Why Obama Doesn’t Want Clinton Democrats

~~By Grail Guardian

It’s 44 days until the General Election as I write this and after a long and hard fought primary season the Democratic Party, and the Obama campaign specifically, are still unable to get over their terminal case of CDS. I can’t help but ask “Why”? For the uninitiated, CDS stands for Clinton Derangement Syndrome, usually defined as the uncontrollable impulse to rail against all things Clinton (Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, Hillary’s supporters, and basically anything connected to centrist positions).

Team Obama not only masterminded the overthrow of the Democratic Party to form the “New Democrats” (remember the May 31, 2008 coup when all semblance of the rules were overthrown at a behind-closed-doors meeting of the Rules and Bylaws Committee), they literally declared the nomination belonged to Obama despite the fact that:

Clinton suspended her own campaign, as she had promised during the primaries she began to campaign for Obama, she asked her fundraisers to jump to Team Obama, and eventually Clinton herself served as the conduit to end her historic campaign by interrupting a roll call vote at the convention to ask for Obama’s nomination by acclaim. Yet still the Oborg continues to harass Clinton supporters. Team O bloggers continue to infiltrate web sites that had been pro-Clinton. Commenters continue to compare John McCain and Sarah Plain to Clinton, who they now conveniently claim as one of their own. Web sites continue to be hijacked and crashed. The Main Stream Media continues to fawn over Obama as messiah, ignore every negative story posted about him on the Internet, and call anyone disagreeing with their views a racist. And Middle Class voters continue to be insulted, marginalized, and discounted.

So at this late juncture, one must ask why it is that so many of the Oborg continue to fight dirty against the moderate, centrist voters that refuse to support Obama, rather than to sensibly go after them? After all, Obama went after the right wing and evangelical voters with his votes on FISA and promises to continue funding George W. Bush’s Faith Based Initiative, so why not court the center? It only makes good political sense that once the cries of “you have no where else to go” and “you’ll fall in line eventually” were obviously falling on deaf ears that the next move would be to go after this significant voting bloc with gusto and speed. But with just over 6 weeks left, the taunting and harassment continues unabated.

So let’s look at the possibilities:

1. They’re just idiots

While this statement is absolutely true on so many levels, we have to admit it: no matter how reprehensible we may believe their tactics, someone on Team Obama had enough brains to game the system and get him this far. No ordinary political strategist could so arrogantly ignore the rules and manipulate the media and 17 million voters into supporting an empty suit with nothing but dubious associations with the likes of Nadhmi Auchi (nefarious Iraqi billionaire that funded Rezko and others while evading jail), Antoin “Tony” Rezko (convicted for his participation in the infamous “Pay to Play” scam in Chicago), Jeremiah Wright (“God Damn AmeriKKKa”), Michael Pfleger (“Hillary ain’t never been called a nigger”), Penny Pritzker (part owner of the first bank to fall in the Sub Prime Mortgage fiasco in 2001), Franklin Raines (former Fannie Mae head that scored millions while the lender tanked), Frank Marshall Davis (Marxist/Socialist who admitted that he and his wife had sex with a 13 year old girl), and so many more.

This has prompted some to believe that former Gore campaign manager Donna Brazile’s ties to Karl Rove may indicate an even more sinister plot for the mastermind behind George W. Bush’s election to influence this year’s race in even stranger ways than he has in the past. After all, they posit, if politics is really just the ultimate chess game to Rove, what would be more masterful than to engineer a win for the “other side” when everyone least suspects it (and with a man who should by no traditional measures have even been a serious contender for President).

2. They can win without the center

At one point in the race, this was actually Obama’s mantra. But any serious student of politics can easily tell you that the likes of John Kerry, George McGovern, and even Al Gore could not pull off a victory without the votes of that irritating group formerly known as FDR or Reagan Democrats (now Clinton Democrats), and even a few centrist Republicans and Independents. Obama’s campaign has seen his lead the polls shrink, evaporate, and even turn in favor of his opponent since he was declared the Democratic candidate. There is no way that even the Kool-Aid addicted such as Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid would presume at this point that the election could be won without the support of virtually all Democrats and most Independents. Still they agitate women and people in the so-called “fly over” states and spew sexist sound bites like cornered rattlers spit venom.

3. Obama suffers from severe Narcissistic Personality Disorder

While I’ll leave you to check out the specifics of this legitimate condition, suffice it to say that those who’ve researched it are fairly well convinced that Barack Obama suffers from NPD. Yet despite his obsession with himself and his own American Idol style popularity, we have to concede that his handlers should be stepping in at this point and saving him from himself if this is the only problem. So while I agree that Obama suffers from some degree of NPD, there are too many people among his 300+ advisors that could keep him more in check if they wanted to (not the least of which is his wife Michelle), and by now they should definitely want to reel him in.

4. We really do deserve it

To be fair, we must examine the possibility that Hillary Clinton supporters and other centrists against Barack Obama may actually be responsible for the fury that has rained down on us in the past year. After all, we do staunchly refuse to follow party lines, and we give back just as hard as we get when attacked. So can the return fire and irreverent refusal to do as the pundits declare possibly serve as justification for the continued barrage of snark, sexist attacks, and hostile actions? I will admit that probably to a small degree we have earned some of the derision; I myself have done battle with many a troll and Obama supporting bloggers in a less than dignified manner. Although I personally try to keep the profanity to a minimum, I do get carried away with some of the more extreme cases. Yet I still cannot see how this would benefit the Obama campaign in any way. When Hillary Clinton was still in the race, I frequently put on my polite persuasion hat to try to reel in a potential moderate Republican or undecided poster. I knew the value of kindness in drawing in support, so if I could see it I must presume that Senator Obama’s staff and supporters would be capable of noting it as well.

5. They’re too sexist to accommodate women’s demands

Now this point will ring true to many of the victims of the Oborg attacks. After all, they pilloried Hillary, she-wolfed Sarah, and fornicated Ferraro – why not go after the female population as a whole? Ok, many would argue (myself among them) successfully that this actually is happening right now. But the crude remarks from Barack and Michelle Obama, the MSM, and online supporters, while probably deeply felt and true, are still not a viable political strategy. At best, they might be overlooked if just one ardent supporter went off the deep end, but for a supposedly civilized country to turn on over one half the population in an effort to win a contest is absurd. If this were the sole reason, we would have to assume that Hillary Clinton could never have secured the most votes of any national candidate in the nation’s history. So there are 18 million reasons to disbelieve the concept that America has reverted to the 1950’s en masse.

6. They know how this is going to end

Now we come closer to reality in my view. I have reviewed this conundrum for quite a while (bouncing ideas off of friends, relatives, and other bloggers), and this is the only conclusion I can reach within the grasp of reason. There is no other possibility I can conceive of that would account for the brash, mindless, and seemingly self-defeating actions taken by Barack Obama and company this far into the General Election season. They act with the self-assurance and bravado of one who knows in advance how things will turn out. There is no hesitation in their attacks, no fear of losing, no room allowed for the possibility of change. They act like a teenager who is adept at video games trying to fly through the lower levels by rote so they can get to the ultimate confrontation at the highest level, one that they are sure they have determined the strategy to win this time.

So this leads to another question, namely does Team Obama actually have reason to believe they know the election results due to subterfuge and illicit ties deep within the electoral system (corporate sponsors, foreign powers, collusion with Karl Rove et al, rigging Diebold voting machines), or do they know that Obama will lose (ineligibility due to citizenship issues, or some other game-ender that has yet to be released) and use the opportunity to attack with impunity because their solitary goal all along has been to destroy either the Democratic Party or the American electoral system (or both)?

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  1. You know something, ia? I can’t think of anything Barack Obama could say right now that would convince me to vote for him. He could apologize profusely for his treatment of Hillary and his supporters’ treatment of us, beg our forgiveness and promise never to say or do anything sexist ever again, and every word would ring hollow.

    I think we should quit browbeating them about getting us back. I don’t want to go back…not to THAT Democratic party.

  2. Creeper, I agree completely. Nothing would make me vote Obama/Biden now.

    Perhaps in the future the Democratic Party may get some support from me if it purges itself of the corrupt Obamacrats that infest the party at this time.

    Grail, good article and much to think about. Unless and until the media is also purged of corruption we will only find truth and even honest questions among citizens who care enough to ask; “what the hell is going on? ”

    Keep asking Grail. Keep asking long, loud, and often.

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  4. The more I think, the less it makes sense. The link above to Death by 1,000 Paper Cuts is an article that raises some extremely valid points.

    My mind keeps going back to Saul Alinsky and Frank Marshall Davis, and I cannot accept that whatever is happening here hasn’t been going on for an extremely long time (since he was a teenager?). Inquirering minds want to know…

  5. To see something about some possibly related activities, see my post…

    A Party Held HOSTAGE: Michele Obama Wasn’t Alone in Her Hostility at the Rainbow/PUSH Conference in 2004–Protests Against Jesse Jackson, Threats Against Democrats/Kerry By Ministers in an Eerie Preview of the Rev. Wright Episode


    This actually has been the most active post on this site since it began…

  6. Look for the simplest explanation. They *really* did think we were all going to get onboard by November. After all, Obama is supposed to be in line with our issues and values (riiiiight. For most Democrats in most years, that would have been enough. Then they cruelly and publicly took our candidate and made it absolutely clear in no uncertain terms that she wasn’t getting anywhere near the ticket. They did it to make sure that we gave up and got with the program. I think this is what they were relying on. We would see no other option, no place to go and we would all fall in line by November.
    They really did not expect this level of resistence and they still don’t have a lock on where it’s coming from. BTW, FDR Democrats are not the same as Reagan Democrats. In fact, they are so different it’s not funny. Reagan Democrats were nostalgic for the Happy Days of the fifties when everyone knew their roles during the Eisenhower administration and before the country got all Great Society, experimenting with more liberal programs. FDR Democrats and Clinton Democrats have a lot in common, but not with Reagan Dems. Reagan Dems are gone, baby, gone. They switched over to Palin quiker’n’spit.
    The DNC does not understand women, modern women. We’ve dealt with discrimination all of our lives at work, in college, in the body politic and we are simply not falling in line this year. This is the year we tell them they pushed the envelope too far. The sexism that is the problem here is not the one they flung at us from the TV and the monitors. It’s the kind of institutional sexism of the white middle aged white guys. They never had a woman boss. They rarely have equals. They are used to giving women orders that they have no choice but to obey for the sake of their salaries and families. And we’re telling them to go f%&( themselves. They aren’t used to it, hence their confusion and their continued reliance on dissing us and telling us to get in line. They need behavior modification and we are about to give them a four year time out until they get it.

  7. Whatever the outcome of the election, women are NEVER going to be put back in “their” place again. If nothing else good comes from this election it will be that many women’s eyes have been opened to the misogyny with the Democratic Party.

    We all knew misogyny was all around us. We lived it. We felt it. We fought it.

    Now there are more women’s voices being raised than ever before against it. We are NOT going to sit down, shut up and do as we’re told. Never again.

  8. In college (lo those many years ago) I wrote a paper on why some battered women kill. One idea I encountered is that an abused woman will gradually expand her idea of what is acceptable, normal or tolerable, along with the usual escalation in violence. However, sometimes when there is an event that falls far enough outside those parameters, she becomes convinced that now, this time, she is going to die, and it has become necessary to act in self-preservation.

    I get the feeling that for many of us, having endured sexism for years, what happened this year was so over the top that we’ve crossed a line like that, and are going to act in self and group preservation on Nov 4. People who haven’t experienced this transition do not understand it, and will be shocked and confused and perhaps dismayed by it. But we will have taken the step that we feel is required to protect ourselves.

  9. I also think it’s the simplest explanation. Obama swallowed the adoration and he believed he could win without us or the middle class. But now that he’s brought Bill on board he might be thinking that he needs us after all. Obviously, he’s hurting from the Palin pick. Pro-Obama media is hitting her hard, his fans are hitting her — and now he needs us.

    Too late.

  10. To understand what’s going on in Obamaworld, a commenter on one of the many blogs I lurk at recommended this book… “The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements”, by Eric Hoffer. I got it 2 days ago and it is very enlightening. Highly recommended!

    Apparently in the beginning all movements must go through a unity phase where all are required to get on board with the ideology. Those that do not, don’t get get to belong.

    Wikipedia has some good info on Hoffer and the ideas in this book http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Hoffer

    One line really sticks out …
    [Hoffer] notes that mass movements and juvenile mindsets tend to go together to the point that anyone, no matter what age, who joins a mass movement immediately begins to exhibit juvenile behavior.

    Sounds about right to me!

  11. Riverdaughter –

    Thanks for the clarification on Reagan Democrats. Guess I did a bit too much lumping there. You have some excellent thoughts, and may prove to be right, but I have this nagging feeling in the back of my brain telling me that something more is going on here. When you tie in the current Wall Street crisis (the palyers have the stench of Obama all over them) and the blank check Paulson wants us to write by weeks end (sounds a bit too much like Bush’s big push to invade Iraq for my comfort), I just have the feeling there’s so much more happening than meets the eye.

    Occam’s Razor is a sound scientific principal, but there has been just too much of, well, everything! I just don’t buy that 1 man’s ego could wreak the chaos that we’ve seen over the past year. But that’s the whole point of my piece; to make people think and question. Because I think the lack thereof will get Obama elected, and after that we won’t need to bother.

  12. I’ll buy that simple explanation (though I agree that it almost looks as if they know the outcome already) but I want to know what is in it for Pelosi, Dean, Brazille, Soros, and the rest of the lying, cheating, thieving pondscum who stole the nomination.

    So much crookedness can only stem from a quid pro quo. What do these people get out of it? Has our political system been hijacked for a cabinet seat?

  13. Creeper

    I fear the price is much lower than that. We’ve been sold for a few thousand campaign dollars that in most instances never even materialized.

    My abiding hope is that Hillary Clinton does not ever accept any position in the (shudder) Obama Administration other than despised opposition. But we cannot afford to let it get that far. Far too much at stake.

  14. To say any woman has earned derision, sister, is synonymous to saying a woman whose husband smacks her around is asking for it.

    There is NO excuse.

    The fact is, the Obama camp wants respect with regard to race, but they see no reason to respect with regard to gender. As far as I’m concerned then, all bets are off. I now officially care about racism in the same way they care about sexism. Not.

    You reap what you sow.

  15. Excellent post Grail Guardian! Many good points and River Daughter brings up something valid as well. They really did thinkwe had no where else to go and that we would just fall in line.

    When that didn’t happen they didn’t know how to deal with it. They are still in denial as is the media. it’s all racism not PUMAS or the fact that Obama is the worst candidate ever.

    Not only that but they are starting to realize their plans are failing and the outcome is not going to be the one they were looking for. Now they are enraged and still in the last stages of denial. They think it’s all or nothing now and they will not give up until it’s obvious it’s over.

    There will be even more anger after he loses. We cannot allow these people to blackmail us into giving them what they want “or else”. If they react in violent and illegal ways they should be dealt with swiftly and with no “special treatment” or consideration for their emotional state supposedly caused by the rest of the country. God knows they had no concience as to their behaviour toward their opponents and now they will expect us to defer to them because they will say they were “cheated”.

    I think we should have a national discourse on what cheating is and what really happened during this election cycle. I don’t care if the Obamacrats feel outraged or feel slighted. They need to have it made clear that what they did was wrong, will not be rewarded and will not be tolerated. period.


  16. Yes I also believe Obama and his minions have a sinister plan which has been in the works for years and thats why he believes that he will win. As far as what his minions get, they get power of the greatest country on earth and we will all pay a terrible price for that for many generations.

  17. I’m with Grail.Guardian on this…Obama has been groomed for this for a very long time. I’m usually not into the conspiracy theory stuff, but this whole thing has stunk to high heaven for a long time. I’ve never seen politicians roll and turn into glassy-eyed robots like they have for Obama. Seeing HIllary and BIll stump for him, after all he did to Hillary in the primary, after all he did to trash Bill AND Hillary’s reputation regarding their work with the black community…something is up. This isn’t just love for party that is making Hillary stump for OBama, I believe it’s something else.

  18. What a good post, GG.

    The comments are just as thought provoking as the initial post. I so agree with the comment that cellocat made about the sexism we have endured. There was a point – perhaps even before this year – when I said “enough”. But when I heard Tweety make his comments re: Hillary, on national teevee, and then heard *crickets*, I knew I’d had more than enough. For me there was no turning back.

    There is a commentor on Mountain Sage who said we (Hillary supporters) had been treated with “special” handling throughout the campaign season and he, for one was “through” (treating us so well, I suppose). He does not recognize the use of cheating, dissembling, smearing , name-calling and outright lying that occurred as anything out of “ordinary political rhetoric”. (I believe this is also what Teh Precious said recently.)
    I also am reading that Olberman is criticizing a Fox News person for not “even hiding his outright r*cism”. When misogyny toward Hillary was rampant, I heard *crickets* and even more hatred. How’s that for special? Better yet, how’s that for “ordinary political rhetoric”?
    It will be a long time before I contribute to the DNC again, if ever. If I ever needed proof of the “old boyz network”, I got it this year.
    I’m in “my place” and I put myself there. I don’t intend to leave any time soon.

  19. Grail: Not Your Sweetie sums up what’s going on inside the party in A hand grenade thrown at the Democratic Party but make no mistake about it, they could never even attempt to pull this off if they didn’t think we would be forced to go along with it. The fact that we are resisting is scary to them. They can’t appeal to us or they’ll scare off their intended targets. But if they don’t, they ride into November 4th without their security blanket.
    Whoever is behind this is determined to transform the party in very significant ways but they are face a huge obstacle right now because we aren’t going along. Their plan would have been perfect if it weren’t for those pesky Clintonistas.

  20. For me it’s the blatant racism that is getting my blood to boil. Mr. Obama plays the race card, baits someone and people (elite white people who feel privileged) fall into the trap. He has no doubt been doing this all his life. Since Obama has no resume and has pushed himself ahead with this “in your face”, pick me/vote for me because if you don’t you are a racist technique, this has gotten him where he is today. Couple the blatant sexism with Obama’s constant racist techniques, and his lack of qualifications, there is no way this Hillary Clinton supporter would ever vote for THE CHOSEN ONE.

  21. Grail,
    I agree with you totally that there is something more to this political season than what we are really aware of. If you read the piece I did about 2004 in my comment above, you’ll see that the Democratic Party was getting a heckuva lot of pressure from the Chicago crowd then.
    Since then, some deal has been struck, but does it only involve the party or other forces? Where did all that Wall St. money come from? Why is the media covering up so many unanswered questions?

    The link you provide to Death by 1,000 Paper Cuts is really intriguing….the separation of Democratic Party offices from the Obama offices, and the network they’ve set up.

    The Obama camp is acting as if they are not really part of the Democratic Party at all…and why would the people in charge of the Party let this happen???

    In the middle of all this are the Clintons. It is really scary to think that they were either not aware of what was going on, or thought it would all come to nothing…or who knows what there role at this point is exactly??? Bill Clinton referred to information that would come out after the election…he seems to downplay any support he gives to Obama…what secrets do they hold???

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  23. Obama ownes the DNC, thats why he had the DNC office moved to Chicago. The DNC has no money to
    operate on, so, Obama bailed them out. So, they do what Obama tells them to do using “dirty Chicago political tactics”. If Hillary and Bill don’t do what Obama tells them to do, Obama will throw them out of the Democratic Party. Bill and Hillary’s hands are tied
    by Obama!! This is scary! Obama is dangerous!!
    Obama is the worse kind of socialist. We cannot let
    Obama be President, OR you will see “change” but
    not the kind of “change” you want!!! “BEWARE OF OBAMA”, HE IS A DANGEROUS PERSON!!!

  24. GRL –

    I read your piece on the Rainbow Push conference, and it just one more link in the argument that this has been going on for a while. There are so many dynamics to this juggernaut that it staggers the mind, but I think your piece shows a lot about the racism.

    The sexism I think runs deeper. It was Hillary, it as women in general, it was Sarah Palin, it was us. But as Riverdaughter says, we went and spoiled it all by not falling into line, so they tried a full frontal attack. They never imagined that we’d say “so what?” to their threats.

    Uppity Woman – I never meant to imply that women have earned the sexism or derision. It was more of an observation that perhaps some Clinton supporters in general have gone a bit off the deep end themselves at times. But I discount that entirely; nothing we have done could have justified our treatment at the hands of these people. Nothing. But that does tie into your analogy quite well, because one reason abusive men continue to beat women and children is because they know that they can. They are comfortable in the knowledge that no matter what they do, no one is going to stop them. It’s exactly that arrogance that makes me ask “why?” Why does this unproven, inexperienced man think that he’ll get away with this? Why does he think he has the freedom to abuse millions of people? And the only answer I can come up with is that either he is totally detached from reality and the people around him just don’t care, or he knows something we don’t.

    In any case, the best part about asking questions like this is the diverse and thoughtful answers that are generated. Thanks to all for adding so much to the conversation.

  25. Every time that I try, I fail to understand Barack Obama.

  26. “BEWARE OF OBAMA”, HE IS A DANGEROUS PERSON!!!! —I’m Barbara and I’m a graduate PHD from the University of Hard Knocks. I am not a Clinton
    supporter as I am Pro-Life and Catholic. I’ve never been actively involved in politics but I do a lot of reading. And I’m wondering–why do I and so many others have the same gut feeling about Obama–
    it’s positively terrifying. Why are things happening so rapidly. It’s not natural. I will give one opinion that I am debating with myself from various things I’ve read.: Obama is no Christian, he is Muslim and accepted as such by all the Eastern -Asian countries. He is not African-American and doesn’t qualify as such under U.S. law. He could care less about the people of this country, he’s a citizen of the WORLD. He’s allowed to lie to us under Muslim law as we are infidels. He wants power, ultimate power. The Muslims want ultimate power. The chair of the Caliph is empty and needs to be filled. The Presidency of this country is nothing but a stepping stone to Obama. He has higher goals and destroying this country will help him attain these goals. Just a thought!!!

  27. PS–God and Country First–Tolkein, “Rise men of the West” and fight –women, too. As my hero, Father Corapi tells us–don’t raise your voices to the Media, raise your voices to God. –No cross, no crown–no pain, no gain. May the Christian God of our Founding Fathers bless all the people of this country . GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD HAVE MERCY ON US AND FORGIVE OUR SINS.

  28. Sorry Barbara,

    Having been raised in the Catholic Church I have seen sexism up close and personal from fellow so-called “Christians”.

    The church itself, at least when I still belonged, was one enormous patriarchy, designed to keep women in their place.

    I would never deny anyone the right to worship as they see fit. Or see fit not to worship at all. But I do want them, and that includes Obama and his latest pandering to the Christian community, his Faith and Family traveling road show and hootenanny, to keep religion out of my politics. Way out, far out, out of sight and sound out!

    I loathe sexism wherever I find it. And I find it far too often within organized religion.

  29. Yeah, I voted for “the fix is in” as well – it’s not just against Clinton democrats – but democratic party as we know it – the plan has apparently been to implode it – to silence us forever

  30. I have never understood what they consider “courting voters”! Because I voted for Hillary they always assume I’m hard left, but I was an Independent when I voted for her. She was the only Democrat that appealed to me. I just love the Clintons and they are close to the center. I thought about McCain before Hilary b/c I agree with half of his positions too and he’s close to the center! I’m truly a swing voter and McCain was always my SECOND choice. When I explain this to them, instead of trying to convince me Obama is moderate, they call me names! It’s crazy! I am disgusted with all Democrats other than the Clintons and they have lost this swing voter for a very long time! The MSM hasn’t helped things either. I feel like I live in a Communist Country now. It’s like how in North Korea they play all kinds of Kim Jong IL propaganda and everyone is forced to sing his praises! Thanks but no thanks on that fascism! I don’t think it’s you guys at all! I’ve spoken to many of you not committed to either candidate left and you are very civil and respectful to all. Don’t let them get inside your heads pumas. It seems people need deprogramming afterwards. As for already knowing the outcome, we all know how the primaries were tainted with fraud! There has already been fraud reported in the early voting of the general election! I guess when you cheat this well you don’t need voters like us that care about a fair process!

  31. your post makes me only want to work harder…we mustn’t let obots steal democracy & decency from the people … this is just one of the uglier parts of the ‘story’ that hasn’t quite gone mainstream.

    but we all know … here’s to democracy AND decency – may they prevail.

  32. kenosha Marge: I wasn’t talking about sexism–I could give you an earful on that one having lived outside the Church most of my life . I was speaking of my gut feelings about Obama and his being a Muslim. He certainly is no Christian. And believe me, under a Muslim regime, woman will be treated far worse. Do you think Mother Teresa was mistreated by the Church? Or Mother Angelica? (the US bishops tried to get her TV Station EWTN but she outsmarted them, their TV Station flopped) anyway, back to Obama—I do believe this was in the making for a long, long, time. They’ve had 40 years of lowering education and brainwashing through movies and TV and now they are making their big move to ruin the U.S. In regard to Obama, I still think his goals are higher than the U.S. Presidency. The CHAIR of the CALIPH is empty. –He will cause a race war in this country, which should not be happening. Have we learned nothing from the genocides in other countries. Why do we insist on believing it can’t happen here? Hitler’s man was not Pius XII but Hajj Amin al-Husseini,the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

  33. I’m thinking it all started with his ACORN days. You hear daily now about voter fraud, it is now coming out here in Denver. Everywhere, this would explain the cockieness of the Messiah. I am very worried by the Messiah image. I got into a heated debate with a Dem friend, and needless to say, we probably aren’t friends anymore. She said she wants an elite leader, a BRILLIANT leader, I said, sorry to tell ya, but O isn’t Brilliant. He’s a Chicago thug. I do know of several Reps that are voting for O, I also know several Dem’s that aren’t voting for him.

  34. Plus, look what has come out about his association with Ayers, and their brainwashing of students and their parents in Chicago….. SCARY

  35. If this looks like a done deal with Obama becoming president, we have to all vote Republican for the Senate & House. Can you imagine Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Dean?????? If Obama does become president, we need to have Republicans in the house and Congress, otherwise they will have free rein to do ANYTHING to this country.

  36. Sorry again Barbara,

    I don’t like Obama and won’t vote for him but I do not believe he’s a Muslim. And I wouldn’t care if he was so long as he keeps his damn religion out of politics just as I want Christians to do.

    Separation of church and state, any church and state is what I believe. And I also believe that for the most part ALL religions are patriarchies designed and dedicated to keeping women in their place.

    And you need to do some research in how the church stood idly by for many of the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazi regime. Individual Priests and Nuns may have behaved nobly, the church did not.

    Whatever, I simply do not agree, so let’s leave it at that.

  37. Heidi,
    You may want to read this from 1995, when Obama was getting started…

    “What Makes Obama Run?” from The Chicago Reader, December 1995


    It’s VERY REVEALING>>>>>>

  38. Also this…

    Michelle Obama Wasn’t Alone in Her Hostility at the Rainbow/PUSH Conference in 2004…Protests Against Jesse Jackson, Threats Against Democrats/Kerry by Ministers in an Eerie Preview of the Rev. Wright


  39. kenosha Marge: And you think religion is separate from politics? Religion is the Latin word for belief. How can you separate them? You may have seen sexism in the Church, outside the Church, I’ve experienced it. Homeless, on the streets. Believe me, I know. I firmly believe the model of women’s true freedom is the Virgin Mary. The model of True Man, Jesus Christ.

  40. Yes, I am aware that Obama and Oprah’s guru are quite close. He’s not a Christian no matter what he says. You say he not a Muslim. What is he? All his close friends are Muslim. You tell me what he is, this leader of the Culture of Death.

  41. I think the important thing here is that we all agree that Barack Obama is a very dangerous man, for a wide variety of reasons. Everyone has their own specific #1 reason for fearing him, but as long as we are all seeing this man for the threat he is to our Republic, we’re on the same page.

    I’m more concerned about what makes his handlers and financial backers tick. Follow the money…

  42. I drift by this site occasionally to be sure this is all real, and I’m not caught up in some bizarro nightmare. I was almost afraid to think it to myself, but a little voice in my head keeps whispering “the fix is in.” I read an article one day by a pundit (pro-O) who said he was concerned that The O has too much pride for his own good. The pundit had noticed O didn’t court the Hillary voters, and didn’t even try to make inroads with the “uneducated middlle class” that wanted Hillary. He chalked it up to pride. (I doubt it) The money and the high level connections trouble and concern me; how did he get in so tight, so fast with Pelosi, Reed, Kerry, Kennedy, etc.? Who is really behind all that money he’s raised; there certainly aren’t that many “small contributors” like they claim. Something is rotten here but who can figure it out?! By the time we know, it may be too late to do anything. I suspect it already is.

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