Update on Non-Profit “Advocacy” Groups in NM…AG Gary King Squelched by Richardson?

Earlier this week I posted two pieces on the non-profit “progressive” groups ACORN and The Center for Civic Policy and Attorney General Gary King’s efforts to have them declared as PACs, which would require the full disclosure of donors.

Part I: New Mexico “Progressive” Voter Registration Groups in Trouble: ACORN Again…Surprised?? (UPDATE 1X)

Part II: NM AG, “Gutsy Gary” King, Fighting for Transparency re: Non-Profits Like the League of Young Voters and ACORN

Joe Monahan updates the situation today:

Rather than have Attorney General King dancing around with Secretary of State Herrera over having political nonprofits like the Center For Civic Policy release the names of their donors and their expenditures, why not have the Legislature pass a law mandating disclosure? Look for such a measure to be introduced in January.

After being chided by critics and reporters, the Center released to the ABQ Journal the names of the foundations that have given it money, but refused to release the names of individual donors. Political observers are still trying to digest the stunning amount of money–$1.645 million–that political operative Eli Lee, who runs the Center, says it will take in over a two year period.

Dem State Senator Dede Feldman has been in the forefront of campaign finance reform. Would the ABQ North Valley lawmaker be willing to sponsor a full-disclosure measure? We’re just asking.

Earlier in the week Monahan had reported:

According to Monahan, King is planning to as the Secretary of State again to ask NYMO to adhere to state election laws. If the secretary doesn’t, expect King to file a lawsuit to force the issue. Meanwhile, lawyers representing the nonprofits are warning King that they will sue the state if he persists in his bid to hold the groups feet to the fire. (See NMYO lawsuit.)

Monahan also revealed that

Insiders say King was none too happy that he was made to look like he was dragging his feet and perhaps fearful of retaliation by the far-left wing of the Democratic Party. Democrat King is up for re-election in 2010. He has also been mentioned as a possible Dem Guv candidate.

In my earlier piece I commented about the possible role of Bill Richardson in his Secretary of State not yet taking action to change of status of New Mexico Youth Organized (run by the Center for Civic Policy) and ACORN.  It seems that King is getting nowhere with Secretary of State at this point. Who knows if there will be any further action by his office?

Richardson has angered many legislators who feel he doesn’t really put state business first, so it will be interesting to see if the Legislature will confront the governor in January on this issue.  With big money coming into the state without transparency (and Richardson’s own ties to Eli Lee, the executive director the Center), it will be interesting to see if anything will really change…Of course, if Obama gets to the White House, Richardson may not be here in January, so maybe there is a chance…Unless Lt. Gov. Diane Denish decides to become “Bill RIchardson II”…

4 Responses

  1. Interesting stuff, but the elements of this story are decades old. At any rate, don’t believe too much that Gary King is the guy in the white hat all the time. He once moved from one congressional district for another (1 or 3 to 2) for the express purpose of running for Congress, lost, and promptly moved back up north. His father (Bruce) was Governor for three terms, I think. One of Richardson’s first political relationships in New Mexico was with Bruce King. To hear Richardson tell it, King promised to support him for something but didn’t vote for him. When confronted, King allegedly said something along the lines of, “I said I’d support you. I never said I’d vote for you.”

    DISCLAIMER: I’m recalling these things off the top of my head, and they happened years ago. So, the details may not be 100% accurate (probably are NOT), but my basic points are these: Gary King is a pol. There might be a little payback going on that is unrelated to the actual point of contention.

  2. EA…thanks for the history…King may be just “grandstanding” for a possible future run for gov.
    His “gutsiness” may be a momentary appearance of looking like he’s not controlled by the left wing (a “Sister Souljah moment”) but with no real intention of actually following through on his pronouncements!!!

  3. If roadblocks are not put in his path, I think he will follow through with the investigation and whatever charges that would be warranted–and none if appropriate. He was a small town lawyer when not in public office and actually practiced law.

    Just trying to give you some more perspective, since you are a relative newcomer to the drama/comedy of New Mexico politics. BTW, how is the chile crop looking this year? Have you learned the “official” state question?

  4. Always happy to hear from you, ea! Not sure about the crop yet…there were some worries a couple of weeks ago…the RAIN! MORE last night!! BUT, the roasters were on the front page of the paper the other day…and Fiesta Foods reports that what’ they’ve got so far has “some kick”….I do love the smell of roasting chile outside the stores!

    The question? Here’s my answer….
    Red or Green??? I like BOTH!!!

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