~~Posted by Kenosha Marge, August 4, 2008


Sung by Buddy Knox

Every man has got to have a party doll.
To be with him when he’s feelin’ wild
To be everlovin’, true and fair
To run her fingers through his hair
To run her fingers through his hair
Come along and be my party doll,
Come along and be my party doll,
Come along and be my party doll,
I wanna make love to you, to you,
I wanna make love to you.
Well I saw a gal walkin’ down the street
The kinds of a gal I’d love to meet,
She had blond hair and her eyes were blue
Baby I wanna have a party with you

Come on ladies; time to get in line like the Democratic Party is telling you. Even our gal Hillary is telling us to get on board the Obama Band Wagon. A Party Dolls’ job is to support her party; no matter how much you may loathe the candidate. Maybe if he’s feeling particularly magnanimous he’ll even allow her to become his Vice President. After all girls, we all know that subordinate is where it’s at, right?

My goodness unless this is your first time to vote you’ve certainly voted for a mediocrity before. Of course only male mediocrities need apply. Presidential candidates come in all sizes, shapes and ages but only one gender. Only bitter old hags resent that.

Subordinate is more feminine, a softer, gentler, more womanly you. Must be why there are only 16 women in the Senate and 75 women in the House of Representatives. Considering that women are 52% of the population, does that seem right to you? Maybe someday a prince will come and allow us to participate; but only if do as we’re told.

Older gals who have been the workhorses of the party for generations can ride the Unity Pony too. At the back of the parade please, we want the young ones with the big…personalities up front.

Our job is to work hard, do as we’re told and vote like good old Party Dolls. Issues? Problems? We don’t need to worry our silly old heads about stuff like that. It’ll give us wrinkles and then we’ll be wasting money on Botox that should go to the DNC. What issues could we have anyway? The high price of mascara?

The Democratic Party relies on its Party Dolls because we always vote for party. Democratic Leadership loves, courts and then ignores all the little empty-headed Party Dolls. Kind of a “sure I’ll respect you in the morning if you just vote for me tonight” thing. Don’t bother waiting by the phone.

Party Dolls, like little robots vote for anything with a “D” after their name. They then console themselves with the fact that the crappy  “D” candidate was better than the crappy “R” candidate. Of course everyone knows that those dumb Republicans will vote for anyone with an “R” after their name.

Party Dolls not only vote for people that don’t serve them well, they vote repeatedly for people that don’t  “serve” them at all. Politicians return to the nation’s capital year after dreary year to spend the people’s money and raise more money so that they can return to the nation’s capital to blah, blah, blah.

We women are a majority of the population of this country and of the Democratic Party. Whodathunkit? Majorities have clout. Majorities get the things they want. Majorities have power! Why don’t we?

We can take the easiest course and just keep being Party Dolls. Or we can dig our heels in and say no. Hell no. The choice is not up to anyone but us. Or we can just “party” on.

And fellas, if the stiletto heel shoes fit then you are Party Dolls too. An empty-headed plaything, aka sucker, doesn’t have a gender.