Thanks, To Everyone Who Has Visited This Blog!

While watching the Dog Whisperer on Friday night (August 1), we had our 50,000th hit!

I never expected to come anywhere close to reaching a number like that…thanks to all who have spent time here!


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  1. Congratulations!!

    No surprise, though. You and this site offer thoughtful and thought provoking insights (go figure). Yours is one of the first places I visit every day.
    And once the other buzzzers find out where you are, your numbers will climb ever higher.

    Thank you for all your insights (there it is again) and for adding KenoshaMarge. What an awesome pair.

  2. I like it here, especially with your correct criticism of Bill Richardson.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll keep coming back.

  3. Good for you GRL!

    Your writing has depth and insight. Not always easy to read and makes me think. Signs of a good writer.

    Proud you are allowing me along for the ride. Us BuzzFlash refugees need to stick together. 😀

  4. ah Grl, tried to comment on your post about Bill Richardson twice and it won’t let me in.

  5. I added your blog to my feeds a couple of weeks ago. I’m glad to have helped you make that milestone.

  6. Sites like yours keep me from going totally insane. This is what I got recently from my SparkPeople coach, complaining about my “anti-Obama” posts (well, sometimes I guess the truth hurts):

    ———- SP_COACH_DEAN wrote: ———-
    Hi, B

    We’ve had some complaints about your posts on the Proud Blue Liberals sparkteam. It’s obvious that you’re not a political “liberal” and that your posts on that team are pretty much in opposition to everyone else’s viewpoint. While it’s fine to disagree about politics and to express your opinion on the message boards (as long as you observe the community guidelines), it’s also important to pick the right places to do that. Joining a team specifically set up for people with a perspective that is opposite to your own, for the purpose of advocating your own point of view, is not appropriate.

    There are many teams set up specifically to debate political issues and/or candidates, as well as teams for Republicans, conservatives, or other groups who are more likely to share your views. Please stop posting anti-Obama messages or other contrary viewpoints on the Proud Blue Liberals team, and find other places where your posts will be less disruptive.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

    Coach Dean

    My Reply:

    This is really a pathetic post from the head of a site that has the PRETENSE of being a liberal site. Being liberal does not mean to blindly follow whomever Howard Dean, Donna B. and Nancy P. and Harry Reid have SELECTED. I was not of the opinion that this site was to be a pro-Obama site, and there should not have any consideration given to any of the other candidates. Actually, I am a Ralph Nader supporter. He is the true liberal. He, unlike the so-called liberal Obama, has not come out in support of FISA, the continuation of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and never threatened that as President, he might have reason to invade Pakistan and Iran. He chose the neo-conservative Lieberman to be his “assigned” mentor in the U.S. Senate and actively campaigned for him and asked other Democrats to do so also. Obama posted a long article on the liberal blog Daily Kos criticizing attacks against lawmakers who voted for right-wing Supreme Court nominee John Roberts after having been shamed by his constituents and members of the Black Caucus into changing is vote, and voting against his confirmation. Unlike Hillary Clinton, he opposed an amendment to the Bankruptcy Act that would have capped credit card interest rates at 30 percent. According to Paul Street (Znet and BlackAgendaReport) Obama told Time magazine’s Joe Klein last year that he’d never given any thought to Al Gore’s widely discussed proposal to link a “carbon tax” on fossil fuels to targeted tax relief for the nation’s millions of working poor (Joe Klein, “The Fresh Face,” Time, October 17, 2006). Obama voted for a business-friendly “tort reform” bill that rolls back working peoples’ ability to obtain reasonable redress and compensation from misbehaving corporations. Obama voted to re-authorize the repressive PATRIOT Act. He voted for the appointment of Condoleeza Rice to (of all things) Secretary of State. He opposed Senator Russ Feingold’s (D-WI) move to censure the Bush administration after the president was found to have illegally wiretapped U.S. citizens. He shamefully distanced himself from fellow Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin’s forthright criticism of U.S. torture practices at Guantanamo. He consistently refuses to forswear the use of first-strike nuclear weapons against Iran.

    You could perhaps have the name of the site changed to THE PROUD BLUE SUPPORT OBAMA ONLY site.

  7. GO BARB!!!

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