Sarah, the Mooseburger Mom

~~By kenosha Marge

Our dear friends in my ex party simply cannot help themselves. Try as they might they cannot pretend to be anything but derisive about people that are not like them. Coddled in their own little world they strike out at the very people they pretend to care about. People that struggle on a daily basis to pay the bills and work towards a better life for their children. These are the people that my erstwhile party pretends to care about. And women. While calling us trailer trash and rednecks. How special.

Pardon me if I say baloney. Or don’t pardon me. I really don’t care. I don’t care because the blindfold is no longer on and I see that the party that claimed to be all about women’s rights and human rights and caring about the poor and the afflicted is lead by mountebanks. I am disgusted with myself for not seeing this before now. I am disgusted with myself for voting a straight Democratic ticket for over 40 years. I am disgusted that I believed that they would fight for women’s rights.

The light of truth began to shine through my Democratic Blindfold during the primaries when most of the media, the Democratic Party and the DNC slobbered relentlessly over Obama and derided, insulted, and dismissed Senator Clinton. I had expected the Clinton-hating media to attack Senator Clinton. I had expected the GOP to get their jollies by having a Clinton to kick around once again. But attacked by her party? Mind-boggling! Had I not all ready seen the error of my ways in believing that my erstwhile party was the party that most respected women along came Governor Sarah Palin the Mooseburger Mom and the excrement hit the fan. The Democratic Party proved that it is not only a party that does not respect women, they proved themselves a party that denigrates, derides, lies, and hyperventilates over the very idea that a woman would dare to run for Vice President of the United States. No sooner had they disabused their womenfolk of the notion than the damn Republicans had the audacity to put a female on their ticket. This, screeched the left, will never do.

The sight of so many prominent Democrats, male and female rushing to attack Governor Palin is repulsive. Men and women I had once admired hastened to cast the first stone at this woman from nowhere. They revealed themselves and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Democrats and media have thrown everything they could think of against this woman and still, at least for now, she’s the most popular of the 4 candidates. She even edges out Obama by a point. Oh the humanity!
What is there about her that drives reasonable people to lose all perspective?

Why the hate for Sarah Palin?

First and foremost there is the resurgence of Republican enthusiasm. Holy cow are they enthused! Just when Dems were doing victory laps because the Republican voters were moribund, along came Sarah.

Many Dems were sure that large numbers of Conservative voters would stay home. Most of the Pundidiots were predicting an Obama blowout. John McCain was once again declared dead. Oh what a difference an unknown female Governor from Alaska makes. Large numbers of voters now seem to be very robust Sarah Palin fans. Will that mean more votes for McCain? You betcha! Therein lies the tale of the loathing and hysteria.

Second, and this is admittedly just my opinion, I think the left fears the ordinariness of Sarah Palin. Not her good looks, although that doesn’t hurt. Not her intellect, which they try to deride by claiming she’s a female Dan Quayle. No it’s the ordinary life she, her husband and children live in spiteof the fact that she is a governor. A film clip I saw on Greta Van Susteren showed the Palin family around the kitchen table and there was a mayonnaise jar with a knife still sticking out of it. I remember seeing that many, many times in my own kitchen. Ordinary. Homey.

Sarah Palin is also, gasp, a hunter. Or is that huntress? In all events she takes a gun, goes out, kills a moose, field dresses it and said moose ends up in her freezer and ultimately on the dinner table. Oh the horror of it all.  She eats meat; meat that she killed! Oh yuck. Whereas the rest of the carnivorous people in the world eat meat that, what, died of old age? Those steaks on your plate were killed amongst the most horrendous circumstances you can imagine. Animals die in pain, fear and filth. Hunted animals die, usually, in their own environment quickly and with a minimum of fear and pain. But in the end, they are all just as dead.

Millions of Americans are hunters. Deriding Governor Palin for being a hunter is silly and stupid. FYI, I am not a hunter and the thought of killing animals and eating their flesh finally became so repulsive to me that I because a vegetarian a few years ago. See

We’ll all just have to wait and see what comes next. A day off of politicking for 9/11 may have given some people a chance to step back, take a deep breath and get over their hysteria. The Shrillosphere did not because it is not in their nature. And besides, Governor Sarah Palin is a woman. And we know how they love to hate women.

All in all this has been a most enlightening election cycle for me. I’ve learned about Fauxgressives and phony liberals and misogynistic Democrats and horrendously sexist media. I’ve learned that for some feminism isn’t really about women. Feminism is only for the “right” kind of women. Liberal women.

Who knew?

I’m still in the process of learning about Sarah The Mooseburger Mom. If nothing else, it should be entertaining.

23 Responses

  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  2. The McClatchy website has a link to cartoons from the previous week. The most recent has twenty-five cartoons. Almost every one of them is a whack at Palin. The handful that are not direct attacks on her are hits on all politicians. I can recall only one aimed at Democrats and even then that one was just poking fun at what a disaster their campaign has been.

    So far the voters seem to be separating the wheat from the chaff where Palin’s concerned. But I wonder how much of this relentless trashing by media they will withstand before they start to believe the cr@p.

  3. kenosha Marge — great description of what’s going down this year.

    I only disagree with one bit — it’s not that feminism is just for ‘liberal women’, it’s that the Dem Party’s brand of acceptable feminism is liberal, well-off, supposedly intellectual women. I’ve started thinking of it as ‘Let Them Eat Cake Feminism.’ Feminists who have money, who dress like The Village Elders would have them dress, who type screeds for a living that blather about equality but don’t ever suggest anything threatening to the Party’s leaders (like coming up with an economic plan in an election year that will help ALL women, or suggesting that leaders check their misogyny at the door) are the only acceptable feminists to them. Yes, I’m talking about you, Gloria Steinem, with your condescending and facile piece about Palin.

    If you’re not a Village feminist, then you can’t be a feminist at all in their eyes. Instead, you’re a ‘Walmart Mom’. It’s either/or, and mooseburger eaters need not even apply.

  4. Feminism isn’t just about women. It is about people. Men can be and are feminists, too. It may even be harder for them than for us to promote the cause, since that is seen as selling out their own, still no comparison to what they have to put up with.

    I have been a feminist all my life, before it had a name. Still, never beleived we would have a chance at a woman inthe white house. Still see it as nearly impossible,buthis time, ther is a chance to exact a little revenge for the bs. I think I’ll take it.

  5. valhalla said:

    “If you’re not a Village feminist, then you can’t be a feminist at all in their eyes. Instead, you’re a ‘Walmart Mom’. It’s either/or, and mooseburger eaters need not even apply.”

    I think you have it right. I knew something didn’t feel right but I thought it was just that you had to be a liberal to considered a feminist. I think you are right and I didn’t go far enough.

  6. kenosha Marge:

    Outstanding post, couldn’t agree more with your description of elitist disdain the head of the DNC has for the ordinary people of this country. Well done.


    “‘Let Them Eat Cake Feminism.’”

    Absolutely perfect.

  7. Thank you Kenosha Marge for a great post. As one of those old bitter ex-Democrats I intend to vote for McCain/Palin.

    The trashing that has been done to Governor Palin is inexcusable and it just goes to show how worried they are about her influence on the voters.

    I will never forgive the powers to be in the Democratic Party for what they did to Hillary Clinton. Does Obama really think that after giving Hillary the finger, brushing her off his shoulders, etc., that we would come back and vote for him?

    Oh, I forgot, He and Donna Brazile said they didn’t need “those people” didn’t they?

    I don’t think I could kill my own moose, but I might be tempted to try a mooseburger – after voting for McCain/Palin on Nov. 4th.

  8. Great post! As the daughter of an avid hunter, I couldn’t care less about Palin hunting and for many of the very reasons you mentioned. The founding fathers had to hunt for their meat, so why the disgust with meat eaters who hunt now? I have eaten many a venison burger and sausage in my day and I’ll eat a lot more before it’s all over. I think it’s one of the most self-reliant things a person can do is to hunt for their own meat, much in the same way I have such a high respect for people who garden–growing their own fruits and veggies.

  9. Marge you’ve done a great job of stating exactly what it is they don’t like about her and everybody else loves about her. She’s genuine, real, normal, in short she’s one of us and that’s something that most of them couldn’t begin to fake let alone embody.

    Sarah Palin may not be a democrat, she may be a huntress, pro-life, conservative and a lot of other things but she is real and America can relate to her in a way Obama will never reach them. They see this and they are terrified. They should be!


  10. I like Sarah Palin. The only thing I can point to by way of explanation to my former party is that earlier post you have of that nice little old lady in the red sweater.

  11. excellent post, Marge.

    I remember back in the day, when I took women’s studies and the nun (in grad school) was talking about the irrational fear that men have of being destroyed by women who are competent and seek or are in positions of power.
    Now I have my own thoughts about this, but when Freud or whoever identified “p*nis envy” as an issue for women, I think he was actually referring to p*nis protection. And the fear that women, once we actually had power, would come after those marauders known as men.

    I plan to vote for Cynthia McKinney. I’d love to see her take the prize that Teh Precious has stolen.

  12. Kenosha Marge

    Once again you’ve nailed it! I laugh so hard at all the Moose killing and Aerial Wolf culling cries. I’ve been a Vegetarian for just shy of 20 years now, and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Why? Because as you point out, her family eats their kill; she walks the walk. As soon as all these lightweights that want to whine can show me that they actually live by the principals they hold, I will listen. Till then *mute*

  13. Thanks for this.great read!
    The female ‘friends’ that I have who are completely crazed with hatred toward Palin have contributed to changing my whole world view on friendships and liberalism. This post helped me.
    Going back to lurking now, just wanted to show appreciation.

  14. As a liberal ex-Dem I didn’t get the fuss over Sarah Palin. i realize now my experiences attending an evangelical-leaning church and getting to know people in the rural community to which my parents retired quietly disabused me of the stereotypes without my even realizing it.

  15. Do you really think that the republican party cares about walmart moms? Seriously? If a knife sticking out of a mayonnaise jar is enough to make you get all warm and fuzzy about a candidate we’re in a lot more trouble than I thought.

    Elections are about…..getting elected. Always has been. You find the chink in the armor and you stick the knife in (covered in mayo or not). You might be black, or gay, or female or old, or young, you hunt or you eat lettuce, there is always someone out there that can be swayed to believe that because of any of those things you are not fit to be president, or ceo or teach their kids math.

    At this point it’s not about whether we elect a woman or a black man it’s about electing someone who can help prevent this country from going any further down the tubes than it already has. I’m not one to go for religious prophesies but it has occurred to me that when the devil appears on the scene he might just well be wearing Prada.

  16. I think the Republican Party cares as much, or as little, about women as the Democratic Party does.

    Sarah Palin supporters are more apt to be wearing Nikes than Prada. You got us confused with Obama supporters in the shoewear department pal.

  17. Thanks for this excellent post on Palin. I, too, have had my inbox filled with really vicious stuff from my liberal female friends concerning Palin. I used to consider myself liberal, but it appears that liberals are more deranged about a female candidate than the conservatives are. I don’t know quite what to make of it. These same friends also opposed HRC.

    Like most of your readers, I disagree with Palin’s policies, but see that as no justification for sexist trashing. Also, even though Palin does not support liberal feminist values, just the image of a “fully female” woman in or near a position of power goes a long way toward changing the public perception of a woman’s place. And I loved the picture of the baby swing in the governor’s office which was shown on CNN. IMHO, feminism should be more about transforming the male world so that it can accommodate women’s lives, rather than reprogramming women to fit in with the male world.

  18. Hey D. Jacobs, thanks for the patronizing detail of how politics works. Like we didn’t know this. And this being the very reason that many people are teed off by Obama’s hypocritical claims that he is above politics. His positions change like a flag that flaps in the breeze. I surely don’t trust anything he says, or for that matter the people who are on his staff… really great choices, like his finance manager and potential Treasury Secty pick was the owner of a failed bank — Superior Bank.


    KenoshaMarge, you summed this up pretty well. Mostly politics is about image (not policy), just the way most people are, they need to identify with someone they can put their trust in.

    One point I’d like to make about Feminists… I grew up in a mostly Republican family and was the “black sheep” Liberal and feminists, so I didn’t grow up believing that Republicans are evil like some liberals do.

    Also, I think the true mark of the respect for Feminism is how well the party accepts questioning by women, to prevent programming of women…

    Interestingly enough, my mother was a member of the radical Assembly of God Church (you all know this is the one Palin thought was too radical for her family), and I would often question my pastor about varying facets of the Bible… I was told that for a girl, I thought too much and I should just trust the men to tell me what the Bible meant.

    Now, my OWN PARTY has been telling me the same exact thing as the conservatives did… ever since I began posing questions about Obama since last winter … Don’t think so much, just read his book, listen to the MSM, you don’t get it, trust the men to do the right thing! And most recently, you aren’t a real feminist because you are asking too many questions.

    Sorry, but women don’t like being told what to think by men. We have our own minds.

    It was just as lost on the conservative pastor as much as it is lost on the neo-progressive thugs running the Dem Party today!

    They are indeed caught in their own irony !!
    (Thanks to UppityWoman for this brilliant quote)

  19. Valhalla said:

    I’ve started thinking of it as ‘Let Them Eat Cake Feminism.’ Feminists who have money, who dress like The Village Elders would have them dress, who type screeds for a living that blather about equality but don’t ever suggest anything threatening to the Party’s leaders (like coming up with an economic plan in an election year that will help ALL women, or suggesting that leaders check their misogyny at the door) are the only acceptable feminists to them. Yes, I’m talking about you, Gloria Steinem, with your condescending and facile piece about Palin.


    Well, damn. You hit the moose right between the eyes right there.

    Excellent thread! I dedicate this comment to those who think meat is made by magical elves in Whole Foods…

  20. FembotsForObama, I was raised in the Catholic Church, which isn’t considered radical these days, but I left because I thought it incredibly sexist. I didn’t want my place in life to be a “walking womb for Jesus”. Sorry if that phrase offends anyone but that is how I grew to feel.

    And when a good friend was beaten up by her drunken husband for the umpteenth time and “confessed” that she hated him, the Priest asked her what she did to make her husband so mad. I”ve never stepped foot inside the church again except for weddings and funerals.

  21. great article—as a MI voter for Hillary I was thrilled to find P.U.M.A.I am not surprised at the hate being directed at Palin.Now that Hillary has been subdued,rope and tied,threatened by Obamapods they needed a new female victim to rip her face off.Johns masculinity was not undermined when he chose Sarah.He is a good man,in fact Obama has been the same divider that Bush was.I am pondering the down ticket—but I will not vote for those that bent over to the demands of the DNC,Pelosi,Dean and Brazille.

  22. Welcome to the wonderful world of thinking for ourselves Hilma.

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