Pooped on by the Party (Fall in Line? I Ain’t Gonna Do That…)

~~Posted by kenosha Marge

Being so consistently pooped on by my party has now made me a dedicated Party Pooper.

I know that now that I have acknowledged that I am a deadender, a racist, a low-information voter and that worst of slurs, an old woman, admitting to being a Party Pooper seems almost admirable. Isn’t it fun being an older woman? They get to hit you with a twofer. A. You are old=ageism and B. You are a woman= sexism. Black women can get hit with a threefer. Aren’t they the lucky ones?

I know it is my duty as a Democrat to sit down, shut up and show up to vote for whatever candidate the powers that be want me to choose. Being a Party Pooper, I ain’t gonna do that.

I know it is my duty as a Democrat to ignore the bad behavior of my party and go into total outrage mode at the very thought of bad behavior by the Republican Party. Being a Party Pooper, I ain’t gonna do that.

I know it shouldn’t upset me that the party has chosen Joe Biden to be VP. I’m just supposed to forget, as so many women appear to have done, his despicable behavior vis-a-vis the Clarence Thomas hearings and Anita Hill. Being a Party Pooper, I ain’t gonna do that.

Being a good, loyal Democrat now seems to mean that you turn off your ethical standards in order to support the party. Being a person who finds it difficult to turn off my ethical standards for anyone and a Party Pooper, I ain’t gonna do that.

I have been a good, loyal, stupid Democrat for over 40 years. I supported every dunderhead that came down the pike with my vote and with money when I could afford to do so. Looking back at those years I want to slap myself upside the head and say, “What the hell were you thinking woman? Did you not know, somewhere deep inside, that a crappy Democrat was no better than a crappy Republican?”

I read on a blog somewhere that Independents are fickle. That seems to presuppose that we as voters owe some kind of loyalty to any dimwit that our party leadership, in their infinite stupidity, try to shove down our throat. It appears more to me that Independents are using something other than a letter following a name to make their decisions. Are they all making super-duper wonderful decisions? Course not. We are talking about a diverse group of people. Just like the rest of the public they are made up of the good, the bad, and the pinheads.

One good thing about being an Independent is that you can vote as you like without friends and relatives treating you as if you were Benedict Arnold. One bad thing is that friends and relatives all think they can persuade you to their way of thinking. File that under fat chance.

I call myself an Independent these days but somewhere deep inside I am still a Democrat. I believe in all the things I believed in as a Democrat all those years. It’s just that this Democratic Party doesn’t seem to believe in them any more. And so while I am still a Democrat I will vote like a PUMA Party Pooper for whoever I damn well please.


Stuff I Found While Looking Up Other Stuff

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Note from InsightAnalytical:  This post expresses exactly how I feel, too!

27 Responses

  1. I want to be a party pooper too! Please? Please?(waving hand wildly)

    Great post as always! I don’t think they’re really going to get it until November.


  2. Yes, I’m another one. I’m just waiting for them to nominate for real the worst nominee in the history of the party. And then I’m going to re-register as an independent. I’m really looking forward to seeing the coming debacle in November.

  3. Where I live, there is no way to register as far as I know, untill you ask for a ballot during the primary.
    So, instead of registering, I’ll just have to vote for Cynthia McKinney and the Green PArty.
    Does that qualify me as a party pooper?

  4. […] kenosha Marge Isn’t Going to Fall in Line. […]

  5. I totally agree. I am not falling in line. Am finished with the Democratic party. Just wish Hillary had the courage to be finished with them also.

  6. Brilliant summation of the PUMA manifesto!

  7. I believe there are more of us out here than anyone knows. We can watch a speech like the one Hillary Clinton gave last night and cheer her message. But we still cannot find it within ourselves to vote for a party that no longer stands for all the things she said.

    I will remain a Party Pooper unless and until the “party” represents the ideals Hillary Clinton so eloquently stated on Tuesday night. I will respect Senator Clinton’s loyalty to her party. I just don’t share it.

    I am long past it being about Hillary Clinton. I will not endorse bad behavior with my vote. It’s all I have. Once I give it to any old dunderhead with a D after their name I have no more importance to them. What the hell do they care if I like them, respect them or agree with them. All I have to do is vote for them.

  8. are the voters who are still emotionally connected to Clinton aware that voting for McCain during the general election out of some deranged, fermented puddle of spite would not only undo everything Clinton has supposedly fought for her entire life and make her a less empowered senator, but also completely trash her and Bill’s legacy? she’ll be known as the one who cost the Democrats an election that they should have, and needed to, win. maybe that’s what they want, though. a temper tantrum gives one some sense of power, whether or not the power is destructive or constructive is irrelevant. i suppose i’m not going any ways towards “healing” the “wounds” left by the “bitter” campaign staged between two candidates with exactly the same platform and overlapping marketing and policy advisers, but after talking to a Hillary Voters for McCain citizen the other day who didn’t realize that McCain was pro-life I have to say that i’m beyond irritated at the myopia and immaturity of this strain of “thought.”

  9. You own your vote and you can spend it in any way you choose.

    I own mine.

    The Clintons have been blamed and IMHO will continue to be blamed for everything from fire and flood to athletes foot. Not scaring me with that one.

    You’ve had your little “temper tantrum” by scolding us as if we aren’t just as informed as you. I’ll have to live with you being irritated at my myopia and immaturity sweetie. You really are rather mild compared to all the things I’ve been called during this campaign. Name-calling is the way to get folks to your side? And isn’t that a little teensy bit immature?

    Healing the wounds? I don’t have any wounds. And if you really do think that they have exactly the same platform then there really is no point in talking to you.

    You have a nice day though, ya hear.

  10. So, kenoshaMarge, you feel that cutting off your nose to spite your face is the sensible, mature approach to voting for the president? Although I agree substantially with your opening remarks about the Democratic party, if you don’t understand that politics has devolved to the point where we are left with no choice other than voting for the lesser of two or more evils, then there really is no point in talking to you.

    Notwithstanding our personal animus toward the ‘other’ candidate — the one who is NOT a woman — we all have the best interest of our country and its people at heart, right? Regardless whether you’re a Democrat or an Independent, Marge, is four (or possibly eight) more years of the fascist Bush/Cheney regime really the best we can do for our families, friends, neighbors, our fellow citizens, and the people of the Iraq and Afghanistan, etc, that are being slaughtered in a demented crusade to bring ‘democracy’ to other nations? Think it over.

  11. valindaherb,

    I do have the best interest of my country at heart. I believe in Democracy. Too bad the Democratic Party no longer does too.

    Think it over? How condescending. Do you think that I haven’t thought about it? After being a good, loyal, Democrat for over 40 years?

    I believe we are screwed no matter which of our two choices sits in the Oval office. McCain will keep us in Iraq and Obama will just remove troops from Iraq to send them to Afghanistan. He’s all ready told us that.

    And you will get no where with me calling Senator John McCain a fascist. To speak so of a vet is despicable IMHO. I may not like him but I respect his love of his country and his service.

    I also believe that voting for Obama tells the Democratic Party that everything they did during this primary is fine and dandy with me. It’s not.

    I don’t like corruption from either party. But having been a Democrat for so long it is especially disgusting to me to see what they have become.

  12. You are nicer than me marge. I don’t even mess with them unless they are much nicer and less bitchy. I figure I deal with that and the Hillary Haters Club everyday on other sites I’m not letting them bug me on mine.

    It’s funny to me because most often I get these remarks from women younger than myself who have less political experience and yet they talk down to me like I’m the newbie who doesn’t get it.

    Or the younger woman who will say no sexism was involved just politics as usual. I guess that they don’t really understand what it took to get where we are today and why we must not become complacent about it.

    Sometimes you’ll get one who is really argumentive and find out they are voting for the first time ever but they know so much better than we do.


  13. in a word or two, marge, yes, you are a bitch, a child, and an idiot, and you can thank me for this name-calling all you want, because i know , like you, that your gratitude is sincere. people like you like to seethe. it gives them purpose. you WANT to be a rebel.

    go rebel yourself to kindergarten for all i care. and maybe there you can learn how to write.

  14. CQ,

    If you supported Clinton in the primary, and are now not supporting Obama now that Clinton is out of the primary, then my bet is that, yes, whoever you are talking to, WHOEVER, knows a hell of a lot more than you.

    what is most disturbing about this clinton fetish club is that you permit yourself to sink into the role of self-proclaimed martyrs, enduring the slings and arrows or the ostensibly sane. but it’s not you who you’re martyring, it’s the rest of the world, and they’re certainly not in the mood for it. ESPECIALLY YOUNG PEOPLE. who actually have a couple of decades left to live on this planet and would prefer not to witness its destruction.

  15. You were right CQ, I answered honestly and I thought rather mildly and you see where it got me. This is so typical of some anonymous person who sits behind a keyboard and comes to some one’s blog and rants like an idiot.

    Pity them CQ. They are not worth anything else. I don’t even get too angry with them anymore. Not worth the effort.

  16. Oh and just one last word for simplesasha,

    it stopped being about Senator Clinton, at least for me, some time ago. It’s about democracy. But you wouldn’t, couldn’t possibly understand that concept.

  17. yes, it’s not about self-pity and self-righteousness, it’s about democracy! it’s about FREEDOM! and LIBERTY! and other splendidly abused and adulterated words appropriated by every single group to cloak the raging inanity of their cause.

    FIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t stop till you’ve accomplished what your heart desires.

  18. Sasah I don’t know what you problem is but I’m sure there is a medication for it.

    Please go have your hysteria elsewhere. I didn’t come looking for you, you came here and have acted in a most childish and rude fashion.

    I have nothing further to say to you. Actually, I really had nothing to say to you from the gitgo.

  19. i think you should leave it at: “I have nothing further to say,” but toss in the word “intelligent” for the sake of accuracy.

  20. What a bitch! I don’t know about you marge but I do not go to anti-Hillary blogs or pro-Obama blogs and make rude, nasty remarks and talk down to people. It’s unacceptable! I will admit I sometimes lurk at those sites to see what they’re up to but I think it’s their forum let them have it.

    Not so with Obamabots. They seem to feel they know it all and they think thye have a right to be rude, pushy and even make threats. So far the only threat I have made is one i fully intend to carry out. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR OBAM and guess what Sasha? I don’t give a shit if you like it or not. Not my problem.

    Who is the spoiled child who cannot behave in a civil manner? hy don’t you take your self right on over the DailyKos or some other equaly nasty blog and vent to your friends instead of causing more problems for yourself here.

    Hint to you Sasha: People like you are the main reason I will never vote for that idiot! With supporters like you it leaves very little to the imagination as to what kind of person he is.

    So we’ll see you in November when you’re crying ‘cuz your guy lost!


  21. This is kinda sad, watching a bunch of progressive women ripping on each other like this. If it’s really about registering your disgust with the sexism of the major parties, why not go with Cynthia McKinney / Rosa Clemente (Green Party)? With luck, maybe they could reach that magic 5% number where the Greens could become official, and a viable third party for the next election. I’ve recently decided I’ll probably vote for Nader for the same reason, and because I think he’d have a better chance of breaking that 5%, still… Why on Earth would anyone interested in women’s rights even consider voting for McCain? Look at the way he dumped his first wife after she lost her fashion-model looks in a car crash, if you want to see what you’d be voting for. Look back on his declaration that Roe vs. Wade should be overturned. Look at the video of him verbally browbeating the woman reporter on the back of the “Straight Talk Express”. Look at him calling his (2nd) wife the C-word in public. The guy’s a neanderthal about women. Why would any woman with a mind of her own vote for him? Maybe nobody wants to challenge that saintly Grandpa image he’s been polishing up. Of course, there’s also evidence out there that he collaborated with the North Vietnamese while a POW, while other pilots refused to cooperate, and are now worm food. Yet nobody even thinks to question the “War Hero” meme. My, doesn’t that corporate media brainwashing go down good?

    All the candidates, mechanisms and issues that could bring REAL “change” have been neatly excised from the “National Discussion” by both major parties, including the question of whether the elections will be completely non-transparent, and likely fraudulent AGAIN this time around. Notice how the major-media polls started showing steady gains for McCain, no matter how he put his foot in it? -Softening us up for an unbelievable, come-from-behind win, courtesy of our faith-based computerized voting system. I took flak from lots of Democrats for being a “traitor” and voting for Ralph back in 2000, like that’s why Bush won. Yet none of them can explain away the Diebold internal memo from some field operative screaming to corporate, asking what to tell a local election board about the result of MINUS 16,000 votes for Al Gore, in just one precinct! No, easier to ignore that one, and what it suggests. Hint: it’s called “pre-loading”. Easier to brand anybody that questions, a loony. But I digress.

    There are a number of non-gender-related issues here that will not be treated any differently by either major party. They are BOTH the military-industrial party. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that they are also the Sexist Party, and Sexist Lite. The way I see it, the choices are the lesser of these two major-party evils (-which is unfortunately Barack “I helped fund Iraq” Obama / Joe “I helped inact the fascist police state” Biden), or you can “throw your vote away” to make a statement to those major parties about what they’re ignoring. Honestly, I may yet pull the lever for Obama, just to deny Twitchy McCain, but it will be while fighting to keep down my bile. I hope I can fight my fear enough to vote for Nader, for labor rights and an end to war. Let the major parties keep pumping up militarism and corporatism (also called fascism) until they’ve completely discredited themselves, shown their true faces so completely that they can no longer fool anybody, and if we’re lucky, in 4 years it could be a REAL three-way race for a change. If the country doesn’t resemble Liberia by then, that is. Anyway, my point is, vote your conscience, because it may very well not matter anyway, it may well be a giant charade, and at least that way you can live with yourself while the country descends into delusional, Orwellian decay.

    Mark Twain wrote: “If you alone of all the Nation shall decide one way, and that way be the right way according to your convictions of the right, you have done your duty by yourself and by your country – hold up your head! You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

  22. I agree pretty much with the previous poster. I didn’t support Obama in the primaries. I cheered on Kucinich as much as I could, even though I knew his bid was, in an immediate sense, a bit quixotic. Obama is far too hawkish, too intermeshed with Wall Street, and too weak on issues that I care about, like immigrants’ rights and ending the death penalty.

    But he’s the nominee now. And the central charge to my argument against you is the documented, undeniable fact that he stands on nearly the exact same platform that Hillary Clinton stood on. In fact, during the primary “debates” between Clinton and Obama, a bit of awkwardness arose from the fact that their two platforms were nearly identical. If you believe in the ideals of the centrist Democratic machine, who formulated the policies of both Clinton and Obama, then you could look to either Clinton and Obama to carry them out. The differences were, and are, stylistic, aesthetic, sex-based, and race-based. Faces.

    I plan on voting for McKinney in November, but that’s only because I don’t live in a swing state (I live, incidentally, in Chicago, and have witnessed Obama’s metamorphosis into a Clintonian triangulator firsthand.) I want the Green Party to achieve viability status. But I do NOT want, to put it ridiculously lightly, John McCain to become leader of the free world. He is a dangerous man, exceptionally misguided, out of touch, and perhaps afflicted with dementia. For this reason, I will support Obama. I believe with all my heart that it is essential, under these exigent circumstances, to fight for the least reactionary of the contenders.

    I am certainly no apologist for Obama or the Democratic Leadership, but, for all of their weaknesses, it will be a glorious day, an unspeakably glorious day, if on Election night we hear that the Democrats rolled into offices across the nation, and at the top, Obama knocked out the motherfucking Republicans that have been driving not only this country and this world, but this earth—this poor planet—-straight into oblivion.

    As someone who is casting her vote for a 3rd party, I of course understand the importance of reviving the mangled creature known as “democracy” in this country. I don’t question the democractic process. What I question is your motivation for tearing down Obama, and, in the process, Clinton, and, in the process, billions of men, women, children, and animals around the world. Voting is a responsibility and it should be waged responsibly. I don’t think that it is responsible, and certainly not sensible, to attack the candidate, Obama, who you now most closely agree with over the fact that he defeated the former candidate you most closely agreed with in a contest that both candidates agreed that they agreed with each other.

    That’s how I honestly feel. I disagree with you, but i am sorry for being a bitch before. I was in an atrocious mood. I came to this website because someone posted your comments on Truthout.org, a very fine progressive periodical full of critical thought. I never go to the DailyKos and I still have my Kucinich bumper sticker on my car.

  23. For a number of hours, i’ve debated the wisdom of adding a comment here…about wisdom.

    lease Marge, we are more than two-fers or even twice that and with our greater rank comes greater responsibility. Because we’ve been around longer, seen and learned more, know only too well what the values of the Democratic Party are meant to look like, it is incumbent upon us not to walk away. Now that you have acquired so much insight, it’s vital for you to figure how how best to share it. You owe it to yourself, your education, and to your younger colleagues, to be a role model. Please don’t turn your back and walk away at this juncture when so many are open to thinking about new ways of working together. Now is the time for you to pitch in and help educate.

  24. You do what you think is right and I will do what I believe is right.

    I believe the best role model I can be for my 7 granddaughters and 2 great-granddaughters is to fight against injustice and corruption whenever and wherever I see it.

    As for working together, I do work with a great, wonderful, lively bunch of people called PUMA. Love it and them. The current Democratic Party, not so much.

    Barbara I wish you the best as you go your way as you see it and I do the same. Perhaps in the end our roads will converge.

  25. Got it! Gor for it! Show ’em how us old broads kick ass. Righteously!!

  26. I am putting this on all the blogs I link to suggesting we do not have to be slaves to the places they push us.
    Who are you voting for?

    I am Writing-In Hillary

    and joining the New Democrat PUMA party.

    Listen to the Aug 29th radio show on your computer from the PUMA people who went to Denver.

    I called in at the end of the first hour.


  27. I haven’t decided whether to join the New Democrat PUMA Party of not. I have now, after 40+ years of being a Democrat, become an Independent and I kinda like the fact that I can vote for whoever I want to without someone telling me I’m being disloyal to some party. Right now it suits me best.

    And I live in Wisconsin which is going to be very close, IMO in November so I am sadly, voting for McCain as a protest against the corruption of the Democratic Party.

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