Don’t Let the Edwards Story Let This Get By You…Next Week, “The Atlantic” is Possibly Publishing “Leaked Clinton Campaign Memos” on the Internet (Updated 3X)

OK, I’m so disgusted by John Edwards that I can’t express it strongly enough.  I was an Edwards supporter originally…another one goes down the tubes…Enough said.  Onward with this:

The Atlantic is supposed to be publishing on the internet “leaked” memos from the Clinton campaign next week. Josh Green is the reporter. Green is a SENIOR EDITOR at The Atlantic.  According to Limbaugh, who broke this today, there are a couple of hundred of them, and about 150 are going to be released.  Some are written by Mark Penn and other people in the campaign.

Some of the quotes from them include remarks about Obama’s “unelectability” and a few others that I can’t recall at the moment.

I will admit that I heard this on Limbaugh, but quite by accident, since I never tune into him willingly. But I don’t doubt it. The Atlantic is a big enough publication that unfounded rumors about what they were doing wouldn’t go down very well. Limbaugh said he got the info from an insider. We know it’s a center-right publication. On this matter, I am inclined to believe him.

Now, the big question is:  WHO LEAKED THESE MEMOS if this is all true?? My mother, who listens to Limbaugh regularly, has told me that he has been saying that the Clinton team has a plan in place.  He speculated today that it was the Clinton camp that leaked these memos.

Frankly, when he first said they were going to be published next week, MY FIRST REACTION was that it may very well have been the Clinton camp.  When Limbaugh read the purported quotations, which were all negative about Obama, I thought it sounded like even more of a possibility.  They were the sort of comments that most people would not find all that shocking, considering how the Obama team has been screwing up lately.  They sounded like logical conclusions reached by people who could see a train wreck coming.

(UPDATE–Hat tip to SUGAR for reminding me of another quote…”The only person Obama could beat is Attila the Hun”!!!)

My other reaction was “Why not release them all? Why are some being held back?”  Maybe we’ll be figure that out once the released memos come out, maybe not.

I am simply offering this info as food for thought. I know nothing else about this leak, other than what I heard today.  We’ll have to see what comes down the pike next week.

As for the Edwards story…who knows if the Obama camp originally floated it to get Edwards out of the primary race?  Whoever was behind it may never be known. It’s just really disgusting that it turned out to be true. My heart goes out to Elizabeth and the kids.  Their oldest daughter must be as devastated as her mother must be. She listened to him talk about morals and trust throughout the primary season. It is a very, very sad situation all around.

What an AWFUL political season this has been…


Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic: announcement on August 8, 2008 about the upcoming memo release…


I did hear right the first time. He did tell Elizabeth about the affair back in 2006. Sigh.  And she listened to him talk about morals and trust during the campaign.  Not my business about their relationship.  But, I don’t know….I just don’t know anymore…


I was under the impression that Elizabeth had known about this in 2006.  I heard Hannity reading the story as it broke and I thought he said “the family knew about it in 2006.”  I can’t verify this, so I’ve deleted the mention of Elizabeth knowing about it then…

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  1. Elizabeth will be okay. These women who bear the burden of terminal illness have incredible amounts of courage. I, would have sunk his ship long ago. She however, is a model of dignity.

  2. It might be time to stop hanging so much on the marital fidelity of our leaders, since infidelity seems much more common. I imagine he needed the proverbial soft place to fall while he was campaigning and his wife was sick. He had to be strong for her, and strong for the public, and that’s a lot to cope with.
    I wish reporters would leave it alone. It hurts a lot more when it’s public knowledge.

  3. Edwards says in the ABC interview that Elizabeth knew in 2006. He also makes a point of saying that at the time he had the affair, Elizabeth was in remission.
    As if that’s a mitigating factor.

  4. I’ve revised my post…and I agree….being in remission doesn’t seem to cut it as a mitigating factor with me, either…

  5. Our hearts go out to Mrs. Edwards and their Children as well.

    Count Us Out shared a story on this a few days ago and have been keeping up with it especially since we believe he was incahoots with Obama and probably was being blackmailed into taking his name off the ballot in Michigan and engaging in other behind the scenes shenanigans with Obama to plot against Hillary.

    It’s obvious any “liberal” leaning reporters won’t touch these stories with a 10 ft. pole so we have to go where the stories are. Here’s something Ann Coulter wrote about John Edwards titled, “Only His Hair Dresser Knows”.

    Here is the link:

    “… the following was Edwards’ response to CBS News anchor Katie Couric’s question about whether voters should care if a presidential candidate is faithful to his spouse:

    “Of course. I mean, for a lot of Americans — including the family that I grew up with, I mean, it’s fundamental to how you judge people and human character — whether you keep your word, whether you keep what is your ultimate word, which is that you love your spouse, and you’ll stay with them. … I think the most important qualities in a president in today’s world are trustworthiness — sincerity, honesty, strength of leadership. And — and certainly that goes to a part of that.”

  6. The Atlantic memos situation should be interesting. I heard Rush say that one of the memos said the only person Obama could beat was Atila the Hun. I damn near wrecked my car from laughing. I try to listen to him everyday because that fat bastard always has the latest news! I swear. I find myself yelling, “Oh come on Rush!” often to some of the ridiculous things he says, but he’s got a lock on scooping these things.

    This has been a downright awful election season. It’s one that most of us will never forget though. 😦

  7. The true test of our character is what we do when we think nobodyi is looking…..

    But those memos……..delicious!

  8. Responding to lillinjanes comment…Just because “infidelity seems much more common” doesn’t make it right. If our political leaders, democrat or republican can’t stay true to a set of values and/or promises they keep, they SHOULD be put through the scrutiny and embarassment. If they can’t handle it, they shouldn’t be there. My heart goes out Elizabeth.

  9. Yes delicious is right! Some folks are saying these are what prompted the trip to Hawaii.

  10. SUGAR! Yes, you reminded me…he did quote one memo as sying that “the only person Obama could beat was Attila the Hun!!~
    I’ll get it into the post….Thanks for reminding me…and by the way, I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!!!

    ALSO–remember a few months ago when there was a rumor that the Clintons had info that could really damage Obama?? Are these memos part of a push? We’ve got Bill mentioning the “constitutional requirements” of running for President a few days ago and now word of possible leaked memos….Meanwhile, Hillary continues to look “helpful” and there is a poll that indicates that her “behavior” has been seen in a favorable light…..The plot thickens!!

  11. RE: Count Us Out….if he thinks going to Hawaii will let him hide from these memos….he’s nuts. “When in trouble, run away” should be emblazoned on his plane!!

  12. Elizabeth was in remission during the affair…I’ve heard that emotions, outlook, etc. can effect the health of a person fighting cancer. (Can you imagine being told by your spouse that while you had breast cancer and treatment he was fooling around (what a stupid term) with another women.)

    And in March, 2007, they announced the return of her illness.

  13. I don’t really see these memo’s as damaging to Obama but damaging to the Clintons. Although not as damaging as they would have been if we didn’t expect this kind of crap from them, both the leaking of the memo’s and the arrogant attitude contained within them.

  14. Wait until the Larry Sinclair and Obama story breaks wide open. They say that is coming this week. Sad that the only media that looks into things anymore is the Enquirer.

  15. Larse12
    The media is having to swallow the fact the they dropped the ball *purposely” and truth is revealed by the NE. The journalistic integrity of the main media is now on trial.

  16. When is the full moon this month? Crap is gonna hit the fan sounds like. Think I’ll just stand behind it and watch it blow…EVERYWHERE.

  17. Full Moon is Aug.16…9 days before the Dem Convention, I think…

  18. The only memo I’m interested in seeing is the one Bill Clinton referred to several months ago when he said “they played the race card on me and we now know from memos that they were plannng to do that all along.” Do they have memos from the Obama camp outlining that strategy? That would truly be damaging.

    And I, too, am hoping the MSM will give another look to the NE story about Larry Sinclair. Now!

  19. Larry Sinclair? The guy who failed 2 polygraphs regarding his Obama story?

  20. Some people are still saying that because Hillary was such a bitch is why Bill strayed.

    I guess this disproves that. You can be a warm, loving, and strong, individual and still get cheated on.

    Hillary and Elizabeth, the Steel Magnolias of the Democratic Party.

    Men are like dogs they’ll hump anything if they think they can get away with it.

    Why, oh why, couldn’t this story have been about Barack? Not that I would want Michelle to go through this but…anything to take him down.

    Is that too mean?

  21. I imagine he needed the proverbial soft place to fall while he was campaigning and his wife was sick. He had to be strong for her, and strong for the public, and that’s a lot to cope with.

    I wonder if the situation had been reversed. Where the wife had an affair while her husband was sick. Would the public be saying she needed a soft place to land because her career and caring for him was too demanding?
    I don’t really think so. I think the public would be trashing the woman for having a career in the first place.

  22. Truly the affair is the business of the Edwards’s now that he is no longer running for office. But it is very sad that someone who spoke so eloquently about honesty and morality could be in fact be so far from those qualities in his personal life. it makes you wonder what else he may be dishonest about.

    I also wonder like others here if this info was used to leverage a certain someone’s run for office as well. Pehaps they did use this to blackmail him or perhaps they decided to leak the story because he would no longer go along? Who really knows.

    I just think it’s very sad and i feel for his family. Betrayal is a very hard thing to deal with.

    As to the person who thought it shold not be an issue because it’s “so common” well I would bet you a dollar to a dog turd if this had been about Hillary cheating on Bill or McCain cheating on Cindy and a possible “Love Child” well the media and the public would cruciify them and enjoy it.

    Folks there has NEVER been another candidate in history who has been so protected from hard questions, vetting their character and experience, or had the MSM colluding to keep the subject of their qualifications off the table.

    In fact if ANY OTHER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE were to run on a record so thin and with so many controversial “friends” they would have been out of the running by the time Iowa was done caucusing. Hands down they would be laughed out of politics.

    The DNC and the Media are not only complicit in this they are behind it!


  23. It’s a good thing he’s not a woman, because if he were, the press wouldn’t have protected this story for so long.

    I wonder just how much this influenced his ‘endorsement’ of Obama on the day after Hillary bashed Obama in West Virginia. You know what? I would have settled for john as a candidate but today I wish him everything he deserves. A dying wife and a girlfriend waiting for her to die. Just too despicable for words. We are surround by slime in charge of our lives.

    As for Obama, I hope that Memo story is true. Another cheater and lying thug who wants to be the leader of the free world. Another one the media has protected at the peril of America.

  24. This is very impolitic, but sometimes you get a sense about people. From the very beginning, I thought Obama was a poseur. About John Edwards, I just had this sense that he would be a guy to pull a Newt Gingrich–give his wife divorce papers while she was in a hospital bed. And this was before there ever was any leak about an affair–just that I knew Elizabeth Edwards had cancer. Just one of those impressions that you get about people.

  25. VERY innaresting how these two scandals blossom just before the convention.

    Carolyn Kay

  26. It is also interesting that Edwards was against same gender marriage for some religious and sanctimonious reasons.

    I saw him speak while running as the VP with Kerry…I thought geez a one trick pony.

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