Help the Animals in New Orleans and Mississippi ….Info Here (UPDATE 1X–“Hurricane Safe” Mail Address for Donations)


I found the mailing envelope from Louisiana SPCA which has the “hurricane-safe” address for donating:

Ana Zorilla, Chief Executive Officer

Louisiana SPCA

P.O. Box 96495

Washington, DC  20090-6495

By the way, the Lousiana SPCA has been give a “4-Star – Exceptional” rating by Charity Navigator, the largest evaluator of charities.  Over 93% of the SPCA’s funds go directly to programs and services!


As Hurricane Gustav bears down on the Gulf Coast, I’m hoping visitors to this blog will offer support for the dedicated people who are trying to save pets as well as people.  As I write this post, the first rain has begun falling in New Orleans.

I’ve been donating to the Louisiana SPCA since Katrina and for quite a while, their temporary facility operated without running water.  Up until the new shelter opened, people there were literally bringing in water with pails.  I can’t imagine the dedication and hard work of these folks.  Read this beautiful piece entitled “I Cried at Work Today” for a poignant look at what it means to work at any animal shelter.

And now, another hurricane is hitting them.  Every effort has been made to prepare for this, including the evacuation of their shelter animals as well as companion animals.  According to their site, all of the SPCA animals are safe at this time.


Thank you for your well wishes and your prayers. Your support is greatly appreciated!!! We are hoping the loss suffered with Katrina is not repeated with Gustav, but it isn’t looking good. Our animals are safe. Staff is working feverishly assisting with the City evacuation. We will do what needs to be done – and then get out. Please note: As much as we would like to, we will not be able to respond to emails for awhile. Information will be added to our site as we are able.

Please visit their site to find out more about how you can help them weather this latest crisis. In the event their site goes down, here is information on how to donate:

mail donations to:

Louisiana SPCA
1700 Mardi Gras Blvd.
New Orleans, Louisiana  70114

Or Call (504) 368-5191, ext. 202

Because of the uncertainty of hurricane season:

We are maintaining our PO Box. Please feel free to contact us at:

Louisiana SPCA,  P.O. Box 127,  Mandeville,  Louisiana 70470

We have also set up a system that will provide us access to our mail while we are out of the city, should we have to evacuate during Hurricane season. Certain mail is being directed to a PO Box in Washington,  D.C. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

As a  private, 501c3, non-profit organization, we were devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Having always relied on memberships and donations for support, now the need is much greater. Your contribution not only helps care for the many strays on the streets of New Orleans and the hundreds of lost, neglected and abused animals housed in our shelter daily, it also benefits the programs and services we offer the Greater New Orleans area and beyond.  We have come a long way since that fateful day in August 2005. We have a long way still to go.

Information on the situation in Louisiana and Southern Mississippi can be found at Petfinders. Shelters are posting updates and evacuation news.  Areas in Texas are also preparing; I’ve read stories about how temporary shelters have been constructed for animals.

My 3 guys–Toro, TIco, and Slicker– urge you to help out their buddies on the Gulf Coast.  If you’d like to see a picture of “my 3 sons,”  check them out here.

3 Responses

  1. Thank you Grl for posting this. I was watching Shepard Smith on FOX last night and as he was pointing out how empty NO was you could see down the street behind what appeared to be a cat and then further down the street, a dog. As an animal lover it made my heart hurt.

    We should commend all involved in the evacuation this time for having learned the lessons of Katrina well. Bobby Jindal in particular seems to have things well in hand.

    Even poor ol doofus in the White House seems to understand by now that Brownie didn’t do a heck-of-a job. Whatever their reasons or motivations so long as people are saved is all I care about.

  2. GRL ~
    Thank you for posting this information. I remember during Katrina how utterly saddened I was to see the pets being left behind.

    I’ll be contributing to La/SPCA just as soon as I see whether this comment posts…

    And thank you for all you recent help with the other thing… 😉

  3. I did admire Michale Moore. Purchased his books and videos, signed up for his website, and then I saw the video on the news last night of him making a “joke” about asking god to send a hurricane to New Orleans so the first day of Republican convention would be canceled. He seems to not care that an estimated 1000 – 1300 persons were killed in New Orleans as a result of Katrina. Most were minorities, the elderly and the ill. Some joke. No more Michael Moore for me,

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