BREAKING!! Tom Vilsack says Obama Will Get the Support of Clinton Supporters!

Yup, he’s on Neil Cavuto and says “Supreme Court” and “excitement” about the “change” Obama will bring!

Get it????

Many Clinton supporters have moved to Obama, he says…MEMO to Vilsack…it seems an awful lot HAVEN’T from some of the polling reports I’ve seen lately…

I think I just missed Will Bowers…Cavuto brought up the fact that “this guy” and others just “don’t like Obama” (Cavuto quickly ticked off a few issues that Obama has flip-flopped on….)

By the way, Will Bowers will be on FOX tomorrow (Friday) at 7:40 AM ET (perish the thought, I just recommended FOX….)

3 Responses

  1. Did any one tell tom vilsec that the only time backtrack barak will get most of Senator Clintons vote is when Hell Freezes Over?



  2. is that why Obama is slipping in all the polls?

    what a sack of crap.

  3. How does someone who seems as intelligent as you are get to be such an angry person?

    I pray that I wouldn’t have reacted in the same manner as the PUMAs (or whatever the group is called) if Obama hadn’t won. Yikes!

    I will pray for you.

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