of a congressional safety net (no supreme court judges or wars without their approval) seems odd after reading your views on our current congress. They preside over the banking/insurance mess and pass this bailout and all of a sudden you’re feel secure under their protection? Also, your “We” seems like a royal we when it comes to treading water for 4 years.

    Jesse Katrencik

  3. I see the pet troll made it here before me!

    I agree with this analysis completely! The tide is turning and we muststay vigilant! And yes, it IS about saving America! I think patriotism is something Obama and his ilk just don’t understand. They see it as “antiquated” I see it as American and uniquly so.


  4. And Barney Frank sees our objections to the bail-out as racist. Give me a break. This asiniine popinjay knows he is knee deep in the mire of this economic failure and is still trying to throw a red herring at us.

    While he was romantically involved with one of the top dogs at one of the worst offending entities in this scam, he was also on the committee (although at that time not the chairman) that was supposed to be riding herd on them. Dedicated to the people, he was. A real public servant protecting our principles.

  5. Romantically involved?? DO TELL!!!
    PS…will be in touch with you later….

  6. lee M.

    Barney is on my “Must Go” list, along with his ACORN BFF Chuckie Schumer, and of course the usual team of idiots that head the DNC & Congress.


    Do I gather from your statement that you would like McCain to be a 2 term POTUS? I believe him when he says he’s only a one-termer, because all signs are that he’s readying Sarah Palin for a 2012 Presidential Run (IMHO). Besides, the next 4 years are going to be brutally hard on the winner. I think Mac is just there to do the blocking for the up and comer.

    And NO, I do not think Congress represents us in the slightest. It’s just a counter to the idiotic argument that we must elect a Democrat at all costs. Pffft! Not happenin! There are 4 candidates I would vote for that are not Obama , and I would not vote at all if his were the only name on the ballot.

    As far as the “We”, it’s not a royal one, but a PUMA one. Wouldn’t think of speaking for you, but most PUMAs would rather tread water for 4 years than have our heads held under the water by the Democratic Party or be sent to reindoctrination camps for those that don’t support teh Precious.

  7. Exactly right, Grail…

  8. Point # 9
    McCain spent 5 years in a Viet Nam prison camp for America…

    Can’t America give McCain at LEAST 4 years in return ?

  9. Also, McCain winked and nodded at Hillary supporters in his debate last night by offering Hillary’s HOLC – that alone makes his plan better than BO’s (does he have any?)

  10. And since I wrote the last comment, I found out that B0 will oppose Hillary’s plan

  11. Grail, Thanks for your reply.

    No, I would like the 2008 version of McCain to be a 0-term president. I wrote 1 term because that’s what you listed in your point #9 above. I believe McCain if he says he is only in it for one term.

    As for congress, I was questioning the optimism of your view that the (current) congress would provide a satisfatory balance to a McCain/Palin administration. It seemed sarcastic, but i couldn’t tell for sure if this was an acceptable rationalization for you or only to be used to convince others to safely vote against Obama. Haven’t seen much praise for Pelosi’s gang around here so i was curious to read where you’re coming from.

    If this next 4 years will be brutally hard on the winner, I would like to read your best & worst case scenarios for a McCain/Palin adminsitration, 4 or 8 years.

    Scott Ferrarello: America tried to give McCain (the real maverick, not the McCain of today) 4 years back in 2000 but he was deemed inferior to W at the time. Were you one of those who didn’t want to give him 4 years back then?

    Thanks for your time,
    Jesse Katrencik

  12. Jesse,

    Was I being sarcastic – yes, very much so. Congress is as much a balance for the President as Obama’s stance on Policy is like Hillary Clinton’s. It makes about as much sense as voting for Barack Obama to save Roe v. Wade (as in my opinion he is the most likely to dismantle it as it deals with privacy issues, and we all know where he stands on privacy: we deserve none: see FISA). If you’re looking for even the slightest glimmer of hope that anyone here will switch to supporting Obama, you are in the wrong place. Sorry.

    Pelosi, Reid, Dean, Brazile, Franks, Schumer, Dodd – all on my list to make sure they are dumped from office. No vagueness there at all.

    My best case scenario is this:
    1. McCain/Palin get elected and start to clean up the political corruption around Washington (see above list for a start, of course adding Barack Obama at the top of the list). 2.They also implement HOLC and give the victims of the sub-prime scam a chance to keep their homes (for those that legitimately took out mortgages they wish to pay but have been unable to due to skyrocketing ARMs, lost jobs, etc.), and start monitoring exactly what happens with the billions that we just handed over to the idiots that crashed Wall Street in the first place.
    3. The Community Reinvestment Act is either trashed or rolled back to pre 1995 levels to prevent this disaster from recurring next month, and the month after, and the month after…
    4. ACORN is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and disbanded, it’s leaders in federal housing for many years to come.
    5. Election reform is enacted that eliminates the use of caucuses, mandates that candidates use public financing, completely staffs the FEC, and again prosecutes those responsible for blatant election fraud (ACORN, the Obama campaign, and any infringements made by any other campaign in this election).
    6. Reaffirmation to the rest of the world that we (America) are no longer aggressors and a plan for a timely and orderly withdrawal from Iraq. Re-establish ourselves as a world leader and clean up the reputation left by 8 years of a Bush/Cheney Administration.
    7. Begin development of domestic energy sources to establish American independence from the Middle East.
    8. Rebuild the economy by increasing fair paying jobs in America. (Ok – I know this one’s a stretch, but Obama ain’t gonna do it either. I’m hoping Palin might influence this one.)

    That would be a rough outline of a good McCain/Palin Administration.

    Worst case scenario: Idiot leftists (like the list above), bitter over losing the election, block every move the Administration makes just to spite America for not going Socialist. We tread water for 4 years, then (after a thorough bloodletting in the DNC) Hillary Clinton is elected by the largest landslide in American History.

    Bear in mind, the large majority of us are either NOT McCain supporters, or are McCain supporters because he is better than the alternative. That is the fault of the Democratic Party and the supporters of Barack Obama.

  13. Please let people wake up and smell the coffee. Of course the Dems are responsible. Can’t blame Freddie and Fannie on Bush .
    I’m hoping against hope that Americans and especially Other long time Dems help to send a strong message along with a defeat to this new Dem Party.

    Good points and great diary. 🙂

  14. Grail,
    Thanks again for your reply. I don’t expect anyone here to change their position, just looking for a better understanding of your direction. Nooo Deal, can’t sell that stuff to me, I get it.
    As far as your list of idiots, there are a lot of Obama supporters who would be in favor of a Clinton-era Dem house cleaning as well, esp Dodd, Pelosi and lets throw in Richardson as well.

    Your best case scenario seems like a reasonable and balanced wish list bookended by big 2 fairy tales. I don’t see the Team of Mavericks (good lord, they need to trademark that) doing much about political corruption despite their talk, and unless these fair paying jobs are on off shore oil-rigs (off shore of China, maybe) I agree #8 is a stretch. With the exception of #4, I think your list would also make a good best case scenario for an Obama-Biden term. I think they would eventually succumb to pressure and (flip-flop to?)support the HOLC proposal.

    Its the slim worst case/tread water scenario that worries me, though. For a group of people who seem to be holding their nose to vote for McCain, I don’t see many details of a projected downside. Just Rumsfeld-like optimism, toward a “Down with Socialism, Up with Hillary” goal.

    Thanks again for your time,
    Jesse Katrencik

  15. Jesse,

    The downside is Obama is elected and the Fourth Reich begins. I love my country and will do anything I can to prevent that. As I said, it’s not so much that we’re pro McCain as we’re pro America. Right now McCain’s the best option available. He’s a respectable, fair man that puts country first. Nothing to sneeze at by himself. Palin, however, adds some serious excitement to the ticket. Many of us do feel we have a choice other than Obama, and won’t have to hold our noses at all. It’s time for a new America, but not the one Barack Obama envisions. One that returns to the ideals of our founders and honors the Constitution.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone call Donald Rumsfield an optimist before. It’s an odd reference, and I can’t imagine that he was ever a Hillary supporter, so I have to assume it’s meant as snark. Fair enough – I get fairly snarky myself. But I would recommend you ask yourself why you think your candidate could be so much like a Republican, once he makes the inevitable flip-flops.

  16. Grail,
    Yes, I understand the Obama downside, I meant the McCain downside.

    Ok then, i’ll try again…IF, as you say, the majority of you are NOT McCain supporters or are McCain supporters only because he is better than the alternative, then I would expect to see a more balanced projection of what the next 4 years under McCain/Palin would bring…something beyond ‘eh, we’ll just tread water for 4 years’. If not, you could always change the name of your site to eliminate the ‘analytical’ part of the name. Pick something that rhymes, it’ll flow just as nicely. I have a few suggestions if you need them. Yes, that was snarky.

    Most of you here (my sweetie CQ excepted) are reasonable enough to not view obama supporters as mindless obamabot trolls. Most Obama supporters, contrary to what you read on this site, also feel we have a choice, are not giving him a dubya-like mandate, do not see him as “the one”, and do not want pelosi frank and dodd running things either.

    If you don’t see Rumsfeld as an optimist, then you should get out from under the bridge every once and a while:

    Thanks for your time. Snarkiness aside, I appreciate the discussion.

    Jesse Katrencik

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