Newsweek Blog Finally Decides to Debunk the Obama “Cash Cow” Myth (UPDATE 1X)

In his July 8th post, Andrew Romano of Newsweek finally sets out to dispel the myths about Obama’s fundraising prowess in his piece “Four Myths of Obama’s Money Machine.” He considers the following myths:

1. Obama Opted Out of Public Financing for Reasons of Principle

2. Obama Gets All—or Even the Vast Majority—of His Money from Small Donors

3. The Share of Obama’s Money That Comes From Small Donors Is Completely Unprecedented

4. Obama Won’t Receive Any Help from Outside Groups

It’s a good read and to see this sort of thing seeing some daylight is pretty amazing. Newsweek has been in the tank for Obama, and that includes Eleanor Clift who once had the courage to speak out against Bush on the McLaughlin Report, when everyone on the panel was in the tank for him. Clift has been a contributing editor to Newsweek since 1994. These days, she has been over the top for Obama, which has really disappointed me, since I once had a lot of respect for Clift. Why she is now so willing to sacrifice her objectivity at this point is beyond me, after fighting the good fight against Bush in the face of constant shout downs on McLaughlin for years.

Meanwhile, the Star-Tribune in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN reported yesterday that Obama’s fundraising raffle that offers winners a trip to the Convention, a backstage meeting with Obama, and a chance to win a trip to Hawaii is illegal under MN law.

State is asked to clarify Web solicitation

The fundraiser on Barack Obama’s national website might be considered a raffle in Minnesota. Not so, his campaign says.

Last update: July 8, 2008 – 11:00 AM

The head of the Minnesota Gambling Control Board said that a solicitation for funds on the national website of the Barack Obama presidential campaign may constitute a raffle, which is a violation of Minnesota gambling laws.

Tom Barrett, executive director of the board, said he will ask the state Department of Public Safety to look into the matter.

The Obama campaign said Monday night that the solicitation does not constitute a raffle. “We are not conducting a raffle of any kind,” said Nick Kimball, a spokesman for the Obama campaign in Minnesota.

Barrett explained:

The state Gambling Board website specifically states that one cannot conduct a raffle as a fundraiser for a political campaign. Only nonprofit charities may conduct raffles.

He said three elements make a drawing a form of gambling under state law: if it costs money to participate, if it involves “the luck of the draw” in which no skill is involved and if one wins something of value.

Seems pretty clear cut. But let’s see what becomes of “looking into the matter.” Maybe the state of MN will break its own rules and join the stampede to enable The Chosen One. Nothing would surprise me at this point…


Score one for the state of Minnesota! Seems they haven’t bent the rules and the Obama campaign has had to change the terms of their raffle. They were “informed” by the state… do you believe they really didn’t know the law?? These days, I don’t believe a thing coming out of this campaign…

From the Star-Tribune:

Obama campaign revamps trip offer

The campaign reworded a solicitation on its website to comply with state law. People can now win a trip without donating money.

Last update: July 9, 2008 – 7:51 AM

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign modified a solicitation for donations on its national website Tuesday evening to comply with Minnesota lottery laws after it was informed by a state law enforcement investigator that it was violating state law.

The website had previously offered supporters who donated at least $5 to the campaign a chance to win a free trip for two to the Democratic National Convention in Denver.


9 Responses

  1. I suppose that “something of value” is the deal breaker. Perhahps even the Obama campaign knows there is nothing of real value in being present for the “acceptance rally”.

    I don’t remember where I read it – probably at NoQuarter – that moving this speech and the preceding activities to INVESCO field, will ensure the nomination of BHO. That there will be so many obama supporters present that voting against him would take an act of real courage.

    Are they supposed to vote that night? Are the SD’s voting individually, on television, without any privacy?
    Does this mean and/every person to vote for Hillary or someone else, will be subjected to threats and name-calling in public? or is the vote the only acts seen by the public?

    I’m on a tangent, I know. I’m also on vacation and am allowed… 🙂

  2. Great piece, GRL. I’m enjoying your posts very much.

  3. Nice work, GRL!

  4. Eleanor Clift is a friend of Clintons, but said on the McLaughlin group she was upset with their behavior in South Carolina – she thought they played the race card.

    I think O’s acceptance speech comes on the last night – and moving it to Mile High Stadium does seem to put a dent in any SD’s who might want to switch – if they actually let her name on the ballot and have a vote. Sick!

  5. IIRC from 2004, the vote comes the night before and it went late into the night. I remember because our Democratic Congresscritter, Shelly Berkeley mangled John Kerry’s middle name. Oh, the humiliation!

  6. This link shows the speaking schedule of the 2004 convention, and as I recall, the last night was full of speeches. No vote that night…

  7. cConfirmation that the roll call vote was held the night before Kerry gave his acceptance speech. Scroll down to the calendar of events.

  8. Sp the fact there will be too many Obama supporters might indicate that he has many supporters. I don’t think it would take an act of courage to vote for Hillary, she lost. It would take an act of political suicide and well it should be.

  9. Oh, wow! You arrive! the Obot dispatched trolls on your blog now – you’re “in”. can’t wait to hear more stories about the guy who disinvited Max Cleland from an event for being a “lobbyist”
    P.S. maybe you should link your blog directly now – rather by tinyurl – unless in email where url may break. Mouseover links, give info – you only end up showing TU rather than your blog

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