How Dare He Do That?

–Posted by kenosha Marge

How dare John McCain pick a woman as his VP? He’s just pandering to the silly little women folk. Well duh! He’s in trying to pick up some votes from a demographic that make up over 50% of the population. He panders. He’s a politician. That’s what they do. Say it 3 times; politicians pander, politicians pander, politicians pander. Cause they do. All of them.

McCain is not pandering to the silly women and men folk that are having hysterical fits all over the television and Internet. He’s pandering to the folks he needs. Conservative women, Republican Women, Reagan Democratic women, Catholic women and if he gets a few disgruntled Liberal Democratic women that’s icing on the cake. It looks like he did a damn good job the way the Shrillosphere on the left is reacting.

“It’s an insult to Hillary”, some moan. Ah no, the insults to Hillary, at least this year, came mostly from her own party and the Obamacrats. Their own party vilified Senator Clinton and former President Bill Clinton endlessly, remorselessly and dishonestly. Saved the Republicans the trouble of having to do it.

“Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton”, they cry. No of course she isn’t. Sarah Palin is Sarah Palin, which if you are a conservative is someone of whom you pretty much approve. She’s a conservative Republican running on the Republican Ticket. What is wrong with that from a Republican voter’s point of view?

Speaking just for me I have always hated the constant attempts to make someone into the next “JFK”, the next “Reagan”, the next whoever. Some politicians may have some things in common with a revered predecessor. But each and every candidate for each and every office should be examined and evaluated as who and what they, as people are. Anything else is just nostalgia.

There is a whole lot of silliness on the Internet. We are all guilty of contributing to it at one time or another. Too often the keyboard is faster than the thought process and we have posted something not well thought out and kind of dumb. Guilty as charged. But some of the comments out about Governor Palin have passed thoughtless silliness and entered stupid territory. Not to mention lies, more lies and damn lies.

Once silly comments have gotten out of system it is time to pull on the big kid pants and act like adults. John McCain is trying to get elected president of the United States. Did anyone seriously think he was not going to put up a fight? John McCain? You don’t have to like or agree with the man but for heaven’s sake at least stop underestimating him if you don’t want to see another Republican in the White House.

Sarah Palin’s a conservative Republican and we are liberals. Where’s the need to lie? If you want to define her try talking issues. Denigrating this woman, this self-proclaimed PTA mom, this self-proclaimed Hockey Mom for being a woman may have worked against Senator Clinton with the Democratic Misogynistic Party. It remains to be seen if Republicans, Conservatives, those reviled as not respecting woman treat her with respect. If they do, and I suspect they will, then liberals, Democrats, and the offal that infests the left Shrillosphere will have demonstrated for them who truly and honestly respects women.

4 Responses

  1. Sarah Palin is no Hillary. That is so funny. Obama is no Hillary!

  2. Couldn’t agree more!

  3. You said it so well Marge! Hats off to you!


  4. I think Hillary supporters have been had by both parties. Too bad.

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