So Why Is Bill Richardson Really Fundraising for Hillary??

And why hasn’t this story been getting HUGE coverage? Would it undermine THE ONE??

I noticed the story yesterday on page 9A of the local rag–an AP story with the small headline “Richardson to Hold Fundraisers for Sen. Clinton” out of Santa Fe.

According to the report, which has been picked up by a lot of the NM media as well as by, two events will be held on August 17, in Santa Fe and in Albuquerque. They will be invitation-only.  Richardson’s spokesperson says that both Clinton and Richardson will attend both events. Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, former Hillary supporter, is hosting both fundraisers. With the Democratic Convention starting on August 25th, Richardson seems to be cutting the scheduling rather close.

Reportedly, the aim is to help Clinton pay off her debt.  The Obama campaign is using this as an example of how it is helping Clinton, as promised.

Richardson, I suppose, is also hoping to gain something and it may not just be to help preserve his image on the national scene.  His much-touted “Special Legislative Session” here in NM is rumored to be on the verge of cancellation.  There is no interest in pursuing Richardson’s original plan to address health care reform. The second goal he announced, a tax rebate using some of the state’s wealth from oil and gas revenues, has hit some rocky shoals as the price of fuel has dropped and revenues have taken a hit.  And the talk is that the Special Session which has been scheduled for August 15 is on the verge of being scrapped by being adjourned immediately.

Richardson has been in hot water lately with New Mexico lawmakers, with many feeling that he has little interest in the business of the state.  Read all about it in my earlier post, Bill Richardson’s Star is Falling with a BIG THUD (Not on VP Shortlist, State Legislators FED UP with Him) .

So what’s really going on now with the fundraisers?

Joe Monohan puts it this way:

If Obama takes the White House Big Bill doesn’t need anyone blocking the New Mexico exits, so it’s no surprise that the Guv has set up two state fundraisers to help Hillary Clinton retire her $25 million campaign debt. Hillary’s gang was livid that Bill, the beneficiary of much Clinton munificence over the years, would not endorse Hillary prior to the NM prez caucus. And when he later endorsed Obama, Clinton acolyte James Carville dubbed him a “Judas.” If Bill is picked for a big government job–especially one that requires Senate confirmation–he doesn’t need the Clinton sword hanging over his head. Making nice with her at the August 17th fundraisers could have her calling off the dogs and making it easier for Obama to promote the Guv.


If Obama should lose in November, Hillary could again be a major presidential player, another good reason for Bill to dull the sharp edges of the political knives that her crowd has been throwing his way.

Richardson, by the way, still has $292,000 of his own debt to pay off. I figure repositioning the “Sword of Clinton” is, at the moment, a higher priority than paying off his own debt.  Maybe he’s also thinking that he may be able to approach some Clinton money people later as a result of his “graciousness.”

And then there’s this tidbit…

I happened to be chatting about this story today with an acquaintance who “has her ears close to the ground” both here in NM and in Washington, D.C.  She hinted that Richardson, who always acts out of expediency, is perhaps seeing a Clinton on the ticket…TIME WILL TELL!

4 Responses

  1. All in all Richardson, who I used to think was a fairly decent person, for a politician has shown himself to be an opportunist of the worst sort.

    Now, he decides that he perhaps burned some bridges he might need? Tough crap!

    I do wish that the Clintons would smile politely, pat him on the shoulder, and make it clear that if they saw him sinking in quicksand, or the polls, they’d throw him an anvil.

    I’ve never been a big Carville fan but this time I agreed with him, Richardson is a Judas.

  2. Why is Richardson doing this? …to help Richardson of course. Why is Hill helping him…. again? She’s too forgiving . People like Richardson know they can stab her in the back repeatedly and she’ll forgive them. This is a case where she should not do so. Let Fat Bill sink back to where he would be if the Clinton’s hadn’t given him a leg up . But perhaps Hill wants all those who stabbed her know she won’t seek revenge…even of this piece of poltitcal road kill . That would help her case in Denver. Her biggest asset right now , is Barry’s own mental state. Bush think he speaks to God, Barry thinks he is God. He’s getting so crazy, his Wall St backers are getting nervous……good .

  3. She’s not so forgiving.

    Great Hillary quote: “I once read that Jesus was asked how many times a person should forgive injuries done to them, and he replied ’70 times 7′. Well, I just want you all to know, I’m keeping score!”

  4. I think they “forgive” to an extent but keep that betrayal hanging over the other persons head. And when these people are back in the fold and dependent on the Clintons again… they become puppets.

    the Clintons are SUPREME politicians… and it doesnt pay to burn a bridge, but it does pay to have someone owe you.

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