Some Pictures to Get You in the Mood for Tonight…Update: Invesco Field being “Reconsidered”? (Rumor?)

I found this one at this great site….Nuremberg Party Rallies

It will give you the chills….

Here are Obama’s Greek columns:

Have fun at Invesco Field, delegates!


Tennessee Guerrilla Women has a pic of the Obama set-up…here.

Some talk of rumors about the Grecian Temple being “reworked” /Obama reconsidering Invesco Field over at The Confluence thread… The Democratic Convention, Day 2: Non-Transferable.

Maybe he can’t fill Invesco Field??

2 Responses

  1. Double oy Vay!

  2. I’ve been seeing photos of the current DNC background. I’m overwhelmed by the LasVegas Show -like background this spectacle (not a good spectacle, I might add) exhibits. I walk around shaking my head that they can spend all this money on backgrounds and now Grecian columns.

    How tacky can they get?

    (commenting from work)

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