THE PAST WEEK: Recaps & Rambling Thoughts–August 17-23 (Memories of Anita Hill; Timing of Rezko Sentencing; ACORN; Meet Emily; and Lima Beans!)

Well, now that Biden is Obama’s VP pick, I will make only one, short comment:

Biden, Spector, Kennedy and Anita Hill–and now with Obama, the same crap still being dished out, this time to Hillary Clinton.  It feels like a double-punch…


Here’s the latest on what’s going on with the Rezko sentencing:

Obama friend Rezko to be sentenced one week before election

According to the piece, ” other defendants convicted of similar crimes have been sentenced to numerous years in prison”

Should make interesting headlines, if the media decide to do their job…


A great post up at NO QUARTER…ACORN – CSI – OBAMA. Someone else noticed!
The writer discusses how some of the “mainstream” press is beginning to take a look, notably the NY Tmes and the PIttsburgh  Tribune-Review.

My own series on the recent news about ACORN and the League of Youth Voters here in NM can be found here.  The latter group has had its status changed and is now considered a PAC, which means under the law it must reveal all donors.  There’s going to be a lawsuit, but at least Attorney General Gary King is bringing some scrutiny to the unaccounted for money coming into the state’s politics.

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