John Edwards is Back…With, Of All Things, the “Fear Card”

SInce his stage act with Barack Obama in May (only a week after telling People Magazine that he wasn’t ready to endorse anybody), John Edwards has stepped out again, this time with a fundraising letter from the DSCC and its KickOut campaign, complete with a somber pamphlet in brown depicting “the havoc Bush has wreaked on America” (sic).

As you may recall, Al Gore stuck his toe in the water with a fundraising letter for the DSCC in early June. (See below for related posts when the dam broke for Obama.)  When I first wrote about the Gore letter, some people questioned whether is really was from the DSCC because of the address.  Well, Edwards letter comes from the same address–Merrifield, VA–so I don’t think there’s any question about the address this time!

The Gore letter made me queasy at the time, because I thought it was paving the way for a full-blown endorsement of Obama but by the time he actually took the stage with Obama a couple of weeks later, I wasn’t shocked at all, because by that time, the Rules and ByLaws Committee on May 31 had enraged me so completely by their actions that I no longer considered myself a Democratic. (What perfect timing THAT was, Al!)

It was the initial endorsement of Edwards that was the opening body-blow as far as I was concerned. He had been my candidate, mostly because he was so outspoken about corporatism.  Embracing Obama so quickly after Clinton’s big win in the West Virginia primary really got to me. Edwards’ endorsement was part of that pattern of people coming out to prop up Obama after losing.  Edwards had run against corporate power and Obama was the darling of the Wall Street crowd in terms of money. I was nauseated by what Edwards did. What made it even worse was the fact that he had told People Magazine only a week earlier that he wasn’t ready to endorse anybody.  Snake…it was all in the works then, no doubt.

Then came NARAL, and later Wes Clark, whom I had supported in 2004, jumping on the bandwagon as soon as it seemed that Obama was the “presumptive nominee,” in a move so fast it reminded me of how when he quit the race in 2004, he dashed over and hugged John Kerry and shed his dignity in the process.  At least McCain waited a few years before hugging Bush…

So here’s Edwards, this time exhorting me to “Stop Senate Republicans from Blocking the Will of the American People.”  Yeah, right–because the Democratic Senate has been so strong against Republicans!

Memo to J.E.–please tell me what you think of Obama voting for the FISA bill…

The whole letter is pretty strident, with underlined statements like these:

But what truly frightens me–and should frighten you, too–are the 49 Republicans in the Senate who are already planning to stonewall Barack Obama and continue George Bush’s agenda even after he’s gone.

Oh, please!  Obama doesn’t need to be “stonewalled”–he’ll bend over for Republicans any day, as he showed with his rewrite of his nuclear safety bill at the behest of the GOP for the benefit of Exelon. And his vote for FISA already has HIM continuing the Bush agenda…

As Democrats…as Americans…you and I MUST take action to restore America…join me in supporting the DSCC in its mission to elect more Democrats to the Senate who will aggressively oppose the GOP’s agenda.

Yawn. Like who? Someone to join the bend-over Democrats we have now?  Don’t point to Tom Udall as an example yet, either–yeah, he sounds great on the environment, but he’s beholden to Big Pharma, so he’s not immune from being converted into Senatorial mush…

Then comes the clincher…

Having been on the receiving end of their tactics, I can tell you we should plan for the worst–and expect it, too.

Dear John, your own party and Obama have already given us the worst, as they’ve thrown democracy into the dumpster using many of the same tactics the GOP uses.  And the ‘havoc,” in many cases, has been aided and abetted by your chums in the Senate.

A couple of months ago a letter like this would have gotten me extremely upset, but since the rise of PUMA, at least I feel some support for my utter disgust at this sort of crap. This time, I was inspired to DO SOMETHING!

Instead of just withholding a donation (which is supposed to be tripled–didn’t Gore’s beg letter also talk about doubling or tripling the donation, too? I can’t quite recall which…), I went over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and bought a collapsible pet carrier and brought it to the animal shelter, which is trying to become a no-kill facility and has put out a call for donations for things like leashes and carriers.

Afterwards, I felt wonderful.  Spiritually clean and joyful!  When I got home, I kissed my dogs and shredded the letter…which will become part of the piles of shredded paper that will go to the animal shelter for cage bedding.

At least this DSCC mailing will get used properly…

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9 Responses

  1. […] to our national Democratic organizations is like pouring sand down a rat hole. So what do we do? GRL at InsightAnalytical has a fantastic response to her latest DSCC fundraising request: Instead of just withholding a donation (which is supposed […]

  2. I read this articulate and well-informed post with a lot of agreement with positions the writer held before being ideologically betrayed by Obama or Gore or Edwards or [your choice of Democrat pol], but by the end I was disappointed in the expectation that somewhere would be included some bit of acknowledgement that it isn’t always necessarily a good thing to have it all one’s own way politically. If it were, then W’s run wouldn’t have set so much hair on fire. What seems to be lacking in the post is a recognition that some compromise will always be necessary to reach desirably broad political goals. I’m not talking about compromise with their (Republican) side now, but with the pols on our own side who, in these salvage operations, demonstrate sufficient flex to get business done. Everywhere I go in the blogosphere, and I try to cover the whole ideological gamut, distasteful as the rightward side can be, I encounter this remarkable rigidity on issues that one wouldn’t ordinarily think could be so ideologically skewed as to need absolute, rocksteady resistance to whatever the other side is proposing, especially when the other side was us when we got up this morning. In my opinion, every time we abandon one of our own players out of strict adherence to principle, we abandon the part of the field that person held for us, to a (vocally, at least) strong player from the other team. What kind of winning coach plays the game that way?

  3. My feelings now are that we will not be reaching desired goals because the Democratic Party has lost it’s nerve and commitment to reaching them. I, like many, feel pushed into a corner because of the candidate who is utterly unqualified and arrogant. This is the first time I’ve felt the need to rebel against the Democratic Party because of the tricks they’ve pulled, the votes they”ve ignored, and their sexism. They’ve angered me over their actions, not policy.

  4. Based on recent news – it seems that Obama is looking to continue Bush’s agenda concerning the War effort In Afghanistan. This man will say anything to get a vote, how many of us are actually listening and for that matter, are able to follow this man’s train of thought?

  5. Thank you for choosing an animal shelter for your donation. Millionaire pols sending out letters whining for money from middle-class working stiffs they claim to, “represent”, yet do nothing for, while cats and dogs suffer or are put down for lack of funds. For a tenth of what it takes to run the DNC / RNC every shelter in America would have the money it needs.

    Whoever said money couldn’t buy love, wasn’t a pet owner.

  6. John Edwards, just another in a long line of disappointments. Once he endorsed Obama, I quit listening to or being interested in anything he has to say.

    Good use of the begging letter though.

  7. The best thing about John Edwards was ALWAYS Liz.
    But now even the Liz connection can’t make him
    anything but political road kill . He’s a sad, cautionary tale at this point about what happens when you have no principles to guide you.

  8. John Edwards is right on…These are not fear tactics…They are the truth…George Bush has ruined this country and Edwards is one of the few Democrats wiling to call him on it.

    As someone who has been an Independent and Republican, and as someone who has met John Edwards and spoken to him at length, I can tell you I have never seen a more decent, honest politician. That’s why the Republicans are so afraid of him.

    Go, John, go!

  9. I was disppointed that John had decided to pubically
    endorse Obama also. But we need a Democrat and
    not a republican like McCain. The reason the corporations have taken over the country has to do with the Ronald Reagan adminstration. Restrictions on the banks were lifted in 1980. The banking industry,
    is stealing from the American people and the republicans are at the start of it. McCain was part of
    the savings and loan scandals during the 1980s. Bama is not my original choice either, but McCain is
    John Edwards’s chances of becoming the VP nominee is not going to happen and the new Enquirer
    rumor really just sunk him, whether you believe it or not. Eventually the truth will come out. But a least Edwards does think it’s worth the effort to try and bring attention to the poor in this country. Because of the housing foreclosures the middle class are fast becoming the poor and homeless. John Edwards in
    spite of his faults is still the best the Democrat have to

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