Who is this Democratic Governor? Considered Presidential Timber after being Elected to Public Office for the First Time…But It’s Sarah Palin Who is “Inexperienced” ?

With all the outrage over Sarah Palin’s supposed “inexperience” I thought I’d take a look at a certain governor who was touted as a potential Presidential/VP material almost as soon as they were elected.

Within months of ___ election, bloggers were clamoring for a presidential run, and ___ popularity transcended the wonk journals to include coronation as “Hot Governor” by Rolling Stone magazine… (NY Times)

Take a look at the list below and decide if anything in this resume strikes you as being much different from the level of experience  compared to Sarah Palin’s experience in elected office and what this person would bring to the table as a possible Presidential or VP nominee versus Palin.   I’m not talking about detailed policy issues, just the broad strokes of the type of experience in government the person has had.


  • From the West; raised on parent’s registered cattle ranch
  • Learned to fly  own plane
  • …folksy charm and true-grit swagger…Shot guns, rode horses, took his dog to work and decimated opponents with off-the-cuff one-liners heavy on the bull-and-horse metaphors.
  • Worked overseas on agricultural projects including major irrigation projects, construction of the world’s largest dairy farm in Saudi Arabia (but no mention of meeting any heads of state…)
  • Served on USDA Farm Service Agency Committee
  • Served on the National Drought Task Force and the ________ Rural Development Partnership Board.
  • In 1999, decided to run for the U.S. Senate as an unknown candidate, against a strong incumbent and almost won.
  • Started campaigning almost immediately for governor
  • Elected governor in 2004
  • Lt. Gov is a Republican and they are running again together in 2008
  • Veers right on many economic and social issues: he opposes gun control, favors the death penalty and preaches about lowering taxes and balancing budgets.
  • Quotation from this person’s website:
  • “Governor __________is a farmer and rancher who held no elected office prior to being elected as the first Democratic Governor to serve _______________ in 20 years.”

Enough said!


National Governors Association

New York Times, October 8, 2006

Meet ?

Person’s Website

Governor’s Site

9 Responses

  1. Would that be Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana, GRL?

  2. Check any of the sources listed to find out….!!!

  3. exactly!!! why aren’t they cornering obama who is running for the top spot? gov palin does not stutter and hem/haw when she is delivering her response. half of bambi’s vocabulary hangs onto ummms and uhhhs…is that how he’ll speak with a foreign head of state? yes. when did he make a trip to other countries (besides indonesia and pakistan)? just now, and payed for by obamabots. he probably spent more money speaking to people in berlin than in many places in the usa…


  4. but, but, but….he’s a man, baby!

  5. Yup it’s Schweitzer. I really like him. He and Governor Palin are a lot alike in many respects.

    But I don’t see him as any more experienced than Governor Palin. Except… and you nailed it Leslie, he’s a man baby.

    It’s quite all right if he hunts…Cause he’s a man baby.

    It’s quite all right if he has a retro hairdo…Cause he’s a man baby.

    It’s quite all right that he supports “clean” coal because he’s a man and a liberal baby.

    Etc. ect. ect.

  6. Governor Palin has proven, to me at least, that she has much more experience and is much more capable of either office – vp or pres – than Barack Obama.

    If that had been Obama on the other end of Charlie Gibsons questions we would have heard nothing but a lot of stumbling and mumbling around while he tried to think of what Hillary would have said.

    Governor Palin was quick and intelligent with her answers and didn’t permit “Charle” to trap her as he tried to do. I have yet to see Obama questioned in this way. The interview with O’Reilly was laughable. Why didn’t he show a little guts and get down to the real insight of the blowhard who needs Greek temples as a background to highlight his importance. I’ve lost all respect for O’Reilly (what little I had).

    I am voting McCain/Palin and for a lifetime Democrat that is a big step for me.

  7. I think we should just write a song with that stuff marge! We can sing it at a PUMA event or someting! i’ll get on the music with my guitar!

    Seriously I don’t think these people will ever realise or admit that they would never consider asking the kind of questions they ask about Gov. Palin! They just won’t go there because they would have to admit they are not as smart and progressive as they think they are.


  8. Thanks for the ammo InsightAnalytical!

    You have a Dem governor who is basically the same as Palin sans ideology, and with only 2 more years of experience as governor? Right? And Obama considered him a serious candidate for VP.

    If I was the Republicans, I’d hammer these points home now.

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