Part I: New Mexico “Progressive” Voter Registration Groups in Trouble: ACORN Again…Surprised?? (UPDATE 2X–Video on ABQ ACORN)

ACORN is now conducting background checks on new hires here in NM since nine of their voting registgration team were found to have criminal records.  A television station unearthed the information, which has been reported by the AP. According to the story,

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, began the background checks this week after a report by an Albuquerque television station revealed that nine people hired to collect personal information from would-be voters had criminal records ranging from forgery to identity theft.

No one knows how many voter registrations the nine handled; ACORN claims to have registered 60,000 voters in the state.  The head of the state Republican Party says ACORN should have been doing background checks all along.

ACORN has a history of suspicious voter registration activity/fraud and in-your-face actions. The group is also embroiled in a corruption/cover up scandal involving embezzlement of funds from ACORN by the brother of the founder.

Barack Obama’s ties to the organization have been documented, mostly by many right-leaning researchers.  Not surprising, given the way things have been going with the media this election season. Suffice to say that Obama has strong ties to ACORN.  He worked as an ACORN “community organizer” and legal representative. In the early 1990’s, he trained ACORN members in Chicago in leadership seminars.

A good overview of many of the reports on ACORN is available at A couple of the more detailed pieces are by Stanley Kurtz (“Inside Obama’s Acorn”) and Elias Crim and Matthew Vadum (“Barack Obama: A Radical Leftist’s Journey from Community Organizing to Politics”).  These articles, plus many more, are linked from the DiscovertheNetworks site. Richard Poe of has also written a short history, “ACORN: History, Activities, Agendas.”


No Quarter has also done a recent piece entitled “Obama’s Acorn.”


Here’s video report from an Albuquerque TV station which details the ACORN staff who registerd voters…inlcuding those who had been in trouble because of identiy theft!


Another NM  “progressive” youth group in trouble…but will Bill Richardson bail them out?