BREAKING!! Tom Vilsack says Obama Will Get the Support of Clinton Supporters!

Yup, he’s on Neil Cavuto and says “Supreme Court” and “excitement” about the “change” Obama will bring!

Get it????

Many Clinton supporters have moved to Obama, he says…MEMO to Vilsack…it seems an awful lot HAVEN’T from some of the polling reports I’ve seen lately…

I think I just missed Will Bowers…Cavuto brought up the fact that “this guy” and others just “don’t like Obama” (Cavuto quickly ticked off a few issues that Obama has flip-flopped on….)

By the way, Will Bowers will be on FOX tomorrow (Friday) at 7:40 AM ET (perish the thought, I just recommended FOX….)

RE: Hillary Clinton Webchat…Nothing New????

“Let me first say, I am so grateful for all the support that I have received. To answer your question, I am completely committed to helping Senator Obama become the next President of the United States and urging all of you to do the same.”

She repeated this general statement a couple of times during the chat.

Unless I missed something, I’m disappointed, esp. after the call to the PUMA show last night that hinted at more!

Let’s Strip Donna Brazile’s Super Delegate Status!

Anyone who heard last night’s NO WE WON’T/PUMA RADIO (click here for replay) heard lots of exciting news about Hillary’s webchat today at NOON ET….(Go to and click on “Webchat with Hillary” which is under the “Spotlight” heading.)

The bad new is that she really hasn’t paid off her debt and there are many small vendors waiting to get paid.

The good news is that you can help strip Donna Brazile of her Super Delegate status!  Just over 70 letters have already been received from some people who know about these things…so, let’s flood the office with letters from the rest of us!

How to do this?

1) Write a short letter demanding that a hearing be held to strip Brazile of her SD status.

2) Have it NOTARIZED–your bank should have someone on staff who can do this, or else, check the Yellow Pages

3) Send this letter, CERTIFIED with RETURN RECEIPT to:

The Democratic National Committee

Credentials Committee

ATTN: Alexis Herman

430 S. Capitol Street, SE

2nd Floor

Washington, DC   20003


NOTE: Geeklove08 at Come a Long Way has produced a short video on this…