McCain to Appear in Southern NM Tomorrow (Wednesday, 8/20)

Following on the heels of Obama’s visit to ABQ on Monday and Hillary’s quick moves to escape the on-coming clutch of Bill Richardson in Espanola yesterday, John McCain is going to show up tomorrow here in Las Cruces, NM. He’ll be flying into El Paso tonight.

According to the local rag, McCain will do a townhall-style event at an annex building of the Pan Am Center at New Mexico State University.  The venue can hold about 500 people and tickets are first-come, first serve via email at the McCain website.

If I didn’t have several appointments for tomorrow morning, I might have gone out of curiosity.  I’ve seen several candidates in past years here in Las Cruces.  It’s a mecca for political visitors even though it is a pretty small city. But, with nothing around it for at least 50 miles (El Paso is to the south), it is the “capitol” of southern NM and a completely different political entity than the ABQ-Santa Fe region.

So, instead of attending, I will watch the reporting closely. I’m interested to see if McCain gets the same attention as Obama did back in May. Back then, I wrote a string of reports as the drama unfolded–the transformation from an exclusive meeting with veterans into a campaign rally with a mostly supporters who were contacted in haste at the last minute.  The blogger from the El Paso Times who covered the event was totally in the tank for Obama. We’ll see if he reports for duty again for the McCain visit!

I’ll start reporting on this tomorrow as soon as I get back from my appointments and as soon as information starts to trickle in.


Coverage of Obama’s visit which began on May 23, 2008:

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One Response

  1. I am so frakkin tired of hearing:

    The blogger from the El Paso Times who covered the event was totally in the tank for Obama.

    about someone who’s job it is to inform the public. How can we ever have an informed electorate if the people who’s job it is to inform them have chosen sides and find no ethical problem with cheer-leading for one side and/or lying about the other.

    Don’t you just love how the “elites” sneer at low-information voters while doing their best to damn well see they remain that way?

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