Gwen Ifill’s Impeccable Journalistic Credentials Will be Tested on This Specific Question…(Update 1X, Post-Debate)

WHO WINS THE SWIMSUIT CONTEST? Her background to the question will include:

Candidate #1

Wore swimsuit this year….swoon…, big he-man; virile, ready to lead! (55 days in IL Legislature, 173 days in U.S. Senate, (Editor’s Note: sort of….); displayed supreme leadership by working on abs while in D.C. “solving” mortgage crisis.


Candidate #2

Mayor; Governor of critical state re: energy; chair of the National Governors Association (NGA) Natural Resources Committee; chair and ethics commissioner of the Alaska Conservation Commission prior to becoming governor; mother of 5 kids (1 special needs)… wore a swimsuit in 1984, trying to get a scholarship….not a good role model…what do you look like NUDE?

And, obviously too dumb to be in public office…

No comment.


With Joe Biden as Obama’s swimsuit stand-in, I’d have to give it to…PALIN!  Joe wanted to be friends with Gwen, always calling her by her first name, but Gwen managed to control herself and her book deal whispering in her ears fairly well.  Gov. Palin was INVIGORATING!!!!  That’s the only word I can come up with…a GREAT JOB!!