EXCLUSIVE: Brian Williams Writes Home…

NOTE: My nephew occasionally goes into New York for his job and last night, while walking past the GE building, he came across this note, which had apparently been dropped by Williams as he left the building following his nightly newscast.  Hat tip to my nephew for typing up the note and sending the contents along to me via email.

General Electric, Inc.

“We Bring Good Things to Life”

30 Rockefeller Plaza

Rockefeller Center

New York, New York 10112



NBC Universal


NBC Nightly News


Just a quick note to tell you that I won’t be able to come to the annual family reunion this year.  I’ve gotta go out of the country next week.

Katie, Charlie, and I are all going with Barack to Europe!  I really wanted to get to the reunion, but the Obama campaign offered us free drinks and extra bags of peanuts to get us on the flight! Ha, ha!

Heck, I know he’s not even the official nominee yet, let alone the President, but we all thought it would be nice to break new ground and cover the trip.  Get sort of a preview of what might go on once he IS President. You know I’m doing all I can to make sure that happens! (SHHH, don’t let THAT get around!) Even though there won’t be any real news being made in terms of foreign policy, it will be fun to see Europe through Barack’s eyes. This will be almost as fun as when I interned and then worked in the White House when Jimmy Carter was there and Billy and Miss Lillian came for visits!

It’s going to be a pretty hectic trip, but don’t worry. I know you think I rely on Ambien too much, but at least you don’t have to worry about me mixing it with booze during the trip since I don’t touch the stuff.

I was thinking, Mom, how Katie and Charlie both have this DEEP BACKGROUND in morning TV, and how Charlie started out as a local anchor and reported for ABC.  But I’ve always been a SERIOUS JOURNALIST.  And now we’re all anchors…I’m going to really pull out all the stops to show that I’m A LOT better at reading the news than they are on this trip!!  I really think, though, that my former job as a lobbyist for the National Association of Broadcasters gave me leg up before I became a real journalist.  It gave me the experience to give a sales job to anyone who’ll listen!

We’ll be taking a lot of pictures and filming a lot of stuff and we’ll all do interviews with Barack and I bet that the Obama campaign will be using some of it to make their own campaign ads for later use…so much better than the usual photo op with lots of people just standing around! I’m sure I’ll be able to help out, since I’ve traveled so much more than he has and can point out what sights look good on camera and what will work well for inspiring backgrounds. And I’m sure we’ll get lots of good video of cheering crowds, which will help his cred here at home!  And, it’ll be a “feel good” thing and have the public thinking America is No. 1 and that everybody loves us again, too!

This whole trip should be a blast because Obama is a real cool guy…and his wife won’t be with him! I bet we’ll have even more fun than when I went to Africa with Bono–poverty and disease is such a drag to cover! I bet I’ll have some things to tell that I can use later to write a book. Then I can go on Leno if I hurry up and write it, or Conan or Letterman or Jon Stewart and show off my clever wit! I always like doing that!

And I’m SOOOO glad they stuck Tom Brokaw with Meet the Press! It would have been a pain to have to work on Sundays, too, after a full week of reading the teleprompter. And I’m glad he isn’t going on this trip!  He’s just so OLD. I’m glad he’s staying home!!  Especially since he criticized our coverage of the primaries when we all wanted Clinton to quit the race.

You know, McCain has traveled overseas lately a few times, but we haven’t gone along. He’s like Brokaw–OLD and without that “charisma” thing. (Chuck Hagel is pretty old, too, but if Obama likes him…well, then, that’s OK.)

(Hey, Mom, you know I don’t think YOU’RE old!)

Well, Mom, I have to get home so I can start packing.  Give my regards to the rest of the family and tell Uncle Stan to watch it with the keilbasie.  You don’t want to have a repeat of what happened last year…



I looked up some of his references in his note to find out what he was talking about and came up with some places that gave me more information on Brian Williams and:


National Association of Broadcasters

Travels, Bono,White House intern, Jimmy Carter

19 Responses

  1. Larry, Curly and Moe, aka Couric, Williams and Gibson board the U.S.S. Obama love-boat World Tour and media circus.

    What an absolute disgrace our media has become. Corporate shills and hacks as far as the eye can see and the ear can hear.

    A nation so served cannot remain free.

  2. Served, indeed. We’re what’s for dinner.

  3. Stuff like this tells me the super rich want Bambie.
    What could be a clearer sign than the top network nitwits flocking?? Can we stop pretending the GOP will do its usual number on Barry? I’ll believe it when I see it. Even if they were waiting for Denver, there would be something….and these clowns would not be following his show.
    The super rich want Bambie….even McCain would not deliver social security fast enough to them, they want Barry and Nancy to do it. ASAP. Oh and with a delicious social discord chaser too, thanks

  4. Is this for real?…I love it… Thank you for putting it up.

  5. Note: the biographical/career info in it are real…but I don’t know about Uncle Stan…

  6. naw…. you invented this, right?

    if this is real, i am gonna die laughing… for real!

  7. I will believe this is real when I see a .pdf or .jpg of the actual note. If that could be posted this would be truly NEWSWORTHY (well, as newsworthy as the current crop of “journalists” can make it). So if you can make that happen….

    Meantime, it is pretty funny. Anyone see SNL when Brian Williams hosted? Great bit with him calling home from NBC and leaving loving, uplifting, postive messages on the answering machine….. for himself.


    OK…it is NOT REAL! BUT, it IS “fact-based” snark!!!!
    Hence, the links to references….including words from the man himself in NY Magazine…

    Yes, I thought of including the Saturday Night live bit, but since lots of people don’t watch SNL anymore, I thought I’d just go with the others…

  9. just when you thought the networks couldn’t be any more blatant they escort the chosen on on his world tour…isn’t this American Idol?

    and to add insult to injury Barky is going on our taxpayer dollars (that’s what it says today in the paper)

  10. Regarding recent criticism of media treatment of Michelle Obama, I well remember the quantity and volume of those levels dished out against Senator Clinton. At least Michelle Obama isn’t being subjected to ageism in addition to sexist deprecations.

    I doubt that there will be improvement for the rest of the campaign. Why bother to try to alter the attitudes that make journalists espouse such thoughts? I don’t even turn on the television any more.

    It’s as if such highly paid journalists consider themselves superior to whatever demographic gets to bear the brunt of their sneering-down-their-noses attitudes that sell so well–like blood at wrestling matches. It’s about merchandizing the news–getting the public’s attention, by any means necessary.

    Sexism, it’s the last of the “ism’s” to merit attention by journalistic editors and ethicists. Let’s see how long it takes for sexism to measure up to racism on the PC Index in the MSM Style Book.

  11. Good one GRL !

    If it hadn’t been for SNL, I probably wouldn’t have known who Brian Williams is. I haven’t watched MSM news for years. He was great on SNL, though.

    As for the loveboat tour of Europe . . . I’ve had enough of The Precious to last three lifetimes. And as for MO, too bad he left her here.

  12. roflol Ahhh The Obamedia LoveFest – Part Deux begins. Time to take a vacation from network news. Oh wait! I don’t watch those guys anyway! Whew!

    Suffice it to say my level of ‘disgusted’ has reached new heights, as has my determination to keep this ..:ssssnake:.. out of the White House.

  13. you might find interesting what i wrote today about PUMAPAC:


  14. you should send a copy of this to every site, Katie, Charlie, Tom Brokaw, MO and McCain. This is a disgrace! We knew the media was biased, now we know they are working together to brainwash all the people …especially those who don’t have pc access….i’m starting to feel ashamed to be an american!!

  15. I really didn’t know if this was true or not… considering how the media IS fawning all over Obama, you never know what their maturity level is. hahaha

    Fun post. :OD

  16. […] EXCLUSIVE: Brian Williams Writes Home… NOTE: My nephew occasionally goes into New York for his job and last night, while walking past the GE building, he came […] […]

  17. I love it! You made Top Posts!

    The fact that many cannot tell this is satire tells me the sad state media has become in America. America! The Land of the Free!

    Just like when we started not being able to tell the difference real articles about Bush’s policies and The Onion.

    I completely agree with kenoshaMarge: A nation so served cannot remain free.

    Thank goodness for the blogospere.

  18. This isn’t even a GOOD forgery.

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