More Bilge from Obama–Another Empty Fundraising Letter (Which I Reflect Upon with Help from Charlie Chan) (UPDATE 1X)

Ah, another envelope full of campaign literature from Obama came a couple of days ago.  This is the second I’ve received, the first being reams of paper from Obama and Rev. Joseph Lowery, which was the subject of an earlier post (Obama Hides Behind Rev. Joseph Lowery–Literally).

For those of you who are not receiving these mailings, I will review the current missive for you. Note that I am no longer registered as a Democrat and have dropped all e-mail communications from the party.  But, the wheels of de-registering grind slowly, so I am still getting this stuff.

This latest Obama mailing is much more streamlined than the Lowery package.  It includes a single-page letter from the man himself, in which he addresses me as “Friend.”   Obama waxes poetic about how all the cynics and pundits said we all “set our sights too high.  They said the country was too divided, too disillusioned to come together around a common purpose.”

Yup, he says we are on “the cusp of history” and talks about a “new majority that will help reclaim the American Dream.”  This new majority, he states, is comprised of Democrats and Independents and Republicans, blacks and whites, Latinos and Asians, Red States and Blue States” and will come together “into a United States of America.” (Gee, last time I checked, things are pretty divided right now in the Democratic Party largely because of Obama’s own campaign tactics.)

In his list of groups that will be united, he leaves out men and women–why not include that rhetorical flourish?  (…Unless he doesn’t want to take the chance of reminding a lot of insulted women who are part of the approximately 18 million Hillary Clinton voters about how they’re supposed to “get over it” and accept the “unity” mantra…)

Well, he goes on to deliver examples of those who need to reclaim the American Dream: factory workers he met in Youngstown, Ohio; the woman who works a night shift after a full day of college and who can’t afford health care for an ill sister; the young woman who was “tricked” into buying a home she couldn’t afford (by your former VP vetter, the guy from Countrywide?); and the mother whose son was killed in Iraq (which you are now backtracking on).

He defends his “hope” talk by saying that “in the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope.”  I’m not getting the adjective “unlikely” at all.  Why is America’s story “unlikely?” There was a revolution against a mother country which was fought and won.  Oppressed people got angry and decided to take action.  I think this sort of thing may have happened in other places, too, a few times in the past. Maybe THESE days it would be “unlikely” with most of the population glued to their jobs, busy family lives, and the TV and other time-filling “entertainment.”   And, yet, that isn’t even a completely true statement, since there is the PUMA movement which is truly grassroots and trying to do a revolutionary thing, namely, to overrule an oppressive party machine and preserve real democracy and the value of a person’s vote!

And what is this business about there never being anything false about hope?  Where have you been, Barack? Ever heard the phrase, “raising false hopes?” As in, that’s what you’re trying run on right now, like nearly every other politician has run on “hope” (or “change,” for that matter) since the beginning of time?

According to Obama, “YES WE CAN” was “whispered by slaves and aboliltionists” and “sung by immigrants as they struck out from distant shores and pioneers who pushed westward.”  I don’t think my grandfather who sailed from Italy around 1910 said “YES WE CAN.”  He just wanted to get out of Italy and that small village with the nanny goats to join his older brother.  And, if slaves whispered this, why didn’t they whisper it in “Roots”?  I watched that show back in the ’70’s and I never heard one slave say “YES WE CAN,” Barack.

He then says “YES WE CAN” was the “call of workers who organized, women who reached for the ballot, a President who chose the moon as our new frontier and a King who took us to the mountaintop and pointed the way to the Promised Land.” Didn’t John Kennedy say more than “YES WE CAN” as he chose a moon-landing mission as a way to outdo the Russians?  And are you sure Martin Luther King, Jr. considered himself “a King”?

And, gee, he says we can say yes to “justice and equality,” opportunity and prosperity,” “healing the nation,” and repairing this world,” too. All we need now is Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney to put on a full-scale show in the barn…

And, Judy and Mickey would be so proud, because we can do ALL THIS  healing and repairing for the LOW, LOW PRICE of $35 BUCKS! (That’s the lowest donation box on the little return slip included in the mailing.)  The letter itself asks for a a minimum of $50, but, of course, he’s just gotten finished writing about how “change isn’t going to be easy” and how we’re going to have to “fight for it.” (I guess we’ll really have to, now that he’s voted for FISA.)  That sort of writing requires more money.

He finishes big with how we have to “seize our future” and how his campaign is about change or “more of the same,” “the future versus the past.”  Oh, and P.S.–he sure remembers how he started his journey in the streets of Chicago, fighting to make people’s lives “just a little bit better.”  Yeah, I guess that fight didn’t include getting heat to people once he got to the Illinois legislature…by that time, he was looking out for Tony Rezko, instead. Did you ever even make people’s lives “just as little bit better” or just yours, when Tony helped you buy that nice house of yours?

If the reader can’t absorb all the DETAILED POLICY that he’s laid out (NOT!), you can just look at the return slip which reads:

Dear Barack, I agree!

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…we are the change we seek. (You can count on me to support you and our movement for change all the way to the White House.)

What tripe!!

And, just to make sure you really get this message of vagueness, there’s glossy brochure full of inspiring quotations from Obama “In His Own Words.”  If you look closely at the six passages that are presented, they all are from from March 2008 or earlier.  The same vapid “change, fight, yes we can” stuff, WITHOUT ONE specific issue discussed in any detail at all.

You know, I really like reading inspiring quotations, and there is one source of wisdom that I’ve held dear for many years.  I hold in my hand a small book that was given to me way back in 1968. I’ve carried it with me through life.

It’s called “Quotations from Charlie Chan.”  There are so many quotations contained in this little volume  which can be applied to the Obama package. A small selection:

“Words cannot cook rice,” opines Charlie in words of wisdom that could apply directly to Obama’s empty speechifying.

“Useless to talk like boat without oar, get no place.”

“Give you plenty of rope you make excellent noose for neck.”

“Every front has back, and, little things tell big story.”

“Owner of face cannot always see nose.”

But my favorite has to be this one, which applies, not to Obama, but to me and many others:


Right now, I’m seeing lots of holes in Obama’s “vision,” with plenty of hot air whistling through…

You seeing holes, too, Charlie?


Apparently, the folks at Corrente were offended by my posting a link and preview of this post.  I think my post was deleted and my account has been mysteriously blocked.  I got into trouble once before with my post in which I referred to Michelle Obama as “Camille,” in reference to the whining from the Obama campaign about things that “offended” them and which they exploited with the use of the “vicitmization card.”

Perhaps it was the word “bilge” this time?  According to Merriam-Webster, the 3rd usage of “bilge” refers to “stale or worthless remarks or ideas.”  Entirely accurate and appropriate, in my view, if not Corrente’s.

8 Responses

  1. I love this post. I vote it your Very Best. Ironically, Obama’s words ring true. He has SEIZED the nomination and if given the chance, God forbid, he will SEIZE our future and our rights. In November, we will render unto SEIZER that which he deserves.

    I hear your grandfather. Both sets of my grandparents came from Italy. I remember one of my grandfathers telling me that they thought the roads were paved with gold. When they got here, he found out that

    1. The roads were not paved with gold.
    2. The roads were not paved at all.
    3. He was expected to pave them.

    Still, they never whined.

  2. GRL ~

    What Uppity Woman said…Great post,

    and to uppity Woman ~ I loved your play on SEIZER.


  3. Excellent post!

  4. Well, he goes on to deliver examples of those who need to reclaim the American Dream: factory workers he met in Youngstown, Ohio; the woman who works a night shift after a full day of college and who can’t afford health care for an ill sister; the young woman who was “tricked” into buying a home she couldn’t afford (by your former VP vetter, the guy from Countrywide?); and the mother whose son was killed in Iraq (which you are now backtracking on).

    Uh, this reads very much like something out of a Rodham Clinton speech. Now he is using her words?

  5. Wonderful post. I think the only thing Barack can count on is millions of alienated Democrats and another Republican win. If he had any sense, he would find a way to back out of this very embarrassing candidacy now.

  6. Loved your comments. Hope you put them in with the original letter and sent it back!
    I wonder of that’s the same letter I got yesterday. I haven’t opened it yet because as a woman of a certain age ( my name above gives it away) I was offended at reading on the envelope, “Lynn, this time will be different…. ” I did not give Barack or any of his envelope stuffers the privilege of calling me by my first name. And it will be different?–seems to me I heard that line a lot back in the dark ages when I was dating. And I’ll say what I said then, “No your can’t!”

  7. Great post and thanks for the head up on my blog. I’ve now added yours to my roll.

  8. Another great post! Keep em coming!

    My personal favorite of the Charlie Chanisms you mentioned is: “words cannot cook rice”.

    I think voters are not only worried about the energy costs to cook the rice but about the wherewithal to pay for the rice.

    Only those who do not have to worry about either will be satisfied with empty words. Talks cheap and it takes a lot more than “hope” to solve the problems facing average Americans.

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