From The Folks That Gave You GWB and the War In Iraq, Here’s Obama!

~~By kenosha Marge

Long ago in a country far away, which would be the United States back in 2006, the people went to the polls in great numbers and elected their champions to end an evil war and rein in the reign of terror of the evil Emperor and Darth Cheney.

Somehow that didn’t work out very well. The evil Emperor and Darth Cheney still reign, although no one is paying any attention because Lord Obama of The New is now the brightest star in the sky. He hasn’t really done anything but he’s all bright and shiny and that’s enough. And who cares what the lame Duck and the Duck Hunter are up to anyway? They are no longer important or popular.

It looked for a short while as if Lady Sarah of the Alaska might dim Lord Obama’s stardom but our ever-vigilant media quickly put an end to that. Hurling themselves into battle-mode they light-sabered her with a thousand lies, distortions and smears. How dare this female think she had the right to dim Lord Obama of the New’s brightness. Off with her head. Oops wrong fairy tale.

It is an amazing sight to see a media that used to love them some Bush, ah, ah, don’t go there, and loved them some McCain doing the biggest flip-flop in the history of the world. Now they only proclaim their love for Lord Obama of The New. Such flip-floppery might make a few people, those with integrity and intellect ask, why are they picking favorites at all? Should not our noble media simply give us the facts and let us make up our own minds? Surely thou kideth me.

Some of us are flabbergasted at the sheer chutzpah of media folks when they call out politicians for flip-floppery. Media could give flip-floppery lessons. They could write a book on flip-floppery. They could make a documentary on flip-floppery and have a starring role. They do double back twist flip-flops with an élan that presumes we are all deaf, dumb, and stupid. Which unfortunately, describes many of us. Except for me and thee naturally.

Some people, that would also be me and thee, might wonder what the hell the media is up to. And we aren’t asking about their age or weight. What would make people whose only job in the world is to write a column or go on television and report the facts fail so miserably? Are they all just plain stupid? Yes and no. Yes many are stupid and no not all of them.

Many are conscienceless elites who feel that “their” opinion is so far superior to mundane things like facts that the peasantry is best served by hearing only their conclusions. The others are indeed just lack wits receiving an enormous salary for reading someone else’s words off a teleprompter. Nice work if you can get it and don’t mind not doing your job or have the morals of a pimp. Just call them the Lords of Pimpery.

So now with only six weeks to the presidential election of 2008 it would appear that the same folks that gave us Gee Dubya and the never-ending war in Iraq are going to give us Lord Obama the New as our leader. Lord Obama the New will be President of the United States and leader of the world and maybe the entire universe. We can only hope. Not.

Many of us are concerned and wonder if Senator Obama has some slight resemblance to Senator Palpatine. We just don’t see the wonder of Lord Obama the New. I guess the force isn’t with us. Or we haven’t been forced to get in line yet.

Once someone tried to sell me “New” Coke and I was not impressed. New politics that sound just like old politics are not impressive either. When being touted by a media that has been so wrong so often and shouldn’t be touting any particular candidate in the first place it is even less impressive.

The Jedi Knights alas will not come to our rescue. We could rescue ourselves if we but had the will. But will enough of us have that will? All that is needed is to pay attention, ignore our corrupt media, both political parties and dedicate ourselves to being patriotic citizens instead of partisan pinheads. Think that’s possible? Nah, me neither.

Anyone who has been paying attention to the media for decades knows that you can’t trust most of them all of the time and all of them most of the time. And if you only listen to the ones that say what you want to hear, congratulations, you are a partisan citizen who cares only more about a political party than your country. You are someone the media can feed BS and make you believe its Beef Steak.

And no one lives happily every after except the big bad liars who are still laughing at how easy it is to fool the stupid peasants.

10 Responses

  1. Anything the current media wants is bad for 98.9999
    of the population….without exception

    it’s a simple equation

    Media + Darling = Bad to the infinite power

  2. Most of the media elites believe that Joe Biden “won” last night’s debate.

    I thought that the Governor of Alaska, who came out of nowhere just 5 short weeks ago held her own quite nicely for 90 minutes with a man who has been in the Senate for over 35 years. And she did it in heels.

    Wanna bet which way the pundidiots will spin it? What say the people is what I say.

  3. We get the government we deserve. If the media is able to decide this election for us then so be it. We created the media, allowed them to become what they are. We now deserve whatever they choose to give us.

  4. No matter who wins this year, the real story is the sellout of the MSM, which has become a propaganda arm of Obama.

  5. I have dubbed the media’s actions…now, “officially swiftboating” especially with regard to the trashing of Sarah Palin…and Hillary Clinton, as well…

  6. I feel like I’ve come home. Thank you for your words.
    I have said, if McCain loses, it’s not that Obama won. The utlra-liberal MSM won. I’ve said that this election seems to be their own personal video game and they are going to win at all costs.
    I don’t know their motivation either. I’m not sure they do. They just want to win.

    Palin won the debates hands down and my hope is that Peggy Noonan is right—the Sarah spoke over the media to the cameras and into the hearts of the American people. It’s now up to them. Let’s hope they see the light!

  7. Leave it to Princess Sarah Laia to bring the light of day! Once having BEEN Princess Laia, traveling to St. Paul with Thelma and Louise, I can attest to the fact that while there are many who reside in the dark land of the witless, there are, indeed, many who do not. Those in the streets of Denver [the natives and PUMAS, not the visiting Obama Enforcers], those manning the cornfields of the midwest, through which we drove in dark of night in search of true light in St. Paul, those who still think for themselves and consider patriotism a laudable pursuit…those who will NOT drink the kool aid but would rather know the truth…We are the ones who hail from different regions but have become the legions from which not Change but Reform will come.

    The Legend continues, the Story unfolds.

  8. Men can’t take it when a woman stands on level ground with a man and doesn’t back down. Palin looked fabulous, didn’t she? And I love the heels. Contrast that to some of the photos I’ve seen of her with muck boots and hunting camo, flying an airplane and riding a motorcycle, that girl has it all going on. She’s my kind of gal, authentic!!!
    She was fabulous and I’d feel very comfortable with her as the VP.
    It was a wonderful debate, I enjoyed every minute of it and I’m happy for her that she did such a terrific job.

    National Rasmussen
    Obama 51, McCain 44 ( Obama +7 )
    Same as yesterday

    National GW/Battleground
    Obama 49, McCain 46 ( Obama +3 )
    McCain gaining ground

    Barack Obama – Over the Cliff

    NoBama, not ever, not never!!!!
    And I can say ‘boy’, I got a black grandson…

  9. Yes, truthisgold, The Legend continues, the Story unfolds.

    This story began a long time ago while many of us were too complacent, living our own self satisfied lives and not paying attention to what was happening around us.

    When Howard Dean ran for the presidency in 2004 he and his brother already had a plan for this country. When Howard lost due to his screaming fit, they revamped their plans a little. They decided they would begin by taking over the DNC and remake it in their own image as step 1. It was remarkably easy to do. With plenty of money behind them (from whom I’m not sure but most notably George Soros and Co.) they set out to insidiously get rid of anyone in the Democratic Party that didn’t agree with their plan for America.

    Step 2 – By hook or crook get rid of the Clintons. When Hillary came into her own they demonized her unmercilously. By they, I mean Dean, Brazile, Pelosi and others in the DNC who were, and are, insanely jealous of anything Clinton. The Clintons had to be destroyed by any means possible. The fact that some of their monied friends control the corporate media made their plans that more possible.

    Step 3 – Find a personable candidate to push. Preferably a minority so they could preach progress and tell the world how far America has come. It had to be a maleable person that they could control and with their owning the MSM, building this person up was an easy matter.

    Step 4 – Rig the primaries, rig the news media.

    Step 5 – They found their perfect candidate. A little known “community organizer” from Chicago who had a reputation for dirty dealing and climbing on the backs of his friends to further his career. He had made it to the U.S. Senate by stealing other peoples’ work and claiming it as his own.

    Step 6 – They set about to build him up and glorify him as a gift from the Gods for the American people. He took to this role like a duck to water and with each speech he gave (written by others) he began to more and more believe what the besotted news people were saying about him.

    Step 7 – He was selected – not elected – to be a candidate for one of the major political parties by deceitful means and brainwashing of much of the electorate. And if you were resistant to brainwashing you were told – get out of the party – we don’t need you old bitter people.

    The story hasn’t ended yet, and the effects of the Kool-aid may wear off for some but if it doesn’t I fear for our country because he has said; First we’ll win these primaries, then we’ll win the general election and we will change America – and then we’ll change the world.

    Folks, I’m afraid that if this egomaniac isn’t stopped the evils that have been unleashed by Howard Dean and the DNC with the aid of Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank and others of their ilk this world is in for a mess of trouble.

    These ramblings are some of the things that have been sorely troubling me and if we don’t all work to put John McCain (not my first choice) in the White House we will be right back to the 1930’s, only this time it will start in America instead of Germany.

    God help us all.

  10. Obama is “a clear and present danger” to America, to democracy, and to the Democratic Party, as we knew it. If you want lies, vote Obama. If you want hypocrisy, vote Obama. If you want to be invisible because the spotlight is his, vote Obama. If you want to vote for the first American “emperor” or “czar” (complete with Greek columns, fake coins, fake presidential seals, and fake presidential material), vote for Obama. If you want a psychopathic egotist, vote Obama. The shame will be yours. The blame will by yours. The responsibility will be yours….but it won’t be mine.

    If you do elect him, you will regret it. I might then take pride in saying “I told you so,” but I don’t think I will…because I, too, will suffer the consequences.

    So, maybe when the “change” isn’t what you planned on, he can replay his speeches and have all those children sing “Obama is our hope.”

    Wake up and smell the coffeee. We don’t need “change.” We were going to get that ANY WAY! However, we do need a plan, a direction, and an experienced leader to get us out of this “mess.” We need a President more interested in this country, than in himself.

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