A Short Comment about Sarah Palin’s Speech…Anyone Who Can Erase Guiliani from Memory Must be Good…

I have to say that Guiliani rekindled all the reasons why I don’t like Republicans. I found myself yelling at the TV after nearly every line he delivered.

Then Palin came on.  She actually made me forget Guiliani.

I watched on CSpan and they seemed to focus on her pregnant daughter an awful lot.  But, the family was lovely. The youngest daughter was so sweet with her baby brother and seems like a character. She seemed to enjoy following her mom aroung and waving…but I think kids that age are like that!  I recalled Guiliani’s son practically taking over one of Guiliani’s appearances a while back.

As for Palin herself.  Impeccable delivery, firm but warm.  The line that caught me was when she said that running for President was “not a journey of personal discovery” or something to that effect.

I cringed at “clean coal” and free trade…

But I thought her mentions of John McCain were on point and gracious–they didn’t seem forced.

The best part was when she took on the pundits and media and let them have it, and her “small town” talks was right on target.

Overall, she aced it.  Biden better watch out.  This woman is more than his match.


TCM has had a banner night, showing”The Last Hurrah,” “The Candidate,” and now, this minute, “The Best Man” which I wrote about a few days ago.  Here’s my piece on this great flick…Democratic Delegates Should See Gore Vidal’s “The Best Man” (1964) Before They Make Their HUGE MISTAKE Tonight…

3 Responses

  1. great note.
    i personally loved the line about 2 memoirs but no legislation…
    finally, i’ll take authenticity over hope any day.

  2. Well said! being fro NYC,I originally had the Tv on something else during Rudy’s speech – but reading on line about some of his lines, i caught the end. He is better at snark then beung a human being though – and his lines about LBJ and being a mayor – not too bad. But, i do share the sentiment! Same with Palin – few moments of cringing, lots of “hell yeahs”

  3. I watched as much of Rudy and Fred Thompson as I could stand. Then Governor Palin came on and I watched in amazement. Where did this relatively young woman get the poise to stand in front of such and enormous crowd and in front of millions of viewers and seem so at ease? She had to know that many, if not most, of the Washington Media Elites were just praying for a mistake.

    I won’t ever pretend to agree with many of the things she said. I just know that they were said well. And if she was brought aboard to shore up the Republican Base I would say she did just what she needed to do.

    And I too felt saddened as I watched the women of the Republican Party able to cheer for a woman. We could have had that too. Instead…we got Biden.

    Nothing Biden ever says or does will make me forget or forgive what he allowed to happen to Anita Hill. There should be a special place in hell for him for that. His place IMHO opinion just be just a tad better than the one reserved for Arlen Spector for his attacks on Professor Hill.

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