~~Posted by kenosha Marge, July 31, 2008

Doesn’t take much to get the blogosphere in an uproar. One hint, one suggestion, one soupcon of an indication that something might be presumed to have a hint of racism and they’re off!

The number of words declared verboten by Obama fans, fanatics and supporters grows daily. Articulate, Fairy Tale and now presumptuous are words that must not be spoken when describing the “One” sayeth these racist-speech monitors. Presumably they know a racial slur when they hear one even if no one else does.

This being a free country, sorta, people are usually allowed to support whomever they want to without being called a racist. Playing the race card any time anyone dares to say anything negative about your darling is not good for the candidate, the party or the country.

Let’s take a trip in the way-back machine to when this primary season was young and almost fun.

Joe Biden, aka Senator Foot-In-Mouth-A-Lot speaking about Obama said:

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

Trigger the outrage machine. Biden called Obama articulate? How dare he? That’s racist. This was before “Fairy Tale” became racist therefore no one called Biden on saying “storybook”. (also see here.)

Who knew that the word “articulate” was a racial slur? I thought it was an adjective meaning “expressing oneself, readily, clearly, or effectively”. When someone calls me articulate I consider it a compliment. Evidently you can be articulate while being black it’s just racist to mention it.

Obama magnanimously said that he didn’t think Biden meant to offend anyone. Which was easy for Obama to say since his surrogate over at the Washington Post Eugene Robinson was expressing enough concern for both of them. Not surprising since Robinson has been so far inside Obama’s pants that when Obama ate his waffle Robinson gained weight.

The outrage dance via the pundidiots and the hackocracy continued for days.

How about Fairy Tale? Now there’s a racist slur if I’ve ever heard one. Seeking wisdom from my online Merriam Webster I typed in fairy-tale and got:

Characteristic of or suitable to a fairy tale; especially : marked by seemingly unreal beauty, perfection, luck, or happiness”.

Fairy tale is racist? Or was it just more faux outrage and an attempt to paint Bill Clinton as a racist? If so, mission accomplished.

Now the word “presumptuous” is racist too. We can’t call Obama presumptuous because that means “uppity”. Well, it does in some quarters such as Digby’s head; ditto Rachel Maddow’s head. Since Rachel Maddow and the truth parted company sometime ago I’m not gonna worry about what she thinks. Being smart doesn’t guarantee integrity.

A perusal of my online Merriam Webster gives me the following:



Middle English, from Anglo-French presumptious, from Late Latin praesumptuosus, irregular from praesumptio

Date: 14th century

Now I’m no authority on the English language, as is painfully clear, but does it say, that presumptuous means uppity? Bigheaded, conceited and insolent are words I get from my thesaurus. No mention of ears.

The entire “marketing” strategy behind the Obama World Tour was to plant him firmly in the public’s eyes and mind as the president-elect. Calling that “presumptuous” seems a given. Is there anything negative allowed to be said about the “One” for which the tattered, overused and dishonest racist card will not be played?

Many people have reached the point where they don’t care if someone calls them racist. That is just one of the nasty side effects of the Obama campaign that the Democratic Party will have to deal with when all their chickens come home to roost… Chickens of all colors and of both genders.

9 Responses

  1. great post. I especially liked this part:

    Not surprising since Robinson has been so far inside Obama’s pants that when Obama ate his waffle Robinson gained weight. 🙂

  2. Me too, Gary!

    Obama always has his surrogates doing his race-baiting for him. That way, he appears to stay above the fray.

    Sort of like George W. Bush.


  3. KMarge: You are brilliant! Great post! You have a future!

  4. My grandchildren say Nana can have a turn on the computer!

    I wonder who Obama is appealing to with all the charges of racism? He’s alienated and discarded so many of us, what groups are left in numbers significant enough to get him where he thinks he’s already arrived? I just don’t see where the piddly percentage of Obama-approved Americans that remain are going to turn out the vote.

    I had forgotten to bookmark this site, KenoshaMarge, when I saw you were contributing your wit and humour, but the name finally flashed and I’m glad I got a chance to read this.

  5. Given the rate at which Obama’s poll numbers are dropping it would appear that he’s not appealing to anyone with his charges of racism.

  6. Good one. Thanks, kenosha.

    I wonder if candidate Obama will exhaust the race cards, or will there be a fresh deck for President Obama?

  7. “Many people have reached the point where they don’t care if someone calls them racist.”

    Thank god. I’m all for removing the scarlet-letter taint of that charge. Maybe now a real conversation can happen.

  8. Kenoshamarge — so hillarious and on point.

    The only thing that Obama is appealing to now with his racism deck is LIBERAL GUILT…

    If they can’t persuade us to vote based on his uh, merits, then they’ll guilt trip us into it. And oh how us liberals don’t like to be called “racists” because we have black friends, listen to black music, and see international films right? So if our being “not racist” is so tenuous, than the guilt or the uncertainty if we are true AA supporters can seep back in at anytime, and attack us like a virus. I’ve caught myself many times battling this. Doesn’t help that I have relatives that like to chuck the race card at you when you express discontent with their irresponsible deeds…

    oh wait… is it “racist” to say that?

    This persona deserves its own character on SNL — WHITE LIBERAL GUILT PERSON

    …walks down the street, needs to cross, but sees a black man coming his way… the thoughts ensue, should I cross now? would that look like I’m racist? should I wait til he passes, then I won’t look like I crossed the street to avoid him, but now it looks like I’m afraid he’ll attack me from behind…should I smile at him if I don’t cross, or is that an invitation (if the character is white female)?…what will I say if he asks for money… whew! He crossed the street before I had to, I’m in the clear. Potential racist situation averted!! I’m still a liberal!

    You get my point. Yes, I do live in the inner city.

  9. I stumbled onto your site looking for an older race card round, and I’m glad I did.

    I was looking for an Obamanoid Timesman (if you’ll pardon the redundancy) named Shipler, but misspelled his name “Shipley,” and instead got a totally different, Obamanoid Timesman.

    Shipler is the guy who wrote an LA Times op-ed on April 16. Ten years ago, he wrote an unreadable book promoting “racial dialogue,” whereby groups of apologetic whites would meet with groups of inconsolable blacks, so that the whites could practice apologizing, and the blacks could practice refusing to accept their apologies.

    Shipley, meanwhile, is the current op-ed editor, the guy who gave op-ed space to Obama for a free ad, while refusing it to McCain.

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