Putting Clinton, PUMAs and Palin in Their Place–The Pundits Don’t Skip a Beat

Kenosha Marge found this treasure  from the Boston Herald columnist a day or so ago and decided to share it with me.

It’s time to put aside hurt feelings

By Margery Eagan

What’s the principle at stake, I asked. Then he offered the by-now-familiar batty refrain about Democratic honchos fixing the race and robbing the votes in Michigan. It was like debating a stubborn 3-year-old.

I( wonder what Ms. Eagan is thinking tonight, after the Palin bomb was dropped on the Obama crowd today?)

Kenosha Marge (and I do, too) take issue with this crapola of equating genuine anger over the Democratic Party’s primary “process” with the tantrums of “stubborn 3-year-olds.”

I emailed her as one Marge to another and asked if “she couldn’t work a little harder at being condescending?” Because you know how being condescended to by a twit like this makes us all just so impatient to vote the way she thinks we ought to vote. Since I am using plain text I cannot use an emoticon with smoke coming out of it’s ears. But you get the general idea.

Well, my feelings are still being “hurt” as I watched Morton Kondracke, Juan Williams, David Gergen, and then heard Michael Savage all shrieking about Sarah Palin’s inexperience. And then they launched into the “one heartbeat away from the Presidency” fear card as if they’re hoping John McCain might croak any minute. Morton Kondracke’s condescension simply dripped all over the place…it was really so obvious. He was literally squirming with discomfort and had to resort to being snide. Do I sense Palin is threatening their masculinity?  What asses!!!

For God’s sake, I actually agreed witih Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes tonight. They had met Palin months ago and saw her potential as a candidate and were thrilled over the pick.  They didn’t seem to be threatened at all…

And what the hell has Dan Quayle got to do with all this?? She’s as bad as Dan Quayle, according to the media idiots. Really??  I feel sorry for Dan Quayle. Resurrecting and ridiculing Quayle as a way of demeaning Sarah Palin is supposed to be funny, I guess.

By the way, why all the sudden reverence for the experience of Senators over governors? Didn’t we use to hear that being a governor was a superior background because of the executive experience gained in office? In Obama’s case, he can’t even claim years of experience and expertise built up on key committees.  What, he’s had something like 176 days in the Senate, with most of the time spent running for President?  Call a meeting of the committee that deals with NATO?  Nope! Oh, and what did he do in the Illinois legislature in the 55 days or so a year he was there except cut deals and play cards with Republicans? Oh, but he has blowhard Biden to save the day!  I feel SO REASSURED!

So, first the media insults Hillary Clinton and now it’s on to Sarah Palin.  Without skipping a beat.

As for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party…I hate to see Hillary boxed in, still expected to push Obama along to victory. Frankly, I think she should develop some mysterious illness and drop out of sight for awhile and steer clear of Obama as much as possible. Lord knows, she won’t get the respect of either Obama or the vipers I saw today, no matter what she does…

She should get out of town and stop propping up The Chosen One before people begin thinking she’s not as strong as we thought she was. Kowtowing to this mob for too long will ultimately work against her by undermining her image as a leader.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin could be on the verge of reinventing the image of what a woman candidate can be this year.  And, hopefully, it doesn’t involve being cornered and stripped of her power….this time, not by her party, but by the media alone…

17 Responses

  1. I too watched FOX last night. I cannot believe that I went there because I knew that there would be no fair coverage of Sarah Palin on Jack Cafferty’s CNN or by the hysterical Obots at MSNBC.

    What happened to trying to find out something about someone before smearing them? I’m not talking about the likes of Cafferty. He must be near orgasm at the thought of now having another woman to abuse. Sexism knows no party designation and Cafferty is the poster boy for sexism.

    What I learned from and about Sarah Palin is that she is a smart, competent, descent human being. She is also a Republican which means that I, as a liberal, must now rip her to shreds. I’m not gonna do that.

    There are many people with whom I do not see eye to eye. That doesn’t make either of us evil.

    Whatever else I may think about Republicans, and there isn’t much I agree with them about since they joined the Democrats in their disdain for fiscal responsibility, I think Sarah Palin was a brilliant and gutsy choice by John McCain. The fervor with which the left has attacked and smeared her is proof of that.

    I thought we were the good guys.

  2. When Hillary was running, experience wasn’t important–the important thing, supposedly, was “change”. Now that Palin will be nominated for VP, it’s all about experience again. How stupid do they think we are? Fortunately, based on all the votes Hillary seemed to garner beginning in March, in spite of the howling by the media–and even her fellow senators–that she was losing and should get out of the race, the voters ignored the media. Let’s hope they continue to do so.

  3. After the sham of a primary season and a bigger sham of a convention John McCain has my eternal gratitude and respect. I will tell you why; this morning my granddaughter walked into the livingroom when a short clip of the Palin announcement came on. This young girl, 10 years old, sat down and her face lit up. She was smiling through her eyes. The dream of being able to do anything was reborn for her. Sarah Palin is showing girls that you can be young and attractive and still garner respect. That is a powerful message. Fortunately for most americans, the talking heads at the msm are not in our homes or in our heads. The louder they shriek, the longer we turn down the chatter.

  4. It is so sad to see people who claim tobe progressive liberals even women attacking a woman for being pretty and attacking her lack of experience which is actually far superior to that of The One.

    I cannot believe this is what has become of my party!


  5. When I see all the republicans on NQ and other websites promoting Palin like they are, I think can you imagine if the Democrats did that for Hillary? The feminist websites especially were disappointing because they fell head over heals for Obama without even knowing what he was all about.

    I mean really with all the vileness towards Hillary she still got 18 million votes! To me that speaks volumes about her.

    As much as I like Sarah Palin she is also NOT the second coming that the republicans are making her out to be. I find it disconcerting that Palin is being hailed like Obama was. She is new and yes has experience, but she is nowhere near what Hillary Clinton is and has done.

    I beginning to wonder if many of these pro-hillary websites are really republican websites. (I’m not talking about this site 🙂 ) The excessive over jubiliation about Palin is getting like the Obama people over Obama.
    And lets not forget republicans hate Hillary too so would want Palin to be seen as the second coming.

    Of course, the republicans are probably doing everything to promote her so they can to win in November, which I understand. But perhaps also to promote her so she can run again in 2012, which I don’t think she would be quite ready for.

  6. I think my post above might have been a bit harsh on the republicans lol. I guess I hate to see someone overhyped only because I am also thinking 4 years from now.

  7. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. One difference between Palin and Obama is that Palin’s past and her relationships seem to be an open book. Obama seems to have “secret” relationships with people who I would think that many, many democrats would not agree with and would actually be a concern to them. And the media (except for Fox news) just hasn’t done a good job (or a job at all) on digging into his past and reported on it. And if it was a republican you know it would be different as it was on Friday when McCain announced his VP choice within minutes CNN was reporting on Palin’s investigation in Alaska. Within MINUTES they were pointing out negative things but we haven’t heard anything from the about Obama…and there are things that the American people need to know.

  8. Please, the very idea that you express of Palin being more experienced than Obama is pretty pathetic. Look at the map – look at the two candidates’ educational background and work history. I’m serious. But the bottom line is, palin will not put forth the policies of the democratic party along with her president. Hillary will not be represented with a mccain/palin ticket and you know it.
    Obama is not to blame for this…take some responsibility for this – HIllary lost, fair and square as she did not have the delegates. You can shout about disenfranchised voters in MI and FL, and unfair caucuses. Obama did not cause either. And Hillary did NOT complain until she began to realize she was not the frontrunner anymore.
    that is the sad part of all of this…the fact that it is so clear why all this mess began. Hillary was suddenly not assured of becoming the nominee. Then, and only then, did the crap hit the fan and the attacks begin.

  9. Janice:

    Let’s get real here. Obama camp and DNC is to blame for this mess. Hillary WON fair and square but it was taken from her as you can see from the convention. Even people who don’t post on websites (the average person) could see this.

    I’m just saying that know we have republicans and democrats who trashed Hillary on these websites for the past 8 months. Now that Hillary is out, the republicans are promoting their new candidate.

    The republicans were so fearful that Hillary would be nominee they had no desire to run against her. Why? because they KNEW she would win easily the GE. What a shame the democrats couldn’t get behind Hillary and win an election. I really thought the DNC was smarter than this.

    You do realize even before Palin came on the scene, the republicans had won the election. Palin or I feel any new fresh face just secured the election for McCain.
    Now if Obama would step down and Hillary would step up to the plate, we would win the GE.

    18,000,000 million votes (more than Obama) with both republicans and democrats and the media trashing her.
    That says a great deal about Hillary and her voters.
    18 million!

  10. Janice, you are entitled to your opinion just as we are entitled to ours. And we don’t agree with you.

    The primaries are over and Obama is the nominee. Now all we have to do is decide if we will support someone that we think won with corruption of the Democratic principals we hold dear. Many of us will not. Our vote, our decision.

    Who ever thought that John McCain, Republican, would choose someone that matched Senator Clinton’s ideology? He choose a conservative Republican to run with a conservative Republican. What did anyone expect? The surprise was that he choose a conservative Republican woman. And thus the brouhaha.

    And then began the immediate misogny coming from the left. You may be able to support “this” Democratic party. I’m not. I remember when we were the good guys.

  11. […] Putting Clinton, PUMAs and Palin in Their Place–The Pundits Don’t Skip a Beat (by InsightAnalytical) I watched Morton Kondracke, Juan Williams, David Gergen, and then heard Michael Savage all shrieking about Sarah Palin’s inexperience. And then they launched into the “one heartbeat away from the Presidency” fear card as if they’re hoping John McCain might croak any minute. Morton Kondracke’s condescension simply dripped all over the place…it was really so obvious. He was literally squirming with discomfort and had to resort to being snide. Do I sense Palin is threatening their masculinity?  What asses!!! But any criticism of Palin, in regard to her inexperience, is also a criticism of Obama, only much more gigantically bigger.  Because he wouldn’t be a heartbeat away from the presidency, he’d be THE PRESIDENT.  This had to be a Karl Rove pick.  There’s just so much nuance in it, and I don’t think of John McCain as a very nuanced guy. […]

  12. What I read, someplace I don’t remember exactly where, is that McCain thought that the experience thingy was only making him look like the cranky old guy who doesn’t like anything new or young or having change. He thought that Sarah Palin changed that dynamic. He thought she helped hype the “maverick” image that he likes to project. (whether it’s true or not)

    Whatever, it seems to have the left all up in arms and the sexists are out in force to attack her and make sure that it is plain for all to see that many on the left do not respect women.

    That was supposed to be the Republicans mantle wasn’t it? Until Fauxgressives and Obamacrats decided to wear it?

  13. I am a former Hillary supporter who is voting for Obama. But the media and left bloggers respond to Palin in less than 2 days has gotten me as angry as I was at the eight of the primaryk. Daily Kos is obsessed with proving that her son is really her grandson, leering over pictures of her belly, her daughter’s belly. People are criticizing how she handled her labor. People are trying to prove her first son was born less than 9 months after their elopement. It is creepy, stalkerish, disgusting beyond words.

    Repeatedly she is accused of abandoning her baby to run for president. No one seems able to hear the message that her husband is taking a leave of absence. People think taking a baby to a political rally is child abuse. Apparently both mother and baby shouldn’t venture out the door.

    I wrote a post on my blog, “Feminists Don’t Tell Palin How to Mother.”

  14. So it just goes to prove that it wasn’t just that “Clinton woman” they were against. It was just women in general should they dare to step out of their place.

    It appears to me that the Republicans set a trap for the Democrats by giving them a chance to once again show how little respect they have for women. The blogger boyz and even other places you might have thought might be a little more thoughtful, like TL have all jumped right into the trap.

    The Republicans will nominate a woman for Vice President of the United States. The Democrats seem to be able to do nothing but pump out ageism and sexist talk.

    I am trying to remember why I was a Democrat for 40+ years. Maybe because I thought we were the good guys?

  15. […] Democrats are saying Sarah Palin’s a token, but she’s not a token to me. She’s not a token to those who voted her into office time after […]

  16. I never in a million year would have thought that Republicans are more respectful of women than Democrats. What has happened to the Democratic party?

  17. I regret writing the post above where I questioned if some websites are republican instead of pro-Hillary. I didn’t want to add to the talk I’ve been hearing all day today as to whether pumas are real (they are!) or cast doubt on the many pro-Hillary websites.

    I do realize many republicans do visit Hillary websites, just like Obama people do. But those sites are still very much pro-Hillary. Nobody can stay away from Hillary supporters! They love us, they really really love us!

    When I wrote that I was just being protective of Hillary until she runs in 2012.

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