Selling America: Why the MSM Can’t Tell the Truth


Last Thursday (September 18), IA posted a piece entitled SHILLING and CHURNING–the State of the Media and the “Mass Production of Ignorance” (A Double Post by kenosha Marge and InsightAnalytical-GRL).  Grail Guardian, who as made some great comments before, expanded on the topic and it was such a powerful read that we decided to give it the place it deserved as a featured post.

And… with this post we are happy to welcome Grail Guardian as a contributor to InsightAnalytical.  Grail Guardian will be posting her thoughts when the spirit moves her and time allows, so we’ll be looking forward to her thoughts in the future!

Here’s Grail Guardian’s introduction in her own words….

I am an IT professional from Upstate NY, a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton, I am deeply outraged at the hijacking of democracy and the American electoral system by both political parties, and my hobbies include studying history, genealogy, and ensuring that Barack Obama never steals the White House.

Again, WELCOME Grail Guardian!



Selling America: Why the MSM Can’t Tell the Truth

~~By Grail Guardian

This (the shilling and churning) is more than the media not doing their jobs, or not being given the opportunity to do investigations, or even an epidemic of Barackomania.

These people are an integral and premeditated part of a very longstanding plan to not just elect Barack Obama, but to steal the electoral process (and ultimately democracy itself) away from the American people. This did not start with Barack Obama, or even the illegal coronation of George W. Bush. In fact, I have come to believe that the reason the media and political establishment reviles Bill and Hillary Clinton so deeply is because Bill derailed a plan (that has been in place since at least Ronald Reagan) to slowly but surely capitalize on the general laziness and laissez-faire attitude of Middle America to have a silent but irreversible coup d’etat where a silent government (behind the visible actors and bloviators in the Capitol and White House) in essence traps the American public into a bizarre state of modern slavery that even Orwell couldn’t forsee.

We eat and buy what we are sold on TV, in the movies, and in popular music. Restaurants have become virtually 100% homogeneous across this vast nation (just think about how weird it is that you can walk into a chain restaurant – all owned by the same small group – anywhere in the US and order the same exact dish, and it will taste essentially the same, and have the same total lack of nutrition and be overloaded with carbohydrates and fats that make us sluggish, dull, and obese). All of our children have to have the same and latest cell phone, MP3 player, laptop, video game player, music, unreasonably expensive clothing and footwear – the list goes on and on.

Now the global corporate machine is straining world resources to spread their plans to China, India, and Russia (of course, Europe has been there right along with us the whole time). But better still, they have figured out how to use this same marketing strategy to sell us wars, incite international terrorism to keep us in line (and begging them to bomb the crap out of “them”), and make the western world overweight, complacent, and so financially embroiled that we can never get out from under.

Why would these people ever allow Universal Health Care, when they have so much to gain by keeping us working massive overtime in order to pay for medical treatment that is mostly necessary due to the lifestyle they have led us to by the collective nose? They use prescription drugs to keep us ill, and ridicule naturopathic remedies and practitioners that might be able to actually cure us (can’t have cures – must just mask symptoms). Fifteen years ago Chiropractic care was ridiculed, until the medical community saw that it was a cash cow.

The basic strategy here is to keep us so indebted that we don’t have time to be activists, radicals or even notice that our lives no longer belong to us. But cleverly, they have wrapped it all in a pseudo-affluence so that when we start to complain, we realize that our non-stop lives of work-eat-sleep, interrupted by soccer games and dance lessons for the kids and brief interludes at Starbucks or a day spa or watching an NFL game, aren’t nearly as bad as the victims they greedily bring us so we give a heavy sigh and go back to being a corporate slave ((ever wonder why suddenly over the last 8 years the media is covering so many natural disasters in disadvantaged countries, or why when there’s a hurricane or wildfire we literally see non-stop coverage until viewership starts to fall off?).

Stop and ask yourself why Clinton Derangement Syndrome exists, and why it runs so deep. Monica Lewinsky has nothing to do with it (other than she was used as a way to enrage the rabble in the flyover states to buy into the concept and show these bitter low lives that their beloved President wasn’t who they thought he was), and there is no reason for it still to run so deep after this many intervening years (Hillary has ruffled virtually no feathers as a Senator with her extensive knowledge and diplomatic skills). And ultimately in this election, it was the media and Obama’s blogger team stirring up CDS among the unwashed masses that allowed the DNC to select Obama in a manner totally reminiscent of the 2000 election. Again, how long did you try to wrap your head around how Gore could have given up the fight so quickly after the obvious and barely disguised gaming of the election? “They” knew they had won when W. was re-elected sort-of legitimately (only a tad more than the usual manipulation of the results). The prize was within sight, and the only thing standing in their way was another Clinton, easily dispatched with their new-found power and tactics. But what they didn’t count on was 18 million Americans waking up from their sugar-induced coma, the PUMA movement, or the idea that a run-down old has-been moderate like John McCain would rally the troops and find extra support in the guise of a moose-hunting, God-fearing reformer from Alaska.

They have once again underestimated the American Spirit, our strength, our pride, and our ferocity. Right now, we have them leaning back on their heels, taken by surprise and unprepared. Let’s not get complacent again. We must continue the attack as relentlessly as they have, and not stop until each and every one of them are out of power. We must return America to the great Republic of our Founders and FDR. And a large part of “them” are the MSM. It’s time to let them know we aren’t watching anymore. PUMAs must unite and incite! Perhaps we need to empower a Katie Couric (herself a victim of misogyny and being pushed out of her network anchor job) to poke at the bear by the only way we can. Watch her broadcast, and make it clear to everyone why we are doing so (including Couric herself). It’s not much, but perhaps it’s a start. “They” are starting to understand PUMA Power. Let’s make it mean something.

18 Responses

  1. Excellent points.
    I always thought the Clinton derangement syndrome had a class component – he didn’t belong to the clique . Sally Quinn made that obviously clear – and the hatred from the elitists of the left only confirmed it. Palin touched on this in her speech and created a similar derangement.
    Indeed, the Vanity fair question “Is the media powerless to elect Obama?” asked in an “I can’t believe” mode – confirms your theory.

  2. Excellent Grail. I couldn’t agree more.

    I believe that the people of this country are waking up to the fact the the Media, and BOTH Corporate Parties are the enemies within.

    Hopefully they will also stop hating and attacking each other because of Party Affiliation and start putting the skids under the folks that brought us this damn mess.

  3. Heh –

    kenoshaMarge I prefer to think of US as the enemy within…

    Makes me feel like a true Revolutionary!

  4. Okay Grail,

    just so long as we shout out loud and clear that WE are the patriots, that WE are the ones that love our country, and that WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for not some empty suit playing politics and having his ass kissed by the fifth columnists known as the Mainstream Corporate Media.

  5. Hey, guys, can I talk, too????? LOL!!!!!!!!

    Yup, we’re the truthseekers!

  6. Maybe we should suggest PUMA stands for Patriots United for Media Aggravation!

  7. Hey, I like that!!!!! It has broad appeal!

  8. Welcome Grail Guardian !
    More later……

  9. It is us against them, not reps against demos it is the american people against the power hungry politicans and the coporate backers who feed their hunger.

    I am a registered independent. I hold no alligence to any party just my country. I pick a candidate based on the fewest negatives not the “perfect” candidate because there is NO SUCH ANIMAL. I feel no urge to protect or defend or to cuddle no candidate. I voted and supported Hillary but she to toke alot of money from the investment firms peddling mortgage backer securities (MBS) i.e. Junk.

    I have been thoroughly disgusted with this whole election –primary forward–process. But the silver lining in this whole mess is I have obtained total political nirvana.I now possess total awareness/consciousness of the msm power to investigate as well as not to investigate, to use certain words to couch their basis, to quote un named sources to support a narrative the msm wants to promote and to SHRILL so loudly it covered up rev wright’s rantings.
    I am also teaching my 10 yr old how to listen with a discriminating ear.
    We must teach the next generation how not to so closely identify with a party they lose sight of common sense, logic, decency and most important country first party last.


  10. Welcome, GG. And thanks to New Hampster for posting a link here.

    I realized a couple of weeks ago that there is a powerful group of people who are intent on shoving Barack Obama down our throats and they have been doing that for four years. The only reason I can find for this is outlined perfectly above.

    My paranoia is in full bloom. I expect Obama and his supporters to steal this election if late polls show any chance he might lose. But I think the relentless drumbeat of the media may make that unnecessary. With the tabloids trashing Sarah Palin and the networks idolizing Obama, the push is on hard and heavy. They’re giving us Obama whether we want him or not.

  11. I Will Remember – excellent point about educating the next generation! After this year, I think the days of loyalty to a party are gone for most (just like the days of working an entire career at one company) if not all of us. I am a strong advocate of a third national political party to force these idiots to cross the aisles and compromise., because you are right about all politicians being corrupt (it’s just a matter of degrees).

    Creeper – I’m hoping you are wrong, but I fear you aren’t. I know those of us that use the web to get news won’t crumble, but I too worry about the “average” American that doesn’t have the time to dig or the ability to go on line. The only saving grace I can hold onto is that while the elite like to say that most Americans live in cities now, I know there are still millions living in rural areas and smaller cities and towns that don’t like the way they are being treated. None of us likes to be called bitter, racist, or plain unnecessary – so I depend on the Obama camp to continue to do just that (they can’t help themselves – more to come soon on that) and keep on turning off voters in the “fly over” states.

    Ultimately, if we refuse to relinquish our control (votes) and demand accountability if the results appear rigged, I still believe we have the power to defeat Obama. If we fail, however, we will likely never have another opportunity to take our country back – so let’s fight it to the death. As they say in the fine state of New Hampshire “Live Free or Die”!

  12. ‘LIVE FREE OR DIE’!, the resonance of this words, should be in our heart,it should be the good-morning and the good-evening of our existence. This is the America I always dream and for what I gave up everything, left behind one other life and choose to live here with not an easy way.But was worthed because I was willing to pay the price for freedom.No,I just can’t stand watching how the MSM is destroying thios great Country.Who they are? what is motivating them to sacrifice their country with everything this country fight for,for somebody who will destroy it. It is our duty, to keep our Country in the first place as always was. Those who has the power, has to use it and we will have the willingness to follow,just show as the way.

  13. Obama and Company will NOT win this election. So many people were invested in this election cycle because of the historic nature of gender and race, they became much more aware of the way politics work. In the past we weren’t paying as close attention to the details, this time we did and we received an eye-opening education. There are many, many people from a variety of social, educational and political backgrounds who have WOKE UP and the don’t like what they are seeing! I live in a rural part of NY state and people everywhere are talking about the biases of the MSM, the sexism and misogyny, the race-baiting and not being able to believe much of what either of the political parties are saying anymore.

    The conservative Republican base has been energized with the choice of Sarah Palin as their VP pick and the more moderate Republicans are now excited about making some history of their own with this woman. Women from both parties are coming out to support the McCain/PALIN ticket as are MANY Independents.

    Have faith in the people, we will get this right! Then we, the people, will start working on climbing up and out this corrupt political morass we have sunk into, by utilizing the power of our votes and our voices.

    Real Change is coming!

  14. Power to the people! Power to the PUMA’s! PUMA’s are the Paul-ette Rever’s of our lifetime! When we said “we’re as mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!” we meant it. Nobama, No DNC, No MSM, No corruption. We’re standing up and speaking up for our country while we still have one.

  15. Lisabona, dbs008, & ms mississippi

    You all give me hope and strength in this fight!

    Vive la Revolucion! PUMA!

  16. Hello and many thanks for a terrific site! PUMA Lives! We will never give up. We will not fail. We are in for the long haul.

    Thanks everyone for being here!

  17. KM & GG, So many thanks for your EXCELLENTLY SUPERB dual posts! I am always in a hurry to read your blog, as it’s one of the best-written, most informative and the lightly toasted wit always pushes it straight to the top!

    PUMA best,


  18. Truth…don’t forget me….I keep forgetting to put my own name on posts….but I’ve double posted with KM….


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