Obama’s Very Own Cultural Revolution (Update 3X–Another Video Surfaces…This Time, Military Fatigues??)

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL


Friday, 10/3/08–Sugar over at Sugar N Spice has posted yet ANOTHER video of more group-think in performance, this time, a group of young men…Some of it is hard to understand due to poor sound…there are noble intentions expressed and a parroting of Obama’s “plans”…but what’s with the military fatigues and drill formation? Here’s the link to her post!

More Obama Youth on Video?????


By now many of you have seen the eerie video of the children singing in homage to Barack Obama…(Update #1: Note: This video is “no longer available.”  See LYRICS below at end of this post.  Screen capture of opening shot here at NQ…)

Update #2–Portion of the video included in this video at http://www.no-libs.com/index.php/MyBlog/The-Enemy-Within/Kids-for-Obama.html Hat tip to Uppity Woman for the IA mention and the link to the video…The full video is at The Confluence.

“We’re gonna change it, and rearrange it…”

Just how many times did they chant “Yes, we can…”?

Although the line “We’re gonna change the world” reminded me of a Coke commercial, the first thought that actually flashed across my mind was about children singing for Chairman Mao.  I searched for audio, but couldn’t come up with anything…but I did find Maopost.com–Chinese Propaganda Posters with thumbnails of posters from years ago that illustrate exactly what I envisioned. This site is simply chock full of images that should inspire any Obamacrat, of any age!

Celebrate the 1st of June-Childrens Day (1956)

Celebrate the first of June- Children's Day (1956)

Joyous programme (1978)

Joyous programme (1978)

One site that is an absolute must for the Children of Obama is Morning Sun. This fantastic site is full of media and audio from and about the era of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Here’s an instructive picture:

Two-and-a-half-year-old Ting Hung-ping leading the whole family in singing a quotation from Chairman Mao set to music.

Photo: Two-and-a-half-year-old Ting Hung-ping leading the whole family in singing a quotation from Chairman Mao set to music.

This inspiring family is described here:

Ting often teaches his children: Now that we are emancipated, don’t forget the Communist Party; we owe our happiness to Chairman Mao!

In March 1967, with the enthusiastic help of the People’s Liberation Army, a Mao Tse-tung’s thought study class was set up in Ting Lai-yu’s family. This further promoted their ideological revolutionization and aroused an inexpressibly deep class feeling of loyalty to Chairman Mao. Every member, with the exception of Hung-ping who is less than three, can recite the “good old three” articles and over 100 quotations from Chairman Mao. Every bit they learn, they apply, combining study with application. The invincible thought of Mao Tse-tung is the life-blood of the revolutionary people. They feel that in addition to studying and applying well Mao Tse-tung’s thought themselves, they should also propagate it among more people. They study and practise every day. So far they have learned to sing more than 100 revolutionary songs and perform 50-odd minor revolutionary items of literature and art.

They disseminate Mao Tse-tung’s thought with soaring enthusiasm, giving expression to their boundless love for and loyalty to the great leader Chairman Mao. Ordinarily they perform for the local poor and lower-middle peasants. When arrangements for them to go on tour are made by the departments concerned, they think nothing of crossing mountains and rivers to perform for the workers, peasants and soldiers. They are always compiling material about the moving deeds of the poor and lower-middle peasants which shows their fervent love Chairman Mao, elaborating it and arranging it into new items. Whenever a new instruction of Chairman Mao’s is published, they find it set to music in the newspaper, learn to sing it as quickly as possible, sometimes adapting dance movements to it, and propagate it among the revolutionary masses. At present, a total audience of 400,000 have enjoyed their performances. The broad masses of workers, peasants and soldiers acclaim them as “singing what is in the bottom of our hearts and expressing our deep feeling of infinite loyalty to Chairman Mao”.

Here’s another pastime that was enjoyed out in the countryside during Mao’s revolution which we may see here in the future:

When night comes you can hear a lot of children are reading in our village. If you come near them, you may know they are reading Chairman Mao’s works. Really they are reading for villagers. They are Red Guards. So all the villagers can study Chairman Mao’s works, the Red Guard have this good idea: when night comes they standing at street, every one hundred foot a guard. The leader reads a sentence. The second guard read it again then the third read again … and so on. They just like radio station. After peasants Iabour all day long they can listen to Chairman Mao’s works for their rest.

There is some video of young Albanians singing about Mao at the site, but the real mindblower is the section on an English lesson, which I can’t access to copy, but which is available here.  There is also audio of this lesson which is fascinating to hear.  I’m wondering if this “classic” is on the current Obamacrats reading list.  I’ve transcribed the text:

Readings from a Junior High School English Textbook, 1960

Lesson 36: A Black Boy

Jimmy is a black boy. He lives in America. He is not happy. He has two brothers and four sisters. His mother is often ill. His father is a worker. He works day and night, but gets very little money. They are very poor.

In America, black people cannot live in the same houses with white people. The houses for black people are small and poor.

Jimmy and his family live in only one very small room.  The room is cold in winter and hot in summer. They have only one bed. Jimmy and his brothers and sisters all sleep on the floor.

Jimmy is a pupil. He goes to school with other black boys and girls. He plays with them. In America, black boys and white boys cannot go to the same school. They cannot play together. Black people in America are cruelly oppressed. Now they are fighting against their oppression.

But, apart from the Obama Cult,  echoes of Mao are cropping up in some of the most unlikely places lately.  A Christian site promulgating Asymmetric Spirtitual Warfare quotes from Mao’s Little Red Book. Advice from Mao is used to suggest a model of how to to “spread the word” in a section titled “What Chairman Mao Can Teach Us About Spiritual Warfare.”  I wonder if any of the mega-pastors that Obama has enlisted have been using Mao as a guide?

Now to be fair, John McCain once made a brief reference to Mao (video); describing how he was written off politically, he’s joked by quoting Mao: “It’s always darkest before it’s totally black…”

But at least he doesn’t have a cult-like group of kids worshiping him in song…


Lyrics of songs on video:

WE’RE GONNA CHANGE THE WORLD Music and lyrics by Lily Campbell, age 9

We’re gonna spread happiness
We’re gonna spread freedom
Obama’s gonna change it
Obama’s gonna lead ‘em

We’re gonna change it
And rearrange it
We’re gonna change the world.

Music and lyrics by Kathy Sawada

Now’s the moment, lift each voice to sing
Sing with all your heart!
For our children, for our families,
Nations all joined as one.
Sing for joy and sing abundant peace,
Courage, justice, hope!
Sing together, hold each precious hand,
Lifting each other up;
Sing for vision, sing for unity,
Lifting our hearts to Sing!

Music and lyrics by Kathy Sawada

Yes we can
Lift each other up
In peace, in love, in hope
Change! Change!



Note: Maybe the Obama kids will someday reach the heights we saw at the Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies, which were stunning, in more ways than one…


24 Responses

  1. […] InsightAnalytical-GRL says this is Obama’s Very Own Cultural Revolution. […]

  2. This shit makes me want to work for Voluntary Human Extinction.

    Every single cent I donate now goes to Animal Welfare and Rescue sites. Making political donations became a waste of time about a year ago.

  3. So frightening that few are able to accept it. So sad that many will suffer in the downfall which is sure to come.

  4. Well, said, mediapuma….

  5. […] InsightAnalytical-GRL says this is Obama’s Very Own Cultural Revolution. […]

  6. Voter fraud is stealing this election, and someone out there better be doing something about it.

  7. These days there’s no more poisonous drink in US than <a href=”http://drslogan.wordpress.com/2008/09/30/kool-aid-08-dont-drink-and-vote/”Kool-Aid’08.

    The parents of these kids have obviously drunk too much of it.

  8. combined with the Obama kid’s camps this really bothers me. they really believe that only Obama can bring the needed change.

    No matter who you want to compare it to — Mao, Hitler, Lenin, — the communists or the fascists

    this is indeed frightening.

  9. FASCINATING write-up GRL. The parallels can not be denied. I am still faithful that Obama will lose in November, but in the face of all of this abandonless love for him, suicide counselors had better be on standby that night and a few days after the election. Just in case…….

  10. When I saw the video, for a moment I saw myself as a child with a ” red scarf” around my neck, elogiating our president of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears,that after 30 years in America, the country I was dreaming to live one day,I will hear the same song what I used to sing,30 years ago,but in a different language. Believe-me I sttart to cry. To cry of disappointment, cry for this great Country. People weak up, don’t let that a maniac destroy all your ancestors hard work those who build America to be the greatest in the world. Indoctrination is a very dangerous slope. It will take generations to die off, then the next generation to born with new mentality(example:Romania, Hungary, Bulgary,Polland, Russia) The hardest think for anybody is, to fight against mentality( Iraq,Iran,Pakistan, etc) The American people didn’t live under opression in order to be afraid.The Communism is like a contagious illness, eating you alive. I could write with no end about the disaster and misery of a communist system. Be aware!

  11. Thank you, Lisabona, for your heartfelt comment.

  12. Lisabona — thank you for your first hand account of what it’s like living under oppression. Americans think it can’t happen here and are sleeping right through this. PUMA’s eyes are wide-open and we see the danger that lies just around the corner. What we witnessed during the democratic primary is about to happen in the general election, i.e. voter fraud, intimidation, threats of violence, etc. WE MUST EDUCATE AND WORK WITH OUR REPUBLICAN FRIENDS so that they mobilize their vote on Nov. 4th for McCain/Palin.

  13. Dear ms mississippi, you are right,we have to educate and work with everybody who is willing to fight for the truth. I wrote a letter( I think wia E-mail) to JB Williams from – comments @newsmediajournal.us – the title was” Guilt by association”. His response was,Cote ‘” Thanks! I wish there was a better way, But I don’t see the MSM touching any of this with a ten foot poll. They have an agenda which is not served telling the American people the truth about anything.” And finally he coted for me ” That’s what I love about America. We’ve done so many things that ” can’t be done” – that we have become bored with the possible” sign,JB . Can you tell me when you get this kind of ” encouragement”, you just loose any HOPE for the truth. I wish to be able to handle the English language better, because I would be ready to turn the whole world up-side down, just for the sake of truth and fairness. How it looks like,the voting fraud already started and for sure will continue anf we find ourselfs running against the windfall.Has anyone an other solution ?

  14. Lisabona, I also read your comments on the Texas Darlin’ Blog. I appreciate your story very much, and I am wondering if there is a way for you to tell your whole story, and your insights into this election and Obama. Maybe if you and others who have escaped Communism could tell your story and what you see in Obama, how he and the love and worship of him by the blind masses reminds you of Communism and it’s dictators, some people would listen and realize that if Obama is elected something bad will happen to our country. I think it is very telling when someone who has lived under a Communist regime can see the same thing beginning to happen in the country they escaped to. Someone, anyone, if Lisabona would like to speak out more on Obama, can we give her a place to do that? Lisabone, or anyone who wants to organize, contact me: govtruth@windstream.net

  15. Lisabona..you have an invitation to write a post here at IA…


  16. […] InsightAnalytical-GRL says this is Obama’s Very Own Cultural Revolution. […]

  17. The memories are so painful, it would be need edpages,because its a lifetime story.Thank you from the bottom of my heart,giving me the chance, even just to alloud me to in a few words to make the American people aware of the communism danger.

  18. For those who have no idea how the communist system works, I would like to give you a few hints:At th age of 16,you get one ID card from the city you live.You are not alloud to move in other city or county, because you can’t get a job.In order to get a job you need to have ID card for that place,but you can’t get ID,because you don’t have job,As, you can see,in order to be monitored, they limit your possibility to move around.If you stay more the 30 days, a guest in some other place,where you hace no ID,you have to go to the police department, and ask for a temporary residents. The food is portioned. What is not, you have to stay in line hours like for: toilet paper,soap, tooth paste, in other words for everything. They use member of same family to spy one against the other.Children against parents, brothers agains brothers,relatives against each other.Feeling the pressure,you are begining to be afraid of your own shadow. You are afraid even to think. In your you star to believe that ,even the walls can have ears. Finally they dominate your thought,your mind, and you ending up to behave like a robot. How this ia affecting your day by day life if you don’t obey their rules,is an other nightmare.Staying hours in line for food, when you get finally home, if you live inn highr floor,you have no(electricity) elevator.You want to prepare dinner for your family, you have no water.I forget to tell, that the workin hours are 8 h/day,six day/week. Sunday, finally you are home, but you have to go doing voluntier work for your country. If you won’t go, they have a ” black book”, where your name is in there. If in time,you ask a better job, apartment or any kind of help, you just won’t get it. From the early childhood until you die you have to elogiate your ” choosen” by the party and NOT EVEN THE GOD ( is no God in a communist country) IS MORE IMPORTANT” then your sick schizophrenic president.(I ‘m refering to the old country’s president) So, dear American people, if you want to have this kind of life,fasten your seatbelt, you will need it.If you can’t, you can end up in a “crazy house”, ,jail, where you have a very good chance to ever see again the day lite. Listening the children from Venice, California, America made the first step to the dream world of Obama. If he wins the presidency, he will deliver America in a silver plate to Ayers, the America he always dreamed of, that one day he will be able to “CHANGE” this country in a socialist(communist) one.


    26% 40,478
    72% 112,842
    2% 2,846

    Total Votes: 156,166

  20. Yesterday, I was trying to outline the rules ,everybody MUST respect, in a Communist country, Today, I would like you to know, what’s happening with you and your family,if you don’t respect the rules.Let’s go to abortion. In a period of a Romanian dictatorship, the abortion was forbidden. I’m pro and against abortion, this from my own experience. I don’t know,but maybe many of you remember that, after the communist regime failed, the enourmous number of orphan children,( sick, handicape,) were livind in orphanages, in the streets, in the most mizerable conditions. I agree with ” no abortion”, in this case you have to have the so called” morning pills”, but in RO,all this counterreception pills, were withdrawn from every farmacy. So, what any other chance the poor women, young,older,married or not, could do? nothing, because if by any chance, a doctor,perform abortion outside of the hospital and the patient needed some medical intervention, goinf in the hospital they have two chances: tell who performed the abortion,in this case,both would go to jail; the other chance, keep silent, in this case, the doctor will leave you to die,because behind him, the police were watching him. Don’t tkae me wrong. I love children, and those who wants to have many children, love them and be happy. But, if you are forced to have children and,you just can’t take care of him/her or just, you can’t love him,. In this case, abort him/her,because in my believe is a bigger sin to give life,and abandom that life, who first of all never ask to be born. At least, if you will feel any guilt is just yours and not of the child who did nothing, he didn’t ask for what you put in his/hers shoulder. You know, this is for every child in the world. They don’t need nothing, they don’t ask for nothing more, JUST LOVE, and if any mother can’t give this to their child, DON’T HAVE HIM/HER. Any child is happy with the minimum, if he has the love of his/hers mother. I think, when the whole word saw those innocent children, leaving in filt, misery,not enough food and specially love, those, would want to do the impossible, just save those children. Many of them, were marc for ever, no matter the hepl they get, it was to late for them. I don’t know if some of you ask, waht happened with those doctors, those, who felt sorry and gaveup,because ther wast majority,could not afford financially, to have an other children ( by law 4 children)he performed the abortion, in majority of cases, without any money. Let me tell you from my own experience. My husband(ex) being one of the most kind, human loving physician, after I left(escaped) from the HEAVEN, even I told him to be careful, knowing who he is,they send a women to his dooestep, crying,she can take care of an other child, he perfomed the abortion. Next day, that police picked -up my husband. I wasn’t there, but family members, my children told me, hoe the police beat him, so bad,when my family went to see him.they could not recognize his swallow face full of blod and wounds. He get 3 years in jail. When he came out, he never was the man he was before. He refused to be doctor. The man who loved his profession,loved to help, became a wreck for the rest of his life. My 2 daughters age of 10 and 14 in that time. find themselfs, with no mother and no father. I was lucky, through the UNICEF, I weas able to bring my children in a very short time,here in America. We are Ok, but my exhusbasnd became an alcoholic, homeless. In this moment he is living in one of the Project houses. You can see,how a family, once happy, full of dreams became like a wrecking ship. I ask, those, who refuse to open their eyes, do you want this for America? Think about the clear signs of the beginings: Song for our ” choosen”, the intimidation by the officials from Missouri, the fraudulent votes in Chicago? What else you need, before you open your eyes?, Don’t throw away the life and security of those who worked so hard to have it.

  21. Just one more point. You maybe ask? Why Europeans are incline for Obama? The whole Europe is a socialist country, one step to de communism. France, Italy, part of Germany, as many of you know,have a very strong communist party. They have memebers even in their government. The ex-communist countrie, like, Hungary, Polland, Bulgary, Romania, Albania, Chechia, Slovacia, part of Germany,all of them were indoctrinated ,showing numerous propaganda movies like, I dont know if some of you saw this movies, ‘ ONE POTATE TWO POTATOS”. ” UNCLE TOM ‘S HOWEL”,and many others. In this movies they wanted to convinse the people how the communist system is better then the capitalist, where is no Human Rights, The black people can’t get jobs, can’t get housing,no interracial relationships and all the bad treatments the black people were getting. Sure, after i came here in America a saw a totally different thing. I saw the truth, but those who never had a chance to know the reality, are still thinking that what they saw 10 – 20 years ago, is still true. It is not.This remarc is for those, who are not clear, why Europe is for Obama, believe me this is the truth. They are still socialist countries today.

  22. If any of you are thinking that, I’m exagerating, they are dead wrong. Go and visit: texasdarlin,wordpress.com and http;//curent.com, see the 15′ tall obama’s portret on the wall. You will see, our life our country in a big jeopardy. Stop and think, don’t wait until the candle will burn your hands..

  23. Actually the Obama ‘ mural’ I tried to go direct and it didn’t work.I went back again to;noquarterusa.net,on Dr. Lynnet column( al -Jazzera interwiev) I’m not sure the name, and ther one of the bloggers comment by OhVoter, you will find the site. Now, I would like to go back and continue my maybe” boring” story. The reason, I decided to write is, I’m really worried about what tomorrow will bring. Like many of you, I have children, grandchildren, I don’t want them to live in a country where the are afraid if they speak freely,a country that will tell them,how much and what to eat, the country, were they feel as prisoners of their own country. To have an idea about what I’m talking about, when I came in this country and saw how the black people are living, compared how the people there were living, you even can’t compare. That bad the life was there. God forbid,say something agains the Government, you risked your life and those close to you too. I forget to mention, when the president were visiting the country, first, even before you can see the motor-cars of the president, you could see the secret police cars, with the Dobermans in front. To continue may stroy,after my divorce, I remaried. My husband also was a political prisoner. He was just a kid, 19 years old, when aroup of other highschool boys, protested agains the communist regime. The police get them, they get 5 years in a hard labor prison. I don’t wish to my worst enemy, to live thru, that savage beatings, the dark room punishment(no heat, no light, no bed, just the cold cement). Even today, after so many years, he still has the marks of beating. You say what you want,you can have your opinion, Anerica is still has freedom of speech(for now), but I just can’t stay impassive, without warning those who are believing in the “sunshine” of Obama, which will never shine, which will never warm you up. Obama’s sunshine will freeze every good the God gave you. You will became a robot, why, because you won’t be able to decide what is good for you. The Government, will take over your health care, housing, children, and worst, will take over your mind, judgement. In other words,the government will take over your ” whole” existence. If you want this for you and for your children, go ahead, the sorrow will came after, but will be to late.

  24. If some of you will read what I wrote and also watched Cavuto on Fox channel,maybe you will start to pay attention of what I was writting about. Finally some people start to pay attention and became scared that to much government in any business is the distruction of democracy. With this bailout the government will tell,what to by, who will buy,the government is listening you phone conversations,like in a communist country,the government will decide the type of your medical insurance,what you can say and express ypur opinion about anybody and anything. Look around and not so far, in Missouri, the trainig of the” youth Obama”s group,the police and judges intervention if anybody say something about Obama. If you never read a book about Marx,Engels, the founders of communist theory and later those who imply their theory, Lenin, Stalin, and the rest of communist dictators, pleas at least open your eyes and ears and pay attention what is happening around.Listen and think. Obama’s regime would be the end of democracy in America. I love to much this country, in order to keep silent. I’m not an instigator, far, I’m a peace loving, fairness loving ordinary citizen of the USA. I’m retired, I, won’t be reacher and not poorer, I have no any business, just a modest 640 Dollar pension /MO.,but I have children and grandchildren and as, I left behind everything and escaped from the” Communist Heaven”, I’m worried about the path toward we are running.

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