THE PAST WEEK: Recaps & Rambling Thoughts–August 17-23 (Memories of Anita Hill; Timing of Rezko Sentencing; ACORN; Meet Emily; and Lima Beans!)

Well, now that Biden is Obama’s VP pick, I will make only one, short comment:

Biden, Spector, Kennedy and Anita Hill–and now with Obama, the same crap still being dished out, this time to Hillary Clinton.  It feels like a double-punch…


Here’s the latest on what’s going on with the Rezko sentencing:

Obama friend Rezko to be sentenced one week before election

According to the piece, ” other defendants convicted of similar crimes have been sentenced to numerous years in prison”

Should make interesting headlines, if the media decide to do their job…


A great post up at NO QUARTER…ACORN – CSI – OBAMA. Someone else noticed!
The writer discusses how some of the “mainstream” press is beginning to take a look, notably the NY Tmes and the PIttsburgh  Tribune-Review.

My own series on the recent news about ACORN and the League of Youth Voters here in NM can be found here.  The latter group has had its status changed and is now considered a PAC, which means under the law it must reveal all donors.  There’s going to be a lawsuit, but at least Attorney General Gary King is bringing some scrutiny to the unaccounted for money coming into the state’s politics.


Texas Hill Country had a good post on Wes Clark titled Wesley Clark Un-Uninvited To The Convention, Or Is Showing Up Anyway

Here’s a snippet:

Well today in a live online interview through the Washington Times site, Wesley Clark was asked if he was really not going to be at the Convention.

In response, Gen. Clark said that the will be overseas “on business” having “meetings” that he “couldn’t reschedule” but would be at the Convention Thursday night….

SO…  either

the Obama campaign woke the hell up and realized what we all did…  How friggin moronic could Obama be to NOT invite the most prominent 4 Star General that is also a DEMOCRAT that would give Obama some BADLY NEEDED FOREIGN POLICY CRED


Wes Clark is going to show up anyway.

Apparently, Clark doesn’t like it under the Obama bus!


A few weeks ago I wrote a post about “Brainwave Analysis” and how it is already being used by CBS to help figure out, Welcome to “Brainwave Analysis”–Where Brainwaves are “Taken, Analyzed, Cleaned-up, Processed” and the Metrics are “Extracted” (Coming to a Future Political Campaign Near You?).

Sort of makes you feel like a robot, doesn’t it?  Well, take a look at the next thing coming down the pike…an animation that looks like a real human being: “Meet Emily–the most life-like animated actress every made“.

A company named “Image Metrics” has created Emily, “an extraordinary animated woman created using a ground-breaking modelling technique that captures minute facial movements.” Be sure to check out the accompanying video. It will blow you away. Maybe one day a Presidential candidate will be fabricated by this technique, although Obama has managed to be fabricated without high-tech…


Finally, in case you haven’t had a chance to see a pic of Yoda, the 4-eared cat, you can see one here. I have to say, this is one adorable creature!


There’s touch of fall in the air here in southern NM…the morning light is different and the evenings are cooling down faster.  In the garden, the eggplant are still going wild and my first-ever crop of lima beans has been spectatcular! All the rain has really made this a great garden this year! One veg that is really doing well is the pimiento pepper. I had a space to fill and picked it up at a reduced price and it is producing gorgeous sweet peppers. I think it’s doing better than the usual green bell peppers do in this climate.


*Posted by kenosha Marge

*ETHICS, My Aunt Fanny…

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6 Responses

  1. Whether the MSM does its job or not, we will be sure to get the word out. Do not under-estimate the power that we all hold in spreading information this election season. Consider this, even if only 300 people read a certain post that any one of us has up, most likely some of them will tell somebody and those people will tell somebody and on and on and on. WE are the ones WE’VE been waiting for–to do the media’s job.

  2. I can understand why Wes doesn’t like it under the Obama bus. It’s darn crowded under here.
    Frankly I hope the reason he’ll be in Denver on Thursday is because HE decided. I am not certain I’ll be watching any of it. My ability to not throw up is strong, but I ‘m not certain even I can stomach the DNC this time around. This will be the first time I will not vote the Dem. ticket in the GE.
    Cynthia McKinney and the Green Party will get my vote. She’s a Dem who voted consistently against the war and its funding. Unlike The Precious who only said he was against the war in 2002. This is really the biggest issue for me in this election. This and the immoral way the One was selected.

  3. Absolutely Sugar! We will not sit quietly while our Democracy is obliterated.

    We weren’t quiet about it when the Republicans tried it, and to some extent succeeded, and we won’t be quiet when Democratic thugs do the same thing.

    By the way, I love your blog but for some reason everytime I go there my computer locks up. Several friends say they have the same trouble. Know what’s wrong?

  4. Hey kenoshaMarge, can you believe I could barely get on my OWN blog while I was at home until I downloaded Firefox. I use that to do my blog surfing and I use Internet Explorer to do my business transactions and such. Just go to and download the Firefox browser and you’ll be good to go. It’s a Typepad problem, but I can’t bring myself to move to WordPress!!!

  5. Trying to Pass this video to everyone! Maybe some of the truth will come out now.

  6. Great video…and the crotch shot is a lot clearer that other versions I’ve seen…

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